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  • Salokin
    Salokin 7 months ago +371

    Yes! Glad to see you're still at it! You're one of the few people that looks at global issues in a positive way

    • Pigumon
      Pigumon 6 months ago

      The Daily Conversation FDR was terribly wrong. Fear of how rotten people are is not something to fear, it’s something to motivate.

    • ImAsCoRpIo
      ImAsCoRpIo 7 months ago +1

      my friends and family never understand my positivity and belief that we can achieve great things, they look at problems we're facing with negativity, fear and a sense of hopelessness, so it's really great to find people who look at the future with wonder and don't shy away from it

    • The Daily Conversation
      The Daily Conversation  7 months ago +23

      As the great FDR said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I have immense, unwavering confidence in the hardworking, intelligent, creative people of our generation to continue building a better world.

  • loi thua ly
    loi thua ly Day ago

    I ❤ Japan specially JAV pornstar 😚

  • Cade Tickle
    Cade Tickle Day ago

    Tokyo is incredible. I think Tokyo, New York, and London are by far the best cities on Earth, they are all a MUST see.

  • End of an era
    End of an era 3 days ago

    Depression is a disease of high IQ society.

  • End of an era
    End of an era 3 days ago

    Tokyo is top notch as a city, but they seem depressed.
    Everything that people need is here in this place.
    They know that money is just a piece of paper and They don't have the desire. They know the meaning of life since childhood.

  • Adam Buentello
    Adam Buentello 4 days ago

    Well Japan such a small country.. where else is there to live LOL

  • M Gojira
    M Gojira 4 days ago

    Haha, as a Japanese I'm so flattered watching this and the comments! We had and have a lot of problems and we feel kind of depressed with it from time to time; in fact I thought this were some kind of sarcastic joke about how clumsy we are.
    It's interesting seeing how non-Japanese people see our country. It made my life in Tokyo little bit more happy and grateful. Thanks.

  • alexys q
    alexys q 4 days ago

    ~Amazing; and, Fabulous...!

  • TheSantoro
    TheSantoro 5 days ago

    Samurai Warriors 2!!!

    Someone remember??

  • Time Traveller
    Time Traveller 5 days ago


  • forever SHAMPOO
    forever SHAMPOO 6 days ago

    and what the hell is america doing?

  • David Ackley
    David Ackley 6 days ago

    I went to Tokyo for my honeymoon and loved it. I will go back one day

  • Julia
    Julia 7 days ago

    So happy to see about my home country ❤️

  • 김인영
    김인영 7 days ago +1

    Truely Mega Radioactive City it is.

    • とんかつ
      とんかつ 5 days ago +1

      김인영 Don't you know Korea is polluted with radioactivity three times as much as japan? lol

    • 김인영
      김인영 5 days ago +1

      とんかつ I agree tokyo is the most gigantic metropolitan system in the world. And i have been to tokyo 3 times before 2011, and it was wonderful time. Still it's a attractive city to travel but... the fact is it's totally polluted with radioactive. Plus there's no complex or sth with japan lol 😂 I live in Berlin but sill I am proud of Seoul and Korea.

    • とんかつ
      とんかつ 6 days ago +2

      김인영 Inferiority complex. lol
      Anyway, Tokyo>>>>>>>>>>>seoul

  • Vatsal Patel
    Vatsal Patel 8 days ago +1

    Starting Music, Loved It From 0:01
    0 to 0:28

  • Sandeep Naosekpam
    Sandeep Naosekpam 8 days ago

    Inspite of odds like Earthquake and typhoons belt, lack of mineral resources couple with nuclear bomb dropped, Japan is easily the most technologically advanced, most hardworking( was the 2nd richest country in the world for close to 40years) in the country. I am not surprised. They are easily the best nation in the world. If you have more Japanese people and Japanese brains around the globe, the world will increase its lifespan and prevent further deterioration.

  • suguru
    suguru 8 days ago

    I’m living in Tokyo since I was born, but this is the first time that I realised my city is so nice!
    I hope Tokyo will be more comfortable city for everyone.
    Thanks for the video 😃

  • ayaanle idris
    ayaanle idris 10 days ago +2

    i enjoyed this alot

  • Eine kleine Nachtmusik

    That's all well and good, but to try and use Tokyo as a model elsewhere in the world is sure to fail... Tokyo is filled with Japanese, a city like Mexico City is filled with Mexicans. See the problem?

