SHAZAM Breakdown! All DCEU Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Shazam (2019) gets an in-depth breakdown and analysis, with all the interesting filmmaking details and references to Batman, Superman, Aquaman, & Wonder Woman! Go to, to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free.
    What subtle choices in Shazam by director David F. Sandberg led to it being such an entertaining wish fulfillment story for the DC cinematic universe? In a film filled with nods to Batman and Superman, what are the more secret homages to Batman v Superman, Justice League, Man of Steel, and Aquaman? Erik Voss breaks down Shazam scene by scene for all the deeper clues you may have overlooked. How is Shazam a throwback superhero story in the style of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man? How are the hero, Billy Batson, and villain, Doctor Sivana, portrayed as parallel figures throughout the film?
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  • Olatoye Gureje
    Olatoye Gureje 12 hours ago

    Shazam isn't a family movie like I thought. My cinema had scared children. It ruined the movie for me.😔

  • General Boom
    General Boom Day ago

    Who else saw shazam in the year 0-10000 when they were 1-100 years old

  • talke pitts grime

    Hears: Billy batson
    Me:Humms Bury a friend

  • secretmage
    secretmage Day ago

    The Batarang makes a ... comeback - ha, I get it.

  • Bi-yang Cavite
    Bi-yang Cavite 3 days ago

    So is noone gonna talk about how envy is still out there?

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 3 days ago

    I think the wizard Shazam saw something in Billy

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 3 days ago +1

    I wish in the future I'll grow old like John Glover doesn't look like he's old (ish)

  • Christian Vu
    Christian Vu 4 days ago

    at first I thoght the villan was Mr. Freeze

  • BossLevel_COB
    BossLevel_COB 4 days ago +1

    Djimon Hounsou was in both Captain Marvel's plus AquaMan & Guardians 1. He is in Everything like Salt. Lol!!!

  • fangirl forever
    fangirl forever 6 days ago

    I feel like the movie makes it obvious that Billy is worthy because when he has that glowy orb thingy that tempted Sivana in his hand at the end of the movie, he is *clearly* not tempted.

  • IronManfan 4ever
    IronManfan 4ever 6 days ago

    “”50% avengers turned to dust””

  • Bungylunn
    Bungylunn 8 days ago

    Also Freddy asking the flight or invisibility question is for shadowing to his later power up

  • yoboysam
    yoboysam 10 days ago

    who else is a marvle fan

  • DirtyJedi YT
    DirtyJedi YT 10 days ago

    Still waiting on that flash movie i think i am going to be waiting a while 😭 😭 😭

  • Dbz Mier
    Dbz Mier 10 days ago

    20:04 I’m a kid and I’m not stupid 😑😑

  • sofiyan ali
    sofiyan ali 11 days ago

    I really didn’t see Mr.Mind in the movie
    I thought it was just a weird plant

  • TFGGamer 619
    TFGGamer 619 13 days ago

    Another Easter egg is that in the beginning, Thaddeus’s brother says “out look, not so good” and when Thad kills him he says “out look, not so good”

  • Papegojhan
    Papegojhan 13 days ago


  • rahmat ujang
    rahmat ujang 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice that Freddy look like male version of Billie Eillish?

  • kylo pennywise
    kylo pennywise 19 days ago

    Mark strong would have made a pretty decient shazam

  • Ravi Bhagat
    Ravi Bhagat 20 days ago +1

    beloved Batman and Robin huh...

  • Meet King
    Meet King 25 days ago +1

    The board of directors was *the* funniest scene of the movie.

  • Chris Saylor
    Chris Saylor 25 days ago

    Was the Shazam family limited to only one power each?

  • Christopher Thomson
    Christopher Thomson 26 days ago +1

    When Sivana gets cut by the Batarang I thought about the quote Batman says to Superman in BVS "Can you bleed?" Batman in that scene was holding a Kryptonite spear to Superman and cut his cheek to reveal that he isn't invulnerable and can be beat. Same in this scene with Shazam.

  • AbstractDante
    AbstractDante 26 days ago

    So everyone missed the Swamp Thing easter egg????

