Feeling sad with GD’s words to Seungri: "If you have something wrong, it’ll be the end of Big Bang"

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Feeling sad with G Dragon’s words to Seungri 'If you have something wrong, it’ll be the end of Big
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Comments • 2 021

  • Musahib1000
    Musahib1000 3 days ago

    Well showbiz have its dark sides especially towards celebs with less talent and weak personality who are then forced towards unspoken rules to survive in showbiz. Maybe his seniors knew what kind of people he was getting involved into but they just couldn't afford to offend the elites above them so they warned seungriri but still to no avail.

  • depezahrial
    depezahrial 3 days ago

    Please come back!! Four of you would be okay.

  • Normelie Tayan
    Normelie Tayan 3 days ago

    Make me feel sad.....why he end up like this.....pray for you dear you make this struggle.....fighting oppa

    • Nicole Thomas
      Nicole Thomas 22 hours ago

      Normelie Tayan tvclip.biz/video/wzbjpo8TPS8/video.html

  • Renata M.
    Renata M. 5 days ago +4

    Seungri is an egocentric, selfish and irresponsible person.

  • afatarra
    afatarra 5 days ago

    The things is i never really like seungri or hate him.. He is just maknae for me (usually i have soft spot for most maknae in BG or GG). But i do dissapointed at him, those hyungs are really care about him even gave him a lot of warnings in tv shows!!! Which means either they warned more off air or seungri just build thick barrier so the hyungs can't reach him off air.. Oh well, i still love BB without baby.

  • Evangelina Tessia P
    Evangelina Tessia P 9 days ago

    I am kinda feeling that his hyungs didnt point Seungri as a bad person in here. They were all just concerning about Seungri's friends which someday could drag him into big problem (and, it did). Seungri is just a good person but he is involved in a wrong circle. He is just being an escapegoat or witchhunted. If he was at fault, he wont be confident enough to defend himself and go through hours trials - but he did try numerous times to prove his innocence. I think k-media just exposed him as the guilty one for 'popularity' or trending bcz well he is well known.
    You have to watch this video tvclip.biz/video/wzbjpo8TPS8/video.html 😊 Dont be fooled by the media. Mostly, media doesnt care about the truth, they only care about 'profit' and public attention 😊

    • Evangelina Tessia P
      Evangelina Tessia P 9 days ago

      The police even couldnt prove that Seungri is guilty 😊 just think if you are in Seungri's shoes--you are innocent but the media frames you as the guilty one, the public believes the media blintly, and suddenly you are being the heaviest sinner in the world even tho you are innocent. If it was me, i would get depressed, stressed out, angry, sad, and so many negative feelings

  • Sera
    Sera 10 days ago

    I grow up watching and adore him for being the joy of the group . Seeing him doing this really made me heartbroken . Bye Riri 👋😢

  • Jessy Tantowi
    Jessy Tantowi 10 days ago

    Today, Daesung and Taeyang is discharged from the military. I feels this kinda bitter sweet feeling. I miss them so much. I miss Seungri too. How i wish and i wish the allegation is not true. Seungri, im angry (a lot) to you, but i couldnt lie, that i miss you too.

  • Cjeeyy 14
    Cjeeyy 14 10 days ago

    please watch this. It's all about Seungri's case. Please, we must not discriminate Seungri😫😪

  • Syifa Salsabila
    Syifa Salsabila 10 days ago

    But i still fall in love with seungrii😭😭

  • XD Jenerene
    XD Jenerene 12 days ago

    Seungri's innocence PROVEN!

  • Sumitra Gurung
    Sumitra Gurung 13 days ago +1

    Now its ended. Behind this scandal theres a real person who tried to use him rri as a scape goat

  • blackjenna
    blackjenna 16 days ago

    Of course there were people who would've given the rest of the guys a heads up about what S. was doing. Wouldn't you have if you knew? Its fortunate that they were in Service so as not to be included in the scandal.

  • Zee
    Zee 19 days ago

    Many suffered becasue of his (seungri) wrong doings AND HE HAS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT. Bigbang wont be the same without him but they will survive. Rather than him staying with the group but tainting other members' (& BIGBANG itself) reputation.

    This far more serious that TOP's scandal. And tbh, i dont find anything wrong with the issue. But seungri took it to another level.