  • TheAlderFalder
    TheAlderFalder 12 days ago

    I like the fact that the absolutely biggest city on the planet is also pretty much the cleanest. This shows how important it is to have a homogenous society that cares about one another. Or do you believe that Berlin, London and Paris becoming dirtier, has nothing to do with multiculturalism? Especially when most of these new cultures come from places that don‘t value clean streets?

  • Anjelo Mendonça
    Anjelo Mendonça 15 days ago

    Tóquio parece são Paulo:v

  • Thom
    Thom 15 days ago

    Living in a megacity with a geography like this does come at a cost. One point is the amount of processed food. Most people in Tokyo live largely on processed white rice, white bread, noodles, and despite all the positive stereotypes about Kobe 'Wagyu beef', most of the meat on Japanese store shelves is low-grade and low-ethics factory quality compared to what you would expect in any British or German supermarket. As for fish, the infrastructure for fresh sushi might be unrivalled in the world, but then, many standard sushi fish (like bluefin tuna) are now endangered species.

  • Ömer Selçuk Çetin
    Ömer Selçuk Çetin 16 days ago

    As said repeadetly by other people, it is all about the CITIZENS of Japan. They are superior then rest of the world as caring individuals, they made Japan a great country.

  • James Hart
    James Hart 17 days ago

    And when the big one hits, Tokyo will be the biggest disaster area in the world. As for the robots, lets hope, the Knight Sabers show up. Really, self control, so how do you explain Karaoke? Yeah, lets go drinking get so drunk we don't care what we sing or how bad we sing. Crazy place. California thought they had lots of earthquake proof buildings. Until the Northridge earthquake 1994. That quake moved up and down and side to side, and buildings came down. So there you go. Okay, I thought I was done, but building stuff on land fill in a bay. Did we not learn anything from the last quake to hit San Francisco? When land fill "Liquefied" I guess not. And rising sea levels, those will be fun. I give Tokyo 50 years, if a big quake does not get it first.

  • Nilton Dos Santos
    Nilton Dos Santos 17 days ago +1

    Clean city

  • Benjamin xD
    Benjamin xD 17 days ago

    I think it's quite sad that no one cares about the other Prefectures... only Tokyo is important? Well i think they should modernise tohoku and hokkaido also... Maybe people would move there also!

  • Snowman
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  • Future Marine
    Future Marine 19 days ago

    Make of Moscow !!!

  • Evil Roy Slade
    Evil Roy Slade 19 days ago

    The problem with Tokyo is that Godzilla destroys it every couple of years.

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 19 days ago

    Watch out for the Indian looter invasion.

  • GammaRay Burst
    GammaRay Burst 21 day ago

    The number of metropoli that spring out of 'a small fishing village' lol

  • Dawson Brewer
    Dawson Brewer 22 days ago +3

    Been grateful to have lived there for 3 years. It makes the US look like a 2nd world country. Imagine if NYC was as advanced....

  • Isaac Erickson
    Isaac Erickson 25 days ago +3

    I really want to consider moving to japan, if anyone sees this that has moved- Could you let me know some of the things to think about and the easiest way to go about planning for such a thing. I would be moving from the United States

  • Person McPerson
    Person McPerson 27 days ago +1

    DAMN....that's one unlucky kimono.

  • TIlak Sevak
    TIlak Sevak 27 days ago +1

    Very interesting video!! A decent one!!

  • Wong KY
    Wong KY 28 days ago

    The population stats are not accurate at all

  • Samurai7
    Samurai7 29 days ago

    Proud to be a native of Tokyo!

  • Alissa Burge
    Alissa Burge Month ago +2

    Tokyo is going to host the 2020 summer olympics next year. The athletes are in training for the summer olympics next year of the training camps. Surfing is one of the four new Olympic sports Baseball is back for the olympics next year. Tokyo is become a billion city to build the Olympic venues and competitions. Tokyo is become a very expensive city for the 2020 summer olympics.

