Everything Wrong With Deadpool 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • Deadpool 2 was pretty great. Better than most sequels. But like most of the best sequels... it does get SLIGHTLY less great on repeat viewings. But it's still awesome. But also sinful--as all movies are!
    Next week: Sins from 2000 and sins from 2018... both awful movies.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 21 hour ago

    3:27 I chose to think this is the exact point where he realized all the consecutive movie tropes pointed to men busting through the door, and killing Vanessa. Or glancing at the next page of the script, or listening to the criticism of TVclip commenters and the light dawning on him with an almost audible DING! I swear, the first time I watched this movie, I knew she was going to die, and I immediately thought of you/Cinemawins fighting over whether or not this was a Poe or not. On the other hand, that look, and choked off smile when Colossus says "You always make it hard" qualifies as the requisite smiley to tell the difference.

    • Psiberzerker
      Psiberzerker 21 hour ago

      Breaking the 4th wall is Wade's equivalent to the "Spidey Sense." Even when he had the depowering collar on, he looked right at the camera, and said "Right next to a steaming pile of Foreshadowing." So, Foreshadowing. DING!

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 Day ago

    Deadpool is cinema sins

  • masere
    masere Day ago

    In the montage at the end you missed Deadpool wearing cerebro and saying it smells of Patrick Stewart.

    • piet jankbal
      piet jankbal 22 hours ago

      masere that's in the PG13 version

  • 권순모
    권순모 Day ago +1

    I Think a Now Iron Man Beating to Deadpool What Your thing?

  • Tizian K.
    Tizian K. Day ago

    "in 19 minutes or less"
    21min video....

  • ice dreamz
    ice dreamz Day ago

    U r a loser a wanna. Be producer but u r a failure. So u judge every 1 else damn what a fuck

  • unherolike
    unherolike Day ago

    The biggest problem I had with Deadpool 2 as a fan of the comics is how they just Kill Black Tom Cassidy for a stupid fucking race joke. Black Tom is a huge Deadpool antagonist as was Ajax and on that not where the fuck is T-Ray?

  • joseph olo
    joseph olo Day ago

    what version of the movie is this

  • Skydove 344
    Skydove 344 Day ago

    Is this an extended cut or some shit? Cos I have never seen some of these scenes before.

  • Helba Lee
    Helba Lee 2 days ago

    You forgot the Thanos joke cliche

  • Nick Osuna
    Nick Osuna 2 days ago

    Half the shit you said in this one doesn’t make sense?learn before you talk, dumbass.

  • middle school MADNESS

    Actually, deadpool has the power to pull random shit out of nowhere, so him pulling the collar out of nowhere actually works

  • Nick Osuna
    Nick Osuna 2 days ago

    Fuck you for making Ryan Reynolds a sin. How dare you? 😂😂😂

  • The Comment
    The Comment 2 days ago

    Cinema sins you didn’t say anything about the headmaster being a sick pervert

  • Tatum Anderson
    Tatum Anderson 2 days ago

    And then I had to perform "Ashes" for the Spring Dance Production.

    THE1NONLY1 2 days ago

    Domino is super hot and she had cleavage throughout almost the entiew movie

  • Gr3nadgr3gory
    Gr3nadgr3gory 3 days ago

    Remember every time deadpool does something for the audience, hes also doing it for himself. He is part of the audience.

  • Scott STERLING!
    Scott STERLING! 3 days ago

    So what if it were your movie it would not be funny nor good

  • PikilRick 69
    PikilRick 69 3 days ago +1

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  • Cherry Yume
    Cherry Yume 3 days ago

    Tbh I liked the second Deadpool movie better than the first one

  • gijo joseph
    gijo joseph 3 days ago

    Sir, you do a movie with no mistakes ..i..

  • DajDan Boi
    DajDan Boi 4 days ago

    What do you have against poop jokes man?

  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl 4 days ago

    What the hell?! I just saw Deadpool 2 on HBO and they cut a bunch of these scenes. The one of Deadpool on the roof drunk isn’t in it.

