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  • Alvaro Chavez Gonzalez

    What is the name of that bean bag/ sofa?

  • Avril plays
    Avril plays 2 months ago

    Yay you took off your hat finally

  • Qwerty Asdf
    Qwerty Asdf 3 months ago


  • Ray4n
    Ray4n 5 months ago +1

    I thought you were bald

  • Goldinosaur
    Goldinosaur 6 months ago

    Omg my bro loves playing 🎱 pool XD

  • Todd Stennett
    Todd Stennett 7 months ago

    Look at your hairline

  • Niamh Peers
    Niamh Peers 7 months ago

    Does he live in machester in prestwich

  • Andrew Davanzo
    Andrew Davanzo 7 months ago

    Looks like iris Bryant without hat

  • XxOlivia McGuinnessxX
    XxOlivia McGuinnessxX 8 months ago

    Watching this in 2018 is just cringe!!!!!

  • Its_ Wheaty
    Its_ Wheaty 8 months ago

    Where did u get 11 mil from

  • Deeanna Crum
    Deeanna Crum 8 months ago


  • Best Youtuber 2007
    Best Youtuber 2007 10 months ago

    Is he still with claire

  • Lauren Thalia
    Lauren Thalia 10 months ago

    I’d sleep with him

  • Itsyourboy Uae
    Itsyourboy Uae Year ago

    9 mil hyped

  • Rihanna Tube
    Rihanna Tube Year ago

    im from the future😉

  • Rihanna Tube
    Rihanna Tube Year ago

    aren't you on cbbc ali-a's superchargers

  • ZAPE Liamzgamingz

    I live in the top floor of a flat to

  • Joe R
    Joe R Year ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2017 😂

  • codlife is real
    codlife is real Year ago


  • codlife is real
    codlife is real Year ago

    Was clare rec

  • justin anthony
    justin anthony Year ago

    How much is the flat

  • RETRO 12757
    RETRO 12757 Year ago

    awesome house so jealous lol😁😁😁

  • James SS
    James SS Year ago +1

    nice flat

  • _TheMidgetGamer_
    _TheMidgetGamer_ Year ago

    subscribe if your watching in 2017

  • H_A Gaming
    H_A Gaming Year ago

    Congratulations Ali I've been a really big fan (subscriber) since 2011 and you deserve it 👌👌.

  • Sheena Siobhan
    Sheena Siobhan Year ago +2

    This was the beginning of #Cali-A one of the best couples on the internet

  • Bones Gaming
    Bones Gaming Year ago

    i met you at gamercon im the one who said what do you recommend for a starter micraphone

  • bigmanswaza yt
    bigmanswaza yt Year ago


  • bigmanswaza yt
    bigmanswaza yt Year ago

    just had to say that because loads of comments were saying its confirmed it's his sister in law it's not

  • Anthony Velez
    Anthony Velez Year ago

    Ali-A who is that holding the camera if that's your girlfriend ?

  • Self Improvement Bro

    That Flat is so perfect, well done

  • Benny 6490
    Benny 6490 2 years ago


  • Elite Troy
    Elite Troy 2 years ago +1

    Hi Ali a you are awsome

  • uSneakyy
    uSneakyy 2 years ago +1

    Yo sick this is my future goal

  • fortnite devil
    fortnite devil 2 years ago

    what is your favorite hockey team

  • CharlesXavier
    CharlesXavier 2 years ago

    nice place in a nice place. nice

  • WhyNotEveryThing
    WhyNotEveryThing 2 years ago +2

    for what did he get a world record?

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson 2 years ago

    cool set up

  • Fraaz Ali
    Fraaz Ali 2 years ago +1

    Pause @ 6:48 and the answer correct of what I Am Geoffry's mentioned

  • JP
    JP 2 years ago +1


  • ATIC Clan
    ATIC Clan 2 years ago


  • saul
    saul 2 years ago

    Somebody count how many times he claps 😂😂

  • House Outwrong
    House Outwrong 2 years ago

    how the fuck can he afford that ??

    GHOST_EDDIE 123 2 years ago

    nice flat alia good job for moving

  • Beez Up
    Beez Up 2 years ago

    Is it just me or did he clap his hands together basically the whole video?

  • Yes
    Yes 2 years ago

    WAIT! Hold the fuck up! You're 6 foot 3? Holy shit.

  • PhoenixNinja
    PhoenixNinja 2 years ago

    #world record for da most claps in one video

  • Dopekidgaming25
    Dopekidgaming25 2 years ago

    I can't believe it's been a year already :)

  • YeagMoney
    YeagMoney 2 years ago +18

    Anyone else watching this right after his moving out vlog?


    that's not your house noob

    • Yes
      Yes 2 years ago

      "noob" kys

  • Vincent Marimon
    Vincent Marimon 2 years ago

    RIP flat tour :(

  • Eli Jackson
    Eli Jackson 2 years ago

    Music: Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes

  • Giraffe Juice
    Giraffe Juice 2 years ago

    house not flat

  • Finn Spear
    Finn Spear 2 years ago


  • Stier Fam
    Stier Fam 2 years ago

    Who else put alia with out his hat on xD

  • Taite Thornell
    Taite Thornell 2 years ago

    Alias go to willsbridge and go up a hilarious and go up a number hilarious

  • Ann Renaud
    Ann Renaud 2 years ago

    I love that Sofa Thing What is it called really??? I wanna buy one!!

