New Year, New Foundation : FENTY Beauty Foundation vs MAC Studio Fix Foundation

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • Hey !
    Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great time celebrating.
    I finally found a good foundation for me! Fenty has not disappointed me yet lol. Hope you liked this video. Let me know which foundation you prefer.
    Nos vemos pronto,
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Comments • 68

  • Katy Ri makeaup
    Katy Ri makeaup 2 days ago

    Q tono usaste?

  • akemie allen
    akemie allen 9 days ago

    No spf is a pro for me ❤️

  • Marcela Leduino
    Marcela Leduino 12 days ago

    Hi, I'm talking about Brazil. I want to know what your color is on Fenty and Mac?

  • Daiian Brandt
    Daiian Brandt 2 months ago +1

    Shade: 310

  • Sindell Gonzalez
    Sindell Gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Meehh1
    Meehh1 3 months ago

    Fentyyy.. More vibrant 😍😍

  • smoothie càrdôza
    smoothie càrdôza 4 months ago

    way too light but ok

    • D B
      D B 3 months ago

      @r008x It matches to me as well.

    • r008x
      r008x 3 months ago +3

      smoothie càrdôza no it’s a perfect match actually

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 4 months ago +1

    MAC is better and is cheaper. Plus more shades

    • Tony Torres
      Tony Torres 3 months ago

      I’m not complaining, I agree with you. But I feel mac is better for cheaper and has more option and they always have.

    • r008x
      r008x 3 months ago +3

      But u reeally can’t complain about fenty’s shade range when there’s literally overrated brands that have a shade range of like 10 (tarte). Out of 50 shades your bound to find one that fits you

    • Tony Torres
      Tony Torres 3 months ago

      r008x Mac has 64 shades with more understand options.

    • r008x
      r008x 3 months ago +3

      Tony Torres fenty literally has 50 shades. Can’t complain 😒

  • Tonya Jenkins
    Tonya Jenkins 4 months ago

    Has anyone tried Fenty Beauty and had a allergic reaction to it. Fine bumps and darkness under the eyes?

  • Arlene Ameerali
    Arlene Ameerali 5 months ago +1

    I have both Fenty and Mac and to me they both are similar.

  • banisu `•`
    banisu `•` 5 months ago

    I know this is late but if you remember do you know what you used to contour?? I'm 310 as well and was wondering thank you!!♡

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  5 months ago

      banisu `•` Glad I could help! 💛

    • banisu `•`
      banisu `•` 5 months ago

      @Vanessa Sirias ahhh thank you so much💜 your videos are so helpful!

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  5 months ago

      Hey!💛 I think I used the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette.☺️

  • Elizabeth Mohanty
    Elizabeth Mohanty 5 months ago

    U r beautiful 💕

  • My World
    My World 5 months ago +2

    This was almost a year ago wooow, btw youre really pretty

  • Gisely Milane
    Gisely Milane 6 months ago +3

    Whats color? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • MissYesBell
      MissYesBell 3 months ago

      Evolução da Carol Prado nc42 Mac 310 Fenty

    • what hosse
      what hosse 3 months ago

      Mesma coisa que quero saber.

  • S TV
    S TV 7 months ago +3

    Just went to Sephora, tried Fenty 310 and Mac NC42, came back home and TVclip it! BAAAM. We are in the same shades and thank god for this video!

  • aji s
    aji s 7 months ago

    Hi will Mac mineralize skin finish natural medium golden suitable to NC 42??

    • Tony Torres
      Tony Torres 4 months ago

      aji s medium tan would possibly work better

  • Janaya Smith
    Janaya Smith 7 months ago +4

    The Mac side is definitely more flawless! ♥️ Plus getting the SPF 15 is a plus. (Its a must to protect your skin😉 it helps with aging)

  • Jordy Johnson
    Jordy Johnson 8 months ago +1

    You’re channel is so underrated

  • Helena Nasrin
    Helena Nasrin 8 months ago

    Ugly as hell

    • D B
      D B 3 months ago

      Don't be jealous of her.

    • Nuclear Welfare
      Nuclear Welfare 5 months ago +3

      Helena Nasrin No she’s not, you are

  • shazia thanvi
    shazia thanvi 8 months ago +18

    I like the way u speak softly no extra excitement not trying to be funny

  • Doll Face By Britt
    Doll Face By Britt 9 months ago

    Super valuble information. Thank you.

  • Kensky D
    Kensky D 11 months ago +26

    I look the Mac side better😍

  • Shirley K Way
    Shirley K Way Year ago

    Great review. Thanks 😍😘👍.Subscribed channel

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago

      Shirley K Way Thanks so much! Welcome to the fam!

  • Lala J
    Lala J Year ago +6

    We are the same shade in both foundations! I love both but when I want a super beat look I use the Mac.

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago

      Lala J Yes! I agree Mac is definitely for a full face🙌🏽

  • batonbeauty
    batonbeauty Year ago +16

    Both look good on you and it is hard to see a difference. But if I had to choose, I would say the mac side had a bit more of a flawless finish

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago +2

      batonbeauty Thanks😊 and the MAC Foundation definitely has heavier coverage

  • BreeyKjaly
    BreeyKjaly Year ago

    I love the fenty on you ♥️♥️
    Btw what brush are you using ?

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago +1

      Beautywithbrainz Thank you! Thats the Foundation and Concealer brush by Sephora

  • Tab P
    Tab P Year ago +8

    Such a good comparison since they’re both crazy matte ! Been looking for this review like everywhere to decide which one to buy. Thanks :)

  • Nicole Osunkwo
    Nicole Osunkwo Year ago

    Could you please review and demo your bb cream collection 😪 and mention your favorites

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago

      Nicole Osunkwo Will do! Thanks so much for the suggestion 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  • BretanaBeauty
    BretanaBeauty Year ago

    I love this video and honest review!! Would love to share support and subscribe each other. I subscribe already! 💕💕 your so pretty

  • Bevinistas
    Bevinistas Year ago +1

    New subscriber!! I love your channel so far

  • Ain Lerato Michele
    Ain Lerato Michele Year ago +1

    I love Fenty. I'm 310 as well. 😀 I only use Fenty Beauty, Bare Minerals loose powder foundation, and Bare Minerals Bare Pro Matte liquid foundation. All separately. Never used any other foundations.

      TANYA BUVA 4 months ago

      Hi Ain,
      What shades do you use in bare minerals loose powder? I believe I am 310 in Fenty as well (in the process of testing a whole bunch of brands out) and am golden medium in bare minerals.
      Thanks in advance!

    • Ain Lerato Michele
      Ain Lerato Michele Year ago

      Vanessa Morales Sounds good. 😉😀

    • Vanessa Sirias
      Vanessa Sirias  Year ago +1

      Ain Lerato Michele 🤔Haven’t tried any Bare Minerals products, I might check those out sometime 🙌🏽☺️

  • Katherine Lescano
    Katherine Lescano Year ago +10

    I have both! Both foundations are really good! 🙌🏼❤️

  • Vanessa Sirias
    Vanessa Sirias  Year ago +9

    Hey! Let me know which foundation you prefer!

    • VISHALI srikanth
      VISHALI srikanth 4 months ago


    • Humayra Afia
      Humayra Afia Year ago

      @Vanessa Sirias from high-end side I like Esteè Lauder Double Wear foundation and from Drugstore I prefer L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation and also Maybelline Superstay 24hr foundation.
      I'm nc40 btw.