  • Yenndo Fazbear
    Yenndo Fazbear 4 days ago

    U need to add another sin if he could go back in time couldn't he have tried to save his wife dumd@$$

    • Yenndo Fazbear
      Yenndo Fazbear 4 days ago

      +Osheya Tshilunga but sin still on he should have killed Hitler instead of rape him kill all the badys like king gorge there were tons to kill twin towers

    • Yenndo Fazbear
      Yenndo Fazbear 4 days ago

      +Osheya Tshilunga k thx

    • Osheya Tshilunga
      Osheya Tshilunga 4 days ago

      He actually did save her

  • IDK Really
    IDK Really 4 days ago +2

    i can't believe cinemasins missed the fact that at 14:30, deadpool's legs are unscarred. if the regrown parts were like that, his whole body should be fine by now.

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 3 days ago

      The legs dont have any scars because it's baby parts the scar tissue would be the last thing to regrow
      Like when shellfish regrow their claws the last thing to reform is their hardened exoskeleton

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno 4 days ago

    Dont you feel Ryan Reynolds plays the same style character in all his movies and even in real life. After first it was cool but then it gets boring. just a bad mouth sarcastic mercenary/ action hero. You can see the same character in all of his movies. he has like 2 movies he cant be his normal self cause they were horror. the captive and the amityville horror. i just dont see him having a wide range of skill to play other types of characters. Deadpool 1 was good more story. Deadpool 2 to me just seem recycled same thing over again, pretty boring to tell you guys the truth.

  • Jay
    Jay 4 days ago

    Wade follows the bullet in Vanessa’s death scene because he has superhuman speed/reactions.

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 3 days ago

      Yeah those are some of his superpowers, he uses them to block bullets with his swords.

  • laurentiu iliescu
    laurentiu iliescu 4 days ago

    Didnt laugh at dp and dp 2 so this films are a joke. Exactly like dp is.

  • Koro Plays
    Koro Plays 4 days ago

    Why even waste a collar on Wade??

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 5 days ago

    Deadpool and Russell are still criminals that broke out of prison so how come the cops are not after those two?

    • EbuCallinav
      EbuCallinav 4 days ago

      Because, Reasons, of course, Duh!

  • NIMA Ghanbarpour
    NIMA Ghanbarpour 5 days ago +6

    Guess CinemaSins is just to scared of HASBRO
    if you get what i mean.

  • Vincent Lloyd
    Vincent Lloyd 5 days ago

    sin change it to scene

  • Markus Rene Perk
    Markus Rene Perk 5 days ago +1


  • TheJuaxo
    TheJuaxo 6 days ago

    Kudos for that cable guy reference

  • Dawson Copeland
    Dawson Copeland 6 days ago

    Your channel has turned to pure shit making up any reason to give movies you don’t like a sin

  • Dougless Adams
    Dougless Adams 6 days ago

    forgot about eurotrip

  • sam thumith
    sam thumith 7 days ago

    how come there wasn't a 5-minute scene of quicksilver wasting time?

  • Mihir Patel
    Mihir Patel 7 days ago

    Those boobs. Magical.

  • sdrre1
    sdrre1 7 days ago

    he made a "my name is earl" reference and I'm so happy

  • David Massey
    David Massey 7 days ago

    I’m mad that he thinks this juggernaut was worse this was a far better version of the juggernaut than the one in X-men last stand

  • Damien House
    Damien House 7 days ago


  • Reggie Carter
    Reggie Carter 8 days ago +1

    you can't cinemasin Deadpool he does it himself the whole movie 😭

  • Adam Ruiz
    Adam Ruiz 8 days ago +1

    The biggest sin is Juggernaut being in a Mutant prison I mean isn’t his power supernatural and not mutation he should have been destroyed that prison unless Charles Xavier was there been that would mean Charles is also a prisoner as well

  • Icy ChesseCakes
    Icy ChesseCakes 8 days ago

    I dare people to not cry to this

  • Flavvs Da Silver
    Flavvs Da Silver 8 days ago

    3:00 I see you're getting revenge on the studio for the poop jokes, hey Jeremy?

  • Chinwendu Izenwata
    Chinwendu Izenwata 9 days ago

    I thought Deadpool made Cable shoot his collar. It didn't randomly short circuit.

  • Aseenah Rasulalah
    Aseenah Rasulalah 9 days ago

    @:20 ...That's a Shitty Apartment? Damn, I need to do something better with my life....

  • Dillon Burnett
    Dillon Burnett 9 days ago

    I watched this on my amazon fire box thingy on HBO and alot of the scenes in this was not in my viewing, like in the XMen mansion.