  • Zahir Furkan
    Zahir Furkan Month ago +2

    I hope the U.S takes note from Tokyo and builds its growing cities like the Asian countries.

  • Andres Guzman
    Andres Guzman Month ago +1

    I like small towns

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side Month ago +1

    Love you brothers 💜💜
    From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • iwe timer
    iwe timer Month ago +2

    *_Japan only problem is breeding._*

    • Frank Seward
      Frank Seward 18 days ago

      Well they're moving towards more pro immigration policies so that's something.

  • iwe timer
    iwe timer Month ago +1

    Never seen a clean & neat fish market like one in Japan. Imagine the market in India.

  • anne nielsen
    anne nielsen Month ago +1

    Thank you for sharing..

  • Shawn Joyce
    Shawn Joyce Month ago

    Tokyo, oh tokyo, one thing thou lackest. Invite 49 million nigerians as PERMANENT resident to Tokyo, and ye shall see the glory of THE LORD!!!!!

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    Video is sponsored by Japan Tourism Industry

  • Onna Mars
    Onna Mars Month ago

    Now this gives a good idea of what Atlantida was like or what it means... I don't understand why can't all of us be as they are. It's easier and definitely more beneficial.

  • Moosen
    Moosen Month ago

    You don't know true hell until you try to navigate Tokyo's metro and rail lines on a budget simply put if you don't have a suica card you are screwed

  • Stemp Koo
    Stemp Koo Month ago +1

    Definitely one of the best areas to laugh and play. We'll meet soon enough Tokyo!

  • Woke Nation
    Woke Nation Month ago +1

    United States could learn a thing or two from them.

  • Brian.lee
    Brian.lee Month ago

    If Japan Had not committed war-crime in WW2, Japan would have been my favorite country in the world.

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 Month ago

    So many comments bellow keep trying to make out how lack immigration is what made Tokyo an awesome city lol

  • eric 17
    eric 17 Month ago

    Please keep making these city videos! So good👌

  • The Chimera
    The Chimera Month ago +1

    Sadly America can not do the same things Japan can, it’s just not in their culture.

  • Max Balasubramaniam

    How can you talk about Tokyo with out bringing up Family Mart?

  • 頭の悪い人
    頭の悪い人 Month ago


  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Month ago

    So many of these youtube documentaries that just are just really surface-level overviews which don't actually explain anything and don't say anything I couldn't get on Wikipedia.

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis Month ago +1

    population of Canada just broke 37million. Tokyo beats that with 39million wow

  • Swiftie Forever
    Swiftie Forever Month ago

    Asia is better than europe

  • Joseph Byrne
    Joseph Byrne Month ago

    this person has the biggest hard on over japan

  • La Porta D
    La Porta D Month ago

    And whats even funnier is that the first bullet train is nearly 60 years old. That's just silly at this point. Just give Japanese engineers control of the Earth to repair already! lmao.

  • Hitmarker
    Hitmarker Month ago +1

    Look at that, No Muslim or 3rd World Migrants = Safest Country in the World

  • crystalidx
    crystalidx Month ago

    You guys do know that the Japanese are not totally satisfied with their geography and look at stealing Korean territory.

  • 민국대일
    민국대일 Month ago


  • Hikaru Skins
    Hikaru Skins Month ago +1

    from ground 0 to top first world world countries

  • Latina Girl18
    Latina Girl18 Month ago +1

    One of my goals in life is to visit Tokyo Japan. And I plan to visit.

  • Sato Shori
    Sato Shori Month ago

    This city can never be the model city because of the crowded train. I live in Tokyo for my entire life and every day I suffer riding and getting off from the packed train.

  • 太い中年:
    太い中年: Month ago +1

    Tokyo is a nice place, but it takes a lot of money to live…
    From Tokyo residents

  • James Jay
    James Jay Month ago +1

    Great country ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Malte Degener
    Malte Degener Month ago +1

    Tokyo is definately on my "to be visited"-list, highly interesting city.

