rSlash Prorevenge "REVENGE ON MY ENTITLED TEACHER!" r/prorevenge Top Posts of All Time

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • rSlash Prorevenge "REVENGE ON MY ENTITLED TEACHER!" r/prorevenge Top Posts of All Time
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  • r/mr reddit
    r/mr reddit  Month ago +7

    Which story did you like better?
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    • LittleBitty 34
      LittleBitty 34 Month ago


  • Rusty The Raver
    Rusty The Raver 5 hours ago

    Mrs. B..... give 'em enough rope, they will hang them selves!! good job to the student finding the research grant!

  • DieselD261
    DieselD261 Day ago


  • Lyra悪の
    Lyra悪の 21 day ago

    My entitled boss flirts with me and tries to use my horrible past as a way to get me to submit but im happy with my husband who is all the way in America but hell our love is strong and we are happy. Im also loyal to him and wear a ring on my ring finger but this doesn't make him stop but wanna know what does? Telling his wife about it all and recording it all well I should say sign it to his wife since she's deaf but long story short she divorced him and he still harasses me but he's a wreck now. (also forgot to mention im not very good with constructing sentences)

  • Warmaster101
    Warmaster101 Month ago +1


  • Kawaii Kawaii
    Kawaii Kawaii Month ago

    Not going to lie the story with the gentlemen with aspergers made me happy 😀

  • Kenneth Tibbitts
    Kenneth Tibbitts Month ago


  • Beau Carter
    Beau Carter Month ago

    Hi I really enjoy listening to your stories. Reeeeeeee Reeeeeeeeeeeeee Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Dani Petkova
    Dani Petkova Month ago

    That first story reminds me so much of my high school maths teacher… In my country, we have specialised high schools - either foreign language or some other type of profile and kids mostly apply with the indent to later study something related in uni or according to their interests. I was in a foreign language school, meaning we had five classes of just French per day and maths and science were not a priority. Our textbooks were even adapted to that system - Level 1 for people like me and Level 2 for kids studying advanced maths and computer sciences. However, our teacher looks at the textbook and says ‘oh this equation is too difficult - I’ll show you a simpler way’. She demonstrates, no one gets it, no one dares ask. I go ask her after class - she repeats how it is very easy and pretty much word for word repeats her explanation which I didn’t get the first time. I start struggling in class, so I find a tutor, an older gentleman, teaching maths in a maths high school to Level 2 kids, children who would even go to competitions. He stares at my notes and goes ‘well no wonder you didn’t get this, my students wouldn’t get it and they are more advanced than you guys. This is university-level mathematics, who made you learn this? Even I barely remember how to do it this way’. He goes on to show me a very quick and simple way to solve the equation and I get it. Next test I use his method; I get the correct answer and receive maybe half a point out of two on that question. I ask the teacher why she’d crossed out my entire solution and she goes ‘I showed you a simpler way, why are you doing it this way? I wanted to see what I showed you’ So I ask: ‘So are my solution or answer incorrect?’ ‘No’ ‘Do they follow the method shown in our ministry approved text book?’ ‘Yes, but you still fail’.

  • Tuna Kutsi Güler
    Tuna Kutsi Güler Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 Month ago


  • The Legion of Shadows

    I just subscribed
    Oh by the way thank you for the awesome and interesting videos

    OPHYCLIDE Month ago

    Seems a bit unlikely this one. Passing with 80's and 90's? Nah.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Month ago

    Also like how you don't just do the most uploaded stuff, and have newer posts. That's a Subscribe

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Month ago

    I like your voice, it's like being put to bed with a nature documentary in the background

  • Coffee Jones
    Coffee Jones Month ago

    The big question: Did you link the first OP?

  • Viral Glytch
    Viral Glytch Month ago +1

    Im glad I never had a teacher like Mrs B. I feel so bad for anyone who has had a teacher like this, internet love and support from me to you.

