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  • Stefan Gittens
    Stefan Gittens 7 hours ago

    its like they're playing one giant game if SimCity and winning

  • Itsa Games
    Itsa Games 18 hours ago

    so based!

  • EisenhowerRepublican

    The U.S. needs to invest in building megacities, we must not let Japan or China pass us.

  • bparker06
    bparker06 Day ago

    RIP Tsukiji

  • When The Moon Is Lit

    That Age of Empires 3 screenshot.

  • BlueDaniel
    BlueDaniel Day ago

    I am Chinese. I have to admit that America successfully rebuild Japan after WWII. Freedom, democracy, rule of law, human rights, prosperity.......Good job

    • BlueDaniel
      BlueDaniel Day ago

      +nowgaku Yes. Japan was the first developed country in Asia. US, Euripe, China and Japan used to be allies in 70-80s last century. They all helped China at that time.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku Day ago

      Japan helped China with huge monetary support and technology donation after WWII.......Good job

  • Terry Bishop
    Terry Bishop 2 days ago

    a great example of limitation motivates innovation.

  • たく
    たく 2 days ago

    From Japan

  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion 2 days ago

    Just think about that carefully. 39 million people in one city. That's not progress. That's overpopulation.

  • Pas d'idée de pseudo

    We french(and me also), absolutly love Tokyo and Japan

  • jack michael
    jack michael 2 days ago

    Fire, Earthquake and War. Every time Japanese rebuilt this World's largest city from ashes. Immortal city.

  • MBStylus
    MBStylus 3 days ago

    what is the song that starts at 11:25?

  • 危机主 Weiji Zhu
    危机主 Weiji Zhu 3 days ago

    Tokyo isn't a utopia, workers collapse on the streets because of exaustion, and lets not get started on the suicide rate

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 days ago

    Why do you think Neo Tokyo is the coolest place to be shown in every movie these days? Because in 20 years Tokyo will be 50 years ahead of every other mega city.

  • Jonathan Richards
    Jonathan Richards 4 days ago

    653,000th view

  • Dominic Wuest
    Dominic Wuest 5 days ago


  • Daysha Johnson
    Daysha Johnson 5 days ago

    Ugh...I want to move to Tokyo but I dont know Japanese

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 6 days ago

    Congrats to those lucky enough to live there. Since I am old and poor I can only hope I come back as a person born near there.

  • Darth KillsAll
    Darth KillsAll 7 days ago

    You have done well

  • 菅官房長官official


  • Aqib Aslam
    Aqib Aslam 8 days ago +1

    The world can learn valuable lessons from Japan especially in city building.

  • 詳細
    詳細 8 days ago


  • amuyu green panda
    amuyu green panda 8 days ago


  • No Offense.
    No Offense. 8 days ago

    Soccer* not football

  • CityExplorer plus
    CityExplorer plus 8 days ago

    Tokyo is a living example on how our cities should looks like! Great presentation!

    ANDI KAMAL 8 days ago

    southeast asia is more beautiful

    ANDI KAMAL 8 days ago

    インドネシアに行こう! インドネシアに食べ物、衣服、アクセサリーなどがあります。

  • amir asyrafi
    amir asyrafi 9 days ago

    please do a videos on jakarta, kuala lumpur, singapore, or bangkok please

  • Dat Andthis
    Dat Andthis 9 days ago

    Debt to GDP worries

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 9 days ago

    One of the problems with Tokyo though is living in Japan as a westerner, your family and friends from where you're from don't come to visit. Too far. Too expensive.

  • Oleie
    Oleie 9 days ago

    YOKOHAMA ISNT THE SECOND LARGEST CITY, PS Yokohama isn’t a city but just a ward in the prefecture of KANAGAWA, they often wanted to be recognized as Tokyo but YOKOHAMA WARD ITS JUST a few building in the ocean side surrounded by factories

  • Kamar G
    Kamar G 9 days ago

    Tokyo is amazing. It has grown a lot. I just came back from there in July. I left Japan last in 2006 and in 11.5 years it changed a lot. It may be big but its still very clean. I love it. The best thing about Tokyo and Japan in general, is that you see new and old ways exhisting side by side in harmony. It's definitely lightyears ahead of any city on the planet and the new Sky Tree is a dominating presence in the skyline. I first moved to Japan in 1996. I was in the Air
    Force. It has bern my second home since then.

