Feeling sad with GD’s words to Seungri: "If you have something wrong, it’ll be the end of Big Bang"

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Feeling sad with G Dragon’s words to Seungri 'If you have something wrong, it’ll be the end of Big
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  • Mada Oliveira
    Mada Oliveira 3 days ago

    I love u Bigbang

  • Sara Khalid
    Sara Khalid 4 days ago +2

    I thinks gd tried his best ... I think even him giving seungri the spotlights in the least album is him trying to prevent bad thing from happening... I’m actually worried about gd he is a sensitive person... he worked so hard since he was a kid and big bang is his past present and future...and seungri just crashed big bang in seconds

    • Sara Khalid
      Sara Khalid 2 days ago +1

      koi gor well if he actually did that I won’t be surprised... cause I’ve been a fan of Gd for like 7 years now and I’ve seen all the shit he has been through... rumors , scandals and all types of articles... and let’s be honest we all know how ‏unsocial (and kind of always lonely?) he is ... he even talked about it in his last album and how he feels like he lost his ( kwon ji yong ) self ... and talked about idol’s lonely sad life in his song • super star • ... I hope he will continue with big bang as G dragon but if that hurts him and affects him in a bad way I don’t want it 💔 I just want him to be happy , comfortable and just himself ... the GD we all love ❤️

    • koi gor
      koi gor 2 days ago +1

      It’s will be a huge burden on his shoulders after he discharge from The Army. GD is still in YGE because of his passion for music and also bc Yang Huyn Suk. Now YHS left and Big Bang is 4 now so maybe he will leave this whole music industry after all the fake news Dispatch made up and his feelings about the title “ Gdragon”. He just wants to be a normal person and live in peace now, I think so. 🤔

  • Ilme Bire
    Ilme Bire 4 days ago

    GD after out of the army hi have to be good hyunge and help sungri becouse sungri was always good litle brother for him

  • Hyo Nctzen uwu
    Hyo Nctzen uwu 6 days ago +1

    In all this scandal, the only emotion I had was anger, anger with seungri and all the other guys of the chat. I hated the people who were sure that he is inocent, and I still mad with them, but now I felt another emotion with all this, sadness. I feel sad, because maybe his hyungs knew that something bad will happen, and they just wanted to protect him.

  • Gigi Calder Tomlinson Cry Baby

    G-Dragon told Seungri to keep Bigbang's reputation, but Seungri ignored and fucked it all up, Seungri did something unforgivable, lemme say, like, Seungri was told to keep Bigbang's reputation, but he just fucked up his own reputation and Bigbang's too, i can't believe that our maknae turned into so loathful, i didn't expected Seungri to turn into a loathful and pitiless person, i just can't believe that someone that i admire turned to a demon without any pity , i'm feeling sad about it for months, it's such a big disapointment , Stay Strong V.I.P.s cause we need it after this such a big disapointment

  • boim boim
    boim boim 9 days ago +1

    No big bang can still be alive....put your energy on music....music conquers all.....

  • monsier t
    monsier t 9 days ago +1

    Still believe in Bigbang without Seungri !!! OT4💛

  • monsier t
    monsier t 9 days ago +1

    I feel sorry to GD TAEYANG DAESUNG AND TOP They deserve better !!!💛💛💛

  • JJ •
    JJ • 9 days ago

    Why didn't you listen Seungri. Now look where your at now

  • Riley Parsons
    Riley Parsons 10 days ago

    This has been a long running thing whether GD knew about it or not. It had been happening for a while and I don’t even think he got mixed up in it. I think Seungri started it all with the prostitution at his nightclub. It’s disgusting. The messages they had in the group chat he was apart of. They literally stated that they raped girls and were laughing about it. Seungri was already long gone. Don’t act like he got mixed up. Don’t pretend he’s just a kid anymore. He is a grown man who could run his own business. He knew what he was doing and the victims should get justice

  • Choi Seungcheol
    Choi Seungcheol 10 days ago +1

    please stay bigbangggg we love youuuu

  • _merpitscassandra_
    _merpitscassandra_ 13 days ago


  • Khushi Pandya
    Khushi Pandya 13 days ago +2

    GD im in tears ...he's the best
    I see how good looking men try to be nice for long time but inside it's all dirt and evil ..now I'm even more cautious about having a future bf...it's so hard to find ...not just good gentlemen but also good person from heart