  • Ayannah Hicks
    Ayannah Hicks 26 days ago

    No one mentions Denny O'Neal is wearing a Tardis hoodie 🤔

  • DarkVoid 17
    DarkVoid 17 27 days ago +5

    Shazam was the best Captain Marvel movie since 1939

    • Kevin McDougall
      Kevin McDougall 27 days ago +1

      Captain Marvel debuted in the comics in 1939 (same year as Batman!), but his movie serial didn't premiere until 1941.

  • David Lomax
    David Lomax 27 days ago

    I wonder when Billy Batson is going to call him self Captain Marvel has to be at some point as that was his name all out all the cartoons with young Justice and other formmats incluing in the comics it self but not as tile like you said but as the character in the comics is captain marvel. so at some point he come around with that name maybe in the next film

  • Cool BoyFriend
    Cool BoyFriend 28 days ago

    Is it just me or does this video was horrifying on purpose. So many horror scenes

  • Cool BoyFriend
    Cool BoyFriend 28 days ago

    DC : we have The Eternity Rock
    Marvel : Newsflash Infinity Stone
    Me : just deal with it its a rock with power

  • Liquid Shape Entertainment

    So is this a Christmas movie just like Die Hard is a Christmas movie?

  • AntiChip
    AntiChip 29 days ago +1

    I dont think billy would fall for the demon ball because he would probably thinks its gross if he thought touching a staff was gross

  • Tony Barrett
    Tony Barrett Month ago

    I'm surprised you didn't point out the important of 7 in the movie. Besides the 7 deadly sins and 7 wizards, the key to unlock the door was 7 symbols repeated 7 times. The mom's apartment number is 707. There was mention of the 7 realms.

  • Thando Msoki
    Thando Msoki Month ago +1

    About to tell us interesting detail
    Switches to advertising

  • James 4
    James 4 Month ago

    Saw Jerry as the dad didn’t bother trying to learn his name he’s jerry he’s always gonna be jerry

  • Josue A Flores Lara

    The to far away to hear thing, is the anime thing

  • Morgan Kelley
    Morgan Kelley Month ago

    Wait why Mercury instead of Hermes cause Mercury is Rome not greek

  • Talk Time With Matt and Derik

    I loved it how Shazam took the ball to his eye and was pretending to be a villian lol

  • LEGO Builder 11
    LEGO Builder 11 Month ago


  • Youssef Elbanna
    Youssef Elbanna Month ago

    You know I always thought of the toy compass thingy was to point out a another difference between billy and Sivana and that's that billy has a moral compass and although he can be a dick sometimes at the end of the day he did what was right to do

  • elisona agalliu
    elisona agalliu Month ago

    Yess!! I also said "whats up with the mosters inc doors, I hope that Eric caught its pretty similar!" And you DID!!

  • Moody Red
    Moody Red Month ago

    "Citizens of metropolis pick up the pieces" not, "citizens of Gotham, pick up the pieces" also,the name wasn't renewed thats why marvel was able picked it up. They were too busy trying to sue DC. One love.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King Month ago

    Get him Batman.
    I'm Batman.

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 Month ago

    6:34 did anyone else notice how he said Gotham?

  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom Month ago

    I don't know. Have you ever gotten a suitcase wedgie? Shit hurts

  • le stabby
    le stabby Month ago

    honestly whats the point of the billy's mom plot?it didnt lead anywhere, and just messes up the flow of the movie, 1st act billy's all "gritty/dark" and then becomes a clown in the rest of the movie. it made no sense.

  • Twysted Syxx
    Twysted Syxx Month ago

    14:54- did you just reference Bobby Duke? That's some deep geek cred. Lol

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Month ago

    No billy is to pure of heart to be perauaded by power

  • Brian Douglas Ahern
    Brian Douglas Ahern Month ago +2

    I don't believe that the wizard Shazam chose Billy merely out of desperation. I think he saw the purity in Billy that, despite his faults, would allow him to become a good champion and a genuine hero. The Seven Deadly Sins had made their escape with Sivana, but if the wizard had just "settled" for the next candidate who came along, he could be just throwing more fuel on the fire or worse, creating a second Black Adam. And note at what point the wizard selected Billy. It was only after he stood up for his foster brother Freddy by taking on two bullies who had him outclassed in terms of size and strength alone. Had Billy walked away and left Freddy to take a beating, I doubt the wizard would want anything to do with him. But since Billy behaved like a hero in that moment, stepping in to help the defenseless Freddy, that could well be what alerted the wizard to Billy Batson as the best candidate to become the champion of Shazam. Remember that the wizard didn't say, "I call upon you" or even "I settle for you". He said, "I choose you." True, it would have been better if he had found Billy sooner, before Sivana freed the 7 Sins, but better late than never. To make a short story long--No, Billy would never be tempted by the Eye of Sin. It goes against all that he is.

