Eminem - Godzilla (Lyrics) ft. Juice WRLD

  • Eminem - Godzilla (Lyrics) ft. Juice WRLD
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Comments • 80

  • Rap City
    Rap City  2 months ago +4448

    Is Eminem still the best Rapper in the World?

    • V1rttuoz
      V1rttuoz 8 days ago

      Коменты закрыты(Comments closed)

    • ProVi , BuckyB0Y
      ProVi , BuckyB0Y 21 day ago


    • Daniel Walker
      Daniel Walker 24 days ago

      You better believe it!!!!!

    • Artis Foster
      Artis Foster Month ago

      I’m going to end this comment section with the only accurate answer : Yes.

    • Marcos Avila
      Marcos Avila Month ago

      @Liberator Establish a definition and it wont' be subjective. Oh, now the definition is subjective? Ok you win, pessimist.

  • esteban cordobs
    esteban cordobs 16 minutes ago +1

    Perfect listening to music aaa woman mnnnn is shit yes dog pu***
    😁😁😅 like thank

  • esteban cordobs
    esteban cordobs 21 minute ago +1

    Yes is shit uhhhh they are is he

  • Manish Aryal
    Manish Aryal Day ago

    2022 still listening 🤪✌️💀

  • Ignis Umbra
    Ignis Umbra 5 days ago

    You censor out the spelling of swears but he swears?

  • PalikoyTv
    PalikoyTv 7 days ago

    the best rapper from the Philippines godzilla challenge accepted watch it guystvclip.biz/video/DtC5oEM-Yys/video.html

  • rabab rizvi
    rabab rizvi 13 days ago

    You are 1000 times better than 7claouds

  • Bienryx Pineda
    Bienryx Pineda 14 days ago

    Eminem have like 10 lungs

  • Remember My Name From The Last Video

    Instead of Rapping so fast is his talent
    He can Also Breath So Long
    Rapping And Breathing So Long

  • GamerEdgar YT
    GamerEdgar YT 20 days ago

    2:55 start

  • Gary Foss
    Gary Foss 21 day ago

    🔥 💯

  • Gabriel Felenczak
    Gabriel Felenczak 22 days ago

    Bro they deleted eminem album wtffff

  • Christian Micevski
    Christian Micevski 24 days ago +1

    His songs are so littttttt boyyyyyy

  • James Brown
    James Brown 25 days ago

    he is and he is racist

  • 지나가던이과생
    지나가던이과생 27 days ago +1

    Wow 당신은 Su 많은 영어 댓글Jung에 한글 댓글을 Bal견 했어Yo!!

  • Rene Brandt
    Rene Brandt 27 days ago

    Who is better:
    Juice wrld: like
    Eminem: comment

  • Babita yadav
    Babita yadav 27 days ago

    Me:learns rap God
    Eminem:drops Godzilla
    Me:let's learn it
    Also me:fill'em the eliminate what I gotta through to you...
    Oh no

  • Siddharth Kaley
    Siddharth Kaley 28 days ago

    2:57 Hear it on 0.75x to feel sane.

  • Nazmul Khan
    Nazmul Khan 28 days ago


  • Choayb Marad
    Choayb Marad 29 days ago

    Nice 👍

  • Mason Parker
    Mason Parker Month ago

    when juice says monster you can hear the girl from the beginning

    CRISTOFER ADAN Month ago

    2:57 ö

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Month ago

    Speaking straight up matrix 😂🤘🏼

  • papito7757
    papito7757 Month ago

    Damn! 🔥

  • invidiame modzgod
    invidiame modzgod Month ago +1


    MILOUDI MILOUD Month ago

    Me: Eminem, what's the wifi password?
    Eminem: 2:57

  • Shelby Eshman
    Shelby Eshman Month ago

    :'( i can sing along with Juice WRLD and the first line with Eminem but then im just "MY WHOLE SQQUAD'S IN HERE WALKING AROUN THE PART A CROSS BETWEEN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AND A BIG BOOBY-ndougneoanhtguenaiunguneuangbebauibgbfieabigbeia".....welp

  • Kacper420
    Kacper420 Month ago

    summer 2020 hit, commin up one of them non the least

  • Kacper420
    Kacper420 Month ago

    this shits CrAy AF,

  • deanna salsbury
    deanna salsbury Month ago

    I went too fast

  • chris 7
    chris 7 Month ago +1

    Listen to 2:57 at 0.75 speed,its still faster than rap god

  • 인덕선
    인덕선 Month ago +1

    와사비가 버스보다 빠를까?

    • 인덕선
      인덕선 Month ago

      ㄴㄴ 칠리가 더빠름

  • ThePanda Channel_YT
    ThePanda Channel_YT Month ago +1

    Do a remix of Godzilla.
    Idea: myself

  • Digle'sMask
    Digle'sMask Month ago

    RIP Juice WRLD

  • Robert Chico
    Robert Chico Month ago

    fast part is 3:00

  • Tristan G
    Tristan G Month ago +1

    Eminem rapped faster then his Rap God verse 7 years later at 47 years old...Thats TUFF!!

  • Samuel Blackburn
    Samuel Blackburn Month ago

    Of Course.

