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  • RR Sharizam
    RR Sharizam Day ago +1

    Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul: these cities reach the pinnacle of human civilization because they have not been been touched by Western colonialism and their failed value.

  • Chris Sétian
    Chris Sétian 5 days ago +1

    I love Japan

  • Sanjay Deori
    Sanjay Deori 9 days ago +1

    The city of PLANET EARTH = TOKYO.!

  • Daniel Martinez Dowsett

    London is a joke when it comes to maintaining infrastructure

  • Bram van Tongeren
    Bram van Tongeren 10 days ago

    Does anyone know why tokio doesnt have a lot of traditional style buildings but mostly modern? Is it because of the potential earthquakes and tsunami’s? Because most european cities tend to have a historical city center with modern buildings around them.

    • Magnificent8
      Magnificent8 9 days ago +2

      Bram van Tongeren coz of american bombed b29 in 1945 almost rare buildings are collapsed

  • Air-Grip Biker
    Air-Grip Biker 10 days ago


  • Mentally Degraded Charlamagne

    Pretty sure the hydrogen stations are things that the government simply encourages(Toyota and Shell are collaborating on hydrogen-powdered cars.)

  • Ryon Graf
    Ryon Graf 12 days ago

    Bryce, such a great video. Really cool to see how far your channel has come. Proud fellow New U alumni!

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude 14 days ago +1

    That's one unlucky kimono......

  • Irish Daisy
    Irish Daisy 14 days ago +1

    People always complain about the condition where they live. Just be grateful geez.

  • Asia Penguin
    Asia Penguin 15 days ago +1

    Second largest city in japan is Osaka whose GDP is 7th in the world.
    Third NAGOYA
    Fourth Yokohama
    Fifth Kyoto

  • Jean Mendoza
    Jean Mendoza 16 days ago

    Are you related to Max Plank? XD

  • Jayne Smith
    Jayne Smith 16 days ago

    No more promoting Japan no more videos of Japan. Japan is a "used to be amazing place to be". If I were you Japan, I would start getting on the guys who sold you those nuclear reactor buildings.
    Shouldn't promote Japan when it is radiated.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 13 days ago

      Don't worry, Mr.Smith.

  • Jayne Smith
    Jayne Smith 16 days ago

    Japan is RADIATED! If you want a slow death and know how it feels to have tumours, cancers and deformed babies THEN GO TO JAPAN~!
    If you don't know what that means... look up FUKUSHIMA. I would never go to Japan, EVER.

  • grumblekin
    grumblekin 17 days ago

    I live near Tokyo and enjoy visiting it...but Osaka is still more fun!

  • Razorx 1927
    Razorx 1927 18 days ago

    So this is the future looks like

  • asahi gamou
    asahi gamou 18 days ago

    Tokyo became the biggest city in the world by scale due to the concentration of one pole. This is not proud, in fact it is shameful. Politicians do not want to leave Tokyo and change the capital city even if there is a talk of the capital many times. The centralized regime was efficient with an imperialistic idea, but I think that it is not necessary now. Because we can not send a happy life unless we increase the living space of each person.

  • cagedstowgee
    cagedstowgee 18 days ago

    Thats the main menu for Age Of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties

  • Ade 909
    Ade 909 19 days ago +1

    and india is trying to compete the world by building the tallest statue.

  • 心寺田
    心寺田 19 days ago

    Welcome to TOKYO!

  • Ardhi Adhary Arbain
    Ardhi Adhary Arbain 19 days ago

    I currently live in Tokyo. I love it :-)

  • Shiloh Schwartz
    Shiloh Schwartz 19 days ago +1

    I love japan 🇯🇵

  • D- Sean
    D- Sean 20 days ago

    The metro, not the city has 30 + million ppl. The city has 9 million

  • Steven Attila
    Steven Attila 21 day ago

    There is something I can not understand. The video says Tokyo has a length of 32 km(3:53). Shanghai, has 110 km length, and 100 km wide, yet it has a much smaller metropolitan population, and there are more tall buildings there, than in Tokyo.
    Anyway, I have high respect for the Japanese, they are diligent, and very smart, yet very polite! Long live Japan!

  • Manar Hasan
    Manar Hasan 22 days ago +1

    Mega city chittagong.