  • step 1: Stan kpop
    step 1: Stan kpop 14 days ago

    U damn seungri

  • Chasin Liki
    Chasin Liki 15 days ago

    I don’t know what to think anymore about Seungri ....
    One things for sure is that you being the maknae is the true definition of a troublemaker.
    I hope......no I want Bigbang to come back🤘

  • Yong Sharon
    Yong Sharon 15 days ago

    I am Big Bang Fan since they debut...😔😔😔😔 It is really kind of sadness that SeubgRi did no listen to Leader, GD advices.. Whatever GD advices and predicts that scandal will happen to him..😔😔😔😔Yet he never take it seriously and cautious over his image. It tooks Big Bang alot of their hardworks to build up these image and reputation for years, One unfortunately mistakes and carelessness of SeungRi which causes Big Band falls into such situations...😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I still love and support Big Bang members especially Taeyang, GDrayon.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    I really one fine day that they will have a comeback again..

  • lixia ji
    lixia ji 15 days ago

    Sounds like the drama BLACK

  • Meenakshi Palve
    Meenakshi Palve 19 days ago

    Y'all need to understand that CEO YANG HYUN SUK is the main reason for this to happen. I saw in some variety show that the boys were saying how yg didn't like seungri to be the main dancer and he didn't got more lines in some songs (also said in a show). I am not defending seungri, No! But I am actually worried about the current artists, its staff, the producers and stuff. If this attitude of that CAP MAN continues than God knows what will happen.

  • aiman hatim
    aiman hatim 20 days ago

    At the time,we won't be with you,cannot protect you.Next year, only you are Big Bang's representative so, please be careful
    G dragon to his little brother😭

  • Andika Satrio
    Andika Satrio 23 days ago +1

    When you dip in too deep to pull back, we've been in that position.

  • K T.O.P
    K T.O.P 23 days ago +1

    Whats wrong with the maknae and dong seng of thr group

    The maknae is importing sex slave then the

    Dongseng: overdosed because of drugs and smokin marijuana.
    (No offense T.O.P youre my crush tho still love you guys)

  • camille rose baila
    camille rose baila 25 days ago

    Seungri is innocent😭He will not do something to ruin his life and his hyung's...I believe in you Seungri oppa....Let's win this fight😭😭

  • syalita irfania
    syalita irfania 27 days ago

    GD oppa 😣

  • Danica Kwon
    Danica Kwon 28 days ago +45

    *If you do something wrong it will be might the end of BIGBANG
    -I felt that😢

  • Krista A
    Krista A 28 days ago

    I know I should hate seungri and the other idols involved in the scandal, but I just cant help feeling pity for them. I'm sure none of them were like this in the begining, they were once young and full of dreams too. Just what made them become this way? It's too sad😭😭😭

  • Giomarc Guibao
    Giomarc Guibao 28 days ago

    Am i too late? To Became A VIP?

  • Giomarc Guibao
    Giomarc Guibao 28 days ago

    Its Hard To Imagine BIGBANG With 4 Members.

  • Sion Marak
    Sion Marak 28 days ago +17

    I am very sad for G dragon rather than suengri because he tried his very best to protect and save him but he betrayed him.

  • iiOmqKathrynPlays x
    iiOmqKathrynPlays x 28 days ago

    Why are people calling this a scandle it is not a scandle its a CRIME!

  • Tam Pham
    Tam Pham Month ago +1

    Let's be honest. This dude seung ri didnt do jack for big bang, theyd be fine without him

  • Zorro World Order
    Zorro World Order Month ago +2

    This people that want seungri being release or safe is just broken. If the victim is your family may u feel what burden bound to you. piece of shit

  • Ysabelle Andrey
    Ysabelle Andrey Month ago

    They will discharge soon...I don't know if I will be excited to see them or I will be sad because there's a possibility that they will disband soon....But I believe they can recover soon even though Seungri is gone...I know it's hard for them but it's hard for VIPs too...I know Seungri will continue supporting Bigbang after all this problems... BIGBANG WILL FOREVER BE MY KINGS♡

  • Ysabelle Andrey
    Ysabelle Andrey Month ago +1

    GD wants the best for Bigbang but Seungri....Seungri failed him...

  • Ysabelle Andrey
    Ysabelle Andrey Month ago

    They tried to stop Seungri but Seungri didn't listen to his hyungs...It's just so heartbreaking that he didn't even think about what will happen to the other members if he do something crazy...His hyungs trusted him but he failed them...

