The Amazing World of Gumball | The Potion | Cartoon Network

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • Gumball and Darwin use a magic potion to shrink Hector.
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Comments • 175

  • Animaxiz Friends
    Animaxiz Friends Month ago +605

    I realized something. Gumball and Darwin tried their best to make their classmates happy and prevent any bullying or depression. Gumball helped Penny out of her shell, Darwin and Carrie are together, The duo makes so many mistakes and helped fixed it or leave it alone.

  • Sparkler Dazzler
    Sparkler Dazzler 7 days ago +1


  • Sparkle Specialist
    Sparkle Specialist 8 days ago

    Wait didn’t the cupcake say that he was a boy and not a girl but when hector goes to the girls that beat him up he is in that group🤔

  • The Ice Cold Vlogger
    The Ice Cold Vlogger 10 days ago

    Darwin straight up jacked off a pack of wolves

  • Jesus Velasquez
    Jesus Velasquez 15 days ago


  • Vaz123
    Vaz123 15 days ago

    I'd make a Minecraft joke but I can't due to my hatred

  • Jaden Kalloo
    Jaden Kalloo 17 days ago +1

    1:51 funniest part I laughed to death

  • Pandalover938 Panda
    Pandalover938 Panda 18 days ago

    I luv. The beginning 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 19 days ago

    The joke is Darwin went grave robbing haha

  • phantom of the oprea
    phantom of the oprea 20 days ago


  • GuyWhoIs AGuy
    GuyWhoIs AGuy 20 days ago +1

    0:15 I love the “m yeah” so cute

  • Naufal Dwi Alshedan
    Naufal Dwi Alshedan 20 days ago

    wah ada ada saja raksasa ber sekolah

  • Mint Brisk
    Mint Brisk 20 days ago

    It’s always Larry! Lmao

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt 21 day ago

    There all called lil something 😂

  • Asugey Gallardo
    Asugey Gallardo 22 days ago +3

    Did Darwin just dig up a head from a graveyard 💀😱😱😱😱😱

  • samed halafi
    samed halafi 22 days ago +2


  • Gamer :3
    Gamer :3 22 days ago +1

    0:50 WHOA

    That’s basically ROBLOX + call of dutty

  • The Cringe Show
    The Cringe Show 23 days ago

    I thought that cupcake was a guy

  • Selina Wayne
    Selina Wayne 23 days ago

    Gumball my favorite cartoon

  • Brant Cohen
    Brant Cohen 24 days ago

    This is like the dream but Opposite..

  • Martha Alvarado
    Martha Alvarado 24 days ago


  • Martha Alvarado
    Martha Alvarado 24 days ago

    I love it

  • diana mendez mrndez
    diana mendez mrndez 25 days ago

    God him at the beginning

  • dogs.mp4
    dogs.mp4 26 days ago +5

    Y’all realized when Hector said he could kiss girls and kissed the cupcake... didn’t they say they were a boy

    • Jlo Walters
      Jlo Walters 23 days ago

      Yes actually I remember that I guess they’re both lol

  • ceeroc507
    ceeroc507 28 days ago

    HES TURNING SMALL *fart* wow I thought it would be more intresting

  • FlameVSGaming
    FlameVSGaming 28 days ago

    *GASP* I T. W O R K E D!!!!

  • Amy Lei
    Amy Lei 28 days ago

    e d d

  • Levi Forth
    Levi Forth 29 days ago

    And how did I know it was a shrinking spell

  • VampLady Villa
    VampLady Villa Month ago +2

    That farting noise when he shrinks cracks me up every time!!! After drinking the potion. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Red wolf528
    Red wolf528 Month ago

    This reminds me of a hooman Inside a Amazon box 0:57

  • Khloe Marquez
    Khloe Marquez Month ago

    I love this

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Wait, are gumball and penny together because you put in a penny like thing to get a gumball from a gumball machine :0

  • Kagisatu
    Kagisatu Month ago

    Did they jerk off a bunch of wolves?

  • Silly_Gacha189 189
    Silly_Gacha189 189 Month ago +1

    Umm you know 0:29 it got dark...bc hie said i should have asked ....before i started DIGGING 💀💀💀💀😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

    • Silly_Gacha189 189
      Silly_Gacha189 189 28 days ago

      @UltraGumball FAN yea....

    • UltraGumball FAN
      UltraGumball FAN Month ago

      @Rain Tiffany De Guzman ohh

    • Rain Tiffany De Guzman
      Rain Tiffany De Guzman Month ago

      Rose mary is a old green lady thats dead darwin thought it was the head of her.. so he dug her grave.. but it was litteraly a rose mary flower leaf

    • UltraGumball FAN
      UltraGumball FAN Month ago +1

      Silly_Gacha189 189 I don't get it...
      Can you explain it, please?

  • Faith Ghany
    Faith Ghany Month ago +1


  • Annie Clookama
    Annie Clookama Month ago +1


  • KingdomHeartsFan3211
    KingdomHeartsFan3211 Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who had that joke fly over their head the first few times? Now that I understand it, I can see that "Gumball" has taken a rather macabre turn. Not that I'm complaining; I still love this show.