  • Ztornado
    Ztornado 22 days ago

    I hope the United States nuke Japan for a third time

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 23 days ago

    I am in awe!

  • Stuffzz
    Stuffzz 24 days ago

    I wish America could plan for the future and stop worrying about who is allowed to buy cake from a bakery

  • Palak Agrawal
    Palak Agrawal 24 days ago +2

    This is my dream place..😊😊❤❤lots of love...#Tokyo💕

  • 先輩の一番弟子野獣


  • Nama Saya Toro
    Nama Saya Toro 27 days ago

    Im going there now,i swear

  • Stefan Milisic
    Stefan Milisic 27 days ago

    Asia rullz

  • Ibrahimabubakar Siddiqui

    New York, London and Paris is much much more batter than Tokyo

    • AA610
      AA610 25 days ago

      Having been to all of them, no question: Tokyo is on its own level entirely.

  • Ibrahimabubakar Siddiqui

    London is world capital city

  • Nico K
    Nico K 28 days ago

    Tokyo has 10 million residents not 39 million!

    • AA610
      AA610 25 days ago

      The figure includes the surrounding metropolitan area, which spills over into a few other prefectures (I believe the figure includes all of the Kanto area prefectures as well as Yamanashi prefecture).

  • Clorax Bleach
    Clorax Bleach 28 days ago +1

    Japan will be run by robots instead

    ACID SNOW Month ago

    tokyo is an amazing city! and i love every second i can spend there!
    thanks for sharing this with us really enjoyed watching this.
    P.s. i have just been to japan, if ever you are interested in watching my videos :)

  • avq5
    avq5 Month ago +1

    Tokyo is easily the most beautiful, safest city I have seen. I think a lot of Tokyo's success can be attributed to the collectivist nature of Japanese culture and their strong regard for order. Individualism and selfishness are discouraged at an early age which cultivates this dedication to the greater good.

  • ferm65
    ferm65 Month ago +1

    How does Seoul stack up against Tokyo? You guys ever going to do a video on Seoul?

  • Duke K
    Duke K Month ago

    We wouldn't be able to do this for quite sometime because someone in the American government will end up embezzling most of the funds.

  • Mahesh Kuthuru
    Mahesh Kuthuru Month ago

    Wow. Good for Indians to learn and implement all over India.

  • m minami
    m minami Month ago

    my hometown

  • The Young Travelier
    The Young Travelier Month ago +1

    So true... I've been to 60 countries and probably a thousand cities and I always say that Japan sets a standard for a megopolis.. Safe, easy to get around, great commerce, and nearly unlimited things to do. It is one of my favorite modern urban centers in the world next to Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and London

    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 6 days ago

      What is better about Singapore than Tokyo?

  • Nerd 101
    Nerd 101 Month ago

    A city without God is no city

  • DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip

    I wonder how many refugees Tokyo has?

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo Month ago

      DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip alot most of them are descendents of slaves from ww2

  • el malan malan
    el malan malan Month ago

    Lots mental health issues in this country. not wonder is so weird.

  • el malan malan
    el malan malan Month ago

    Japan sucks people are allways busy not time for socialize. people are always working long hours children spend long hours in schools not time for family.

    • el malan malan
      el malan malan Month ago

      +nowgaku oh yeah right
      if you called that happiness 😂 on my book that s called conformity and fake happiness. no wonder the suicide rate is so high.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku Month ago +1

      Don't worry.
      Almost all Japanese are enjoying their daily life with Japanese standard of happiness.

  • ss 。
    ss 。 Month ago


  • Bob !
    Bob ! Month ago

    East or West India is the best

    • Bob !
      Bob ! Month ago

      K B India is the best 🤪

    • K B
      K B Month ago +1

      shut up😪

    TAKUMI Month ago

    very detailed and precise description about the city. I am happy as a Tokyo citizen. hope there will be a lot of foreigners to enjoy Tokyo 2020, and we are doing our best to achieve it. anyways appreciate for your job.ありがとう!

  • Ampleforth
    Ampleforth Month ago

    Tokyo is what America would have looked like without the waste of war.

  • Jitendra Rajput
    Jitendra Rajput Month ago

    Beautiful city

  • Masmichael Diong
    Masmichael Diong Month ago


  • japanesekimoota
    japanesekimoota Month ago

    I want to say to all people here, Tokyo is bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im Japanese born and raised in Tokyo
    al least you should not live in Tokyo !!!!!

