I Got Schooled By Italian Mozzarella Masters...

  • Published on May 26, 2018
  • I learn how to make Mozzarella Cheese from the best cheesemakers in Italy. Their buffalo Mozzarella "mozzarella di bufala" is traditionnaly made following a secret recipe, in Campania, close to Caserta.
    Artisans curdle the milk by introducing natural whey from previous batch. Curds are matured and acidified naturally. Then Spinning "Pasta filata"...
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  • 煦安
    煦安 Year ago +4451

    Of course you speak Italian

    • tesso
      tesso 4 days ago

      They are speaking a mix

    • Yuru Yuki
      Yuru Yuki 4 days ago

      His italian is still kind of cracked but i was shocked as well lmao

    • tesso
      tesso 10 days ago

      @Blamas v est faux là grammaire et l'orthographe italienne sont plus proche du français que De l espagnol

    • Erik Emerölduson
      Erik Emerölduson 17 days ago

      Honestly, I'm not surprised. Italian and French are really close languages structurally, and it's not surprising to know that if a French person speaks a second language, they probably also know a third. I study with a French girl who knows German, one man I met from France knows Russian and Korean, my second cousins take Spanish in school, and my mom's friend knows Vietnamese.

  • Manuel Calimag
    Manuel Calimag 12 hours ago

    You sound like HOUNGOUNGNE

  • Angry Byrzz
    Angry Byrzz Day ago

    En tant qu'italien et trilingue sa façon de parler anglais et italien me perturbe t'arrives pas à rouler les r est-ce vraiment aussi dur? Fais un effort t'as un million d'abonnés quand même

  • dark paradise16
    dark paradise16 2 days ago


  • Dennis Otto
    Dennis Otto 3 days ago

    Name of the piano piece at the Slow mo?

  • Adonai Montero
    Adonai Montero 6 days ago +3

    How many languages does this man speak???

  • Jacob
    Jacob 6 days ago +1

    Where is the hat?!, WHERE IS THE MOUSTACHE?!, And mostly WHERE IS YOUR BAGUETTE?!

  • Fool's Play
    Fool's Play 8 days ago

    I frikkin LOVE this guy !
    Alex, sei il migliore, anche se sei Francese. Ha Ha Ha !
    A la prochaine

  • Jonguye
    Jonguye 11 days ago

    My acne is flaring up just by watching him eat

  • RoStep Music
    RoStep Music 12 days ago

    A french dude going to italy and talking english 🤣🤣

  • Nyol Novantadue
    Nyol Novantadue 12 days ago

    Finally someone who finally go to a REAL Master of mozzarella, not all the fakes in America!

  • Wael saab
    Wael saab 13 days ago

    Man for being a young chef u are an inspiration by helping me with ur useful vids much appreciated thank u ❤️❤️

  • laen programmation
    laen programmation 13 days ago

    I really like this kind of videos in which you can see traditional hand made ingredients / meals

  • TheValkian
    TheValkian 14 days ago

    I found my food porn.

  • Daniel Hufford
    Daniel Hufford 14 days ago

    I haven't started this video yet. I once watched a video on how mozzarella is made, but the video was terrible imo, because they started with mozzarella curds and added water before forming it. I wanted to know how the mozzarella curds are made. I will now scroll up and begin watching this video. My hopes are high that I see the production of curds, and not just a hot water mixing.

    EDIT: They started with the animal itself. Holy shit, this is awesome. Liked and favorited, thank you, Alex, for a true showing of how something is made.

  • Chopper
    Chopper 14 days ago

    As someone who is lactose intolerant this hurts to look at but at the same time looks sooooooooo good

  • Vin the Hunter
    Vin the Hunter 15 days ago

    Do they have a song to sing when they make Mozzarella? If they do, that might be a big hit in Europe one day.
    Pizza Mozzarella, Pizza Mozzarella. Rella Rella Rella Rella Rella Rella Rella Rella.

  • Viktoreia
    Viktoreia 16 days ago

    *apologises for translating italian to french to english* as if anyone would be like pfttt why cant you speak english like monolingual people??

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 16 days ago

    How much languages do you know?

  • F6 Alpherino
    F6 Alpherino 16 days ago


  • Alessandro
    Alessandro 17 days ago +1

    Unfortunately in this place, such as Caserta, Napoli and others, the soil is poisoned with dioxin. I don't buy anything coming from there ☹️

  • Regian
    Regian 18 days ago

    Wait i live there

  • Lukas Brodérus
    Lukas Brodérus 19 days ago

    that bite looked so discusting

  • MrBroken030
    MrBroken030 19 days ago

    These people seem proud of their food and their tradition and thats reflected in their great Mozzarella. If only everyone could have a job that he is so passionate about.
    Anyway that fresh Mozzarella looks so delicious :D

  • FilthyManatee
    FilthyManatee 20 days ago

    "I already did some Mozzarella, it's a bit yellow, I've got no flavor" Yep that about sums up how my home made mozzarella tastes too. Still better than store bought though.

  • Andrew Demarest
    Andrew Demarest 21 day ago

    I can't even dream about how good a pizza would be if made with that cheese, let alone if Alex made the dough and some tomato sauce was freshly cooked.

