Everything Wrong With Deadpool 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less


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  • Oumaima Zaidi
    Oumaima Zaidi 2 hours ago

    it's comedy you stupid

  • Oumaima Zaidi
    Oumaima Zaidi 2 hours ago

    funk you

  • Cwcoc withrow
    Cwcoc withrow 5 hours ago

    #enemy kid is a brit clesha

  • Cachorro Velho
    Cachorro Velho 8 hours ago

    This movie is made for retards who enjoys nothing under really bad acting and even worse CGI.

  • Xaos Flux
    Xaos Flux Day ago

    Everything wrong: Nothing. There saved you 21 mins.

  • Josiah Johnston
    Josiah Johnston Day ago

    how did u not take away sins for Yukio and Wades friendship!?!?!

  • JoA
    JoA Day ago

    I'm so glad CinemaSins is a comedy channel and not some professional movie critics lol

  • Tae New Moon
    Tae New Moon Day ago

    This guy is dogshit 😂

  • A.D. DAS
    A.D. DAS Day ago

    Deadpool killed Reynolds. Now who is playing Deadpool?

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Lol brown Panther lol

  • A Jar That’s Red
    A Jar That’s Red 2 days ago

    4:05 Deadpool has superhuman reflexes. He could actually dodge bullets if he wanted but it’s not necessary since bullets can do nothing to him.

  • Henry winkler
    Henry winkler 2 days ago

    Yeah I thought DP2 was nowhere near as funny as Spider-Man:enter the spider verse, I can at least remember laughing. Hell I'd even say that Aquaman was funnier than Deadpool

  • Faith Zebedee
    Faith Zebedee 2 days ago

    Why is the fucking lynx new zealand/australia advert kid in here? 😂😂😂

  • Anu Choytun
    Anu Choytun 3 days ago

    Bro that reporter is on global news every morning

  • Mattman vlogs /games

    There isn't a thing wrong with deadpool2

  • Isaac Travers
    Isaac Travers 3 days ago

    May as well have named the video, "20 minutes of jokes and parody flying over my head."

  • Dancing Lama
    Dancing Lama 4 days ago

    You have obviously never seen wolverine, deadpool, before he was deadpool he has super fast reflexs and he can sense a bullet coming his way, so yes he technically has spidey sense

  • Edragyz
    Edragyz 4 days ago

    He then proceeds to make a bunch of poop jokes.

  • Sharif Cavil
    Sharif Cavil 4 days ago

    You think the X-Men: Last Stand Juggernaut was better? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch.

  • G-Unit1111
    G-Unit1111 4 days ago

    #118 - Deadpool: "We're family."
    Deadpool and the Furious? **DING**

  • Dominic Couture
    Dominic Couture 4 days ago

    i feel like most of these sins were stretched

  • Sidde
    Sidde 4 days ago

    3:36 boi there was a bomb, he could hear a bomb

  • Bobito The Squagito
    Bobito The Squagito 5 days ago

    I wanna get it with domino tbh

  • Mr. meeseeks
    Mr. meeseeks 5 days ago

    It was a good movie

  • Prepare2 qualify
    Prepare2 qualify 5 days ago

    One thing you missed during the "x-men are hiding from dead pool" scene was that all of the x-men standing there were the x-men from the 1980s (or x-men apocalypse) when dead pool clearly takes place in the modern world.

  • Oh Ar
    Oh Ar 6 days ago

    All right I'm going to have to stop you right here and dock you points for knocking on "Thunderstruck". Because A.) That's an awesome song, and B.) I'm glad they used it here because I was pissed it didn't get used in Thor: Ragnarok in the scene where Thor comes back and zarks the crap out of Hel, instead of that same goddamn Led Zeppelin song they already used in the movie. All right, continue.

  • Ghoul Parlor145
    Ghoul Parlor145 6 days ago


  • Denis Fournier
    Denis Fournier 6 days ago


  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network 6 days ago

    You forgot that the prequel cast are in modern times. The X-Men movies have had bad continuity, but this, now they have ZERO continuity. So the total sin count is 91.

  • I noscope beers
    I noscope beers 6 days ago

    That hitler joke at the end is wunderbar!

  • Wlson101 AEY
    Wlson101 AEY 6 days ago +10

    “Say what you said everytime you tortured me”
    “Hi welcome to Chilly’s”

  • Abby Monks
    Abby Monks 8 days ago

    You can sin dead pool all you want it’s still mint

  • Mr jimjimjimmyjim
    Mr jimjimjimmyjim 8 days ago

    why did you review the super cut version of the movie rather than the cinematic version?

