Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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  • Ellayza Alimurong

    I’m in love with Alix!! Do moreeee behind tasty videos pleaseeee hahahha

  • Fozia Rasheed
    Fozia Rasheed Hour ago

    2:48 *blop*

  • E.
    E. 2 hours ago

    Alix has me rolllinnnnng lol

  • bunny smiles
    bunny smiles 3 hours ago

    Can y'all just appreciate how
    amazing Rie is like............HOW !!!

  • Tomhelight And more
    Tomhelight And more 4 hours ago

    At 2:48 Rie: plop

  • peony70
    peony70 4 hours ago

    Looks like jelly fish

  • Rafif _711
    Rafif _711 4 hours ago

    In Indonesia we make agar too, when we make it we just use the whole packet and we set it a side before putting it in the fridge

  • ok ko
    ok ko 5 hours ago

    She's cute

  • Kimbap Kidding?
    Kimbap Kidding? 6 hours ago

    Omg she reminds me of my crazy friend that I recently met, I love her ;D

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko 6 hours ago

    I love this video so much, but it's so annoying when she says AGAR. :D

  • Daniel Y Chow
    Daniel Y Chow 8 hours ago

    Alex is one of those people that would positive and cheery even if the world was ending lol.

  • Miks Cheech
    Miks Cheech 11 hours ago

    That laugh at the end 😂😂🤣

  • itz_just_soph
    itz_just_soph 12 hours ago

    I love Alex she’s so funny and inspirational

  • Random Unicorn
    Random Unicorn 13 hours ago

    I just love that she never gives up!

  • Eli Trash
    Eli Trash 13 hours ago

    her voice is so weird to me

  • Raviolimaster 29
    Raviolimaster 29 13 hours ago


  • abbas larry
    abbas larry 13 hours ago

    I just wasted 13 minutes of my life

  • Adeera Shalina
    Adeera Shalina 15 hours ago

    alix is my spirit animal

  • slabbinonspokez z
    slabbinonspokez z 15 hours ago

    Fine ass white gurl

  • Paoliii
    Paoliii 16 hours ago

    We need more !!!!!!!!

  • Mai Kawaii Neko
    Mai Kawaii Neko 16 hours ago

    hahahahahahah 0:00 😆

  • Bro, It's Kass.
    Bro, It's Kass. 17 hours ago

    Alix is so gorgeous

  • Kate Cartwright
    Kate Cartwright 18 hours ago

    Could you guys make a college food essentials video? Aka how not to suck at cooking in college. My daughter is going to college soon and she’s been looking for a food essentials list for a while!

  • Kelly-Ann Parenteau
    Kelly-Ann Parenteau 19 hours ago

    Why does she remind me so much of Serena van der woodsen from gossip girl 😍

  • Joanne Keegan
    Joanne Keegan 19 hours ago

    I feel like it's raindroppy

  • KappaKappaKappaKappa
    KappaKappaKappaKappa 19 hours ago

    Try not to place steaming stuff in your fridge..

  • Harry Beard
    Harry Beard 19 hours ago

    I'm halfway in the vid and it is try 5 it will be try 100000000000000000,000000000000000000

  • Maryam Attal
    Maryam Attal 19 hours ago

    I like her voice

  • Mimi's Channel
    Mimi's Channel 20 hours ago

    Omg the lady at 2:22 kinda looks like that chef lady in Ratatouille!!

  • Moo
    Moo 20 hours ago

    i love how rie said glop

  • Jay plays
    Jay plays 21 hour ago

    She’s hella relatable 😂

  • Shirorin
    Shirorin 22 hours ago

    can this creature be any more annoying

  • Theutus
    Theutus 22 hours ago

    that waste though

  • VenoStuff
    VenoStuff 22 hours ago

    Wet 😂

  • ICEY Z4
    ICEY Z4 23 hours ago

    She thiccer THAN A BOWL OF OATMEAL!

  • Prakriti Choudhary
    Prakriti Choudhary 23 hours ago

    Honestly, I think Tasty wastes a lot of food. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Temuulen Munkh-Erdene

    Does she try only once a day?

  • nemesis superhero

    Wtf that is not cake, it's a type of jello.. it's stupid call that thing as cake

  • Chapow
    Chapow Day ago

    She’s so fucking hot

  • rasyiqah batrisyia

    I’m bruneian and agar-agar is basically a halal version of gelatin but both of them have differences

  • maroonedsia
    maroonedsia Day ago

    "Agar Agar" sounds like to be something that George Lucas has come up with!

  • Nazifa Nazrul  Jyoti


  • Nandya Hanita
    Nandya Hanita Day ago

    Agar-agar is indonesian languange. In english that should be jelly.

  • Chennai human
    Chennai human Day ago

    This whole time I was watching your boob jiggle

  • Chennai human
    Chennai human Day ago

    My face lips need your thigh lips

  • Chennai human
    Chennai human Day ago

    It's actually looks like sperm drop

  • Sarah Asri
    Sarah Asri Day ago


  • GeesusLookAtThatAlpaca

    I love her, she’s always so smiley and positive! It makes the videos seem so much more enjoyable:)

  • Katie Molina
    Katie Molina Day ago

    She’s do pretty I love her

  • Wim Altena
    Wim Altena Day ago

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee behind tasty videos

  • lil Swipe
    lil Swipe Day ago

    Congrats on making jello

  • Ayana Conway
    Ayana Conway Day ago


  • R K
    R K Day ago

    what is that movie in notflix add???