  • 10.000 Subscribers Without Videos

    50% of words are not in the lyrcs , but its impossibile to get all of them =/ So good job

  • Pavel Efimov
    Pavel Efimov Month ago


  • Lachlan Irvin
    Lachlan Irvin Month ago


  • Keysight Labs
    Keysight Labs Month ago

    Conspiracy theory: Playing the fast part at 3 times speed recites a spell to resurrect juice.

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester Didzena Month ago

    I got ammunition to speak many lyrics but i just keep it a short distance to speak what i feel in my emotions its like a potion been doin this since kindergarten like feeding my garden to express my life n be who i am to be of what's ahead of me

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester Didzena Month ago

    Waste another bottle of rnr n party on marching on till the morning n it all starts again allover panty filled partys never stopping lmao

  • Solomon Berry
    Solomon Berry Month ago

    Eminem has always been the best rapper Point Blank. A lot of people do not want to admit it. Which sucks for their conscience because he just keep f****** it up no. LOL

  • SAD
    SAD Month ago

    0% oxygen
    100% adrenaline

  • 아나,ANNA
    아나,ANNA Month ago


  • Kris Ed
    Kris Ed Month ago

    TRAPCITY with Eminem? Well it happened! 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Tyler Hayden
    Tyler Hayden Month ago

    You can top rap god Eminem: aight hold my beer

  • HD Anime
    HD Anime Month ago +1

    Abonné me تابعوني

  • gacha cookie lover
    gacha cookie lover Month ago

    Damn he is good

  • ShureLock
    ShureLock Month ago +1

    You cant have lyrics without the curse words, Its not Eminem anymore.

  • Lorenzo Trinidad
    Lorenzo Trinidad Month ago +1

    2:58 if you put 2x faster it’s to damn complex to understand what he’s saying...

  • Jonah Flipz
    Jonah Flipz Month ago

    He sang faster than me falling down a 56 flight of stairs this was me down stairs ↘️⬅️↗️⬆️↩️⬅️🔀↙️↕️⬇️🔃🔄↙️↘️↗️➡️⬆️

  • uber yangster
    uber yangster Month ago

    I didnt expect callab tbh I mean juices songs are hella depress af while eminem's super energetic and I'm just loving it. Plus juice wrld part hits just hit ya'no. RIP juice wrld

  • Arran Stewart
    Arran Stewart Month ago

    Who’s been here since the start of Eminem

  • Literally A Cat
    Literally A Cat Month ago

    Whoever Tries To Argue With Em Probably Save Their Lung First.

  • Artem Lomakin
    Artem Lomakin Month ago

    Me: *breaths*
    Eminem: We dont do that here!

  • Esther Ray
    Esther Ray Month ago

    Rap god 😲😲
    Because it is Godzilla😎😎😎😎😘😘


    3:24 is so random


    2:57 is the best part in the song.

  • 203 15賴宥廷
    203 15賴宥廷 Month ago

    No one:
    O2:every needs me
    Eminem:I don’t think so

  • Custom UI Gamer
    Custom UI Gamer Month ago

    normal song lyrics-shows line by line in video
    eminem song lryics-*show whole para*

  • 소고기
    소고기 Month ago +1

    한국인들 모여보자!!

  • Red Tiger Gaming
    Red Tiger Gaming Month ago +1

    If he is not the best tell me a better one alive like no 2 pac. And nf now is bullshit PAID MY DUUUUES UH UH you having orgsem or what and x is shit rip but he is a mumble stupid 13 e girls don't know they lient stupid singers like they trynna say im so depressed so tell me a better one? Logic is close but em raps better what are some stupid guys from UK some black guys they make to not lisent a song again so again tell me?

  • RuDz Shark69
    RuDz Shark69 Month ago

    No disrespect
    But how did they record this with juice wrld being dead like did they film it when he was alive or

  • Lachlan Irvin
    Lachlan Irvin Month ago


  • AndroTech
    AndroTech Month ago

    Make sure to pause the video often
    We care about em

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma Month ago +1

    When my grandfather scold me 2:56

  • samuel uchendu
    samuel uchendu Month ago

    Eminem is a beast Damm
    Rip juci wrld miss you 😑 😢

  • Ray Gamingx
    Ray Gamingx Month ago

    2:56 Try Speed 2x

  • Sarthak Band
    Sarthak Band Month ago

    Lungs leave the party.....🤣

  • Dalton Metzger
    Dalton Metzger Month ago +1

    Me: Just got the hang of Rap God after a year
    Eminem: Dropped Godzilla
    Me: Aw sh*t! Here we go again!

  • Delfox
    Delfox Month ago +1

    so you're gonna name your channel rap city and censor curse words.

  • Anamolepo Labua
    Anamolepo Labua Month ago

    2:57 my fav part

  • Evander Gosten
    Evander Gosten Month ago +2

    Oxygen: there's no way a human can live without me.
    Eminem: hold my lungs.

  • pubg highlights &stream

    Eminem breaths once
    His lungs: we don't do that here!

    JOLEW Month ago

    My clip of Unaccommodating : tvclip.biz/video/P7I-OLy56Qk/video.html

  • canoxx
    canoxx Month ago

    Eminem: 2:56
    Me: ah shit, i clicked on 1,25x. Oh, It's just a goat Rapping, my mistake