  • マダオくん
    マダオくん Month ago

    The one part I noticed that wasn’t in the video was the cameo by the wizard (or somebody who looks lot like him) wearing regular civilian clothes. Can’t remember where in the movie, but somewhere in one of the city scenes with a large crowd. Anybody else see it too?

  • Uzev
    Uzev Month ago

    See now, the environment plays a big role in who a person becomes so if Sivana had gotten powers of Shazam he would have been a villain because he has a bullying father and brother leading him to eventually be evil but its hard to say for Billy because Billy also was lonely, looking for his mom in and out of foster homes he might be having enough of what's happening with him so he might be able to get influenced by the 7 deadly sins, at least that's what I think.

  • Toby Hayde
    Toby Hayde Month ago

    Kid who played Freddy gave us the best performance in this entire movie. Big future

  • Jasmine Carter
    Jasmine Carter Month ago

    For a minute while I was watching this I theaters I was like "hm this movie is way more fun and chill than I thought it'd be.. Then the office scene came up and I was reminded that 'oh yeah this is a DC movie'.

  • Tomi Newton
    Tomi Newton Month ago +1

    Freddie could be a better Shazam in my opinion ⚡

  • Trix
    Trix Month ago

    Im pissed no one noticed annabelle in the store

  • Savage Opress
    Savage Opress Month ago +6

    Billy batson looks like arya starks slightly younger brother.

  • Savage Opress
    Savage Opress Month ago +2

    Freddy would be a better hero than billy batson. He had the passion for it and he's smarter. It came very natural to him when he got his powers.

    • keyboard warrior
      keyboard warrior Month ago +1

      >points to that powerful and emotional scene where Freddy confronts billy about misusing his powers.

  • Albrim Azemi
    Albrim Azemi Month ago

    That’s what happens when you just make a movie and you don’t care about catching up with others, everyone has fun and like what you make.

  • Flary Bartender
    Flary Bartender Month ago

    @NewRockstars because of you guys i was able to watch IIHF game live from Amsterdam. #VPN

    NARGESSXO Month ago

    David F. Sandberg's wife and actress Lotta Losten from the short film "Lights Out" is also in the movie playing Dr. Lynn Crosby. Nice little nod. :)

  • Lego Guinea pig
    Lego Guinea pig Month ago

    Yessas DC movies are not trash anymore

  • Mdp 96
    Mdp 96 Month ago

    The dc universe

  • sajjad islam
    sajjad islam Month ago

    That end question, I was wondering the same question. But I guess the directors will slide past this question saying the Wizard got lucky because he found the worthy one at the right time.

  • EliteBattleToaster
    EliteBattleToaster Month ago

    The while movie I was expecting mark strong to start singing contry roads

  • aaron eno
    aaron eno Month ago

    Sometimes you reach with the references

  • GrandmasterMindless

    Sorry but it says ARLONE, not ARIONE lol

  • TheKingDagon108
    TheKingDagon108 Month ago

    19:45 i swear I was watching this as my AI played in mk11 and he did a fatality as soon as he said it

  • kill dozer
    kill dozer Month ago +1

    Stamina is the ability keeping up energy to keep on going not to block bullets.

  • Teo Salvador
    Teo Salvador Month ago

    it's metropolis not gotham

  • ULTRO 3000
    ULTRO 3000 Month ago +2

    I think even if there were the 7 deadly sins he would have been able to resist them because when the wizard tells him he is the champion he tries to tell the wizard that he is not worth instead of going straight for the staff like dr. Savanna did when he was young showing he is not power hungry. So yeah

    FATEOFTHELEGEND Month ago +1

    *Coughs* Anime fans will know that 7 deadly sins is a anime.