    • Nicole Thomas
      Nicole Thomas 22 hours ago

      Zee tvclip.biz/video/wzbjpo8TPS8/video.html

  • Hermione -
    Hermione - 21 day ago +1

    I am a fan since 2008, no matter what happen I will still support Riri and the rest of the gang (even those who are still in enlistment). If you're truly a fan, you'll never leave them even everyone already left them. That's truely, purest, honest, and certified VIP.

  • Barbie Days
    Barbie Days 21 day ago

    People or Seungri 🤬🤬🤬 its seungri fault...if you want to be big in business be humble...that's why I didn't like him

    • Nicole Thomas
      Nicole Thomas 22 hours ago

      Barbie Days tvclip.biz/video/wzbjpo8TPS8/video.html

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 21 day ago

    Bring T.O.P and move to America G! Become a citizen and Hey, you can still tour Korea with all but Seungri. I want/need Big Bang. How many American artists smoke weed publicly here? (A lot) Poor TOP I don't even count that as a scandal but Korea is so strict.. As for Seungri poor guy should have listened to hyungs advice, he knew he was hanging with a bad crowd.

  • Maribell Rostirola
    Maribell Rostirola 22 days ago

    Somos pessoas, sem exceção todos nós erramos. Que faça comentários maldosos quem nunca erro, quem não tiver defeitos.
    Seungri merece nosso respeito, ele reconhece seu erro é pediu perdão. Vai ser punido e pagar pelo seu erro, nada mais justo e correto. Que sirva de lição e segue seu caminho na trilha do bem.
    ""Seungri estou esperando sua volta ao BigBang""

  • JOANNA Joanne
    JOANNA Joanne 22 days ago

    Being betrayed by a close n trusted friend sucks the worst.. I PRAY THAT IT WONT HAPPEN TO BIG BANG.. BE careful as a celebrety.. It has it's own price..

  • JOANNA Joanne
    JOANNA Joanne 22 days ago

    Just move on without him boys.. Greed has taken the best of him.. Dont even trust him now.. Let him choose his own destiny..

  • Gopesh Ramchiary
    Gopesh Ramchiary 25 days ago

    Can someone tell me what crime seungri did😢😢

    • Nicole Thomas
      Nicole Thomas 22 hours ago

      Gopesh Ramchiary tvclip.biz/video/wzbjpo8TPS8/video.html

  • Diana Andres
    Diana Andres 25 days ago +4

    When you fall you will rise again no body’s perfect, learn from your mistake there always a bright side at end of a tunnel

  • Zena Kyungsoo
    Zena Kyungsoo 28 days ago

    The other members were really looking out for him but he just ended up messing with other people's lives, It's sad....

  • Yeng Vang
    Yeng Vang Month ago +1

    At the end of the day, Seungri threw Gdragon's words to the ground and got busted right away. GD told him so...

  • TinyGood GT
    TinyGood GT Month ago

    First song name ?

  • Febe Marie Royo
    Febe Marie Royo Month ago +3

    It hurts me to see this. I love BIGBANG but again when there is fame , there is also flaws. But I hope Riri will change and get back on his knees.

  • penny not wise
    penny not wise Month ago +1

    keep your feet on the ground, always.

  • allya 126
    allya 126 Month ago

    Why seungri?!! 😓😢😩😭😭

  • Chrono Crusade
    Chrono Crusade Month ago +2

    isn't funny because we all know that its always the younger siblings who make mistakes but as older siblings, we lecture them about it. I know seungri scandal is huge and idk if people would still love him perform after this. for me, I would still see Bigbang even with or without seungri.

  • trusfrated
    trusfrated Month ago +1

    Gd and top were trying to protect him they were trying to show him the right path. I feel so heartbroken for gd..

  • Soru7
    Soru7 Month ago

    another video where this trash channel tries to use a scandal and defame an innocent celebrity, just for some views that this disgusting human waste behind this channel cant get otherwise...
    especially to use jokes as some "serious statement" and use it in your title...
    your life truly must be miserable to do something like this and especially, that hes still innocent, that you still dont delete this bullshit video, also shows how sad your life is to care so much just for some views...

    for all the disgusting haters, as just mentioned, the parts seen here are jokes used in a comedy show, where bigbang is known for teasing seungri every single time, just to make people laugh. they are also entertainers, so they want to entertain. their act in a comedy show does not depict their true personalities and that goes for every kpop idol, its part of their job to act nice and innocent in front of the camera, no fan of any kpop idol knows their bias's true personality.

    also seungri is still completely innocent which is a fact, not some opinion, just like the opinions of all the human waste here saying hes guilty or something bad.
    all accusations are completely baseless, without even a hint of truth to them, and most importantly still unproven, meaning its a fact that hes innocent, since its still innocent until proven guilty.
    if the accusations werent so baseless and if there was at least a hint of truth to them, then and only then you could think theres something wrong and he could truly be guilty, but there is absolutely nothing ever shown against him, except thin air.