  • rachel rodriguez
    rachel rodriguez 9 days ago

    the one thing they do better then the rest of the world it seems is plan for the natural disasters. I saw that from being in the us where Houston could have been prevented if they would have put in measures that scientist were saying to do for years.

    HARDWARE FROM 9 days ago


  • shogo19970
    shogo19970 10 days ago

    Tokyo; Best for visiting but worst for working.

  • たまごハムサンド

    The other day, Tsukiji market moved to Toyosu. Soil contamination is serious there. It is a problem.

  • lincoln6842
    lincoln6842 10 days ago

    10:31 I wooden know if that's a pun

  • Anwesh Kumar
    Anwesh Kumar 10 days ago +1

    Still why japan likes america?

  • Buster Foyt
    Buster Foyt 10 days ago

    Tokyo's success is due to their people. Unspoilt by people from failed states

  • Dulat Bekbolsynov
    Dulat Bekbolsynov 10 days ago

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth Americans are voting to speed up global warming.

  • TieDef
    TieDef 11 days ago

    Tokyo is great, but this video is the most random collection of half-understood trivia tidbits ever. Like did you just skim the Wikipedia article on Tokyo when deciding what to put in the video?

  • Emilyrose
    Emilyrose 11 days ago

    Next seoul plz

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 7 days ago

      No one cares except you.

  • John Jones
    John Jones 11 days ago

    Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world. They also work themselves to death. This city is just a mass of buildings and cars and pollution. japanese are obsessed with westerners, white english, so they wrongly think that following them and industrializing is proper.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 7 days ago

      Are you mental illness or something?
      Are you happy now?

    • K B
      K B 10 days ago

      oh shut up inbred hillbilly nobody like you lot so just do the world a favor and admit yourself into a mental institution 😪

  • Hiroshige Utagawa
    Hiroshige Utagawa 11 days ago


  • Ascanius
    Ascanius 11 days ago

    Who’s great idea was it to build nuclear plants on the coasts?

  • Kamonohashisansei Suzuki
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  • Kamonohashisansei Suzuki
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  • Armen Dunamalyan
    Armen Dunamalyan 12 days ago +1

    Tokyo is absolutely perfect megacity, if somebody has doubts, he needs to visit Tokyo.....

  • Zmrzlinafication
    Zmrzlinafication 13 days ago

    If ever I get the chance to visit Tokyo, my first night there I'll simply get in the rental car, and just drive...

  • PopovMedia
    PopovMedia 13 days ago

    Got back to SF / Bay Area from 2 weeks in Japan / Tokyo. In contrast - this pace is a complete dump on so many levels, hard to even compare to Tokyo. Maybe NYC as of the last 2-3 years can be referenced a bit, but still have 30 years of development to go to catch up on so many levels, but then the culture probably - cannot help it

  • Tammy M.B.
    Tammy M.B. 13 days ago

    My #1 travel destination. Love learning new things everytime.

  • tieuquy linthinh
    tieuquy linthinh 14 days ago

    While the Worlds is 2018 North Korea at 1900s

  • User58747
    User58747 14 days ago

    I wonder how many mosques there are in Tokyo....

  • tallaganda83
    tallaganda83 14 days ago +2

    Best city in the world, when I got to Sydney on the way back it was like going back in time.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 15 days ago +6

    A country built from near zero natural resources and the most geological disadvantages―this is called civilization.

  • Clare Vickers
    Clare Vickers 15 days ago +1


  • 인사이트채널A
    인사이트채널A 15 days ago

    But Japan is an ancient Korean descendant. It was ancient Korea that taught them culture and language. And the emperor they worship as a god is an ancient Korean. That's why their language order is the same as Korea. It's different from China. Currently, Japanese are half-blooded in ancient China and Korea. But they raped and invaded their ancient parents. Don't forget

    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 15 days ago +2

      What the hell is that?
      You cannot even explain in your own words.....

