Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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  • romeo
    romeo 4 hours ago

    isnt this just jelly

  • Keira Sings
    Keira Sings 4 hours ago

    How is she so pretty

  • waldos magic
    waldos magic 6 hours ago

    Dont show your boobs on camera xD不不不不不不不不

  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller 13 hours ago


  • Andrei B Gacho
    Andrei B Gacho 17 hours ago

    OMG your like the female caucasian version of Quan Tran!!!

  • Andy Delmonico
    Andy Delmonico 17 hours ago

    *Watches behind tasty But never watches the actual video*

  • bluetae
    bluetae 20 hours ago

    agar-agar is pretty common here in Indonesia, it's like a clear jelly that tastes sweet.

  • Riley Hardesty
    Riley Hardesty 20 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Riley Hardesty
    Riley Hardesty 20 hours ago

    Ries plop was the cutest thing

  • Stephanie Santoso

    Agar agar is easy to find in indonesia

  • AyanaTheBananaPanda

    Dude I love how Alixs laugh is like air

  • Artist Something
    Artist Something Day ago +1

    *Gayness intensifies*

  • Sasha and Kata
    Sasha and Kata Day ago +1

    Alix is nice and thicc (NOT FAT!!! THICC KIDS, THICC) and i love her voice crack so much!

  • M.F.R.A gaming !!!

    She said she hasnt made a big or normal sized raindrop cake.WHAT IF SHE MADE A SMALL ONE荊荊荊荊荊

  • lucy lachlan
    lucy lachlan Day ago

    she says "agar-agar" weird...

  • Kang Juday
    Kang Juday 2 days ago

    I only wanna se ur "rain drop" behind ur dress

  • Iqra Ahad
    Iqra Ahad 2 days ago

    The beginning clip tho lol

  • xFireAspect
    xFireAspect 2 days ago

    "Don't show your boobs on camera"

  • Katarina Rose
    Katarina Rose 2 days ago


  • j
    j 2 days ago

    I would sit quietly in her kitchen and watch her mess up innumerable recipes then laugh my a** off later. She is too cute.

  • Miss Karama
    Miss Karama 2 days ago

    I have one question why dose she always wear a crop top?

  • Shanti Garlitos
    Shanti Garlitos 2 days ago

    rie is also with the maker of pasta doughsz

  • Blue Cupid
    Blue Cupid 2 days ago

    Agar is actualy used as somewhat of a jelly but harder like pudding.. It is usualy eaten as a snack.. This raindrop cake is REALLY COOL !!

  • Joshua Renford-Fox
    Joshua Renford-Fox 2 days ago

    1:59 you mean translucent

  • Brookw Evans
    Brookw Evans 2 days ago

    Rie: blob

  • Muhammad Indra Wahyudi

    agar agar.. wkwkwk you speak indonesia..agar agar so easy make indonesia..

  • lovia kristiono
    lovia kristiono 3 days ago

    After you boil it,your suppose to leave it to cool down first.Then put it in the fridge.
    PS:This was super cringy!!!

  • OweeMan_TIB
    OweeMan_TIB 3 days ago

    I would suck a sick camels flaccid or erect penis to eat Alixs thicc fucking raindrop ass

  • Rainbowunicorn India


    EMMA JARVIS 3 days ago

    Is it just me or at the start does Alex and rie seem a little drunk??

  • Crystal Gemstone YT
    Crystal Gemstone YT 3 days ago

    If you guys are struggling saying "agar agar" it's pronounced as "ager ager"

  • ASMR Goddess
    ASMR Goddess 4 days ago +1


  • Layla Layla
    Layla Layla 4 days ago +2

    She's amazing, something about her is super entertaining, fun, and natural

  • Anette Kattrup
    Anette Kattrup 5 days ago

    Into fail

  • Francesca Fowoson
    Francesca Fowoson 5 days ago +1

    Lol how do you do such perfect dishes!

