Jalen and Jacoby look at potential 'red flags' of top NBA draft prospects | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN


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  • Deborah Conley
    Deborah Conley 4 months ago

    Didn't than shit NBA season end a couple of weeks ago fuck that the garbage even when they are in the off season thats all these fuckers talk about I've never heard them take about baseball the up coming post season or anything why Jalen it wouldn't be cause MLB is more white than black you're just a racist Detroit cocksucker fuck you and than stinking basketball shit and their long drawn out garbage season

  • Deborah Conley
    Deborah Conley 4 months ago

    Hey Jalen go blow boogie cousins

  • Deborah Conley
    Deborah Conley 4 months ago

    Boy thats real big news about Jimmy Butler getting traded man who gives a fuck I can't believe that that shit NBA is starting already the NBA sucks I hate these tatoo wearing trash talking assholes overrated overpaid dicks to think dunking a basketball is more important than foul shooting which is the most important part of a basketball game not a one of these fucks could hit a foul shot to save their asses that piece of shit Jordan ruined the league wearing his shorts half way down his overrated ass I suppose he would have won 6 championships with the nets he would have won 0 most selfish ballplayer I've ever seen took all the credit without rodman pippen or Phil Jackson he wouldn't have won shit magic and bird were way better all round ballplayers when they left and that asshole took over the league has turned to shit fuck the NBA and those overpaid pricks

  • Deborah Conley
    Deborah Conley 4 months ago

    This show is horrible Jalen rose sucks and whoo the fuck is Jacoby Jalen rose is all over ESPN all of a sudden he's a football guru just remember the show ESPN did on that fab 5 garbage and how jealous and racist he was about the white ballplayers at Duke it again shows you In the result that the white boys were smarter and played better team ball which will beat that Detroit playground bullshit all the time by being smarter I meant that they knew how many time outs they had left by the way Jalen how many black quarterbacks have won a super bowl out of the 50 played? ans. 1 Doug Williams you could say2 with Russel Wilson but you said that grant hill was white so Russel Wilson is white black quarterbacks -2 per cent chance to win a Superbowl what's that tell you? Thats pitiful is what that is next time your bragging about some black qb bring that stat up Michael Vick rg3 Winston Watson tyrod they all suck this tells me over all the years of the NFL that you must be white to lead a team to win a super bowl it's not racist it's a fact got any thing to prove me wrong ? Oh let's not forget Prescott he really sucks like the cowboys will win a super bowl with him ha ha ha he's the wrong color and he sucks

  • Lee Poon
    Lee Poon 4 months ago

    Jacoby looks like James Vick.

  • it’s just youtube tho

    that suit is over the top & *w a c k*

  • damijan leskovar
    damijan leskovar 7 months ago

    racist .

  • pakyakify
    pakyakify 7 months ago

    I do what massa say

  • Klay Moore
    Klay Moore 7 months ago

    Trae young + jalen rose = fashion victim

  • Electronic91
    Electronic91 7 months ago +1

    4:40 such a beautiful song playing in the background.

  • Aaron Haskell
    Aaron Haskell 7 months ago

    This just in...Doncic and Jennifer Aniston are dating and bought a tiger. Wow crazy.

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke 7 months ago

    Bamba don't want to go to Memphis but got drafted by Orlando... Hah

  • eustagoesout
    eustagoesout 7 months ago

    Doctor Jekyll?

  • Cool Vids
    Cool Vids 7 months ago

    I don't like Ayton, Gut feeling says bust. Donkic is gonna be a star

    • Iverson vlogs
      Iverson vlogs 6 months ago

      Cool Facts you can’t call players bust until there 3rd or 4th year

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 7 months ago

    I hate when people MPJ was the top high school prospect, Trevon Duval was the top point guard and he just went undrafted

  • warrior 4 God
    warrior 4 God 8 months ago


  • Brett Sanders
    Brett Sanders 8 months ago

    Just make the Jalen and jalen show

  • jothicker
    jothicker 8 months ago

    Jalen Rose still got the tag on the left sleeve of "his" draft day Detriot pimp suit. Pimpin' is returning that junt tomorra! Lol

  • Knowledge Untamed
    Knowledge Untamed 8 months ago

    Red Flags Make Bulls Angry. Lol Go Bulls

  • Dylan Spurlock
    Dylan Spurlock 8 months ago

    Luka wants to date Jennifer Aniston... RED FLAG
    MPJ could miss his entire first season because of a back injury... no big deal