  • Alyssa Brown
    Alyssa Brown Month ago +1

    The sorry with Mrs. B reminded me of my own terrible teacher that I didn't get fired, but got put up for review. It was actually pretty sweet.
    Story below for anyone interested:
    It was my junior year and I had long been labeled a "problem child who was very intelligent but didn't apply themselves" in Kindergarten, which meant I wasn't allowed to be in the gifted program even if I was on the same level as the gifted students intellectually. (Come to find out as an adult I am dyslexic so my "little mistakes" that always got me in trouble were a part of my brain and couldn't be helped- as a side note I apologize in advance for any such mistakes that may occur. Autocorrect does its best but it's not always perfect.) Many of my teachers advocated for me to be in gifted, but administration refused. This led to me being in college prep classes in high school. In the middle of the school year the county decided to redistrict the schools and this led to over 500 new students being added to a school that was already over a thousand. Many of my classes were moved and I lost my favorite teachers. Here's where our terrible teacher comes in, we'll call her TT. TT was a teacher for gifted students and her classes were only about 15 students while college prep classes had up to 40 in one room so administration decided to combine her gifted classes so they would change to about 30 and gave her some CP classes. She let the CP students know the first day we showed up that she would not slow down or alter her syllabus for us at all and we were expected to keep up with her gifted students. I had no problem keeping up and even outperforming her gifted students in tests a lot of the time but I knew everyone else in my class was struggling and any time they asked for help she would just repeat what she said in class, as if hearing it a second time would magically make them understand. A big test was coming up and my classmates were all very concerned they would fail and asking me for help since I understood the content and, unlike TT, took time to explain everything and made sure they understood before moving on. Well since I wasn't a teacher and definitely wasn't getting paid to tutor and helping over 30 of my peers with their work was seriously cutting into my lunch and free period, so I hatched a plan. I talked with students from all of her CP classes and asked if they were having the same problems and they told me yes so I included them on the plan as well. The plan was simple: every single one of us would deliberately fail the test. There were only a few who didn't want to participate, but most of them also failed. The highest grade anyone got on the test was a 70. Having nearly 100 students fail a single test was very alarming to the APs and for the next few weeks there was a supervisor in her class, making sure she wasn't steam rolling us and actually took time to explain it in the way the CP students could understand. We all got to take a retest after those few weeks were up and every single one of us passes with a 75 or higher and TT was never flippant with us when we asked for help again.

  • Alyssa Brown
    Alyssa Brown Month ago

    Um... I know you're bad at math but 40% is WAY below passing, bub.

    • littlesmew
      littlesmew Month ago

      Alyssa Brown not in the UK. The passing grade here is around 40%. The discrepancy is not a big deal as the overall standard of work is higher here. I know this due to Evan Edinger ( youtuber )having studied in both usa and uk.

  • Chara Cipher
    Chara Cipher Month ago

    I love it when the entitled person gets screwed over by karma XD

  • michaelbuchanan
    michaelbuchanan Month ago

    The iorny of this is I'm listening to this in class
    (Edit one of... Ehhh idk) any ways thanks for the heart man! Or mam you never know

  • Miss Offline
    Miss Offline Month ago

    Question Is it bad , i keep wanting to listen more to you reading these stories

  • Fcutdlady
    Fcutdlady Month ago

    Well done first op beat a teacher by thier own methods

  • shadow raiden23
    shadow raiden23 Month ago

    Um mr reddit when you did the first story you kinda made the teacher sound like empore palpatine

  • WeirdGirlWithMusic
    WeirdGirlWithMusic Month ago +1

    I love these! Your my new fav i just subbed!

  • DarkWolfGaming
    DarkWolfGaming Month ago

    Good vid keep doing what your doing

  • Mrbuck832 Idk
    Mrbuck832 Idk Month ago +2

    I may be bright, But not quite polite, I tell the hard truth, Witch some people don't like.
    A poem by realmrbuck832

  • Natalia Andrew
    Natalia Andrew Month ago

    lol this is awesome! (i love your channel so much i just subscribed!)

  • BlurryFacePhil
    BlurryFacePhil Month ago

    *me waiting for you to post r/Letsnotmeetagain*

  • Joseph cavagnaro
    Joseph cavagnaro Month ago

    Is Mrs B Baldi's wife

  • Marilyn Newman
    Marilyn Newman Month ago +2

    l got several teachers fired. 1 for being drunk(high school), 2 for not following the syllabus (San Diego Jr College, Grossmont Jr college).
    l'm autistic too, (rather blunt, LOL.) More like total war.