  • tdot6ix
    tdot6ix Month ago +1

    I wonder what yg was thinking when they picked seungri over hyunseung. Probably not this.

  • Fleur x
    Fleur x Month ago

    the first ever time i saw big bang, i immediately had this feeling about seungri. i didn't instantly hate him, but i just felt like something was off about him, and i even remember thinking that 'this guy is shady, he's definitely in some stuff'. and i was a complete outsider, i didn't know them at all. now imagine what seungri's bandmates were feeling. especially gd, it seems like he knew something's going to happen. he tried to warn seungri, he tried to push him to change not just because of the band, but because of himself. it's honestly sad.

  • Juvy D
    Juvy D Month ago +4

    This is where Seungri’s ego and insecurity took him. He was always insecure of the other 4 members. When he was trying too hard to gain more money when all the others wanted more was to focus on their love for music, Seungri dragged everyone down with him. But Big Bang is Big Bang even without Seungri, i will support OT4.

  • Desa Sumbersari
    Desa Sumbersari Month ago +1

    A real friend will scold u when u get wrong, will wipe your tears when u get hurt and laugh every laughter u say though someties its jut not funny at all

  • Ricky Marico
    Ricky Marico Month ago

    I hope seungri will be fine soon...big bang fighting🔥

  • Vanlalruati Chhakchhuak

    I believed them and they will comeback as 5 members again 😊

  • Diana P
    Diana P Month ago +1

    GD is right that he slipped . But unfortunately is hard to back to music world after his scandal ... Plus he not member anymore of BigBang .... So future of BB is not clear maybe they continue solo carriers ... But I really hope that they try continue like group even without one member ...

  • Hestia Selene
    Hestia Selene Month ago +1

    some people don't treasure what they have until it is gone then they regret...why do it then if you know it is not good and might be your fall....so sad that he seemed too confident in that matter without considering what and who will be affected after

  • Hannah Kwon
    Hannah Kwon 2 months ago +1


  • Athena Saori
    Athena Saori 2 months ago

    YG is the true devil company

  • Yeonbin My Heartu
    Yeonbin My Heartu 2 months ago +1

    Remember,life is like a wheel... that is what my late grandpa told me. Sometimes we're at the bottom,and sometimes we're a the top
    But,Im sure BigBang will shake the world once again and be on top again

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      @Athena Saori no youre another disgusting and jealous human waste who cant handle the fact that bigbang are the kings of kpop, all 5 of them. which is why you want to ruin them all and start with seungri, who is still completely innocent. something even the members know, since they proved recently that they still support him.
      your jealousy and disgusting opinions wont make him something bad nor guilty.
      also get it into your empty head, just because many piece of shits do something, doesnt mean its some cool trend. jumping on any bandwagon wont make you something better, you will always be a miserable and disgusting human waste running after every "trend" just for some attention that you dont get in your sad life...

    • Athena Saori
      Athena Saori 2 months ago

      The reputation is over.
      Their image is over.
      bc of Seungri.
      I hope the rest of the members can still continue as four

    IAMKIKI 2 months ago

    GD....i knew you would be like a fucking kind hearted father from the start...

  • Muhammad Yazid Tamami
    Muhammad Yazid Tamami 2 months ago

    Yeah whatever. We are waiting for you, BIG BANG !