  • Cokebyparis
    Cokebyparis 8 months ago +1

    Lol well luka dominated porsingus before so it might happen

  • Nicolas Garant
    Nicolas Garant 8 months ago +4

    Honestly, I don't take that Doncic quote that seriously, I doubt it was meant to be taken seriously either xD

  • T. Thomas
    T. Thomas 8 months ago

    Liangelo is going 11th

  • Asa Lewis
    Asa Lewis 8 months ago

    yo in the beginning of the video doesn't it look like Jalen still got the tag on his suit? lmao

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 8 months ago

    Red Flag that suit is Gigantic!

  • Mabsss33
    Mabsss33 8 months ago

    Jalen logic = if he black he gets a pass but if he white he a scumbag that needs to pay his dues

  • Cenas
    Cenas 8 months ago

    Jalen be like: Luka Doncic? European AND White?? RED FLAG!!!

  • Isaiah Castillo
    Isaiah Castillo 8 months ago

    Bro theyre so wrong about luka doncic. Mvp in euro league. More than sure he can handle the NBA. Jalen wasnt as special as luka so he gotta chill

    xDOUBTMENOWx 8 months ago +1

    lol the tag is still on the suit 😂

  • Tah Boogie750
    Tah Boogie750 8 months ago

    A poolfull of 40s lol

  • Alexander
    Alexander 8 months ago

    How that redshirt work out for Markell Fultz???

      QUENTIN DILLON 8 months ago


    • Alexander
      Alexander 8 months ago

      He's still hurt meanwhile the 76ers could have had Jayson Tatum!!!!

    • Christopher Williams
      Christopher Williams 8 months ago

      Alexander how would we know he hasn’t played his second year yet bozo

  • kyosukedeiknives
    kyosukedeiknives 8 months ago

    that price tag when he lifts the jacket though...

  • Gabriel Munos
    Gabriel Munos 8 months ago

    Racist against luka

    • Eric S
      Eric S 8 months ago

      Yeah it's because he wants a tiger a well known actress and a lot of other stuff.. glad to see everyone on here jumping to conclusions

      QUENTIN DILLON 8 months ago


  • Lance Grimmez
    Lance Grimmez 8 months ago

    No one in the first round wants to play for the damn grizzles. Get your shit together over there

  • Blake Dannion
    Blake Dannion 8 months ago +34

    Doncic is white: red flag!!!

    • Blake Dannion
      Blake Dannion 7 months ago

      Mike: What comment was a crash course on racism? I definitely made a comment about culture and religion's implications on culture.

    • Leaf Village city councilman
      Leaf Village city councilman 7 months ago

      Blake Dannion Man this thread is a crash course on racism including your comment

    • Mav ' rick
      Mav ' rick 7 months ago +1

      Sword of the top of the morning whites are more ruthless and savage than any other race not smarter... That's y'all legacy on planet earth... Stop perpetuating myths to feed your own fragile ego. You still have to live with you.

    • Mav ' rick
      Mav ' rick 7 months ago

      Siga Muga Caca who you trying to convince, us or yourself?

    • Blake Dannion
      Blake Dannion 7 months ago


  • DeChane Grinton
    DeChane Grinton 8 months ago

    Sounds like Michael porter jr will be the 2020 rookie of the year

  • Lacy Coleman
    Lacy Coleman 8 months ago

    rose going for 2018 the mask remake

  • kcrisp k
    kcrisp k 8 months ago +13

    Bru Memphis made the playoffs like 7 straight years y'all act like Memphis been one of the worst teams the pass 8 years last year they tanked on purpose

    • ruben p
      ruben p 8 months ago

      kcrisp k they’re a fake ass spurs team

    KANYE EAST 8 months ago +4

    Jennifer Aniston is washed up & FRIENDS isn't even that funny.

    • Andrei Vlaicu
      Andrei Vlaicu 7 months ago

      Luka has a girlfriend. I thinl they were briefly separated but now they cool.

    • dan mills
      dan mills 7 months ago

      סּ⁠‬_סּ⁠‬ as the white people flock to this comment😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Wonderlandian
      Wonderlandian 8 months ago

      Says people.

    • J Black
      J Black 8 months ago

      Wonderlandian- says white people

    • Wonderlandian
      Wonderlandian 8 months ago +1

      Friends is not trash, your turn now.

