The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
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    High School Musical doesn't make any sense
    The Originals is kinda dumb...
    The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
    Gotham is a weird show...
    Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...
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Comments • 18 875

  • Valiantsims
    Valiantsims 5 hours ago

    5:15 😂🤣😭 I can’t

  • Genesis Acoba
    Genesis Acoba 5 hours ago

    Ok no one cares about your opinion like! STOP HATING its like so freaking rude and you shouldnt be doing this to movies that should get credit for their hard work and dedication! No hate to me pls but im saying what i gotta say plus you sometimes use the same titles as your old vids and add a different show movie series!!

  • Sibs restaurant
    Sibs restaurant 6 hours ago

    I couldn't finish the movie, it was sooo dumb

  • Xavier Rodríguez
    Xavier Rodríguez 8 hours ago


  • Nora Jamilah
    Nora Jamilah 9 hours ago +1

    Repeat after me, Kissing Booth: _abuse is _*_not_*_ cute_

  • Bea Rose
    Bea Rose 15 hours ago

    Why is her face so annoying

  • J *
    J * 16 hours ago

    "Was just a kiss" is the sentence that you can find in every wattpad fanfic

  • Trista Cooper
    Trista Cooper 18 hours ago

    It didn't all happen because of a Kissing Booth. It happened because the girl's dad let her leave the house in that ridiculous skirt. Why were all her backup pants dirty on the first day of school? Were they not all brand new? Did she wait to get them cleaned until the day before school started? Why is the school requiring uniforms that can't be cleaned in a standard washer/dryer? Kind of bougie to require kids to wear "dry clean only" uniforms.

  • dishita chaudhury
    dishita chaudhury 18 hours ago


  • Leni B
    Leni B 20 hours ago

    I hate mean girls (no criticism please)

  • Belle St. John
    Belle St. John 21 hour ago

    I can’t watch this movie cause Elle looks and acts like a middle schooler to me and then I’m calling Pedophilia

  • MacKenzie Hicks
    MacKenzie Hicks Day ago

    She said lady bum not bump 😂

  • Mariana life_heart

    Yes I agree with this video 😂 lmao

  • Megan emison
    Megan emison Day ago

    “No boobs are worth a broken nose”

  • Elle Egrie
    Elle Egrie Day ago

    I “love” how the main characters name is elle 😔 can you figure out why ☹️😔
    Sarcasm at its finest

  • Zeno
    Zeno Day ago +1

    you should do mean girls!

  • The Sims is Great


  • Truly Broken
    Truly Broken 2 days ago

    8:47 that’s so cute and bootyful 🤣 there’s something wrong with me. It’s 2:06 am and I’m dying waking up the whole house. Someone save me from my sore cheeks and crying side.

  • Truly Broken
    Truly Broken 2 days ago

    Okay but Lee is low key hot as fuck

  • Kujo Moon
    Kujo Moon 2 days ago

    I can't believe they're making a sequel to this.

  • Violet Serpiente
    Violet Serpiente 2 days ago

    It's like a bad combination of Mean Girls and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  • Pilar Montano Gavira

    what the-

    *F I R E T R U C K*

  • langer heizer
    langer heizer 2 days ago +1

    the funniest thing about this movie is that everyone (literaly everyone) is toxic, how can someone watch this and say "look like the best movie EVER"

  • The other side Of things21

    Is it me or do the kisses last like an hour!

  • Chloe Crafts
    Chloe Crafts 3 days ago

    You must be *SO FUN* at parties!

  • Angeljenn D
    Angeljenn D 3 days ago

    The kissing booth is a good good movie and Noah is my movie crush and Tupan is the b word

  • dewysoft
    dewysoft 3 days ago +3

    “the kissing booth is kind of dumb” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT

  • Liam Trapp
    Liam Trapp 3 days ago

    Ell:It was just a kiss
    Kim jon un: ell didn't notice yeeees... continue the nuking ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Joy N
    Joy N 3 days ago

    That was THE MOST perverted “hhhmmmmmm” at 3:12. I will now mimic it before eating something delicious.

    You mothertrucker...almost pissed myself at with that predator mouth thing.

  • The Squished Hat
    The Squished Hat 4 days ago

    I think the girl was in that gypsy Blanchard movie and I keep thinking of her as a murderer and she’s gonna killsomsond

  • Lily Chapman
    Lily Chapman 4 days ago


  • Nye Plays
    Nye Plays 4 days ago

    I dont rlly like the movie bc all Noah and Elle did was makout and fight.

  • Sama
    Sama 4 days ago

    It’s jus a movie lmao

  • Oԋ Hσɳҽყ !
    Oԋ Hσɳҽყ ! 4 days ago

    That's what I've been saying for years ohhh
    thank god for finding your video

  • Averi Jackson
    Averi Jackson 4 days ago

    I think it was kinda dumb because Elle could’ve just not gone to school 😂

  • Lodi Dodi
    Lodi Dodi 4 days ago

    Hey man aquamans actor is fucking insane he has a man bun and I would never fuck with him

  • nidhi kini
    nidhi kini 4 days ago

    3:49 😂😂😂😂hahahaha you're funny

  • Terreliv
    Terreliv 5 days ago

    Why didn't she just wear the skirt over the pants?

