Ford Unveils Electric Mustang SUV to Challenge Tesla

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Nov.18 -- Ford has unveiled the Mustang Mach E, an all-electric SUV and next generation of the iconic mustang brand. Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow reports from Los Angeles

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  • V. E.
    V. E. 14 days ago

    F U Ford!!! Just couldn't keep the labor here, cause your bottom line (aka: executive bonuses) would suffer. Turning your back on the people and country that made you.

  • truth betold
    truth betold Month ago


  • Claudio Maia Santos
    Claudio Maia Santos 2 months ago

    Yeah... Nobody cares!
    all comments are on the Cybertruck!

  • Veronica Nevarez
    Veronica Nevarez 2 months ago

    I am sooo getting one💙💙💙💙

  • Ray b
    Ray b 2 months ago

    Ford is just greedy.. using the mustang name and logo to push sales for this electric suv EDGE. I'm really disappointed at ford for this. Its shameful

  • SEM
    SEM 2 months ago

    Electric cars are gay

  • Aldo Ruiz
    Aldo Ruiz 2 months ago

    Next up
    “Chevy announces all electric camaro minivan”

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 2 months ago

    Introducing, the 2020 Ford Pinto EV.

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 2 months ago

    Bloomberg tech - the Ford mach e is a compliance clown car.
    even a Tesla model 3 can beat it on the track.
    Unfortunatly, EV designed by committee results in a Lack Luster car.

  • ukidding
    ukidding 2 months ago

    ford can dream

  • streetsweeper49
    streetsweeper49 2 months ago

    Ford name is not good enough for the market they are trying to penetrate and clearly this is branded as a mustang suv so what is the problem, if Ferrari and Lamborghini can be an suv I think mustang can be thrown around. It’s not like they haven’t been making 4 cylinder pony cars out of them already.

  • charels jaccamino
    charels jaccamino 2 months ago

    i dont think i coulld be given one

  • charels jaccamino
    charels jaccamino 2 months ago

    if it aint broke dont fix ya kno

  • charels jaccamino
    charels jaccamino 2 months ago

    omg its hourendus this is gonna bankrupt ford i dont matter how fast it is man it looks awful its not anything close to a mustang and now i wanna sell my mustang cause your recked the line now dummies

  • will brito
    will brito 2 months ago

    A cross between a mustang and some slutty electric suv creates a very disturbing new creator.

  • Happy Hentai Haiku
    Happy Hentai Haiku 2 months ago +2

    Personally I think this will turn into a PR disaster for Ford. The Mustang brand was coined around a scrappy little car that was vaguely reminiscent of its namesake while this thing is a big heavy crossover better suited to the Bronco moniker. And while I can see where Ford's marketing team is anxious to use "MACH E" on 'something' that trim level should have been reserved for a proper hybrid or plug-in Mustang and not this utility vehicle

  • Chambers Ratcliff
    Chambers Ratcliff 2 months ago


  • 123abc
    123abc 2 months ago

    the center display should show more than just speed. Should show charge with a small battery icon and have GPS directions showing at the center.

  • Jenson Groff
    Jenson Groff 2 months ago +1

    Nice electric shopping cart

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +1

    0:43 It shouldn't get any US incentive because it's not even made in the US. Only Tesla should get the US rebates and incentives because they actually make it in the US.

  • Gavin Ent
    Gavin Ent 2 months ago

    No, no, absolutely not. NOO

  • Everyone But China
    Everyone But China 2 months ago

    ford no need to copy 85% like Tesla Model X

  • Corullo TJ
    Corullo TJ 2 months ago

    Big big bet... Big fail or big success

  • Albert Williams IV
    Albert Williams IV 2 months ago

    rim shell covered please!

  • Jimmy Cline
    Jimmy Cline 2 months ago

    This folks is why you don’t want to vote democrat! This is what they are telling you what they are going to do if they take over again! The Green New Deal, so if you flat out won’t listen to President Trump, you should reconsider,these vehicles will be built so that the government can control your vehicle and shut it down any time they want! It’s actually a bigger picture it will actually be the antichrist stopping you from moving around!

  • Dan Sertich
    Dan Sertich 2 months ago

    I have no issue with ford coming out with an all electric suv. BUT ITS NOT A FUCKING MUSTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and is it required to be ugly???? you know lowly fiat was able to come out with a 500e that looks EXACTLY like a regular 500. Is that so hard????????

  • Roger Brenon
    Roger Brenon 2 months ago

    Hey Ford, Stay in Mexico and don't come back. If we can't build it. Get Out. That's not a Mustang. Looks like total crap. Ford is now officially done.