  • icefairy junhoe
    icefairy junhoe 5 days ago

    As a person who studies Microbiology, we use agar agar for making plates for bacteria. Its important to be precise with the measurements, boil the mixture to transparency and the highest quality of agar to make the nicest agar. The more fine the agar powder is, the nicer itll be.

  • KI2LA
    KI2LA 5 days ago

    damn i wanna bang her

  • Rudw穩l John Amaro
    Rudw穩l John Amaro 5 days ago

    4:12 It looks like a breast implant hahahahahah

  • Turtle Cousins
    Turtle Cousins 5 days ago

    i love Alix and Rie they are so funny and positive

  • tina editsscx
    tina editsscx 5 days ago

    Shes cute

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera 5 days ago

    I'm Indonesian and when u said agar agar it was so cringey

  • Tonkie
    Tonkie 6 days ago +1

    This was hilarious.
    So glad you never gave up.
    It looked so awesome in the end.

  • Fighting Arc9495
    Fighting Arc9495 6 days ago +1

    Just the first eight seconds told me this was a good video

  • Dan Johnston
    Dan Johnston 6 days ago

    This was absolutely enjoyable to watch. Alex you are a star. stay as real. you are so cute. (and kudos to the vid editor)

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. 6 days ago

    One of my major pet peeves is ppl calling things that don't look like cake CAKE. Sounds DESCOSTIN

  • Lauren Sarofim
    Lauren Sarofim 6 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like the girl version of Shane Dawson?

  • Lathifah 250712
    Lathifah 250712 6 days ago

    What a lovely intro :)

  • Squishy Reacts and gaming

    Hopefully 4th time is the charm
    *takes 10 tries*

    KINGSTN 7 days ago +1

    Breast Implants?????? 喫

  • Hops
    Hops 7 days ago

    I wish alix was a pornstar :(

  • Dawn Khamhomkul
    Dawn Khamhomkul 7 days ago

    She didn't lie to you she put the bowl on da plate and spin

  • Oddventurer's Vlog
    Oddventurer's Vlog 8 days ago +1

    agar agar is gawgaw in filipino laguages

  • Daniella K.
    Daniella K. 8 days ago +1

    Alex and Rie are literally the WHOLE REASON I watch this channel

  • maria tokidoki
    maria tokidoki 8 days ago

    Alix!! Did you see Tasty Japans version?

  • Taylor don't feel like it

    I've actually watched this 20 times not even exaggerating

  • Rodrigo Santos Valeriano

    "Don't show your boobs on camera"

  • Jude Aspland
    Jude Aspland 8 days ago

    Alex: looks like a breast implant
    Me: how..?? do you know what that looks like 梗

  • schelly mariemoutou
    schelly mariemoutou 8 days ago

    Love the behind scenes with Alix 歹

  • Couch Catatoes
    Couch Catatoes 8 days ago


  • Rino Raaa
    Rino Raaa 8 days ago +1

    Please just use gelatin

  • Michaela Sullivan
    Michaela Sullivan 8 days ago

    Alix where are ur jeans fromm

  • soup? always
    soup? always 9 days ago

    i honestly love alix and rie

  • Blackswan Minari
    Blackswan Minari 9 days ago

    I love rie and alex friendship so much

  • xXJiannaRaeXx
    xXJiannaRaeXx 9 days ago

    Where does all the food go? It show to 123 MY MOUTH

  • Im Depressed
    Im Depressed 9 days ago

    But the question is:
    What it does it tastes like?

  • MissLaniGoat
    MissLaniGoat 9 days ago

    and this kids

    is how you *eat water*

  • Nino Bacik
    Nino Bacik 9 days ago +1

    you're hiding your fat in yaur pants so bad! Just do some sports

    • Taylor don't feel like it
      Taylor don't feel like it 8 days ago


  • Lola Mcmartin
    Lola Mcmartin 9 days ago

    Customer:Can i have a vegan cake please
    Alix:Yeah sure medium small or large
    Customer:medium please
    2 days later
    Alix:here you go
    Alix:whats wrong?
    Customer:thats not what i keant plus its been 2 days
    Alix:Do u want a large?
    (-_- ) (Gives the cake back)no i want your most least vegan cake u sell please
    Alix:heres ur money