    • 인사이트채널A
    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 15 days ago +2

      According to the main editorial by the Chief Editor of Choson Ilbo, the biggest newspaper in South Korea, on Mar 6, 2012, Feb. 2, 2010 and Feb. 13, 2003, "Koreans lie as if they breathe” and “Koreans are the world’s biggest liar of all." Korea has the highest fraud rate and is the only country whose fraud rate exceeds that of robbery in OECD. Also, all of perjury, calumny and fraud rates in S Korea are some 160-670 times higher than those of Japan.
      Lies are a part of your history, tradition and culture.
      That is what your mother taught you in your country.
      You are born as a liar; taught to be a liar; live as a liar; die as a liar; and your offspring will be another liar.
      What a miserable nation.
      What a miserable life.
      But that is your life.

    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 15 days ago +3

      Korean Culture:
      Before the Japanese annexation, everything in Korea were second class deteriorated copies of Chinese cultures.
      Then after the WWII, everything including industry, pop cultures are deteriorated copies of Japanese things.
      Even your plastic faces are using measurements of Japanese models, using techniques learned from Takatsu Clinic. Look at your faces 20 years ago in your books. They are your true faces.

    • August Hayek
      August Hayek 15 days ago +3

      Korean comfort women:
      All the Korean comfort women were highly paid prostitutes recruited by Korean dealers. There is NO primary source evidence whatsoever to indicate that there was coercion except for the dodgy statements made by the comfort women who only appears in places where no questions are allowed.
      The reason for no questions is that in the past they made stupid mistakes that exposed their lies like they were kidnapped by Jeep (Jeep was used by US during Korean War and Japan does not have a single Jeep); the soldier opened his fastener (Japanese was using buttons); and some even mentioned base where only American bases were located during the Korean War.
      Instead, there are many evidences to show that they were nothing but prostitutes such as recruitment ads, comfort women’s bank account recordings, diaries, police records of arresting bad Korean dealers who kidnapped girls, newspapers articles on arresting bad Korean dealers, US official report on a station in Burma, etc.
      The biggest investigation conducted by a Korean professor at Seoul Uni, Prof. An, for which both Korean and Japanese government cooperated and in which he interviewed all the comfort women who claimed they were coerced, concluded that they are either making mistake or deliberately lying and that there is NO primary source evidence that indicate there was coercion in Korea or Japan. He also said that the objective of the Korean political group behind all this move is not the truth or justice, but it is to bash Japan. This is an investigation conducted by Koreans using Korean money.
      Also, subsequently, US government conducted a huge investigation in its official archive during and after the war upon request from South Korean and China. But there found NO evidence whatsoever, and all they found were evidences to indicate that they were professional prostitutes.
      So there is absolutely no nothing in Korea, Japan or US.
      If you try to find an evidence, you will realize that there are many Korean who say there are plenty of evidences. But when you ask them to show or point to one, nobody can. Not only that, nobody knows what it is, where it is, or even who saw it.
      This is what Koreans talk about themselves: according to the main editorial by the Chief Editor of Choson Ilbo, the biggest newspaper in South Korea, on Mar 6, 2012, Feb. 2, 2010 and Feb. 13, 2003, "Koreans lie as if they breathe” and “Koreans are the world’s biggest liar of all." Korea has the highest fraud rate and is the only country whose fraud rate exceeds that of robbery in OECD. Also, all of perjury, calumny and fraud rates in S Korea are some 160-670 times higher than those of Japan.
      “The Sex History of the World War” by Magnus Hirschfeld

  • legacy7ds
    legacy7ds 16 days ago


  • plantec smiths
    plantec smiths 16 days ago

    OK let's have some drawbacks for fun) : 1) not conducive to plant-based diet since based in seafood 2) lack of trees
    3) males there becoming asexual

  • plantec smiths
    plantec smiths 16 days ago

    Point: not many trees there? + Male humans becoming asexual there?

  • ハメス・ロドリゲス

    Tokyo is my beautiful city

  • RytolPiab
    RytolPiab 16 days ago +1

    Tokyo as a city looks and functions superbly but these documentaries are leading me to believe that Japans culture is pretty toxic, well in the eyes of a foreigner.

  • ElephantsLover
    ElephantsLover 16 days ago

    Why is summer so hot in japan? In tokyo no less!! Japan js surrounded by the pacific ocean, tokyo is on the coast of japan, the ocean wind should be enough to not freaking burn down 70% of the city.