    • HangTheDj
      HangTheDj 3 days ago

      Terreliv because that would be ugly ? 😂😂😂

  • R OD
    R OD 5 days ago

    I liked it it was way better than The Perfect date.

  • Sandra B
    Sandra B 5 days ago

    And it’s yanee you barbarian savage 😂😂

  • Alyssa Hughes
    Alyssa Hughes 5 days ago +1

    Everything is “kinda dumb...” to you isn’t it?

  • Abiely Flores
    Abiely Flores 6 days ago

    I fucking hated this movie, everything was so predictable

  • Haleigh
    Haleigh 6 days ago

    this was the hardest to watch video i have ever seen.

  • 黄敏
    黄敏 6 days ago

    Ngl the thing that bothered me the most in the entire movie:
    Wasn’t the cringey fakeness. It was how Elle and Noah weren’t even that cute/hot at all but they were supposedly the shit of the high school? Seriously?

  • 黄敏
    黄敏 6 days ago

    Ngl the thing that bothered me the most in the entire movie:
    Wasn’t the cringey fakeness. It was how Elle and Noah weren’t even that cute/hot at all but they were supposedly the shit of the high school? Seriously?

  • Thesproutfaerie
    Thesproutfaerie 6 days ago

    I'm sorry, heathers was the original mean girls!!!

  • spoon
    spoon 6 days ago

    No offence but why is Lee lowkey cute and Noah ugly like I thought Noah was supposed to be the hot one
    _probably because he looks like Logan Paul_

  • Debi Giardina
    Debi Giardina 6 days ago +5

    Lee:What the.....
    Alex:FIRE TRUCK!!!!!

  • Sabreena Shehzad
    Sabreena Shehzad 6 days ago +1

    Glad I'm not the only person who didn't like the movie or Noah

  • jade king
    jade king 6 days ago +5


  • nazanin harb
    nazanin harb 7 days ago

    This is honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched

  • Lauren Metsala
    Lauren Metsala 7 days ago

    You should watch Good Omens.

  • Lunarmoon 737
    Lunarmoon 737 7 days ago

    Looks like the omg girls was part of the 50 percent who got snapped out of existence by thanos

  • Lunarmoon 737
    Lunarmoon 737 7 days ago

    Oh god my worst fear is in this movie a man bun

  • CarlaAPotato YT
    CarlaAPotato YT 7 days ago

    Oh no...its the song *Dont forget about me* being ruined

  • SunnySide Souffle
    SunnySide Souffle 7 days ago

    Actually it wasn't mean girls that started the teen mean girl trio it was Heather's made by the dude who made mean girls brother I think back in the late 80s
    It has a young hot wynonna rider post beetlejuice you'd prob want to do a video on it if you watch it 😁

  • Milmil’s great adventures YT

    Me and my mom watched this movie it was terrible!

  • Kali Kennedy
    Kali Kennedy 7 days ago

    4:34 is just the best right there

  • Sofia Jimenez
    Sofia Jimenez 7 days ago

    When Lee said: The only thing i had that he didnt, was you.

  • grace adeline
    grace adeline 7 days ago

    noah’s fucking modern emo hair

  • Kitten- Chan
    Kitten- Chan 7 days ago +2

    why didn't you mention the part when Elle is at a part and strips in a pool table or wat ever

  • MinaVenus 22
    MinaVenus 22 7 days ago

    What the f-firetruck
    Because we all know we don’t want TVclip to demonetize our videos

  • Sam LOTR-HP
    Sam LOTR-HP 8 days ago +2

    The ripped pants/skirt situation is so stupid. There were so many ways around it. She could have:
    A) Put the skirt over the pants. Layers work, and would have hidden the rip.
    B) Worn her dad’s pants. Sure, they’re big, but they’re better than that skirt.
    C) Worn literally any long sleeved shirt around her waist (hoodie, jacket, shirt) with the ripped pants to hide the rip. Her dad’s, Lee’s, literally anything.
    D) Asked Lee for something real quick. They have phones. They’re besties. Just one pair of pants could have worked absolutely fine.
    E) Worn a really long shirt/dress. There is no way she doesn’t own a long shirt or casual dress and could have put them over the pants.
    F) Skip the first day of school. Sure, it sucks, but I mean if it comes to it, it works. Just say you were sick or something. No ones gonna really question it too much, so why not.
    G) Break dress code on the first day. Just wear some clothes you wore over the summer. If you get dress coded, explain that your stuff was in the dry cleaners. You *have* receipts.
    H) Let’s say literally none of these worked out. She could have put her skirt lower. Her shirt is tucked in for God’s sake. Untuck your shirt, and pull your skirt down to start lower, even if it’s half way down your butt. No one could tell, and it at least covers a bit more. It’s not ‘stylish’, but it’s better than literally placing the skirt as high as you can.