  • marie cruz
    marie cruz Month ago

    just wait and see😏😏 nyongtory💪😍

  • cyxing 4
    cyxing 4 Month ago

    it saddens me when i remember how GD lectured Seungri when bigbang throw their maknae a bday party but he went elsewhere to throw a bday party :'(, this is so sad, i hope Seungri realize that bigbang members are his true friends nd family

  • Rona Libarra
    Rona Libarra Month ago

    Im so sad asf aaaaaaHhHhh

  • Fijo San
    Fijo San Month ago

    GD also half jokingly asked fans to accept BigBang back as 4..I fully intend to do just that.. LSH was warned about shady associates..He didn't listen so that's that.

  • wnt 1412
    wnt 1412 Month ago

    They not to protected or predicted but they know the truth

  • Kim SeokJin
    Kim SeokJin Month ago +1

    Most of all G-Dragon is the best , even if Seungri had broke my heart into pieces but I forgive him , I put him as my inspiration for me to run out a bussiness too oneday , but its just a lie 😔 . Thank you to Seungri for breaking my ambition . But fortunately , there is GD out there who will and always be my amazing inspiration❤.

  • Adhe Sulaeman
    Adhe Sulaeman Month ago


  • Kajal Nehru
    Kajal Nehru Month ago

    why to save seungri.. he has to bear the fruits he saw.

  • Vousmevoyez
    Vousmevoyez Month ago

    And the best part is, some people still support this guy on instagram😌😌

  • Annie Rose Ibita
    Annie Rose Ibita Month ago

    I loved Seungri

  • Valeria Belyavsky
    Valeria Belyavsky Month ago +1

    Yes, Seungri fucked up and needs to take responsibility for his actions
    BUt We also gotta remember that he will be forever be remembered as an influential figure
    We have to respect him as an artist for sure because he is talented.
    But G-Dragon himself said that Seungri lost his passion for music, he is also young and can be mislead as we see G-Dragon say as well
    I dunno where I am going with this just wanted to put my thoughts out there for the world to judge

  • sam RnK
    sam RnK Month ago +1

    I don’t know how to react about this. It’s make me feel so sad. My questions is “can other members will be okay to be in bigbang without seungri?” They known for so long through

  • yoboi -
    yoboi - Month ago


  • M'jay kwon
    M'jay kwon Month ago

    It will be sad if big bang disbands because of seungri and am sure he will also be quit ashamed if that happens, whether his guilty or innocent am sure his really scared to face the day when his hyungs will be discharged from the military.... If his found guilty and sentenced and if BB disbands after service then he will never live a normal life again, he will always feel the guilt heavy on his shoulder...

  • Joy Joy
    Joy Joy Month ago

    All the member of BIGBANG worried about seungri it is because he has a lot of Friends and has a 1k something on he’s lists of contact and beside seungri is all around the corner (the great seungri)

    When the time comes that they’re enlisted I still believe that BIGBANG is always in the KPOP world and break the leg

  • aha leklu
    aha leklu Month ago

    hey guys, but have u guys read the new info? it's rejected..but idk..have u read it?

  • Aica Romasanta
    Aica Romasanta Month ago +1

    haters and people who wants BigBang not to return did a petty way to make this whole scandal work for bigbang especially to breakdown seungri, but seriously its not gonna work, Bigbang will remain king, 5members and dispite all of this, Seungri got all warrant rejected bc of lack of evidence and this kind of post and people who just banwagons from the start make it big,i cant blame them,their dealing with the biggest boy group,not only by popularity sake but their Avengers of Kpop music since they debut so if u dont like nor love them, just leave! easy as that! real VIPs remain! Bigbang is forever and beyond! 😘👑

  • Jenalyn Dalupang
    Jenalyn Dalupang Month ago

    Hope they will have to come back even with out serungi

  • xxpunny
    xxpunny Month ago


  • Quick silver
    Quick silver Month ago

    This video doesn't prove tht the other members predicted future or had sixth sense, as i can see lot of ppl commentinh. Come on they also knew abt those scandals but as a friend they couldn't expose him and tried to warn him to b careful. Y don't u ppl just understand tht ur oppas are not tht innocent as they act or show to us

  • Yeon Kimin
    Yeon Kimin Month ago

    People saying there is no evidence. Please shut up. Evidence or not, if an idol gets into scandals like these it probably means he was somewhere somehow involved in it? Stop telling people to not blame him without evidence cause you can't take his side without evidence too. It goes both ways.