  • BuffetBarbarian
    BuffetBarbarian 8 days ago

    Technically you can't count any of these because deadpool has proven that he controls all of the "deadpool entertainment" such as; comics, movies, cartoons, video games, video game appearances. :P So anything thats wrong is his fault/what he wanted.

  • Li Vingston
    Li Vingston 8 days ago


  • calvi in california
    calvi in california 8 days ago

    perhaps they blurred the bathhouse asian man's junk because in porn the asian people blur the penis?

  • Jared Thomson
    Jared Thomson 8 days ago

    Movie Sin Counter going up for every time someone gives a FUCK about these videos 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emma Portfolio
    Emma Portfolio 8 days ago

    I love Deadpool

  • Jonatan Pettersson
    Jonatan Pettersson 9 days ago

    This was better when they actually did real sins and not just nitpicking

  • glamuh1
    glamuh1 9 days ago

    Bro your video narration and how you break down continuity errors and lapses in judgement by the filmmakers is usually spot on but it doesn't work on a movie like deadpool, it's so tongue and cheek and painfully aware of itself you can't apply logic or reason to have of the sins you tried to force upon it... and fyi this version of Juggernaut is fucking awesome!!

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M 9 days ago


  • Joe Kurr
    Joe Kurr 9 days ago

    Critiquing comedies just comes off as pretentious, also you sound ignorant af when it comes to referential items, like the power suppressing collars which were used in the Genosha arc of X-men and fit perfectly with the already-in-progress X universe.

  • Quo
    Quo 9 days ago

    I agree with most but some seemed a little forced in this one

  • shot040
    shot040 9 days ago

    Not sure why people are defending this movie. Lol.

  • vic ferg
    vic ferg 9 days ago

    I hate fanboys

  • kiptee killer plays
    kiptee killer plays 9 days ago

    You missed the dc joke with the gun that says bang! Like the joker at 10:41

  • Tank Simmons
    Tank Simmons 9 days ago

    Jacuzzi uzi haha 😆

  • Tommy Diaz-Millan
    Tommy Diaz-Millan 9 days ago

    Because Warner Bros still doesn't want Disney 2 play fire with them owning superheroes like they do. Both of u studios have cartoons, enough owning superheroes.

  • uriel ramon san pedro
    uriel ramon san pedro 10 days ago

    A bad movie

  • uriel ramon san pedro
    uriel ramon san pedro 10 days ago

    Never like this movie

  • Flipflopz Threeonethree

    "Jacuzzi uzi" made me laugh lmao

  • Tobias Edwards
    Tobias Edwards 10 days ago

    Ngl hated this movie

  • Dr. Diddlesteins Monster show

    You forgot to Sin this movies biggest plot hole...Juggernaut isn’t a mutant

  • Violet Raven クリスタル

    Did not like the dead pool movies.

  • Tcolelite Comments
    Tcolelite Comments 11 days ago

    5:13 wtf what scene was that???

  • Wombo 4500
    Wombo 4500 11 days ago

    The music isn't as good in the extended edition, they changed some of it.

  • fleicsh21
    fleicsh21 11 days ago

    Calling someone a commie is apparently racist. Damn commies.

  • Gummie Bear
    Gummie Bear 11 days ago

    Wade's collar didn't just "short out," cable hit it when he was shooting at Deadpool. How did you miss that, Mr. CinemaSins?

  • Ficcator
    Ficcator 11 days ago

    U can't bullshit a parody...

  • Amy Henriksen
    Amy Henriksen 12 days ago

    This is beautiful thank you

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 12 days ago

    Who the hell is pink haired asian girl?

  • Shanes Reviews
    Shanes Reviews 12 days ago

    Is there even a movie that wont be on this channel

  • J Colin
    J Colin 12 days ago +5

    Black Panther was wildly mediocre.

  • Henry Suber
    Henry Suber 12 days ago

    Jacuzzi uzi.

  • Nolan martin
    Nolan martin 12 days ago

    I don’t remember a lot of these scenes. Is there like an extended movie?

  • D Liggo
    D Liggo 13 days ago

    Deadpool 2. The biggest load of boring garbage I have ever watched it’s now 🗑. Reynolds thinks he’s funny he is 💩. Jim Carey would have made these movies great. Over 2 hours of garbage, Bladerunner 2 also..🗑👎🏻👎🏻

  • Kronos50 Gaming
    Kronos50 Gaming 13 days ago

    Many many many things
    And that’s what makes it so good

  • Haisam Mubarik
    Haisam Mubarik 13 days ago

    really awful movie and I liked the first one. bad, boring plot. cable wasn't interesting, neither was juggernaut or the fat kid. and deadpool's emotional maturity to save the kid was rushed.