    Btw idk if any of that stuff even was vegan

  • Anna D'Lova
    Anna D'Lova 9 days ago

    watch this video..
    Alix: this is agar-agar
    me: ok..not interesting...I make agar-agar for a lot of time since I was 10 years old..really cheap

  • Adaora Ngurukwem
    Adaora Ngurukwem 9 days ago +1

    Raindrop, droptop

  • Its Jethro
    Its Jethro 10 days ago

    Why am i watching this at 04:13am? 'Cos I'm flipping obsessed to Japan and tasty.

  • Bebe. xo
    Bebe. xo 10 days ago

    Agar Agar

  • Flying Corgiz
    Flying Corgiz 10 days ago +1


  • Bailey Boo
    Bailey Boo 10 days ago

    No I am just trying to help you,not show your boobs or anything drops pan screams loudly 不不不

  • Where my grades went
    Where my grades went 10 days ago

    Say agar agar with a Korean accent

    Boom youre racist

  • Oh hello
    Oh hello 10 days ago

    Dont swear please dont swear please stop swearing:D thank yall^^ :>{}]~_玲α$,!~>*|*]瞿|^^)/(-)/@/&/81937:););!,! :)

  • XxxCrazyGamer Robloxer

    Alix and Rie are my favourite group of mates

  • MozMan
    MozMan 10 days ago

    Alix: you know the drill
    but does the drill know you.

  • Juna Shrestha
    Juna Shrestha 10 days ago

    10:19 agar agars water broke

  • Juna Shrestha
    Juna Shrestha 10 days ago

    No joke but how do I work for tasty?? It just looks so funny and I LOVE cooking so muchhh x

  • camyla hernandez
    camyla hernandez 10 days ago

    who else thinks she should be a Singer

  • Tori KellyFanGirl
    Tori KellyFanGirl 10 days ago

    She's so pretty :)

  • edward lyons
    edward lyons 11 days ago


    You will only understand this quote if you whatched Julie and Julia
    Julia child says its so easy but all I have to say is the bitch lied

  • Yafet Baderga
    Yafet Baderga 11 days ago

    Does anyone think she is sexy

  • Marvelous Taehyung
    Marvelous Taehyung 11 days ago +1

    *aGaR aGaR*

  • Smid 429
    Smid 429 11 days ago +1

    You are sooo energetic and positive! You actually transmit good vibes!! But I do like the asian guy more! (My bad if he isn't asian)

  • Tia Tomkins
    Tia Tomkins 11 days ago

    You and reai are really good friends

  • Its Me! Nadia Bittie
    Its Me! Nadia Bittie 12 days ago

    The intro was hilarious!!

  • []ItzGacha{ }Sunshine[]

    Agar agar is a language from indonesia but its a jelly but the version of indonesia
    I know im not making any sense

  • Kyona Erin Phwa
    Kyona Erin Phwa 12 days ago

    Alhamdulila, ngomong agar-agar aye gak bisa

  • Rosabella Violet
    Rosabella Violet 12 days ago

    10:19 OWKAY!

  • Mariana Magdaleno
    Mariana Magdaleno 12 days ago

    This girl has some really bad luck

  • Lizzie Gayle Spicer
    Lizzie Gayle Spicer 12 days ago

    Aguar aguar sugar sugar

  • -GDXdominator- Geo
    -GDXdominator- Geo 12 days ago +2

    she eventually forgot it was suppose to be clear.

  • nessa.bebe
    nessa.bebe 12 days ago

    Okay TVclip Ill watch it

  • Lewis G
    Lewis G 12 days ago

    Ag ar Aaaagar

  • Alfiya Anum
    Alfiya Anum 12 days ago


  • Barbie Mermaid101
    Barbie Mermaid101 12 days ago

    Such Cringe...

  • Jan Christopher Mueblas

    if ever ill marry id be like this

  • Karen La Senorita
    Karen La Senorita 13 days ago

    We have many agar here