Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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  • miss unknown
    miss unknown 16 hours ago

    Love your humour gurl ♥♥ n evn the d way u dnt giv up aftr any fail ♥ love you alex ♥♥♥

  • Ghana Mafia
    Ghana Mafia 18 hours ago

    I think she should have just left it out to cool down naturally. The fridge messed up the color.

  • Alia Ris
    Alia Ris 19 hours ago

    Should've wetted the bowl mould first.

  • Jimin Jam Toast With Tae And Suga

    I love Alix :D

  • gamingwerewolf 1
    gamingwerewolf 1 20 hours ago

    That’s really cool, but did she not research anything beforehand? Is that part of the challenge or something?🤔

  • Brooke Albanese
    Brooke Albanese 20 hours ago +1

    8 divided by 1 and 1/4 would be 6 and 2/5 😂😂

  • Duocity 2213
    Duocity 2213 21 hour ago

    The guy that charms this lady is one lucky fellow. Great job on the jello thing.

  • Evangelia Rizou
    Evangelia Rizou 21 hour ago +1

    You have to use edible flowers and make sure to use a calculator only use the petals

  • Awkward Animations!
    Awkward Animations! 21 hour ago

    Eight cups divided by one, one-quarter cups (US cups) is 6.4 cups, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Cat Waffles
    Cat Waffles 22 hours ago

    You look like Clair from Rachel’s Challenge. (Search up her pics on #ClairRachel’sChallenge

  • artsy gamer
    artsy gamer 22 hours ago


  • milk Empress
    milk Empress 22 hours ago

    that laugh tho (totally not the main reason why i watch these vids..totally)

  • Fareedh Salavudeen
    Fareedh Salavudeen 23 hours ago

    Awwwww!!! She has an awesome personality!!

  • Nina Tumblr
    Nina Tumblr 23 hours ago

    can you pleeeease make a new part of i draw you cook?😘😘😘

  • Swords
    Swords Day ago

    she's trying too hard to be this character, meh

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub Day ago

    Missy Elliot 10:05

  • Freddie Francisco
    Freddie Francisco Day ago +1

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  • RobinWolfGames
    RobinWolfGames Day ago +1

    Oh my gosh! I died in the first 10 seconds! 😂

  • Dima Yassin
    Dima Yassin Day ago

    Could you do a ganche cake?

  • N I G H T C O R E

    "So, it's not that hard to find"
    A few minutes later...
    "It took me 3 stores to find this"

  • Baby Latias
    Baby Latias Day ago

    They are my favorite chefs :D

  • [S]-Madison Mitchell

    The way she Alix says Agar Agar is HILARIOUS!!!😂😂🤣🤣

  • Farishah Mahadee

    Oh my god! U did it but i love ur funny & jokes made raindrop cake 😂

  • Eva Kelesova
    Eva Kelesova Day ago

    I think you should try it with a clear bowl that you can see

  • Inquisitor Master

    My names alex

  • Kylie Stokes
    Kylie Stokes Day ago

    She’s legit my favorite human ever I love her😂😂😂

  • Hawesome World
    Hawesome World Day ago

    Alix used too much water and that is why it didn’t work 💧💦

  • Cwolfy Gachaverse

    AgAr AgAr 😅

  • gha gu
    gha gu Day ago

    Napakaganda tlga ni yam concepcion

  • Benito
    Benito Day ago

    The season 2’s main character is Alex and the rest all are just minor

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz Day ago

    making Agar2 is easy actually, I made it couple time, and I like when she say "AGAR-AGAR" lol 😁

  • Heyitsjess Xox
    Heyitsjess Xox Day ago +2

    She reminds me of Jeniffer Lawrence but only when she laughs at her own jokes and herself in general 😂💘

  • • zuper •
    • zuper • Day ago

    I really love Alix

  • nehu Xoxox
    nehu Xoxox Day ago +1

    *Thanks for telling me to not to try at home. I almost tried it...*

  • TheDiamondMilk Yt

    Omg...Idk why u said agar agar like that...

  • Black Døggø
    Black Døggø Day ago

    Am I dirty minded or does it look like- nvm

  • Debora Jack
    Debora Jack Day ago

    agar2 is soo easy to make.. i love agar2

  • iamceriella
    iamceriella Day ago

    Her laugh is freaking cute

  • oh no kms
    oh no kms Day ago


  • Moon Eclipse
    Moon Eclipse Day ago

    I saw the thumbnail and thought that this video was about Jennifer Lawrence making a raindrop cake. Oops 😂 I don't know what's wrong with me!

  • shimmerunicorn_55 unicorns

    13:16 lol 😀 WeT

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco Day ago +6

    It’s one polluted raindrop
    Polluted with flavor
    How is it a raindrop *cake*?
    *when it’s not baked*

  • Dramatic Draggo
    Dramatic Draggo Day ago

    *Cries in hungry*

  • Christine GACHA
    Christine GACHA Day ago

    Agar agar means jello ( agar agar is an indonesian word )

  • Pug Man Animations

    2:48 for all the Rie fans

  • Pug Man Animations

    2:21 Rie the goddess and savior has arrived. 🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • Kathy Kath
    Kathy Kath Day ago


  • Ruqaiya Lokhand
    Ruqaiya Lokhand Day ago

    I just hate the amount of food wasted.