  • Damion Gonzalo
    Damion Gonzalo Month ago

    I kinda like that Billy didn't believe he was worthy and owned up to it when talking with the wizard

  • Zach Castro
    Zach Castro Month ago

    I still need to see this movie.

  • Subsonic 30
    Subsonic 30 Month ago

    Billy more worthy

  • The Don
    The Don Month ago

    Why would kids in this universe make fun of kids who are into superheroes? That’s like making fun of people for liking army soldiers and war heroes?

  • The Don
    The Don Month ago

    Anyone else recognize the kid that plays Billy as the kid from Andy Mac?

  • John Flemings
    John Flemings Month ago

    He let the bus fall. Did he think his face was soft and absorbent?

  • Cheesy McBob
    Cheesy McBob Month ago

    6:34 you said Gotham instead of Metropolis

  • Max Hornbeck
    Max Hornbeck Month ago

    What was that burning violin in the rock of eternity?

  • one jellofist
    one jellofist Month ago +1

    He said Gotham citizens it was metropolis citizens

  • Tethy Koussougbo
    Tethy Koussougbo Month ago

    Jumps, yells SHAZAM and then proceeds to break every speed limit in the entire universe. NOICE.

  • Siboniso Buthelezi
    Siboniso Buthelezi Month ago

    19:27-19:30, it's a call back to Kung Fu Panda 2. When Po comes back and gives his heroic monologue too far for Shen and The Furious Five to hear, but it's inverted in this scene.

  • illionaire_6oh3
    illionaire_6oh3 Month ago

    Leap of faith is also a big storyline in Into The Spiderverse

  • Watershine of RiverClan

    Sees villain’s dad

  • 8-Bit Ace
    8-Bit Ace Month ago


  • Gabriel ***
    Gabriel *** Month ago

    Bira Bira Bira Bärs Bärs Bärs!

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez Month ago

    If that glowing rob had still been around to be a test of worthiness when Billy Batson arrived, he may not have passed the test. With his drive to find his mom and resistance to becoming part of the family, not to mention stealing his foster brother's Superman bullet.

  • JC111414
    JC111414 Month ago +1

    I think Sivana is what Billy could have become if he didn't had his foster family's back and love.

  • JC111414
    JC111414 Month ago +1

    I think Sivana is what Billy could have become if he didn't had his foster family's back and love.

  • friggin babies
    friggin babies Month ago

    Did no one catch the bad guys ring in the last fight scene. Im surprised. Its on his pinky. I forgot what its called I know it isn't part of the lantern corps. Also I gives the user the ability to fly. It is also recognized by the j and l. Not justice league though, these rings also have stars after each letter.

  • Logic Rules!
    Logic Rules! Month ago

    18:10 I knew that was a Mist reference the moment I saw the spines coming out of the tentacles palm! It blew my f**king mind. I had no idea why that was in there

  • Braylon Williams
    Braylon Williams 2 months ago

    SHAZAM came out on my 14th birthday

  • dc comics new 52
    dc comics new 52 2 months ago

    yes let’s go

  • Austin O'Brien
    Austin O'Brien 2 months ago

    You missed that DC and Mortal Kombat made a crossover game

  • imtiaz alkarim
    imtiaz alkarim 2 months ago

    Sir zaps alot!! Lmao dead

  • Narek Bazikyan
    Narek Bazikyan 2 months ago

    what happened to the other wizards? why is the main wizard alone and the only one left?

  • Matthew700321
    Matthew700321 2 months ago

    What about the seven deadly sins anime reference when they were on top of the building with Shazam talking about envy

  • Amit Bar
    Amit Bar 2 months ago +3

    notice how the two "captain marvel"s got their movies around the same time
    are marvel and DC co-operating?
    I'd LOVE to see that

  • Tiger da cat
    Tiger da cat 2 months ago +1

    Yep the “beloved” Batman and Robin

  • SouthstanderRSM
    SouthstanderRSM 2 months ago

    You missed a HUGE Easter Egg. Mark Strong was Sinesteo in Green Lantern.