  • We Wanda
    We Wanda Month ago +2

    I think big bang will end if sr proven to be guilty and go to jail, if not, big bang can still stand with 5 members, we remind gd, daesung and top scandal till now they are still stand as 5.. It's fair if his hyungs forgive him for all this mess if he not guilty, and can back to big bang, it's fair... He out big bang bc to protect big bang, his hyungs and yg, if his hyungs really love their maknae they should forgive their maknae, IF HE NOT PROVEN GUILTY.. that is called true FAMILY like as they always said, FAMILY.. FAMILY.. FAMILY..
    Im not vip but i really love gd's songs, I just want clear my mind, if something bad happened to my family, my sister/brother that I will do to protect my family from separate..
    Just fighting seungri ah for your justice, I believe your hyungs still love you if you are not guilty..

  • cartoon humour
    cartoon humour Month ago

    When BIGBANG will comeback ot5, it's over for y'all bitches

  • Elfy_Eonni
    Elfy_Eonni Month ago

    They never failed to always remind him since he's always dragged himself to scandals and controversies. I just wished he listened to them and maybe this would never happen after all.

  • baiart bailey
    baiart bailey Month ago

    Well all I can say is adios BIG BANG!!! Seungri didn't listen to you guys so now it's probably all over. 😕😕😕😕

  • Shamsidar Md Ali
    Shamsidar Md Ali Month ago

    Everyone in Bigbang had some kind of commotions except for Taeyang, if I am not wrong. But what Seungri did was the worst possible nightmare for Bigbang and their fandom. Lets hope that the scandal will not deter the four brothers from making a comeback after completing their military service come this winter.

    BTS ARMY Month ago

    Seungri messed up so badly not only with there life but with from Big Bang other members career 😔

  • wasteitonme _
    wasteitonme _ Month ago

    When he said that? Omg

  • Mila Afriliani
    Mila Afriliani Month ago


  • Gavina Mayo
    Gavina Mayo Month ago +10

    Bigbang will always be five. They'll have a comeback in the near future, trust me.

    • Vatsal Sompura
      Vatsal Sompura Month ago +5

      It’ll be 5 as long as they replace Seungri with someone more worthy. Otherwise Big Bang is just gonna have to move forward with 4.

  • kryungyyy zooom
    kryungyyy zooom Month ago

    Ever wonder why seungri is the only one who is in deep shit??? I mean he have a lot of friends I don't think that he is the only big kpop idol that is involve on this mess. Ever wonder why Sandara just deleted the video of her and Seungri in Boracay in which Seungri brought her three pairs of expensive sun glasses. They chat all the time. I don't belive that she knows nothing on what's happening to Seungri. And the fact that I'm most buffled about is there is NO ONE SINGLE RUMOR ABOUT HER. Maybe they are part of some kind of mafia or maybe the other kpop idols are also involve but can't speak. That's why they're rich. Man kpop industry sure is a messy stuff. It's not just about singing or dancing in inkagayo or mnet. Alot of messy stuff is lurking around kpop behind close curtains. But anyway this is jyst my opinio a theory. A game theo- oh wait wrong A kpop theory.

  • chesca landicho
    chesca landicho Month ago +4


    GOD JIHYO Month ago +6

    Don't worry gd... We still here for u...eventho there's only 4 of u guys we will still love u... I miss u oppa i love u ❤

    UMA DEVI Month ago +4

    Let's just remind when seungri supported Gd ,daesung and top during their tough times ,just wait for final verdict

    UMA DEVI Month ago +8

    Plzz let's wait till final verdict ,many things proven wrong plzz my dear VIPs ,he too had a great role in big bang success,he too
    worked hard along with them through thicks and thins,just my opinion

  • Vi Lai Vue
    Vi Lai Vue Month ago

    To put this out; GD was the older brother for BigBang. As an older bro we look out for eachother because we know the loops and been through shit show. I guess no more big bang

    • you L
      you L Month ago

      No the older is top,gd is the leader of bigbang

  • clown gaming
    clown gaming Month ago

    let's bring back bigbang without seungri.

  • Ďïöńÿšüš
    Ďïöńÿšüš Month ago

    We can only see them individually and not as bigbang anymore? 😥

  • Nani Shamoon
    Nani Shamoon Month ago

    I am just shocked that seungri did something inhumane like this. Big bang was the first kpop group who introduced me to kpop and i loved each member so much. It is so sad to see this and seungri's greed for money did this to him. Everyone trusted him and he just abused it.

  • V I P
    V I P Month ago +1

    GD will finish his military service in OCTOBER 2019. let us wait to how he decide about BIGBANG.