  • NOOB
    NOOB 16 days ago +2

    my georgraphy teacher set to watch this for homework :p

  • nik TOKYO nik
    nik TOKYO nik 17 days ago +1

    Love 🇯🇵

  • トカ
    トカ 17 days ago

    9:40 SAO2 OP

  • taylor richardson
    taylor richardson 17 days ago

    what happens when food runs out? I'm waiting for Samurai Robots. Do your job or get Terminated.

  • Lucas Fernandez
    Lucas Fernandez 18 days ago

    I swear Europe is in like 1930 America and Canada are in 2018 and Japan and South Korea are in 2100

  • Champ Prill
    Champ Prill 19 days ago

    what would make it even better is to add some diversity.. surely sudanese people would make this "model" city perform even better!!

  • piripi thedoxtux
    piripi thedoxtux 19 days ago +1

    Does anyone know what the song is at 3:48

  • Happy Smile
    Happy Smile 20 days ago

    Tokyo is the ugliest megacity in the world. Source) Me. I'm Japanese. I was born and raised in Tokyo.

  • Happy Smile
    Happy Smile 20 days ago

    OMG 0:32 is NOT Japan at all.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 21 day ago

    If it wasn’t for the natural disasters Japan would have been filled with tonnes of Sky scrapers.

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 21 day ago

    Keep your cities. I'll take the suburbs.

  • Yi Le
    Yi Le 21 day ago

    Your pronunciation is very bad😡

  • Matthew Sauer
    Matthew Sauer 22 days ago

    4:52 that is right by my house omg

  • Truth Win
    Truth Win 22 days ago

    Indian Cites don't even have good Footpath to walk

  • Biao Wang
    Biao Wang 22 days ago

    Fun fact: The Tokyo tower is mainly made from scrapped U.S army tanks.

  • Kek Jong un
    Kek Jong un 22 days ago

    Also the song by owl city is good

  • ben joe
    ben joe 23 days ago

    My country still srugling to make flashing toilets so 😔 😔

  • Mr. unitato
    Mr. unitato 23 days ago

    Wow....japan ... the japanes are amazing 4x tokyo was destroyed but they still built up 2 atmoc bombs and they still built up and thrived they have such a strong history and character ....

  • Aboelenein
    Aboelenein 23 days ago +1

    The Japanese are simply on a whole other level than the rest of the world.

  • Patrik Fabrik
    Patrik Fabrik 23 days ago

    Safest city ? Aren´t there like occasional wars of gangs in Ike Bukuro ( sorry if misspelled ).

  • Jongpyeong Lee
    Jongpyeong Lee 23 days ago

    Sasuga Nippon

  • David Ayala
    David Ayala 24 days ago

    I've been to both Cairo and Tokyo and I believe that they are the most beautiful cities in their respective continents.

  • Kaysha
    Kaysha 24 days ago


  • yogesh gajbhiye
    yogesh gajbhiye 24 days ago

    Very good very nice....

  • Fukuzo Moguro
    Fukuzo Moguro 24 days ago +3

    Do NOT tell a lie "targeted minorities such as Koreans." The real story is that Koreans revolted and the Japanese suppressed them.

  • Neetu Papneja
    Neetu Papneja 24 days ago

    Plz make a video Indian cities

  • HIRO
    HIRO 24 days ago

    I'm Japanese.

  • J Y
    J Y 25 days ago

    About face masks in Japan: 1. You don't want to get the cold from other people. 2. If you have a cold and you don't want to give it to other people. 3. To prevent hay-fever (cedar trees produce a lot of pollen). Thanks.

  • Timo Götz
    Timo Götz 25 days ago

    its not 50% bigger than any other urban areas. there are cities in china which are nearly as big as tokyo

  • Satnam Singh
    Satnam Singh 25 days ago

    Do a video about Dubai

  • Paul hugo
    Paul hugo 26 days ago

    Venus williams is a disgraceful person

  • OhJeez
    OhJeez 26 days ago

    America, take notes

  • Telmo Filipe
    Telmo Filipe 26 days ago

    The question I make is how Japan will choose expats to cover its defice of workers the country bestows_?....will they come from The Americas, Asia or Africa....

  • adair
    adair 26 days ago

    whats wrong with it

  • knowitallll
    knowitallll 27 days ago +1

    Tokyo is good, cause it has the smallest proportion of Muslims

  • Rolando Gamez
    Rolando Gamez 27 days ago

    I noticed you just sidestepped the Godzilla issue....