  • A.E.C Thats me
    A.E.C Thats me Month ago

    YEAH MRS.B!!
    SHEESH, I SWEAR THERE'S WAY MORE TEACHERS OUT THERE THAT ARE JUST LIKE MRS.B AND JUST GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE SOME STUDENTS WELL MOST IN FACT DON'T KNOW THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON WHEN BEING WRONGED BY A TEACHER OR MULTIPLE TEACHERS ... .. I guess they DON'T realize that most drop outs NO MATTER WHAT GRADE or curriculum are generally because people aren't getting the help they need or are being cast out of "the rest of the class" .... I guess some teachers DON'T realize THEIR words, actions or lack of help CAN make & break people's LIVES ... That's why it's important to treat EVERYONE as an individual student like they should be an overly offer extra help when needed just to drive the point home that YOU'RE THERE FOR THEM & THEY WILL GET THROUGH IT

  • Wimpy kid Fan
    Wimpy kid Fan Month ago

    I love Prorevenge

  • Leah Carrick
    Leah Carrick Month ago

    The fact that I've been binge watching these videos while doing homework is the best 😂😂

  • Ryu Tama
    Ryu Tama Month ago +5

    You’d think a teacher making no effort to set up services for students with learning disabilities would be a massive red flag from the start. I honestly thought that was a mandatory thing.

  • Rollypollyrose 1
    Rollypollyrose 1 Month ago

    Yes prorevenge

  • Tania Bams
    Tania Bams Month ago

    OP in the first story was lucky. I wish I could’ve done that to one of my professors. He was the only professor that was an asshole.

  • Ace Poe
    Ace Poe Month ago

    Omg I got so confused seeing my name there for a sec! Thanks for the shout ;P

  • Alan Lubeski - TheGrizzlyBearKing

    I had a teacher like this in college. The class had to go to war with her to make her stop being so stupid!

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz1 Month ago

    4:55 I had a college professor who did the same with statics and dynamics, he liked to say 'it's so easy my dog could do this' even though 2nd and 3rd year engineering students couldn't figure it out. He was one of those assholes who prided himself in how few students passed his class, a group of 30 students would start, and it would result in 3 passing. I made it to the final 9.
    Re-took the same class after transferring to a 4 year University, got a 4.0 (aced the class).

  • saffie girl
    saffie girl Month ago +5

    My daughter recently had a group project she had to work twice as hard on because one of her group mates has a learning disability (mild autism) and she uses it as an excuse to do NOTHING. And she passes every single class because no teacher wants to deal with the ADA compliance folks on campus. The girl can do the work; she just chooses not to. My son is mildly autistic, but he works his butt off for good grades. I appreciate the guy in this story who doesn't use it as an excuse to do nothing.

    • KitKatBlackCat
      KitKatBlackCat Month ago

      @Whitney Blakestone Also, female autism is not different from male autism. It's just that it's harder to diagnose in girls because the traits associated with it (being quiet and having difficulty speaking up) are seen as normal in girls.

    • KitKatBlackCat
      KitKatBlackCat Month ago

      @Whitney Blakestone I'm sorry, where did you hear that? Because as soon as I was diagnosed with Asperger's, I did my research to start trying to learn all I could about it. There are different types of autism, but not Asperger's. The only thing I read that was even remotely similar to what you're talking about was a bit about 'occasional psychotic episodes in early adult life'. 'Occasional', not 'common'. And by the way, it's 'there', not 'they're' or 'their'.

    • Whitney Blakestone
      Whitney Blakestone Month ago

      KitKatBlackCat they’re are two different types of Asperger’s syndrome their is the rare calm sweet pacifist that has a very poor control of emotions and things can be emotionally touchy-feels that they will ask for people not to bring up. Or it could be the more common highly aggressive form

    • Whitney Blakestone
      Whitney Blakestone Month ago

      saffie girl well female autism is different from male autism (you actually need to take mental disabilities and other such similar forms of genetic illnesses into account that it differs by gender,age,sexuality and comorbidities

    • KitKatBlackCat
      KitKatBlackCat Month ago

      Kinda reminds me of something I read once. This guy was behaving very nastily and blaming his bad behavior on his Asperger's. Someone else told him, 'your problem isn't Asperger's, it's asshole-perger's'. Good on your kid, though! :)

  • Copywritin 101
    Copywritin 101 Month ago

    I like to scroll down the comments and see if someone put the time stamps

    What happened to the time stamps??