  • Anne Lopez
    Anne Lopez Month ago

    Why SEUNGRI?!! YOU BROKE MILLIONS OF HEART especially GD and other members.. We know that You are aware how passionate and dedicated GD, TAEYANG AND DAESUNG 😥😫

    • UMA DEVI
      UMA DEVI Month ago +1

      It's easy to believe news gng around,many things like police collision , molka,drugs are proven false by police,so before blaming him check the facts ,the one who Ur blaming lost everything his band ,many VIPs which he worked hard for since his teenage becoz of false reports gng around in media ,plzzzzz wait till the final verdict

  • ICE
    ICE Month ago +2

    Sorry but Seungri was NOT misled......HIS GREED BROUGHT HIM DOWN and he is NOT sorry for ALL his dirty evil deeds he has done, he is ONLY SORRY THAT HE GOT CAUGHT!!
    Seungri was living the hi life and thought he was untouchable and owned the World and everyone fell at his feet......that gave him POWER and made him GREEDY which led to him not caring for anyone other than HIM and HIS WANTS!
    This dirty bastard needs to be in PRISON for LIFE, he had NO respect for women, used them as a means of making money, raped whomever he pleased and LAUGHED about it later then BRAGGED to his friends in a chatroom!
    He is DISGUSTING and needs to pay with his own freedom...nothing less will do!!
    IF GD was so worried about Seungri destroying BB, then GD & then the others should have kicked Seungri out of BB a long time ago when he wouldnt listen or heed their warnings...that would have been the right thing to do..but they didnt.

  • khezzkhzmh
    khezzkhzmh Month ago +1

    Big bang should stay making music. Seungri can just go. He is not that bigger influencer in the group. Hahhaa

  • Va Va
    Va Va Month ago

    Build by hands but ruin by feet

  • monyet hutan
    monyet hutan Month ago

    That happen when u have low position in BLACK ORGANIZATION. ONLY king of mafia will survive

  • Giini Lutz
    Giini Lutz Month ago

    Big Bang will be Big Bag even without Seungri. I'm so fucking mad at Seungri. How can he do that to Big Bang? How can he do such things? I can't understand that even if he try to explain... It isn't understandable for me. He broke Bigbang he made a huge mistake that broke the whole Band. I mean GD and Top had a scandal too because cannabis but woooow a lot of people smoked weed in their life that is not really a scandal but what Seungri did is not to apalogize. I'm so disappointed really. He had enough money he had everything he want. He had only 1 thing to do... Big Bang represent in a good way, and what did he do? He did shit huge shit. He damaged the whole existence of the band.
    The band don't need him they can do that alone. I just hope that they can handle that situation and I hope the VIPS stay beside them💖

  • luv bts
    luv bts Month ago

    Seungri is a criminal with a mask,such a nasty crime!

  • wife jiyoon
    wife jiyoon Month ago

    Gd...gd.. 😭

  • Anjaly Notlia
    Anjaly Notlia Month ago

    So sad no bigbang and 2D1N😭😭

  • BTS Army Catlover
    BTS Army Catlover Month ago +3

    G dragon is the best part of Big bang if you asked me

    • BTS Army Catlover
      BTS Army Catlover Month ago

      @BlueMeaney49 I really like Gs sound though I know taehyung is a better person. And I like his voice they are different

    • BTS Army Catlover
      BTS Army Catlover Month ago

      @BlueMeaney49 its even I like him to and he seems the best behaved

    • BlueMeaney49
      BlueMeaney49 Month ago +3

      I think Taeyang is the best. At least he's never had a scandal and is now a responsible married man.

  • Bey Zee
    Bey Zee Month ago

    I'm sad over the fact that Seungri had to do this, but not on the fact that he was caught doing it. Justice needs to be served. Also, GD can take care of his group with the other 3 members and Seungri is not really a lost for the group to be completely dissolved. It's just a matter of time and Bigbang would rise again with 4 members and stronger than ever.

  • Grace Metran
    Grace Metran Month ago

    Bigbang without Seungri will be the same... OT4 #IamVIPuntilwhenever! Please be strong, safe and healthy then comeback to us. We VIP's will be waiting!!!!

  • dglee87
    dglee87 Month ago


  • Lauren Hope
    Lauren Hope Month ago

    Big Bang will continue without Seungri. Fans will support them, they had nothing to do with his shady business

  • Gaming Reza
    Gaming Reza Month ago +3


  • Y e n
    Y e n Month ago

    The least I can say while putting it humorously is

    Seungri don goofed

  • BeaMonz
    BeaMonz Month ago

    You don't need trash like Seungri to continue Big Bang...