  • Ann Renaud
    Ann Renaud 2 years ago

    Nice Place!!

  • Conor Sheehan
    Conor Sheehan 2 years ago

    Who is the girl

  • Adam Brkich
    Adam Brkich 2 years ago

    Buy the house and then stop buying r8s then you can get the house

  • GAMING with PHU
    GAMING with PHU 2 years ago

    😯dude😯 I wish my place was like that

  • Abdullah Tayub
    Abdullah Tayub 2 years ago

    Ali a girlfriend filming

  • DewDewPlays
    DewDewPlays 2 years ago

    Kinda funny how we were all like "WHO IS THAT GIRL OMOMOMOMOG" and now we're like "Oh yeah that's Clare, mate, chill. She's just here now, just part of the furniture." XD

  • DewDewPlays
    DewDewPlays 2 years ago

    5:08 Lol Clare's like holding the camera so high above herself to be on head level with ali XDXD

  • DewDewPlays
    DewDewPlays 2 years ago

    In 2 months this will be a year old. What the fuck

  • UnEvenPlanet379
    UnEvenPlanet379 2 years ago

    OMG he's actually not wearing a hat, THIS IN NOT ALI-A

  • FaZe_cheesecake at night

    why dont you have a HAT you are a imposter

    ASSASSIN180 U.A.M 2 years ago

    Hey Ali a not to be mean or anything but what kind of shoes are those

  • cool houghton
    cool houghton 2 years ago

    i want these shoes :\

  • James  Matson
    James Matson 2 years ago

    bit dragged for me but still cool

  • Gaby Perez22
    Gaby Perez22 2 years ago

    GUYS!!! who every subscribes to me i will subscribe back to you with 7 accounts.

  • Eathan Renkosiak
    Eathan Renkosiak 2 years ago

    Nice house

  • Brysen McMillan
    Brysen McMillan 2 years ago


  • Brandon Lugo
    Brandon Lugo 2 years ago

    and I love it

  • Brandon Lugo
    Brandon Lugo 2 years ago

    keep it

  • BoBoTheGingerApe123
    BoBoTheGingerApe123 2 years ago

    Nice flat

  • Charlie Robinson
    Charlie Robinson 2 years ago

    What kind of shoes is he wearing lol

  • Faded Density
    Faded Density 2 years ago


  • Games Epic
    Games Epic 2 years ago

    The Alia shirt

  • M45H
    M45H 2 years ago

    he ditched the camera person how mean XD

    TEDDY 2 years ago

    3.15 really creepy bed sheet

  • Sadiq Abbas Zaidi
    Sadiq Abbas Zaidi 2 years ago

    how much does it cost? :p ;)
    but yeah its a very nice cute humongous flat.... i loved it ...
    may be today i will dream about. this flat

  • MDrivers
    MDrivers 2 years ago

    alia you its a best man on the world :D

  • GassyIsOnFire __
    GassyIsOnFire __ 2 years ago

    What is a flat?

  • waggly
    waggly 2 years ago

    god how many TV's do you have !

    • Max Mabey
      Max Mabey 2 years ago

      every room in that flat came with a tv in it haha!

  • TAZRurTesticals !!
    TAZRurTesticals !! 2 years ago

    stay with your parents as long as possible dont rush moving out if you do its not fun and it sucks im 23 now i moved out when i was 20 and the first was great but after that i got laid off 3 times in 2 years and its not fun at all gotta be prepared i was not hope this helps some people out

  • Caillou Casper
    Caillou Casper 2 years ago

    What shoes is Ali wearing?

  • Sujal
    Sujal 2 years ago

    you are to rich

  • Onur Gunduz
    Onur Gunduz 2 years ago


  • Steuart Currie
    Steuart Currie 2 years ago

    You are the best

  • Guardian Galaxy
    Guardian Galaxy 2 years ago

    Wow your kicking me out. Fuck you then!

    Just joking!

  • daniel 5h
    daniel 5h 2 years ago

    does anybody no when you get a flat do they give you internet or can you get your own broadband connection

  • Leo Fletcher
    Leo Fletcher 2 years ago

    hey Ali-A, how do I get permission to put videos on TVclip of black ops 3?

  • Logan Dupor
    Logan Dupor 2 years ago

    you deserve more subs

    • Logan Dupor
      Logan Dupor 2 years ago

      +weeAmos but he needs more

    • weeAmos
      weeAmos 2 years ago

      Lmao he has over 7 million subs...

  • vicamonXD mason
    vicamonXD mason 2 years ago

    ali should be a realetor

  • DaMasterAssassin
    DaMasterAssassin 2 years ago +1

    I like it :)

  • Elitesca
    Elitesca 2 years ago

    Ali my dad is a plumber and he can move the shower head up if you want ?

  • Daniel Lavan
    Daniel Lavan 2 years ago

    I know you can't because you're renting. but you should take down the wall from the kitchen to the main living room. and extend the island

  • II Dutchz II
    II Dutchz II 2 years ago

    and clare (ali a gf ) was filming for obe yeat

  • the dope playah
    the dope playah 2 years ago

    when he's trying to open the door when he said wait and you can hear a laugh and its funny