  • Mongolian Siblings

    You can do it with Jello

  • II What?!
    II What?! Day ago

    *IT'S THICC*

  • Master vs PRO
    Master vs PRO Day ago

    Agar is made out of red algae also known as "Rhodophyta" 1st quarter rules😂😅 skl😂😅

  • cupcake rapbattle

    Her personality is funny😝
    And just take clear slime and pit sprinkles

  • Karen Au
    Karen Au Day ago

    when she says "agar agar" im like ajar ajar?

  • Karen Au
    Karen Au Day ago

    plop 2:48

  • Rishika Gupta
    Rishika Gupta Day ago

    Omg she is hilarious 😂😂

  • Taly Loves Stars

    *”Agar Agar”*

  • kayhahnee
    kayhahnee Day ago

    *Tastes it*
    *Makes noise with mouth*

  • B O
    B O Day ago

    I liked this cuz Alex was in the thumbnail

  • Novit Gaming
    Novit Gaming Day ago

    *NO U*

  • Mercyflower 14
    Mercyflower 14 Day ago

    W e t

  • Nicole Tovar
    Nicole Tovar Day ago

    1:25 agar agar 💀💀

  • Gaby Ward
    Gaby Ward Day ago

    Alix is adorable

  • Jael Cairo
    Jael Cairo Day ago

    It’s so weird how proud of her I feel rn 😂😂❤️❤️


    I love how Rie said “don’t show your boobs on camera”. Idk why lol

  • Imagine Suhaany
    Imagine Suhaany Day ago

    2:58 .....ok then.....

  • Jaherra Brooks
    Jaherra Brooks Day ago

    That is so cool

  • unikitty Xx
    unikitty Xx Day ago +1

    This gave me anxiety.

  • Mirandaaa Escobar

    When she was measuring the water and saying the division problem and then waiting for someone to say the answer is me in math class

  • Erin Beniston
    Erin Beniston 2 days ago

    Ali’s:oh that’s weird.........*it looks like a breast implant*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂love ot

  • đãřkšhāđøw
    đãřkšhāđøw 2 days ago +36

    Rain drop,
    Drop top,
    This is a dead meme,
    I should stop stop stop

  • Natalia Robledo
    Natalia Robledo 2 days ago

    She tried that's what matters

  • katie Prib
    katie Prib 2 days ago

    rain drop, drop top

  • Samara Vazquez
    Samara Vazquez 2 days ago

    That’s okay she tried her best

  • Dakota Lynn
    Dakota Lynn 2 days ago

    I feel like Rie knows a lot more then Alix. But Alix is more creative then Rie😂

  • Cool man Fires
    Cool man Fires 2 days ago

    Man she makes lots of “punny” puns

  • David Hale
    David Hale 2 days ago

    Lol go girl you are so patient

  • Rainbow GamingCorner


  • Fiona Thorne-Henry
    Fiona Thorne-Henry 2 days ago

    Alix you have the cutest outfits i need them all

  • Rashda Sarwar
    Rashda Sarwar 2 days ago


  • literally me.
    literally me. 2 days ago

    I know how to put water on the top immediately when that part came out.. just pour little bit of agar2 then put flower then if it has become hard then you can pour it again aha.. whuttt

  • shameema m
    shameema m 2 days ago


  • hani
    hani 2 days ago

    she is so cute omg we stan

  • Moustache Maniac VLOGS

    She’s so pretty and I rly like her hair it fits her perfectly

  • maria francesca Rivera

    This channel always makes me *HUNGRY!!!*

  • BruhItsQueenSophia
    BruhItsQueenSophia 2 days ago

    It’s cute

  • berry merry cakemas
    berry merry cakemas 2 days ago

    _because raindrops are tiny_

  • Candy Shanez
    Candy Shanez 2 days ago

    Alex reminds me or Lauren DIY but funny and humble

  • berry merry cakemas
    berry merry cakemas 2 days ago

    *i live for alix's puns*

  • Diya Purohit
    Diya Purohit 2 days ago

    Agar agarrrrrrr

  • BFFL Squad
    BFFL Squad 2 days ago

    *why is Australia in drought?*

    the chefs gave up on making Raindrop cakes

    im sorry :/

  • jimin has no jams
    jimin has no jams 2 days ago

    10:18 the raindrop cake is me when I saw I am YOU teaser from Stray kids. Lmao like just a thought

  • Lizzie K.S
    Lizzie K.S 2 days ago

    Agar agar is actually a basic snack for me.
    i used to cook it anytime when i was little lol

  • Galika Fro
    Galika Fro 2 days ago


  • Josef Daniel
    Josef Daniel 2 days ago

    10:19 *l. m. a. o.*

  • caticorn danna
    caticorn danna 2 days ago

    I got a tasty ad.....

  • Naidelin Alvarado Maria

    okay, I'm going to make this clear....I would go gay for Alex. :)

  • Naidelin Alvarado Maria


  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 2 days ago

    omg so is so hilarious and cute and fun!! i wish i could be like that! i looove her energy!

  • Bobby Dominguez
    Bobby Dominguez 2 days ago

    Good job

  • The llerena sis Forever

    In my Country, We call it a "Jellyfish snack" for some reason. I actually eat it and it's famous in Chinese restaurants!