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth 8 months ago

    This guy is the prime reason why teams lose for so many years. If you're caught up on the way somebody dresses as opposed to their work ethic and talent you are not fit to be a business person.

  • Julio El Chavez
    Julio El Chavez 8 months ago +2

    Ayton doesn’t play defense and isn’t a special talent like KAT or Davis coming into the league; not worth the #1 pick.

      QUENTIN DILLON 8 months ago +2


  • SuperPunch76
    SuperPunch76 8 months ago +8

    That suit has either Detroit or Chicago west side written all over it.

    • Mav ' rick
      Mav ' rick 7 months ago

      Bruh you must be from Chicago talking like that... All facts lol

    • ruben p
      ruben p 8 months ago

      SuperPunch76 😂😂

  • Vasty Andrews
    Vasty Andrews 8 months ago

    Y'all wanna talk about a red flag???
    Check ya boy jalen!!

  • Bobby mickey
    Bobby mickey 8 months ago

    Luka Donkey Kong should at least wait til he get stateside before shooting his shot so early in the shot clock. He wind up in New York and he won't even think twice about Jennifer Aniston's average looking tail

  • Yemi TheBest
    Yemi TheBest 8 months ago

    This man actually got a red flag😁😁😁

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 8 months ago

    Man in red.

  • Ajjosan
    Ajjosan 8 months ago +5

    how the draft should go but won't, 1. Luka Doncic, 2. MPJ, 3. Marvin Bagley, 4. Deandre Ayton

    • Klay Moore
      Klay Moore 7 months ago

      Ajjosan you watch too many youtube videos fool.
      Teams do research dumbass! Mpj will have this backproblem for life so stop acting smart. Fucker

    • Aaron Haskell
      Aaron Haskell 7 months ago

      Ajjosan Bagley over Ayton ? That's insane

  • D H J
    D H J 8 months ago

    Ayton has no defense. He will be bust. Dude from duke will be better in the long run.

    • Iverson vlogs
      Iverson vlogs 6 months ago

      D H J you can’t call players bust until there 3rd or 4th season

      QUENTIN DILLON 8 months ago

      D H WHICH ONE?

  • Tiara Johnson
    Tiara Johnson 8 months ago +1

    😂😂😂 Jalen

  • Jus Jarell
    Jus Jarell 8 months ago +10

    Am I the only one that thinks ayton has just a little bust potential

    • Aaron Haskell
      Aaron Haskell 7 months ago

      He's gonna be a beast...prolly didn't play his all in college...kinda like Been Simmons did. He knew he'd be top 3 pick...so he did what he had to do and secured his bag. Smart move.

    • Eric S
      Eric S 8 months ago

      They all got bust potential til proven otherwise. Theirs 7-14 good players we just gotta see who goes the extra mile to become great

    • michael cruz
      michael cruz 8 months ago +1

      me too. I could be wrong. But I think its the mentality we're both worried about. Sometimes he seems disinterested.

  • nico
    nico 8 months ago +83

    Is dating a Kardashian a red flag?

    • JN Animations
      JN Animations 7 months ago

      Yes,not one but 2 red flags

    • smlbcity23
      smlbcity23 7 months ago

      nico Lamar went kookoo

    • originalrobmarley
      originalrobmarley 8 months ago +1

      nico Tristan is 😂😂😂😂

      KANYE EAST 8 months ago +1

      red flag af 🚨

    • Pj Riley
      Pj Riley 8 months ago +1

      No it's not a red flag, it's a damn curse. Kardashians hex sports teams.

  • floww 30shotz
    floww 30shotz 8 months ago

    ESPN why would you guys have a man that has gotten dropped 81 points on his head to give us his opinions on everything?

    • Bo Jackson
      Bo Jackson 8 months ago

      Jacinto Garza my bad.

    • Jacinto Garza
      Jacinto Garza 8 months ago

      Bo Jackson I was talking to the other dude

    • Bo Jackson
      Bo Jackson 8 months ago

      Cris Clay well said bro

    • Bo Jackson
      Bo Jackson 8 months ago

      Jacinto Garza no I'm 42 and 3 of my kids graduated from Jalen Rose Academy here in Detroit, peace bro

    • floww 30shotz
      floww 30shotz 8 months ago

      Bo Jackson Damn, I didn’t even know he had his own school.