  • Nanbaka Fan for life
    Nanbaka Fan for life Month ago +1

    I had an entitled teacher i got her courier token away

  • Jst A Sav
    Jst A Sav Month ago

    *that all for now but don’t be blue I’ll be back soon with more story’s for you remember to listen to mr Redit every night so yours dreams will be wonderful like you are and bright*

  • MrGoesBoom
    MrGoesBoom Month ago +9

    Unless this teacher (somehow ) had tenure then how the hell was she not shitcanned earlier? surely other people would have complained about her total lack of professionalism and ability to teach? Don't they audit classes to make sure the teacher isn't like this?

    • The Highwayman
      The Highwayman Month ago +2

      I can only assume that this was the first time someone spoke out about this treatment.

  • r/Retail vs Karen
    r/Retail vs Karen Month ago +34

    Teachers not willing to help students like...

    You have one job man, and you think it's only talking in class?

  • Tammy Tierney
    Tammy Tierney Month ago

    Hey!! I just subscribed, thanks for the shout out! I have to say, you have a very soothing and smooth voice which is perfect for story telling. I'm so addicted to these videos, but have only subscribed to those whose voices are great. Love yours, it's #1

  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit Month ago +3

    I make Ask Reddit threads, any support is appreciated! cheers

  • Vasu Prasad
    Vasu Prasad Month ago


  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great Month ago +9

    Mrs.b sounds like the kinda asshat that’s in it for the money and does the very least for her students.

  • mammyewok
    mammyewok Month ago

    love how kate gosselin is the thumbnail.

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming Month ago

    334th viewer, 11stth comment

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Month ago

    This "Mrs. B" doesn't sound like much of a teacher to me. I also went to college and there were some classes I struggled with (Spanish being my hardest....I actually had a teacher like Mrs. B who didn't really teach Spanish, but expected me to know it naturally) Lucky for me though, I had a GOOD teacher who actually listened to me when I came to him in my final semester and confessed that I was terrified of Spanish....that I was struggling to understand it and I needed a passing grade to graduate with my class.....and with his help, I passed the class with a B (and actually UNDERSTOOD what he was teaching) and graduated. I am glad she was stripped of her title as teacher. As a student....particularly in a college classroom, there is a certain trust that is established between students and their teachers. They aren't teaching us the A B C's,....they are preparing us for life. If they fail to prepare us, then we will ultimately fail in life.

  • goodshot 360
    goodshot 360 Month ago +2

    Karma is a b****

  • Nylan Smoothie
    Nylan Smoothie Month ago +1

    Love your vids and your voice. Subbed :)

  • Keane Diego C. LACEDA
    Keane Diego C. LACEDA Month ago +8

    I love it when he does the voiceovers of the entitled parents kids and etc 😂

  • Gregin Mjolnir
    Gregin Mjolnir Month ago +12

    I love these. I just binged these for hours while doing work lol.

  • Absaalookemensch
    Absaalookemensch Month ago +18

    Mrs. B had no idea, nor any understanding of, how to teach.

    • Galork Bear-son
      Galork Bear-son Month ago +1

      @beatrix the great I'd argue she didn't understand what she was supposed to teach so just made stuff up, which is likely with her way of teaching.

    • Absaalookemensch
      Absaalookemensch Month ago +1

      @beatrix the great Biomass compost observer seems suited to her abilities and personality.

    • beatrix the great
      beatrix the great Month ago +3

      Absaalookemensch she seems to have it out for special ed students too. She’s lazy as hell and special needs include more work for her.

  • DarkLink1996
    DarkLink1996 Month ago +4

    Morning Mr. Redditor

  • rSlash/Story
    rSlash/Story Month ago +5

    amazing like usual
    All the best my dude

  • Just Why?
    Just Why? Month ago +62

    Entitled teachers would get mad at a deaf kid for not listening

  • Captain Blade
    Captain Blade Month ago +2

    Yeah new vid