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 13 days ago

    How did you forget that..guess your just a dusche looking to complain..these are jokes..yes it was quantity over quality..you really are a dusche...

  • Denis Fournier
    Denis Fournier 13 days ago


  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 13 days ago

    I just noticed in the lucky parachute Landing seen a Prius swerves into a
    The gas station and explodes it which is a nice touch

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 13 days ago

    Its Deadpool come on you know how we got it in.

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 13 days ago +6

    Disliked for preferring chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips I always wondered what kind of person would make a channel like this, now I know.

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous 2 days ago

      it's like someone who says they hate bacon,they can't be trusted,or the "i've never watched porn" guy..fuck that guy!

  • Auspicious Autonomous
    Auspicious Autonomous 13 days ago

    Instead of watching movies, I watch this, and even if spoilers are involved it has inspired me to watch films all the way through... ~ Viewed a video about "Bird Cage" ending explained and even alternate endings and I'm fine, thanking people from me watching the entire thing, but this is a film I think I can have some drinks to...

  • Israel Lai
    Israel Lai 13 days ago

    the bonus round is gold

  • cheesecake gaming
    cheesecake gaming 13 days ago

    I'm glad he didn't stay dead

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield 13 days ago

    God, I _hated_ the fat kid! I didn't believe any of his actions and motivations and his comic timing sucks ass.

    KELLYFLETCHER1 14 days ago

    If he doesn’t have his suit on he dies so that’s why he ducked behind the counter

  • Aaron Smallwood
    Aaron Smallwood 14 days ago

    Bro..how the Fuck do you miss colossus using a metal fence post on his metal hand as a brass knuckle...how tf does that even make sense?

  • Bere15random
    Bere15random 14 days ago

    “He survives this”
    For deadpool
    “He dies from this”

  • Apoc Da One
    Apoc Da One 14 days ago

    were there 2 different versions of this movie?? I saw a version without some of the scenes and when he went to ask for the avengers’ help the metal dude (sorry i don’t really watch marvel that much) was in the mansion instead of on the roof

  • Tritium Exposure
    Tritium Exposure 14 days ago

    Yes his body did sprout from his head

  • Tritium Exposure
    Tritium Exposure 14 days ago

    The coffin is a reference to the Hitman paying respects level

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark 14 days ago +1

    -_- Narration isn't a sin. It is a legitimate literary device. I understand your character is supposed to be an asshole but...

  • Eric Moskowitz
    Eric Moskowitz 14 days ago

    I don’t understand... it’s like he got all the sins wrong this time... what is this?

  • Hamaa7
    Hamaa7 14 days ago

    Cinemasins has gone too far lmao.
    Are you serious or just trying to be funny, because if we take you seriously no movie would be good ever

  • lilfirechicken
    lilfirechicken 15 days ago

    The bonus round is the best

  • Toh Himself
    Toh Himself 15 days ago

    Weird dead pool didn't show up and remove all his sins

  • BELLjr8
    BELLjr8 15 days ago

    You sinned scenes that were cut from the full film. So you sinned

  • Kane Garvey
    Kane Garvey 15 days ago

    I'm so disappointed in you for not calling them the "Jacuzza". Shame on you.

  • rc's4life 2003
    rc's4life 2003 15 days ago +2

    you should do ACE VENTURA!!!!!

  • im an epic alt account for some other epic account

    i wonder if Russel played fortnite

  • Joshuah Braynen
    Joshuah Braynen 16 days ago

    deadpool has no rules cuz its deadpool

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts 16 days ago

    Deadpool 2 was movie of the year In my book

  • mosesmosestv
    mosesmosestv 16 days ago

    We get it, you hate opening logos. Move on

  • MasheyPotado
    MasheyPotado 16 days ago

    i think you did a sin on your channel. you said 19 mins or less but its 21:03

  • Alex toyworld
    Alex toyworld 16 days ago

    You forgot to mention Deadpool him calling Cable Thanos

  • the B Monkey
    the B Monkey 16 days ago

    17:54 what if your from Alabama

    So sorry anyone from Alabama I had to

  • Bartrail Blockett
    Bartrail Blockett 16 days ago

    What happens to all of Deadpools random body parts scattered around the city?