  • Loud
    Loud 10 days ago

    How does Wiesel know what DPs pissing face
    Like I know there pals but doubt he's shaking it for him

  • Thicc guy
    Thicc guy 10 days ago

    I like how he's criticizing a movie about a character who's whole thing is to just be random and not make sense. Look if you're gonna criticize a character, do some research about them. Also even if you did know this, why are you criticizing them about a stupid joke when again that's his whole thing.

  • nesenda
    nesenda 11 days ago

    Not calling the Jacuzzi yakuza "jaccuza", 1 sin for you, mr sins man

  • Super_ Nerd730
    Super_ Nerd730 11 days ago

    Mayo on toaster strudels made me throw up in my mouth 😖

  • Austin Frye
    Austin Frye 12 days ago +1

    Nooooo!! Why you do this to this masterpiece

  • mshesh16
    mshesh16 12 days ago

    God this channel is fucking shit... The reason the guy's crotch is blurred in the yakuza fight scene is because he was probably not really naked, and was actually wearing a speedo.

    • mshesh16
      mshesh16 12 days ago

      And no, the "soap pump" joke wasn't a cum joke, at least not directly. That's just something that happens when you fill an empty soap dispenser. The idea behind that scene was to show Wade trying, or at least pretending to be "family friendly" to fit in with the X-men.

  • Cynical Gaming
    Cynical Gaming 13 days ago

    You used the extended version. If you used the actual release version the jokes are a lot better and less garbage

  • Phoenix YT
    Phoenix YT 13 days ago +1

    The version that I watched was pretty different

  • Georgianna W. Torres
    Georgianna W. Torres 13 days ago

    I'm the only one who agrees with cinamasins.

  • Official_Gd5
    Official_Gd5 13 days ago

    Everything wrong with this TVclip channel next in 20 minutes or less.

  • Talklist Roblox
    Talklist Roblox 13 days ago +1

    Wait a second is cable ultron but from the future because maybe ultron will return OHHHHHH