    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 6 days ago

      miserable japanese

    • ss 。
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  • R K
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  • D N
    D N Month ago

    The U.S. is a third world country in comparison.

  • Harlequin Law
    Harlequin Law Month ago +2

    looking forward to visit japan one day very eagerly......
    hope the next year i could have enough savings to visit there

  • niaz Khan
    niaz Khan Month ago +3

    Atleast 10 years advance nation frm usa and europ

  • Rana Yousaf
    Rana Yousaf Month ago +1

    That was new york

  • JapanForSale
    JapanForSale Month ago +2

    Tokyo is like a living breathing Titan that has a life of its own. The sheer amount of effort and efficiency needed to keep a city that size and complexity running is mind boggling.
    One of my dreams is to have zero financial responsibilities, have no fame, thus allowing me to quietly slip into the city and explore every nook and cranny of it. From the fanciest restaurants to the most homegrown food stalls. From top of Tokyo Tower to the most mundane Family Mart. From the serene beauty of the foothills to the bustling pedestrian crossings. From McDonalds to Jiro's, a compact and quiet bookstore to the widest, wildest amusement park, inside the cab of a city trash truck making it's rounds in the predawn hours to the underground rain collectors. From the most macro to the most mini, everything in megametropolises like this fascinates me, and Tokyo most of all.
    I want to be inside mind of the city, be immersed in its lifeblood, feel the sinews and fiber of it's being. I can't be the only one that's interested in more than the superficial touristy things on the surface, right?

    • JapanForSale
      JapanForSale Month ago

      I can certainly believe that. Taking the punctual and clean train to work doesn't sound too bad, especially if you get on at a less crowded stop and can find a seat. Much better than LA or D.C. gridlock.
      I've scoped out some of Japan's smaller, rural towns on Google Earth, and I've gotta say, they do have that rustic charm. A clean, well manicured atmosphere seems to permeate all of Japan no matter where you go. I really appreciate that.
      I've been to several regions of Japan, and I picked up very diff feels from diff towns. The Kansai region, and Osaka in particular, felt more relaxed and down to earth, where as Tokyo is much more hectic and superficial. I also rode a small, old times bus that meandered for 2 hours up Mt. Fuji's south side up to Lake Kawaguchiko. The scenery and atmosphere along the way from coast to lake was my favorite slice of Japan on that trip. There's just something quaint and comforting about that.
      I hope to experience Hokkaido in the winter and an Okinawan summer as well some day. Maybe I'll come to like them more than Springtime on Fuji too.

    • Insomniul
      Insomniul Month ago

      Most of the people don't like living in Tokyo but come and stay there for work, even if they have to commute 1+ hours from suburbs... There are certainly much more livable smaller cities like Fukuoka but they lack the career opportunities. In recent survey a quarter of 20-29year old people from Tokyo even want to move to rural parts of country if they have opportunity...

  • Bong Victa
    Bong Victa Month ago

    Is that San Diego at 4:50?

  • Yukon Arctica
    Yukon Arctica Month ago +1

    Auto industry is the staple industry of any industrialized country. Japan needs to increase roadways and parking spaces to increase domestic demand and decrease reliance on foreign markets. Railways are great, but cars are like rice/wheat to food.

    • 帝都低速度鉄道
      帝都低速度鉄道 Month ago

      (I'm Japanese and my English may be strange.)
      Japanese railways are like rice too. Statistics shows that almost world's busiest stations are in Japan.
      There are no more spaces for parking in Tokyo and many Japanese like brand of BMW,Benz and so on.
      I think today's Japanese industry of transportation is adequate.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Month ago +1

    When I start traveling Tokyo is the city I wanna visit first.

  • kalisteau
    kalisteau Month ago +2

    This where i'd live if i spoke Japanese

  • Estrading Co
    Estrading Co Month ago +1

    I've seen better cities... People in Tokyo are kind but they all look same and as if they are all wearing uniforms! Very boring and still have the flair of Asian third world trend.... Not much different from HK or other Chinese cities.....