  • 旋律
    旋律 2 months ago

    Gd & Top are as bloody horrid as the yg tyrant when they were both caught doing drugs in Japan and of course, the main yg culprit just had to bribe the court & the bodies to drop the charges. But Top did it again and even worse - he idiotically did drugs while he was serving in the military!!!!
    Daesung with his 2nd Degree Murder whom it cost him 20K for taking a life and now all these with Seungri. Just remember this, Seungri is Evil HyunSUCK Yang’s #1 FAVOURITE that he even named his son after Seungri. All the crimes being charged on Seungri, don’t y’all know that Evil founder & former Unprofessional ceo of #ygentertainment & Jennie’s daddy HyunSUCK YANG IS THE MAIN CULPRIT/BIG BOSS❓‼️‼️
    *** EVIL HyunSUCK Yang is the PIMP, the DEALER & the ONE who gives BRIBERIES to KEEP his CRIMINAL yg ARTISTS from BEING CHARGED & from GOING to PRISON🤬🤬🤬‼️‼️‼️ ***
    The most recent diabolical cheat/scam/criminal acts are with #BLACKPINK’s evil lazy, unprofessional& ill-mannered spoiled diva yg princess bich, BLACKPINK’s Evil Jennie Kim’s highly-evil obsessive sugar daddy/yg tyrant HyunSUCK (Hyun-suk) Yang already gambled and spent most of BLACKPINK’s earnings on her over the years, ESP on her BLOODY STUPID solo🤬🤬🤬‼️‼️‼️ he has been bribing #TVclipKorea & also #IGKorea to make the bloody bish (Evil Jennie) famous - MORE FAMOUS THAN #BTS & AS FAMOUS AS #BLACKPINK as a group and nearly close to Lisa’s number of IG subscribers which is REDONKULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE (checkout the music charts where the bloody bish’s solo had beaten most of BTS songs EXCEPT #BOYwithLOVE & #DNA🤬🤬🤬‼️‼️‼️
    These yg ARTISTS are all the products of EVILNESS their FORMER ceo RAISED and TAUGHT them!!! AGAIN, Seungri is that evil ceo’s FAVOURITE and even NAMED his SON after HIM. Go figure.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      no, youre just here to show what a disgusting and jealous human waste you are, who cant handle the fact that its still bigbang who are the kings of kpop.
      just like you jump on their hate bandwagon, you also jump on blackpinks and bts's hype bandwagon, just for some attention that you dont get in your miserable and worthless life.
      if you cared about any of these idols, you wouldnt bring them shame with your disgusting lies against bigbang.
      but you even contradict yourself and dont even get it, in your first comment you attack blackpink too and in your last comment you say you only care about blackpink, proving that you have some serious mental issues and truly jump on every bandwagon just for some attention and to seem cool on the internet, which you could never do in your sad life...

      here some fun facts for you, daesung did not kill anyone. the victim was beyond saving before daesung was involved. this was proved back then already. even the family of the victim never blamed him for it, so you disgusting human garbage are not in a position to point your dirty fingers at him.

      seungri is used as a scapegoat to divert the attention away from a really disgusting crime that happened in the sopa school, where powerful people are involved and real victims exist. but you also obviously shit on real victims too.
      every single accusation against seungri is completely baseless, without even a hint of truth to them, and most importantly still unproven, making it a fact that hes still innocent. your disgusting opinions and jealousy wont make him something bad.
      he also disproved the worst accusations a long time ago and that pretty quickly. ignoring that wont make it dissappear. making it another fact that there are no victims in his case and that he isnt accused of anything really so bad, that even deserves any hate.
      the only accusation against him now is illegal gambling, nothing else, and that too is completely baseless and the investigations arent getting anywhere.

      yg too is completely innocent, the prostitution accusation was already dropped too. not once did yg do something so bad in his whole carreer, only jealous fake armys like you who love to spread rumors around, because you couldnt accept the fact, that they were by far bigger than bighit and still are, no matter how it looks to them, the quality of music they made is on another level than bighit and your beloved bts, which is even something bts knows and real armys too. further proving your ignorance about kpop and even about bts, which proves that you just jumped on their hype bandwagon because of their fame and nothing else.
      just like you think some ig subs or yt views means something when it comes to quality...

      anyway, you proved nicely what a disgusting and jealous human garbage you are, who jumped on this hate bandwagon against innocent celebrities and helped spreading lies to justify your hate out of jealousy and for some attention, that you dont get in your miserable and worthless life, because youre so retarded and ugly, that everyone avoids you.

      top was the only one who did a minor crime and he paid for it, everyone else are still completely innocent, the members proved that they still support seungri, so they can make a comeback as 5 again and remain as the kings of kpop and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, except let jealousy eat you up.
      they can leave this bullshit behind, while you will always remain a disgusting and pathetic human waste without a life, always running after some bandwagons just for some attention...thats the only thing your sad life amounts to...

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 Month ago

      Darling , if you are so concern about trainees, why are you no talking about SOPA.....waiting.....hypocrisy in da house!!!!!