    Probably not :(

  • Talklist Roblox
    Talklist Roblox 13 days ago +2

    F the x men timeline

  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez 14 days ago

    Okay what fucking version of Deadpool 2 are you watching

  • Qris Johnson
    Qris Johnson 14 days ago

    Missed sins:
    1) Deadpool throws his cigarette into the oil drum next to his head, but it's the one underneath his head that actually blows up.
    2) Movie makes it clear that Deadpool is bummed out about Vanessa at the beginning and then he comes home to a Vanessa feigning anger, teasing a potential "We broke up because she didn't like my job" cliche. It's good that it was a fakeout, because that's MORE cliche than killing the love interest, but instead we get the "People who aren't really angry at each other pretend to be angry for the sake of the movie audience" cliche, which is bullshit, too.
    3) When Sergei is hiding in his car, Wade rushes to the window like he's going to jump through it, and then it cuts to Sergei falling out the car on the other side, with Wade walking around the car. What did Wade do that put Sergei through the car with such force but left Wade still outside?
    4) The joke about Russel having a stupid name was excellent when it was in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Or maybe it wasn't, but it was still better than here.
    5) Good a time as any to talk about how ridiculous it is that a mutant conversion school would torture a bunch of kids with super powers and get away with it, but he goes even further and says there are no locks? Sorry, no matter how well you brainwash kids, there's no way that many voluntarily submit to torture, especially when they have mutant powers and can make you stop whenever they feel like it.
    6) In Wade's case, his powers wouldn't help him escape a cell, but they DO keep him from dying of cancer. Maybe humans don't give a shit about mutants at all, but if that's the case, why all the nonlethal weapons employed by the guards? I can't conceive of a prison that wouldn't attend to an inmate's medical issue, but still spends money on taser batons instead of guns.
    7) I thought in a prison setting, being called a pedophile marked you for death, but here Black Tom is brazenly creeping on a 14-year-old. Are mutants supposed to more tolerant of child rape? Because that might be the most racist thing about Black Tom.
    8) Cable is the reason Deadpool escapes, rather than dying of cancer, and Cable and Deadpool are the reason that Russel ever escapes. Without Cable traveling back in time, how does Russel get out, kill the headmaster, develop a taste for blood and kill Cable's family? This movie has prime timeline problems as bad as Terminator's.
    9) Movie tells us earlier that it'd take a grenade to remove the power canceling necklace, but apparently a bullet will do the trick, even though later, Colossus won't be able to rip one off.
    10) I buy Cable seeing this tiny skee-ball token fall because of his mechanical eye. Fine. What I don't buy is that he'd take the time to pick it up to taunt Deadpool, a guy he's never met before. From his perspective, he went to a prison with mutant criminals and was attacked by a mutant criminal. Why does he want a token to remember him by? Is it so he can use it later?
    11) Juggernaut isn't wearing any kind of collar, so yeah, movie glosses over how the hell they get him onto a moving convoy.
    12) How the hell does Deadpool slice even one bullet in half? Movie bullshits to apparently give him super speed, only to take it back a second and a half later.
    13) Colossus is shown putting his hands on his ears to ignore Deadpool's music, which shouldn't be hard because with no speakers attached, that smartphone isn't making much noise. Yet, in the next shot, Colossus has apparently heard Deadpool talking, and changes his mind enough to go outside.
    14) Where the hell did Deadpool get the power-suppressing necklace? I can tell you where he didn't get it -- the prison, the prison convoy, and the X-men mansion. So I guess... CVS?
    15) Is there any reason that Deadpool and Cable don't kill the headmaster, to prevent Russel from doing it? Deadpool tried to kill him earlier for torturing kids -- it's why he got locked up to begin with. If Russel needs to kill the headmaster himself to develop the taste of blood, why can't you save his soul the way Snape saved Malfoy?
    16) Wait, when Cable goes back in time the second time, he's just reliving the past? Why aren't there two Cables running around? Did Cable travel back and subdue Cable prime, thus creating some sort of time paradox? This same question arises in the end credits bit, where Deadpool goes back to save Vanessa, reliving the past, and then goes back to other events, actively entering the past. What are the rules?
    17,18,19) So Cable placed a skee-ball token in Deadpool's suit, I guess, in the exact spot that Deadpool was hit before, even though you can see Deadpool sticking his finger in the bullet hole and it's not where Cable touches him later. But how is it that the token doesn't shift while Deadpool's fighting, or when he's blown up by Russel? And even if it didn't, the bigger question is, how did Cable predict Deadpool's jump precisely so he could shoot him in the same spot? Even assuming that Deadpool does things exactly the same way, despite different dialogue heading into this, Cable is reliving these events, so doing HIS part the exact same way would be close to impossible, so this boils down to an impossible aim sin on top of the impossibility of the token staying put throughout the whole fight.
    20) When asked why Cable didn't travel back in time a few more years to kill Russel as a baby, he says that he can't go back that far with any kind of accuracy -- a statement that's completely forgotten for the end credit sequence with baby Hitler.

  • assassin gamer
    assassin gamer 14 days ago

    Uhh juggernaut is not a Mutant

  • Eric James
    Eric James 15 days ago

    say it... say what you told me everytime you tortured me

    my name is jeff

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. 15 days ago

    Pee-Wee Kiwi 😂👍

  • Jv Saxopeal
    Jv Saxopeal 16 days ago

    They addressed the prisioner transportation. They said this is convoy 17. In other words, at least 16 other groups of prisions were transported. At better sin would be how they know which convoy had the important characters and why Juggurant and the kid shared a truck.

  • Garrett Resley
    Garrett Resley 16 days ago


  • gavin west
    gavin west 16 days ago

    what a load of shit

  • David Patrick
    David Patrick 17 days ago

    Okay, you missed the post credit scene where he saved Vanessa and completely removed his whole reason for everything else that happens in the movie.

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 17 days ago +3

    So... is Negasonic Teenage Warhead now gonna be called Negasonic Twentysomething Warhead?

  • Sethary
    Sethary 17 days ago +2

    Are you ok? his parts grow back not re attach!

  • Kaeden Onstad
    Kaeden Onstad 17 days ago +1

    Your just mad that the movie is awesome

  • ThatOneGuy DurrDurr
    ThatOneGuy DurrDurr 17 days ago

    Is there a movie with no sins?

  • PoppyCorn144
    PoppyCorn144 18 days ago +1

    How is Vanessa ‘discount Inara’? She’s hardcore Inara if any comparison can be made.

  • Aidan Byrd
    Aidan Byrd 18 days ago


  • SSS
    SSS 18 days ago

    Yup, it was bad... but I'll let it go for the commentary...

