Eye on the Flu Shot

  • Published on Oct 12, 2007
  • Flu shots contain mercury
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  • AFnord
    AFnord 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 Finding good sources on mercury toxicity levels is quite hard. Googling it will mostly give you propaganda/conspiracy pages. Those scientific papers that can be found are usually tricky to find, but they are there, so spend some time reading scientific papers, there is a lot of information to be found there.

  • AFnord
    AFnord 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 you would see a far higher amount of mercury poison cases in groups of people who eat a lot of fish (the people of Norway would have gone extinct by now, as they have a diet consisting of a lot of fatty fish).

  • AFnord
    AFnord 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 To say that no mercury leaves your body (which he say in the video) is also not true, though it is a very slow process. If it did not, we would not find any mercury in peoples hair. The body is quite good at absorbing mercury which is part of fatty solutions (but not water based solutions, for obvious reasons), which you might consider a lot of fish types to be, and if very small doses of mercury was very dangerous

  • AFnord
    AFnord 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 A flue vaccine contains roughly 25µg of mercury (25 millionths of a gram) per 5mL (one does) in multi-dose vials ONLY. You are right in saying that there is no generally considered "safe level", though the level of mercury in flue shots is so low that you could take a weekly flue shot, and still not reach the level of mercury in your body where it would be considered dangerous by the time you die.

  • AFnord
    AFnord 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 While there are no proof, there are strong indications of vaccines helping to deal with polio, where areas that received polio vaccines showing a relatively immediate decrease in people suffering from polio, in particular in the age groups that were prioritized (and you make it sound like the 50s & 60s had radically worse living conditions than we have today).

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 Not only that, most vaccines today use fenoxyethanol instead, which is a preservative with low toxicity and that the body can break down and handle.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 years ago

    @jeffrick289 If I provide you with the abundance of data and the science of vaccines (they work, duh) you will just say "uh, this comes from big pharma and I refuse this data because it's just stupid sheep who would buy this propaganda, they just want to steal your money".
    The mercury in the vaccines are negligeble, and as I said - if you eat fish regulary you will have thousands of times more mercury from your food than what a shot would give.

  • jeffrick289
    jeffrick289  6 years ago

    You show your ignorance without a problem. There is no safe level of Mercury dummy. Plus a vaccine goes directly into your bloodstream bypassing any protection your body has against foreign toxins. Also, there is not clear scientific proof that vaccines erradicated polio. It is what they call a post hoc ergo propter hoc - a coincidental correlation to the improved living conditions of the time. Do some serious research and provide clear concise data to support your claims.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 years ago

    You get far more mercury from an average fish. Vaccines save lives, in fact most of you would probably not even be alive today without them (measles, polio, etc, would have gotten you or your parents).

  • Simon Chapman
    Simon Chapman 8 years ago

    Anti-vax losers would be simply sad fruit loops if they weren't so dangerous and sucked in the ignorant and paranoid. We have one in Australia who, hand on heart, is putting it around that the government is trying to make the population sterile with H1N1 vax.

  • Delina Rees
    Delina Rees 8 years ago

    in Ontario, you can drink at 18. And you can also drink at 17 in Quebec.

  • Jean Salvas
    Jean Salvas 8 years ago

    I have a shot that everyone over the age of 21 can get, or is it 2 shots or more, I can't remember. Plus it has a name or names. They are Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Capt Morgan so on and so on. Sorry kids under 21 will just have to settle for Shirley Temples

  • Rachel Bartlett
    Rachel Bartlett 8 years ago

    He forgot to put aluminum into it! And cancer cells! And aborted fetusses!

  • AssGrabber B
    AssGrabber B 8 years ago

    Ya!! Don't you all know that it's ok to put poison in your bodies as long as we call it science.
    Nothing from science could be bad.
    I trust anyone who tells me to trust them. Even more if they're dressed up in a uniform of some kind.

  • B Mattson
    B Mattson 8 years ago

    way to propagate fear and misinformation about science, d-bags.

  • Vassilios Chantzos
    Vassilios Chantzos 8 years ago

    He forget to say: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, monkey kidney, human diploid cells, originating from human aborted fetal tissue, and so many more "good" tasteful fillers, just enough to make you "heathy". So go ahead people, feast on it! Excellent video, 5*

  • Don Vito
    Don Vito 8 years ago

    wtf the last hew videos have not been showed to me..fuck u youtube

  • pajopeace
    pajopeace 8 years ago

    Comedy = Information, Tragedy = Disinformation? Lol..
    Really good way to make people think for themselves about taking vaccines. Great vid!

  • Bo Azizi
    Bo Azizi 8 years ago

    Good job, truly genious.

  • androclestipster
    androclestipster 8 years ago


  • CD
    CD 8 years ago

    Fabulously Funny!

  • lovetoallanimals
    lovetoallanimals 8 years ago

    Great video! Only slightly exagerated...

  • ToddJocelynKelsey
    ToddJocelynKelsey 8 years ago

    Good ole Canadian humour - gotta love it!

  • totallycrunchy
    totallycrunchy 10 years ago


  • bilthy
    bilthy 10 years ago

    hey78huy has truthed the correct!