    • 旋律
      旋律 Month ago

      nikandra76 Keep telling yourself that. I’m not even here to gather acceptance nor opinions. I just care bout #BLACKPINK JiSoO, LiSa, RoSé and former #2ne1 CL & Dara. You obviously can no longer differentiate reality from delusions which is sad. You don’t care bout anyone’s wellbeing nor safety - calling people like me who’s speaking the truth to let anyone who are still in touch with reality.
      How can you even laugh at something real and evil?!! Do you know how many failed trainees that Evil HyunSUCK (Hyunsuk) Yang EXPLOITED?!! So, who’s crazy now??

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 Month ago

      Oh lorca crazy army in da house🙄🥵

    • 旋律
      旋律 2 months ago

      Maria Kor Wrong. Gd and Top did worse as worst as the tyrant cuz they’re both aware what’s going on IN yg HELL. While Top who was gifted by that evil tyrant was a yg trainee whom he exploited to be Top’s sex and drug slice of 3yrs!!! Gd’s is ALL AWARE of the SEX Exploitation of failed trainees and rest of the criminal ACTS being done within that yg HELL’s wall and did NOTHING TO STOP IT!!! The mistreatments of artists and trainees has been known forever. If not for gd being in love with Dara, she would have gone through the same treatment as LiSa from BLACKPINK.
      Daesung who’s already was found guilty for 2nd Degree Murder and was fined 20K$ for it after a long investigation of whether the victim was already dead or not when hit - well, it’s been ruled out that the victim was alive when hit. As for EVIL Jennie, the Evil HyunSUCK Yang is for real, her sugar daddy and besides true Blinks are aware of the truth I mentioned her here, even BTS and Army don’t like her for her unprofessionalism, laziness which were caught in cam that even other Kpop artists had witnessed all these and cheating her way up - it’s common sense that Jennie is a FAKE cheating her way up cuz her sucky solo is being marked as popular as #BLACKPINK and had BEATEN MOST OF BTS SONGS except #BOYwithLOVE and #DNA beside her I’ll-mannered attitude. JiSoo, Rosé and Lisa are ALL AWARE of Evil Jennie’s and her sugar daddy’s EVIL doings cuz the Evil Duo were the ONES who started the HATE and RACIAL SLURS, ESP on Lisa. Everyone can see all these Evil in #ygentertainment but people like you are the ones who are loss in fandoms and delusions, being victimised by Kpop has brought to majority of fans.
      By the way, the reason why 2ne1 disbanded and didn’t even make it on their 10th year was cuz of that evil HyunSUCK Yang’s mistreatments towards Minzy which is why Minzy NEVER had a solo and WISELY left yg HELL is the CAUSED of the disbandment knowing that without Minzy, 2ne1 will fail in which that Evil tyrant knew bout that brought the decision of disbandment. All 4 knew bout the mistreatments since it’s been happening to Minzy. Yet, they were then bound in contracts and cannot speak for their defences.
      It’s a TRUE FACT yg HELL and it’s Evil founder are committing CRIMINAL ACTS of Sexual Exploitations of failed yg trainees, unprofessionalism and mistreatments towards their artists + abandonments of the artists being stuck in the yg dungeon - yes, the yg dungeon exist and that’s where the inactive artists are stuck in. Even the Korean version of Boys over Flowers’ main actress LEFT cuz she’s not getting paid enough to support her family!!! End your gullibilities and learn to face the TRUTH, Girl. Even the Evil tyrant GAMBLED most of BLACKPINK’s tour earnings in VEGAS!!!! I bet you don’t know that and even his yg princess/mistress, Evil Jennie is pissed off bout it.
      All these yg artists I mentioned here and mentioned bout are all TRUTH but sadly, nothing but the TRUTH. They all are the products of the Evil HyunSUCK (Hyun-suk) Yang’s EVIL INFLUENCES and Seungri was his RIGHT HAND - GO FIGURE...
      I will always love 2ne1 and BLACKPINK (except Jennie) and I love Taeyang who’s faith in GOD protected him from all the Evil happening within yg HELL. I used to love bigbang till I WOKE UP to REALITY and learned the TRUTH. The TRUTH also hurt me and many others. That’s why the yg stocks went down after we learned bout the Evilness inside yg HELL.
      There’s no minor or worst when it comes to CRIMES. A CRIME is a CRIME. There’s NO RIGHT bout committing CRIMES.

  • Lucy Narnia
    Lucy Narnia 2 months ago +1

    It’s sad that GD and TOP knew something like that would happen.

