Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) || USMLE


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    ferrari8595 13 days ago

    You my second line treatment if I don’t get my lecture

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    Sieg Heil 27 days ago

    U from US?

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    S S Month ago

    I don’t know how or why but this video is very relaxing to me..

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    if you also give notes it will be very good your channel will be on top

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    I guess in pre renal it is less than 20 ratio one..

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    plz never stop making videos

  • Chad Richards
    Chad Richards 9 months ago +1

    Do you have a video for the other common renal path? Thought I was doing fine on that because Uworld just constantly hits minimal change, PSGN and IgA nephropathy. I’ve studied Pathoma and matured the Zanki deck for renal, but I still get them wrong if it’s not those first 3 I mentioned.

    • Aman Kaur
      Aman Kaur 2 months ago

      @Firdose Thaker i can't find it either

    • Firdose Thaker
      Firdose Thaker 2 months ago

      I am not able to find that video of nephritic nephrotic syndromes. Can anybody help? Please

    • Chad Richards
      Chad Richards 9 months ago

      JK, found it, sorry!

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    Thank you for your videos

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    Great explanations life saver !

  • Trường Hoàng
    Trường Hoàng Year ago +1

    what unit do we use in ratio BUN/Cre , sir ?

    • Dave Cubbler
      Dave Cubbler 10 months ago

      There aren't any units since its a ratio. Both BUN and creatinine are mg/dL so units will cancel out.

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    Thank you man, very informative

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    👌👌👌 best way of explanation

  • Risaban Kumarahuru
    Risaban Kumarahuru Year ago +16

    The reason why Post renal is a combination of looking like a pre-renal or intrinsic picture is because for example if there is renal calculi in the ureter, the obstruction will cause a back-flow of fluid towards the kidney. This will allow the kidney to reabsorb more urea nitrogen therefore increasing the ratio. When this continues for a long period of time, it eventually damages the kidneys from doing its job and causes the reabsorption to fail, decreasing the ratio. Hope that helps!!

  • ramakrishnamurthy P
    ramakrishnamurthy P 2 years ago

    Amazing video.. Thank you sir. You cleared all my doubts

  • Daniel Guevara
    Daniel Guevara 2 years ago +59

    hi , just a quick correction ,among causes of intrinsic AKI should be ATN : acute tubular necrosis, instead of RTA

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    Slicefax 2 years ago +14

    Thanks for these videos. Can you please make a video on embryonic sexual disorders, that genital ambiguity stuff, and another one on embryonic derivates, that mesoderm stuff. Thank you

    • Cathal Keane
      Cathal Keane Year ago +13

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    I am loooooooving these vides.

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    can you do a video on me nephorotic vs nephritic conditions

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    Thank u so much for this video I really have a better understanding of ARF

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    well explained

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      Thank you. Please share our videos with your medical school friends! We are trying to increase our audience and reach more students :)

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    thank u so much very very amazing vid

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    should have discussed more on BUN/Cr ratio!!!

    • Dirty Medicine
      Dirty Medicine  3 years ago +1

      You don't have to understand so much as you have to memorize the ratio

  • First aid
    First aid 3 years ago +3

    In a previous video u said:
    (1) Don't take a lunch break -- instead, take 10 min here and there. Eat
    protein bars and take a few sips of something caffeinated. Taking an
    entire lunch break weighs you down and makes you sleepy.

    so after each block we can take a 10 min break ? i thought the next block starts right after u submit the previous block

    • Dirty Medicine
      Dirty Medicine  3 years ago +1

      Exactly. Your total break timer will run as soon as you opt to start, and will end once you return.

    • First aid
      First aid 3 years ago +1

      WOW ! did not know that. so if i take a break, it can be of different lengths? for example my first break can be 8 mins, 2nd break can be 20 mins, next break 5 mins ? it can be random as long as i dont go over 60 mins ?

    • Dirty Medicine
      Dirty Medicine  3 years ago +2

      You can use your "break timer" whenever you want. It gives you a total of 45 min (+15 min if you skip the "intro", equating to a full 60 min) to use as you please. I recommend breaking at least every 2 sections. I did the following: Section 1, Section 2, Break, Section 3, Break, Section 4, Break, Section 5, Section 6, Break, Section 7