• Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Not only kids but also adults adore pastry desserts. It’s always a good idea to eat a croissant for breakfast or at any other time. You will be surprised but you don’t need to have special culinary skills to make delicious and beautiful buns or even pie crust. You don’t need to attend culinary courses to create incredible desserts. All you need is to watch this video and to practice a bit. Your family will love desserts you will be able to make. We share numerous ways of folding dough that won’t take a lot of time. Choose your favorite shapes and stuffing and try to cook incredible desserts. Find out how to make mini croissants, chocolate buns and a lot of other dessert ideas your guests will love.
    One more cool dessert idea is to make beautiful pie crust. You will love an incredible list of decorative pie crust ideas. Your guests will be surprised by these creative ideas and these cakes will be a great addition to the festive table.
    Moreover, you will find how to make beautiful dumplings, you will be surprised how easy our tutorials are! Yes, it’s not magic, everybody can create awesome dumplings. Watch our video and choose your favorite stuffing and folding method! Besides, making dumplings is a fun way to spend time with family and create something very delicious. But remember that it’s highly important to seal properly every dumpling especially if you are going to boil them in water, do not use too much flour otherwise it will be very difficult to seal dumplings.
    00:09 How to fold the pastry
    00:40 Quick cottage cheese buns
    03:25 Cool ways to fold dumplings
    07:18 Pie crust designs
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  • sumaira sara
    sumaira sara 29 days ago

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    Cute video but uhm.... how long are you suppose to cook it and at what temp do they need to bake? Lol

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    I unlike your video. Because you make bad videos

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  • friends and jazz and snazz

    wouldn’t it be nice if they could tell us how to make that doe and what type of doe it is ??

    • Grace D
      Grace D Month ago +2

      The flat dough they used was puff pastry and the bread dough was just yeast bread dough. You can usually buy both of these at a supermarket but there are a ton of recipes online.

  • Jagraj Mattu
    Jagraj Mattu Month ago +3

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