  • lh tkr
    lh tkr 2 months ago

    Ev vehicles,looks like everyone is getting on the band wagon ,but one problem ,where's all the charging stations ,their going to need ,u think musk is going to let you use his ,hahahaha

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 months ago

    The real question is will it still crash into crowds randomly? Oh wait...of course it will.

  • M. quinquin
    M. quinquin 2 months ago

    wake up dude

  • Tom Ganks
    Tom Ganks 2 months ago

    Eh I'm not the biggest mustang fan so the outrage of it applying to an SUV doesn't bother me. But in terms of marketing, they should rip the "mustang" from the name, as well as the logo. But props to them for going electric. It's a pretty clean design. Also the price doesn't look bad. That said I wonder about the performance.

    MATTI MATTI 2 months ago

    Ford ; how can we ruin mustang name,?
    Let's make an electric suv and call it a mustang!......

    MATTI MATTI 2 months ago

    Wow , next for ford is Ford GT shelby suv electric .

    KAMANTHA Q. KLYMAXX 2 months ago

    I THINK Mustang name used just for EU, UK, etc......not for the eventual US version of this crossover to come out late 2020............this is what they are investing in as they are finally KILLING the entire TAURUS line they;ve had for 25 years.....Anyway, it would be cool to know what the USA version will be called............I believe PINTO is available, right?? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL how about........the new LTD? lol

  • MrFester
    MrFester 2 months ago

    Why would they invite Bloomberg to this, they always crap on EV's.

  • Andy Patterson
    Andy Patterson 2 months ago

    Why don't you just turn the GT into a minivan while you're at it Ford! you bunch of heritage whoring suit n tie wearing ass clowns

  • mick mccrory
    mick mccrory 2 months ago

    A "Mexican" didn't steal your job. Rich white guys moved the factory to Mexico. A wall won't stop this from happening.
    A "Mustang" is a Ford Falcon with different sheet metal. A '65 Mustang cost $1995.
    Autoworkers in the Union made enough $$ to buy a new house in the suburbs, & mom could stay home with the kids

  • JD Bennett
    JD Bennett 2 months ago

    Lmfao electric mustang suv yes! Ford always made horrible designs

  • Paul Micks
    Paul Micks 2 months ago

    MADE IN MEXICO ?? why don't they call them El Burros ?

  • Alfredo Lejo
    Alfredo Lejo 2 months ago

    No wonder the Asian automakers have won over the small car market in the US

  • Alfredo Lejo
    Alfredo Lejo 2 months ago

    Support tesla, support elon musk, support the pioneers
    Made in america

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez 2 months ago

    Ford plans to build the mach-e in Mexico? Disappointing

  • mxmillo
    mxmillo 2 months ago

    I'd buy it. Looks bad ass.

  • Derebymel Belmont
    Derebymel Belmont 2 months ago +1

    trashing the Mustang heritage with an electric vehicle is wrong.

  • Jumaane ROBINSON SR
    Jumaane ROBINSON SR 2 months ago

    BUILDING in Mexico...thank TRUMP

  • Utoob
    Utoob 2 months ago

    "Mustang Mockery"

  • Dj Sickbeatz
    Dj Sickbeatz 2 months ago


    MAXIMUS 2 months ago +1

    Issues that I have with Detroit: Fit and finish, RELIABILITY....NONE

  • fer na
    fer na 2 months ago

    Finally a Ford I can buy. It only took them 20 years losing market to
    honda and Toyota.

  • Joshua Salinas
    Joshua Salinas 2 months ago


  • John Russell
    John Russell 2 months ago

    Just because they call it a Mustang doesn't make it a Mustang.

  • GP
    GP 2 months ago


  • himler1
    himler1 2 months ago

    It's made in Mexico and China

  • sexy monkey
    sexy monkey 2 months ago

    Looks nice, i mean more impact damage for a crowd killer more coverage lmao

  • Shady Shay
    Shady Shay 2 months ago +1

    Ok boomer. It’s cool but don’t call it a mf mustang

  • R3ggie
    R3ggie 2 months ago

    Thanks! I hate it.
    I wish I could downvote this twice.

  • Chad Finneman
    Chad Finneman 2 months ago

    Good job on building them in mexico Ford.

  • Jimmy Creedog
    Jimmy Creedog 2 months ago +1

    They had better put the electric drive line in a traditional coupe as well at some point.

  • M N
    M N 2 months ago

    You idiots that DON't OWN A MUSTANG, NEVER DRIVEN ONE.. Won't really understand why we don't want a Mustang associated to anything electronic..

  • Mega ManX
    Mega ManX 2 months ago

    This vehicle is like rape, you gotta just sit back, take it, and you can't do anything about it.