  • SCOTT ontheboat
    SCOTT ontheboat Month ago

    Awww Hell take your money ,,go buy an island and live happily ever after😁( man I got this business-- it's making so much money I don't know what to do--- sell it)

  • suba idol
    suba idol Month ago +2


  • Rosie-Lee Cummins
    Rosie-Lee Cummins Month ago +1

    I feel like after GD left for the army the rest of the group kinda just fell apart

    • BlueMeaney49
      BlueMeaney49 Month ago

      Seungri's problem, T.O.P.'s drug arrest, Daesung's drunk driving arrests and accident...all this stuff happened waaayyyy before GD left for the army.

      MOONLIGHT MOONLIGHT Month ago +1

      I thought that I was the only one thinking that

  • просто самый лучший

    I wish everyone of Big Bang happiness and to stay away from the industry. Nowadays after everything it’s the best decision.

  • Nicoll M
    Nicoll M Month ago

    Stay strong kings :(

  • Nicoll M
    Nicoll M Month ago +2


  • Akit Anaways
    Akit Anaways Month ago +2

    Of course GD knows what will happen to seungri. They know each other more then one years. Looking who's seungri have friends instead of big bang members, he have negative friends. He always talking about money, he want more and then he loss his self.

  • Nona Aki
    Nona Aki Month ago +1

    I don't know why everyone is only talking about betrayal... he is a f****** criminal... he and his friends drugged, raped and sold women (and men?), they treated them as some kind of objects for their own benefit... they destroyed lives, hurt people, didn't and still don't care. And I'm sorry if some of you feel hurt BUT ... as it seems GD and others seemed to have known what was going on but PROTECTED this lame excuse of a human being for THEIR benefit... to make money, to protect their friend... this is not right.
    You all should think about the fact that these men were protected and probably kind of still are. Think about how you would feel to be recorded, raped, sold, drugged, and treated like trash and how everyone shut their mouth to protect those people who did all these things to you. Disgusting!

    • Nona Aki
      Nona Aki Month ago

      @BlueMeaney49 I've read that yochun's former fiancé is probably part of the whole seungri thing. Which lets you doubt what he actually did or didn't do. It was discussed that she was the one providing these guys with drugs. I hope they will get a lot of people's heads while investigating. Sadly, they will not get everybody but as long as they get a lot of them it was worth it.

    • F Kelley
      F Kelley Month ago

      BlueMeaney49 Agreed! One red flag that really set me off about Seungri when the burning sun scandal started and the truth started to unravel, the fans (or whoever) got assaulted by _his_ security got hurt and I distinctively remembered how shocking it was for me to see his reaction when he never mentioned it, acknowledged it or even apologized on the behalf on how his personnel behaved against a visitor at his club. I thought that was an asshat move but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and I thought I was being too harsh. Now it’s clear why he never mentioned or apologized, considering what kind of person he is and what was going on in that club. And you’re right, it is a huge waste of hard work on the part of everyone working their ass off to make their careers and Big Bang as successful as it was and to have that legendary status tarnished because of a self-centered prick who most likely just took all the credit that he didn’t deserve, and damn sure not serious about being apart of it, is sickening. Someone else at that time probably deserved the position more. I read Seungri wasn’t initially going to be part of the group at first and G-Dragon didn’t like him at first, but they eventually let him join and everybody warmed up to him. It’s too bad he took them for granted.

    • BlueMeaney49
      BlueMeaney49 Month ago +2

      Let's face it, Seungri has always been a self-centered ass since day 1. He also used to rat his members out to YG. Here's what pisses me off. T.O.P. drugs, Daesung drunk driving multiple times, Jonghyun and others also involved in Seungri's mess, Yoochun (this one really broke my heart) and his mess. They don't even THINK about what this does to their other members and their livelihoods and reputations. They don't even THINK about what it does to their parents and siblings. How do their families face their neighbors? Go to school? What about all the crews at YG who helped make them who they are all these years. He's jeopardized the agency and all their jobs. Lowest of the low.

    • F Kelley
      F Kelley Month ago +1

      Nona Aki You too! Thanks 😊

    • Nona Aki
      Nona Aki Month ago +1

      @F Kelley I agree :) thank you, too. It was nice talking to you :) have a nice day and yes, let's hope

  • Nico Brav
    Nico Brav Month ago +1

    Lee seung Hyun depart of BIGBANG will only be beneficial to the rest, it was clearly for interviews in the past that Seungri was only a business partner and never a member of the family.