  • Operator Ben Me
    Operator Ben Me 18 days ago

    Imagine Deadpool and venom

  • Samsoccer
    Samsoccer 18 days ago

    Does anyone look at how long this vid goes to see if it matches with the title

  • Austin McCormick
    Austin McCormick 18 days ago +12

    They should shout-out Jeremy in the next Deadpool (something like “this one’s for you, CinemaSins!”). They won’t, but they should

  • Charlotte Cox
    Charlotte Cox 19 days ago

    Omg this videos pretty stupid

  • AvRg Snapple
    AvRg Snapple 19 days ago

    You missed juggernaut climbing out the pool in the background

  • Dark Destroyer
    Dark Destroyer 19 days ago

    2:47 that is the actor for Lee Thompkins in Gotham the TV show.

  • Joey Flett
    Joey Flett 19 days ago +4

    I'm sinning CinemaSins one sin for not questioning why every mutant in that prison had a collar on but Juggernaut got to keep his helmet. And if that was the case... How was he even imprisoned? He could have ripped through those steel doors like wet toilet paper.

    • Jesus A.collazo
      Jesus A.collazo 4 days ago

      +Joey Flett thanks man for telling me how to write metaphor and cheers to you too

    • Joey Flett
      Joey Flett 4 days ago

      +Jesus A.collazo LOL! It's all good Man. And I think it's "metaphor". Close enough. Cheers Man!

    • Jesus A.collazo
      Jesus A.collazo 4 days ago

      +Joey Flett dude my joke was that wet toilet was hard to break as a normal human not super human strength that could break right through a heavily armored truck holding him and he probably did not have a collar on because his head is a FUCKING egg head and the movie animator's did not want to cgi the collar on him.

    • Jesus A.collazo
      Jesus A.collazo 4 days ago

      +Joey Flett Its metafor.(I don't know how to spell metafor)

    • Joey Flett
      Joey Flett 4 days ago

      +Jesus A.collazo Maybe for you but this is the Juggernaut we're talking about here. His mutant superpower is that when his body starts in motion, it's damned near impossible to break his momentum. Why would he NOT have a collar on?!?

  • Toxic7 N
    Toxic7 N 19 days ago

    how about you sin how you always go 2 over your limit on sun tallies you fucking bitch

  • Jeff Patton
    Jeff Patton 19 days ago

    Nothing wrong with deadpool

  • SailorToby
    SailorToby 20 days ago +1

    Do you have no sense of shame?

  • Alegost1
    Alegost1 20 days ago

    the scene where deadpool rises from his coffin with 2 pistols reminds me of that one mission from hitman blood money...... coincidence?

  • Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    uziless jacuzzi yakuza. excusi?

  • Kade Matus
    Kade Matus 21 day ago +1

    This channel is just nitpicking by this point

    • Deadpool
      Deadpool 6 days ago

      Tell me about it. I mean, my movie was basically an “Everything wrong with...” of itself.
      These guys need a life.
      Or a new shtick... maybe video game playthroughs? A livecam on Xvideo? Just something less... bitchy.
      Just putting some ideas out there guys, come on... maybe antidepressants? Maybe pay a nice lady/man for some naughty relaxation time?
      Just... ya know, chill.

  • Brad Biesinger
    Brad Biesinger 21 day ago

    This movie was so funny

  • Maria Darshay Williams-Richardson

    1 like for jacuzzi oozie

  • Ethan Mann
    Ethan Mann 21 day ago

    This guy doesn’t understand Deadpool for what it is.

  • Siara Biuk
    Siara Biuk 21 day ago

    jacuzzi yakuza
    jacuzzi uzi

  • Kong Wubba
    Kong Wubba 21 day ago +1

    Someone has absolutely no idea of what the actual Deadpool character is like. Like having a lactose intolerant person critique a glass of milk.

  • Kong Wubba
    Kong Wubba 21 day ago

    Sooooooooo many down likes lol

  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart 22 days ago

    YOU SINNED ALL THAT VANESSA SHIT.......but, DID NOT sin the fact that they FRIDGED HER, in general??????
    Thumbs down.

  • hanna karner
    hanna karner 22 days ago +3

    "Cinemasins picks a pretty good movie and sins the hell out of it" cliché.

  • Seyoiph
    Seyoiph 22 days ago +1

    This video should be 2 seconds long and audio saying "Nothing"

  • Hayden Rodriguez
    Hayden Rodriguez 23 days ago

    You should do the non extended version. It's better

  • Terry G
    Terry G 23 days ago +1