  • Ulzzang Pikahyo
    Ulzzang Pikahyo Month ago +1

    'A head' and 'the head' have two different meaning. Lol good joke for that

  • Margaret Martin
    Margaret Martin Month ago +4

    Hey you could make an epic episode about the area 51 raid but in Elmore

  • Mara Beautiful
    Mara Beautiful Month ago

    The Powerpuff Girls Of Gumbal

  • Aaliyah Martin
    Aaliyah Martin Month ago +1

    0:51 I guess were going to court

  • Pacific Signs
    Pacific Signs Month ago +11

    I wanna see another clip of Larry transforming into a Larry car again

  • Ernesto Gonzalez
    Ernesto Gonzalez Month ago

    😱 Darwin opened someone's grave😂

  • Melting Stream
    Melting Stream Month ago +1

    Lil lil

    TRUC BUI Month ago +1


  • Shell Dan
    Shell Dan Month ago +1

    1:52 me on Monday

  • alajanu
    alajanu Month ago

    Sooo... Muffin dates Rat...

  • my chemical bromance
    my chemical bromance Month ago +19

    They used frog spawn in that potion...THEY USED FROG SPAWN(frog jizz) IN THAT POTION

  • Some random Husky
    Some random Husky Month ago +217

    Darwin: man!!! It was hard enough milking those wolves
    Gumball: you only had to milk one
    Darwin: but the others looked so left out
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dallion Coker
    Dallion Coker Month ago +2

    Did anybody else get the joke at the beginning?

  • Fun for kids 4-7 years

    I posted this clip before on my channel but deleted it

  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black Month ago +5

    They just made a green version of the
    "Drink Me" Potion from Alice in Wonderland

  • 湛藍天
    湛藍天 Month ago +2

    0:38,Wait,Are they cooking without window open?

  • SuperSaiyan Kb
    SuperSaiyan Kb Month ago +38

    ....he milked...a one caught that?.

  • Noah Maul
    Noah Maul Month ago +4

    0:56 That's an Car Spider

  • Panda Lol
    Panda Lol Month ago


  • gaming shark
    gaming shark Month ago


  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy Month ago +228

    Like Gumball, I expected Hector's shrinking to be more dignified and dramatic. 😐

  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit Month ago

    The cupcake is supposed to be a boy. Or at least it was in the detention episode.

    • Its Just Brit
      Its Just Brit Month ago

      @Kyler Belshaw No one could tell. It had to say it was a boy. 😂

    • Kyler Belshaw
      Kyler Belshaw Month ago

      Maybe Hector can't tell?

    ISHITA TRIVEDI Month ago +4

    I cannot believe Darwin is so


  • Nicesky XD
    Nicesky XD Month ago +124

    0:57 The most cursed image ever

    • Elif Camila
      Elif Camila 5 days ago

      The moment came to my mind Frank Kafka ‘s book named the metamorphosis ahahahahah

    • Yaboi Dawg
      Yaboi Dawg 19 days ago


    • Gamecontroler X
      Gamecontroler X Month ago

      He looks like an SCP

    • Nicesky XD
      Nicesky XD Month ago

      Nivolide ew 🤮🤢 yeah I think that’s very cursed XD

    • Nivolide
      Nivolide Month ago +6

      2:41 how 'bout dat

  • Moltenlava :D
    Moltenlava :D Month ago +3

    That transformation though... 👌

  • Cyborg—fizz 12
    Cyborg—fizz 12 Month ago +42

    Wait, the cupcake is a girl?

  • Xtian Alvarez
    Xtian Alvarez Month ago +106

    Being a human is harder than it looks

  • RIS_Rain
    RIS_Rain Month ago +1

    I dont know blame in on rap music there why called lil somthing

  • Knight Zanir
    Knight Zanir Month ago +2

    0:51 ...

  • Sparklecat Family
    Sparklecat Family Month ago +44

    The glass should've broke when it hit the bricks on the roof.

    • Wolfs4444 e
      Wolfs4444 e Month ago +1

      @o_INFINITY _o true

    • o_INFINITY _o
      o_INFINITY _o Month ago +1

      Not necessarily the angle it flew down would have maybe chipped or cracked I mean sometimes you can even get away with dropping glass

    • Wolfs4444 e
      Wolfs4444 e Month ago

      thats the joke

  • Alexandra animations -


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago +6


    That got dark 😎

    • zoid Lloyd 773
      zoid Lloyd 773 Month ago +1

      Yeah the statue head of jebediah springfeild could not complete n that cartoon is pg

  • Super._. Kai
    Super._. Kai Month ago +409

    The joke is Darwin took rose mary flower ( the green old lady

    • UltraGumball FAN
      UltraGumball FAN Month ago

      @a rat ohh

    • a rat
      a rat Month ago +2

      @UltraGumball FAN it's not the green lady it was a dead person

    • UltraGumball FAN
      UltraGumball FAN Month ago +6

      What about the "guess i should've asked before i started digging" part though

    • PelicanOnABoard
      PelicanOnABoard Month ago +6

      Yeah he returned the head back

    • Voltic
      Voltic Month ago +7

      Super._. Kai but shes at 2:47

  • QuiDOTpng
    QuiDOTpng Month ago +2

    Larry the spider

  • Hybrid_Wolf 1
    Hybrid_Wolf 1 Month ago +1


  • Kaz分隊 ᇨ
    Kaz分隊 ᇨ Month ago +3

    Didnt u say the cupcake is a boy

  • gaming yt
    gaming yt Month ago +2

    Did he cut the head of the Rose Mary flower in the sack omg a real head
    Like if you get it