  • Mark Evan Delos Reyes

    You look like miley cyrus in a chub

  • kawaii unicorn and everything

    She is so faily and messy and funny

  • Melissa Fletcher
    Melissa Fletcher Day ago +3

    This girl has the best personality ever

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl Day ago +1

    Take a shot everytime she says "AGAR" !

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl Day ago +1


  • Quinn Coleman
    Quinn Coleman Day ago

    woahhh Badison worked at BuzzFeed before she went to prison???

  • mohammadblox XZ
    mohammadblox XZ Day ago +1


  • wingedeyelinerisoverrated

    I dont think there is any sugar in the raindrop cake....

  • ageda rivers
    ageda rivers Day ago


  • Malu López
    Malu López Day ago


  • Sienna Gacayan
    Sienna Gacayan Day ago

    When all else fails, call an Asian. Haha 💕

  • H h
    H h Day ago

    It's not clear

  • tasya wufff
    tasya wufff Day ago

    I love the way she say "agar-agar" lol

  • Maddy Wachnuik
    Maddy Wachnuik Day ago +1

    she’s so freakin cute

  • Jen Bae
    Jen Bae Day ago

    And she can sing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Nokwanda Sikosana

    Hey guys what's the name of the intro song

    REIRA Day ago

    Is it just a jello dessert like the one they give away to kindergarden

    • Nasa
      Nasa Day ago

      REIRA no

  • V V
    V V Day ago

    agar agar = MaireWink xD

  • Asholishous Nelson
    Asholishous Nelson Day ago +1

    Is she single? Because she shouldn't be. SHE'S A SUPERMODEL WITH AN ACTUAL FLAVORFUL PERSONALITY

  • belle Cher
    belle Cher Day ago +1

    I love alex shes soo cute they need to keep her

  • Elise Templeton
    Elise Templeton Day ago

    ...Why does Four Swans start playing?...

  • jeanvzl
    jeanvzl Day ago

    I’m just in love with her she’s gorgeous.

  • Adnan Abdulkader

    Rie is such a good friend ‘don’t show your boobs on camera

  • Louie Santos
    Louie Santos Day ago

    One day, I would make a compilation video of kitchen stuff that drops when Alix is around. 😂

  • Shabana Asgher
    Shabana Asgher Day ago

    She's so lively and funny

  • Freddy Correa
    Freddy Correa Day ago

    She is gorgeous

  • Boo Who
    Boo Who Day ago

    I would marry Alix right now, she is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way.

  • Vicious Crowe
    Vicious Crowe Day ago +1

    I honestly, I only like here because she's kind of dumb...

    • Nasa
      Nasa Day ago

      Vicious Crowe how do you figure? Because she’s not super serious?

  • NiqueNique Akers

    Not even really looking at how she makes the cake 😏 she’s so beautiful 😍

  • Iwan Salman
    Iwan Salman Day ago

    Agar agar means gelatine

    • Nasa
      Nasa 16 hours ago


    • Iwan Salman
      Iwan Salman Day ago

      Yes that's right because it is a different in asian like indonesian it is made in china / japan that's true im in Indonesia like other but indonesia like perfectly kind of the smile in every moment to meet people

    • Nasa
      Nasa Day ago

      Iwan Salman maybe but it’s not made of the same stuff as gelatine

  • mxria lucia
    mxria lucia Day ago

    Love the cute sounds in this video, reminds me of asmr!

  • Pearlfections
    Pearlfections Day ago

    That looks like cum

  • Richard Nimako
    Richard Nimako Day ago

    8:28 Elsa like hair

  • bubbles & buttocks

    okay but that jay park ad tho

  • Borble Slimez
    Borble Slimez Day ago

    **plop** it look like a jellyfish

  • Mendes World Wide
    Mendes World Wide 2 days ago

    agar agar is from Indonesia

  • Charlotte Sutton
    Charlotte Sutton 2 days ago +1

    Jesus she is so pretty wow I want to be her

  • Vera v.d
    Vera v.d 2 days ago

    I just love this girl.

  • CHEF BiSo
    CHEF BiSo 2 days ago

    Is Very easy to make Jelly used agar-agar...
    1 liter of liquid BOIL first,
    then add 200 sugar+8 agar-agar.
    Cook till BOIL again, then pour to the mould.
    If you didn’t boil again, It Will not set....
    Try it, how easy....

  • JelloSlimez #
    JelloSlimez # 2 days ago +1

    Make Mochi pleaseeeee

  • Dionysus
    Dionysus 2 days ago

    Love your videos! Your energy makes my day better n I don’t even cook for real❤️

  • Real Gaming
    Real Gaming 2 days ago


  • Storytale Cakes
    Storytale Cakes 2 days ago

    i love your positive vibes!! amazing girl

  • Xr_Razor W0lf_Xx
    Xr_Razor W0lf_Xx 2 days ago

    You should of put vanilla extract in it and sprinkled chocolate nesquik over it!

  • Rauhaan Inamdar
    Rauhaan Inamdar 2 days ago

    She is gorgeous. Facts.

  • rochel jacinto
    rochel jacinto 2 days ago

    basically there are instructions at the back of the thing to dissolve it in cold water first....but nice one