  • Jay Kelly
    Jay Kelly 8 months ago +3

    Porter = Simmons 2.0

    • Chris Gainey
      Chris Gainey 8 months ago +1

      Jay Kelly not with that surgically repaired back n hip lol

  • MrJreed1000
    MrJreed1000 8 months ago +2

    I hate to say it.. But I feel like porter jr. is the next greg Oden and I really hope I'm wrong…

  • Sports Sidelined
    Sports Sidelined 8 months ago

    Ayton is a Red flag

  • TheJayzGaming
    TheJayzGaming 8 months ago

    Teams look forward to redshirting NBA players cause they don’t want to win yet and after watch the Sixers hold back Joel and Ben Simmons.

  • Jef Versavel
    Jef Versavel 8 months ago +61

    only red flag here is porters back injury

    • Mounta90
      Mounta90 7 months ago

      Jef Versavel Injuries are most of the time not coincidental. It might be because of a weak core or something like that. If a team cant figure it out, well......

    • Kat Williams
      Kat Williams 8 months ago +1

      Wopp 070. I wish we did. I don't care if he red shirts the first year.

    • Wopp 070
      Wopp 070 8 months ago

      Ous bulls fan will take him

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 8 months ago +18

    What an ill-fitting clown suit.

    • Jose Ozoria
      Jose Ozoria 8 months ago +13

      A perfect example of someone commenting, with zero understanding of what they are watching!

    • flip dibiase
      flip dibiase 8 months ago +2

      over 24yrs ago 1994 he got draft

    • m3d3rz
      m3d3rz 8 months ago

      Bruce Smith it was from over 15 years ago

  • Ze
    Ze 8 months ago +8

    1. Doncic 2. Ayton 3. Carter Jr. 4. Bagley 5. Bamba

    • Ze
      Ze 8 months ago

      T. Thomas LMAO

    • T. Thomas
      T. Thomas 8 months ago

      Liangelo is going 5th

  • B Bailey
    B Bailey 8 months ago +15

    Draft predictions:
    1st: Ayton
    2nd: Bagley
    3rd: Doncic
    4th: Jackson
    5th: Bamba

    • Aaron Haskell
      Aaron Haskell 7 months ago

      Wow pretty damn good lol

    • Billy Zane Fan Account
      Billy Zane Fan Account 8 months ago +1

      B Bailey good picks.. Atlanta better hope he shoots like curry lol

    • B Bailey
      B Bailey 8 months ago +1

      Max Walter I had no idea Trae Young would be coveted so highly!

    • Max Walter
      Max Walter 8 months ago +1

      very close

    • Helias Prael
      Helias Prael 8 months ago

      T. Thomas Yeah and Lonzo's Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical

  • J W
    J W 8 months ago +34

    Half of the top ten draft picks are gonna be busts or below avg its just the way it is

    • 103ii
      103ii 7 months ago

      focodoco really? I didn’t know that skip talked valid points

    • Collin Mensah
      Collin Mensah 7 months ago

      styxstormx at its time the 2011 draft was a really bad one

    • focodoco
      focodoco 8 months ago +1

      That's just not true even tho social media is bigger than ever so idiots get more hype than the past some drafts it's only two players are talked about. It's who is first and 2nd pick. Curry was only talked seriously about by skip. Some drafts they said it was a bad draft.

    • styxstormx
      styxstormx 8 months ago +2

      Mitun Shah no they don't. This year and last year, 03, 2011 draft. Those drafts yes but not every year. This one is a special one. So much depth

    • Mitun Shah
      Mitun Shah 8 months ago +12

      They say that every year.. They'll be a couple future stars, a couple complete busts, and a couple of studs outside the lottery.

  • Gabriel Blume
    Gabriel Blume 8 months ago +12

    Why can't Mr. 81 just shut his mouth.

    • jayraider521614
      jayraider521614 7 months ago

      Bumbass comment from a bumbass moron who wasn't asked or forced to listen to this clip

    • Ka Mo
      Ka Mo 8 months ago +1

      he’s paid to talk. You jobless commenting on TVclip.

    • Bo Jackson
      Bo Jackson 8 months ago +1

      What he said

  • Jaren Strassenberg
    Jaren Strassenberg 8 months ago

    I love jalen rose

    • Kingston few
      Kingston few 8 months ago

      Jaren Strassenberg Jalen Rose is a bum who thought he was a star.

  • Jaren Strassenberg
    Jaren Strassenberg 8 months ago