  • newyorkcat
    newyorkcat Month ago +1

    I lived in Tokyo for a year and a half. There's no question it's the most advanced civilization on earth. But.... it's really too crowded. I mean it's insanely crowded and I'm from New York, so I like having a lot of people around. Getting shoved into the train 2x a day, it's okay at first (strange, exotic etc) but after about six months, I thought I can't do this anymore and plotted my return. When I got back to NYC I thought: where did everyone go? The streets looked so uncrowded. I had to re-calibrate.

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo Month ago

    targeting minorities and Koreans. you really had to say that didn't you? oh god and that unlucky kimono. seriously? give me a break.

  • Matthew Tilley
    Matthew Tilley Month ago +1

    Old work Buddy goes every other year. He loves it I wanna go so bad

  • sem Aka
    sem Aka Month ago

    The most intelligent people on earth:1) Germans2) Japanese3) Somalis

  • Nana Nana
    Nana Nana Month ago

    I think Japan is the place to be ,but they’re racist

    LUNA ECLIPZ Month ago +1

    This is why i love tokyo i hope u guys do more videos on tokyo

  • Ali Haidar
    Ali Haidar Month ago

    Yo are

  • Ali Haidar
    Ali Haidar Month ago +1

    Money just

  • Ali Haidar
    Ali Haidar Month ago +1

    Money just

  • Tein Meizeshi
    Tein Meizeshi Month ago

    You know that it's the population that keeps from littering and not because Tokyo has better cleaning services.
    That will never happen with American wild and uncontrollable teenagers/youngsters.
    Japan as a culture empathises strict education and army like discipline.
    For example: the schools' cleaning and tidying is handled by the very students attending the school, there are also physical punishments instead of some records on papers.
    Something that in America would be considered "abusive". But the results speaks for themselves.

  • gird'd_loins[ATATAT]ᚠᚱᛖᛟᚱᛁᚷᚹᚢᛞᚢᚹᛖᛋᛏᛖᚾ[.]net MUSIC

    They have a strong homogeneous culture while in the west we are trying desperately to kill ourselves and our culture, it is sick. We have been lead astray.

  • Julia T.
    Julia T. Month ago

    Unlucky kimono

  • Stefan Gittens
    Stefan Gittens Month ago

    its like they're playing one giant game if SimCity and winning

  • Itsa Games
    Itsa Games Month ago

    so based!

  • EisenhowerRepublican

    The U.S. needs to invest in building megacities, we must not let Japan or China pass us.

  • bparker06
    bparker06 Month ago +1

    RIP Tsukiji

  • When The Moon Is Lit

    That Age of Empires 3 screenshot.

  • Terry Bishop
    Terry Bishop Month ago

    a great example of limitation motivates innovation.

  • たく
    たく Month ago

    From Japan

  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion Month ago

    Just think about that carefully. 39 million people in one city. That's not progress. That's overpopulation.

  • Pas d'idée de pseudo

    We french(and me also), absolutly love Tokyo and Japan

  • jack michael
    jack michael Month ago

    Fire, Earthquake and War. Every time Japanese rebuilt this World's largest city from ashes. Immortal city.

  • MBStylus
    MBStylus Month ago

    what is the song that starts at 11:25?

  • 危机主 Weiji Zhu

    Tokyo isn't a utopia, workers collapse on the streets because of exaustion, and lets not get started on the suicide rate

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Why do you think Neo Tokyo is the coolest place to be shown in every movie these days? Because in 20 years Tokyo will be 50 years ahead of every other mega city.

  • Jonathan Richards
    Jonathan Richards Month ago

    653,000th view

  • Dominic Wuest
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  • Daysha Johnson
    Daysha Johnson Month ago +1

    Ugh...I want to move to Tokyo but I dont know Japanese

    • Gordon Graham
      Gordon Graham Month ago +1

      I recommend the library. That's what I did, 30 years ago...went to the library and taught myself Japanese

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young Month ago

    Congrats to those lucky enough to live there. Since I am old and poor I can only hope I come back as a person born near there.

  • Darth KillsAll
    Darth KillsAll Month ago

    You have done well

  • 菅官房長官official


  • Aqib Aslam
    Aqib Aslam Month ago +2

    The world can learn valuable lessons from Japan especially in city building.

  • 詳細
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  • amuyu green panda
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  • No Offense.
    No Offense. Month ago

    Soccer* not football