  • Ahmet Karakuş
    Ahmet Karakuş Month ago

    uzatma amk kafam taşşak gibi vidyaya dislike attım

  • BenjaminLee2009
    BenjaminLee2009 Month ago +1

    Very informative video for people who will be visiting Tokyo soon. Thumbs up!

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson Month ago +1

    I’ve been living here for years. Wonderful place.

  • arka maulik
    arka maulik Month ago +1

    cool city !!!!!!

  • Kamang Gaya Negreiros
    Kamang Gaya Negreiros Month ago +1


  • Govind Soni
    Govind Soni Month ago

    India is best

  • The Legend
    The Legend 2 months ago


    SQUIRREL M 2 months ago +1

    While Europe is collapsing thanks to social unrest, terrorist attacks and systematic islamization, Japan would probably overcome their issues and remain as a power when Europe and Western Civilization falls.

  • Joshua Lave
    Joshua Lave 2 months ago +1

    What an inspiring video! I am curious, what is the budget like in Japan?

  • Albert Martin
    Albert Martin 2 months ago +1

    Tokyo is the setting of my favourite film, Lost in Translation so it has a special place in my heart.

  • Cathal King Lyrics
    Cathal King Lyrics 2 months ago +1

    Great video

  • AB Wahid
    AB Wahid 2 months ago +1

    tokyo my favorite city

  • Lawrence Kerr
    Lawrence Kerr 2 months ago

    Ugh. You lost me with Obama.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 2 months ago +2

    I love Tokyo. I take it for granted sometimes, the way you can when something works so well and is always there for you.

  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent 2 months ago +3

    I admire Japanese people. What they accomplished in spite of all the turmoil is quite remarkable

  • RR Sharizam
    RR Sharizam 2 months ago +2

    Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul: these cities reach the pinnacle of human civilization because they have not been been touched by Western colonialism and their failed value.

  • Chris Sétian
    Chris Sétian 2 months ago +3

    I love Japan

  • Sanjay Deori
    Sanjay Deori 2 months ago +2

    The city of PLANET EARTH = TOKYO.!

  • Daniel Martinez Dowsett
    Daniel Martinez Dowsett 2 months ago +1

    London is a joke when it comes to maintaining infrastructure

  • Bram van Tongeren
    Bram van Tongeren 2 months ago

    Does anyone know why tokio doesnt have a lot of traditional style buildings but mostly modern? Is it because of the potential earthquakes and tsunami’s? Because most european cities tend to have a historical city center with modern buildings around them.

    • Magnificent 100
      Magnificent 100 2 months ago +3

      Bram van Tongeren coz of american bombed b29 in 1945 almost rare buildings are collapsed

  • Air-Grip Biker
    Air-Grip Biker 2 months ago


  • Mentally Degraded Charlamagne

    Pretty sure the hydrogen stations are things that the government simply encourages(Toyota and Shell are collaborating on hydrogen-powdered cars.)

  • Ryon Graf
    Ryon Graf 2 months ago

    Bryce, such a great video. Really cool to see how far your channel has come. Proud fellow New U alumni!

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude 2 months ago +1

    That's one unlucky kimono......

  • Irish Daisy
    Irish Daisy 2 months ago +1

    People always complain about the condition where they live. Just be grateful geez.

  • Asian Penguin
    Asian Penguin 2 months ago +1

    Second largest city in japan is Osaka whose GDP is 7th in the world.
    Third NAGOYA
    Fourth Yokohama
    Fifth Kyoto

  • Jean Mendoza
    Jean Mendoza 2 months ago

    Are you related to Max Plank? XD

  • Jayne Smith
    Jayne Smith 2 months ago

    No more promoting Japan no more videos of Japan. Japan is a "used to be amazing place to be". If I were you Japan, I would start getting on the guys who sold you those nuclear reactor buildings.
    Shouldn't promote Japan when it is radiated.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 2 months ago

      Don't worry, Mr.Smith.

  • Jayne Smith
    Jayne Smith 2 months ago

    Japan is RADIATED! If you want a slow death and know how it feels to have tumours, cancers and deformed babies THEN GO TO JAPAN~!
    If you don't know what that means... look up FUKUSHIMA. I would never go to Japan, EVER.