  • Sari-Sari Mixed Videos
    Sari-Sari Mixed Videos 2 months ago +9

    G-DRAGON is very Responsible person.. i Love the way He cares to his members and other people. ♥️😘 Now I'm totally missing Bigbang i want them to comeback now 😥😘

  • bangtan legendary sonyeondan

    It's not the end. I have full trust in my leader. Let him be back Kings will handle it all. And yes bigbang will dominate the showbiz for sure ❤❤

  • Silverine Mawroh
    Silverine Mawroh 2 months ago

    well they tried their best to guide him but he chose his own path so now face the consequences...u deserve them

  • Lyza Cristobal
    Lyza Cristobal 2 months ago +9

    I will always going to wait for bigbang.. They are the only kpop idol i really love since 2009.. I know they will be back.. Hopefully soon.. Fighting!!

  • J- Hobi
    J- Hobi 2 months ago

    What he did was rape, illegal drugs,ect, I’m i right can someone explain to me what he did pls?
    The people that are scrolling down the comments

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 Month ago

      He didn't do illegal drugs

    • Nina Faye
      Nina Faye 2 months ago +1

      Seungri was in a chat in which at least one molka video (in which women were raped) was shared along with a few photos. He watched the video because he recognized the man in it and identified him by name. He also laughed after each comment.

      Seungri has revealed that he knew about his friends’ illicit hobbies. Not just Jung JoonYoung but “everyone”. So I think it’s safe to say he was well aware of at least that aspect of what he was seeing. In his March 2019 Chosun interview, which is the only time he has ever addressed the molka issue btw, he claimed that he told them to stop… because they might get in trouble. However, there is no written record of him doing this, so whether or not you choose to believe it, that’s up to you. He helped these awful friends of his cover their tracks for years and was still protecting them up until recently, alerting them to trouble when the news broke and telling them to change their phones before speaking to police. The only reason it wasn’t entirely lost to time is because JJY didn’t do as he was told and never left the chat, or any others for that matter… and when his cell phone was wiped clean in late 2016, the chats were saved and stored.

      He admitted to soliciting prostitutes. “It is true that I had sexual relations with a female employee of an adult entertainment establishment after paying money. I am now reflecting on my actions. As a celebrity, I found it hard to admit to suspicions of soliciting prostitution.” He alsi admitted to providing prostitutes for foreign investors.

      There are no proofs that he is rapist. But he knew about rapes and he did nothing.

  • Liam Yuna Catanghal
    Liam Yuna Catanghal 2 months ago +2

    Knowing how gd loves the group, i can say that if seungri really committed the crime maybe they would go for a disband, rather than continuing w/o seungri.. :'( hoping that i am wrong with this..

  • adriana best for you to be in the world to me

    We miss you Big Bang

  • adriana best for you to be in the world to me

    Big Bang please come back in the stage

  • Debbie Alex Kure
    Debbie Alex Kure 2 months ago

    Is BigBang over i hope NOT 😭😭

  • jham pr
    jham pr 2 months ago +1

    This video is misleading, now people are thinking 'GDa and other members knew what seungri is doing and did not stop him'. They are just suspicious if you watch their guesting on radio star, they said they dont like the people seungri chose to hang out and be friends with, they have a bad feelings to them and they kept reminding him about that, to be extra cautious and careful.

  • Karen V
    Karen V 2 months ago +1

    It's obvious that Seungri has a sex addiction, and when people have an addiction they don't listen to those around them, no matter how sound the advice they're given because the addiction controls them and their minds. I hope he gets the help he needs to overcome it. However, despite Seungri's problems, that doesn't need to kill Big Bang. They're separate issues. I know it affects the reputation of the group, but as you've stated here, they warned him many times to change his ways, so hopefully fans can see that they were being responsible in the advice they gave him, even though he didn't listen and continue to support the rest of the members when they are together again..

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 Month ago

      How was obvious? How many girlfriends he had? I'm confused

  • kaleidoscope PB
    kaleidoscope PB 2 months ago +1

    We are not losing hope. We still believe in your hard work and passion for music. Big Bang will surely come back with a BANG, even without Seungri. GD and Taeyang...I so love you both. Rooting for you both and Big Bang! Hwaiting!

  • Alona Joy Velasco
    Alona Joy Velasco 2 months ago +2

    Whatever happened, im still hoping bigbang will make a comeback.. Love them all..

  • Princess Menguita
    Princess Menguita 2 months ago

    When they will sing their songs again it’s not gonna change that much like come on seungri have like less lines