  • Susan Avitia
    Susan Avitia 8 days ago +2

    If I had that skirt situation there would be no way my mom or dad would let me go to school like that they would just tell me to skip school for the day or Just get to school later with a new skirt

  • Kenlovespuppies :D
    Kenlovespuppies :D 8 days ago

    I don’t even know who is who

  • Molly Castille
    Molly Castille 8 days ago +1




  • Hannah Cossins
    Hannah Cossins 8 days ago

    This film is horrifying

  • m i a
    m i a 8 days ago

    Love that alex made his voice deeper to match Lee's

  • Gits and Shiggles
    Gits and Shiggles 9 days ago +1


  • Hyung Line Is In BTS Too

    My cousin mad cause elle and Noah are dating I wanted elle and Noah to date she wanted elle and lee

  • Nikki Collins
    Nikki Collins 9 days ago

    Why Ele wore too much lip gloss. Like "I'm a model" 💅🏽💋👄

  • Oblivious Fantasy633

    I hate The Kissing Booth and I think everyone is kinda insufferable, but I kinda would date Lee. 🤷

  • Geneva L
    Geneva L 9 days ago

    And it's rated PG. My cousin made me watch it, it was very. Um. Disgusting. I have no idea why it's rated PG though it's so inappropriate

  • Sabreena Shehzad
    Sabreena Shehzad 9 days ago

    Noah is urgh. I'm sorry but he's kind of a jerk. And kind of sexist with the whole no-other-guy-xcpet-moi-is-allowed-to-date-or-even-look-at-dis-gerl thing

  • Aira Cummins
    Aira Cummins 9 days ago

    Thats middle school tv show for dont f my brother

  • Amy Lawson
    Amy Lawson 9 days ago

    this video had me cracking up, good job!

  • Anya Catherine Braginski

    I hope Alex watches The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt it's hilarious

  • magicx
    magicx 9 days ago

    Noah is HELLA unattractive.

  • Randolin Plop
    Randolin Plop 9 days ago

    All I learned from these comments is that people don't distinguish Noah and Flynn. Noah is a manbun dude, Flynn is Elle's crush. All white people look the same, don't worry about it.

    • HangTheDj
      HangTheDj 3 days ago

      Randolin Plop Noah and Lee* their last name is Flynn- 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arty DooToo
    Arty DooToo 9 days ago

    4:33 this caught me so off guard man. I actually laughed hard

  • aesthetically halle
    aesthetically halle 10 days ago +1

    Sir no ;-;

  • Nostalgiatime009
    Nostalgiatime009 10 days ago

    I don't like the movie just because L and Noah r like brother n sister, n also Noah is like 18, n she's like 15 n petite. Weirded me out.good movie tho good story

  • Yuno Satiantip
    Yuno Satiantip 10 days ago

    My friend forced me to watch this and by the end I have all my hair ripped out of my skull

  • Jessie Smith
    Jessie Smith 10 days ago

    What the (fire truck)

  • Jessie Smith
    Jessie Smith 10 days ago

    What . . . . . . is happening. . . . . my brain is like. . . . wut????

  • Storm Grier
    Storm Grier 10 days ago

    This was the first Netflix movie I realised was filmed in Cape Town, pretending to be California or some shit... It really distracts when she gets stood up outside the cafe next to my friend's place or drives her motorbike along Gordon's bay.

    really distracting.
    What the FIRE TRUCK, the two girls from the last black mirror episode live in Durbanville?

  • Hinode Kaitoriku
    Hinode Kaitoriku 10 days ago

    5:53 i know and I’m laughing xD

  • Fallout Pewterschmidt
    Fallout Pewterschmidt 10 days ago

    I think the story this was based on was probably written when you were in highschool, which would explain the "lady bump" thing. The author probably thought it would be a funny joke and it just seems outdated years later now that this is a movie.

  • liepa tamutyte
    liepa tamutyte 11 days ago

    It’s yanny

  • vio
    vio 11 days ago

    *he who smelt it delt it*

  • Drawing With Cats
    Drawing With Cats 11 days ago

    Your just salty and annoying

  • GalaxyStar _932
    GalaxyStar _932 11 days ago

    *The OMG Girls are such a rip-off of The Plastics.*

  • Ellaxxa Playz
    Ellaxxa Playz 11 days ago

    Couldn't elle put a sweater around her waist or wear leggings or black tights or something to cover her thats what i would do or tell Lee if he could give her his sweater to cover up I would do that if my bestfriend was in need

  • Aqilah Masimbira
    Aqilah Masimbira 11 days ago

    I legit came back to this video cos I had such a bad day. Thanks Alex ⚟😂

  • Thepastel Unicorn
    Thepastel Unicorn 11 days ago

    In my art class two girls in front of me were talking about how much they loved the kissing booth and I tried to not jump out the window. I barley made it out alove

  • LaneyIsAFrickinSaint UwU

    Is that Joey king from The act

  • Raptor 8600
    Raptor 8600 12 days ago


    THE OG HLUMI 12 days ago +1

    She's the only one who thought Noah was "stupid hot"

  • Shannon mcnair
    Shannon mcnair 12 days ago

    5:15 nice undertale music in the background

  • Lola Baria
    Lola Baria 12 days ago +4

    The fact that no one is talking about the fact that they're incredibely sexualized while the characters are supposed to be teens.