  • Abdullah Almosalami
    Abdullah Almosalami 24 days ago

    Oh man that cheese looks so so so good I wish I can have a bite.

  • Marc Schlotzhauer
    Marc Schlotzhauer 25 days ago

    Hey Alex, maybe you can tell us, why "mozzarella di bufala"-balls develop kind of a skin but is still brittle in the inside. normal cow millk mozzarella is more consistent all the way through? Is it because of the milk (cow vs. bufalo)?

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 27 days ago

    He looks a bit like Morty from MCM with the cap on

  • Luca Cristofori
    Luca Cristofori Month ago

    Molto bene, molto molto bene. Bel video che mostra l'autenticità dei prodotti italiani, la mozzarella di Bufala in questo caso. Anche tecnicamente bellissimo video!!!

  • CaptinME
    CaptinME Month ago

    Milk is the key

  • 45ladybugs
    45ladybugs Month ago

    I love how he bites into the mozzarella and it weeps milk. OMG, it must taste awesome!.

  • Ebonie Lyon
    Ebonie Lyon Month ago

    i came

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    A french who speaks italian? Well it's time even for me to start learning french.
    However even for us who don't live in Campania region is difficult to taste the real mozzarella. The first time I did I was amazed... I discovered the real taste and flavour of mozzarella. Great experience.
    No matter what the results will be, to prepare a mozzarella on your own is extremely difficult. Good luck with your efforts but you already won

    DEKIKK 2 months ago

    Watching this while eating mozzarella.

  • Bonnie Gray
    Bonnie Gray 2 months ago

    The real Italians masters where blacks Italians ! That which was first taught the people which happens to be blacks ! Let me make it plan .. The first the original Italians are blacks then they started mixing the blacks with whites and over the process of time you get white Italians. So while the black Italians were being mixed.. Black Italians taught the white Italians lots of things and this was done all over the world 🌎. Never forget who your real original mothers and fathers are . Black people . And might I add civilization didn’t come from or start in Africa ! This whole planet started out a black planet.. blacks

    • Maverick
      Maverick 2 months ago

      Wich kind of drug are you taking?

  • cathmananon
    cathmananon 2 months ago

    This is the real mozzarella not the one they call "low moisture mozzarella"

  • T. B.
    T. B. 3 months ago

    So lovely. All food should be made with this type of care and attention.

  • Lorendrawn
    Lorendrawn 3 months ago

    That was absolutely the most sexual thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • Girinath Prathi
    Girinath Prathi 3 months ago

    It's nothing like the one available in the markets near here in India. We have only hard cheese(mozarella). But in the video it's completely different and looks so tasty. Want to try sometime

  • R B
    R B 3 months ago

    consider yourself lucky Alex. That plane you were on was a boeing Max 8 . Your day could have been MUCH worse .

  • izzy san
    izzy san 3 months ago

    I don't know how I feel not one of them cats was wearing gloves

  • Angelo Germano
    Angelo Germano 3 months ago

    Lot of poetry in your videos

  • Hope For the Planet
    Hope For the Planet 3 months ago

    I'm just going to say it...I Love Cheese......and I LOVE Alex...

  • DerSturkopf
    DerSturkopf 4 months ago

    what is the name of the song interlude at around 05:00 min?

    • seraphale
      seraphale 3 months ago

      Contemporary Confusion 2 by Peter Sandberg

  • ולרי ופרינסקי


  • Tony P
    Tony P 4 months ago +1

    If you have never tried real buffalo mozzarella, splurge once and try it. It's a life changer. I think Costco even sells it, produced by local dairies.

  • michel diaz nocetti
    michel diaz nocetti 4 months ago

    Hate your airplanes add in the beginning 🤢🤮.... but I love this cultures of🧀🧀🧀🧀....Safe the 🌏!

  • Marcus Medeiros
    Marcus Medeiros 4 months ago

    RuneScape reference ?:o

  • Svetlana T
    Svetlana T 4 months ago +1

    We need more videos with sexy men making food 😆

  • Ixca Flores
    Ixca Flores 4 months ago +2

    Its so weird watching this cause I know he is speaking Italian but since Spanish and Italian share so many words my Spanish switch turn on then I gotta switch back to English to read the subtitles, amazing video though

    ALPHA ET OMEGA 4 months ago

    I love youuu! I don't think there's been anyone else like you just doing what you're doing, travelling to check the secrets of the products in the very place of their production, and trying to save everything in your hard disk and improve yourself more more😘

  • Enricot L'abricot
    Enricot L'abricot 4 months ago

    C'est l'aéroport de Toulouse ?

  • Rana Nur AYTUN
    Rana Nur AYTUN 4 months ago

    I want to taste it too, it looks extremely delicious 😋

  • Garrett Lees
    Garrett Lees 4 months ago

    Make that, one million and one

  • Jo Momma
    Jo Momma 4 months ago

    I guess Alex knows chinese and Portuguese as well

  • Alessandro Saluzzi
    Alessandro Saluzzi 4 months ago +2

    That was Amazing...pure poetry

  • markmeson
    markmeson 4 months ago

    Buono quel formaggio

  • St. Rain
    St. Rain 4 months ago

    Oaxaca cheese has much more flavor and is better than mozzarella.

  • Tewma
    Tewma 4 months ago +1

    That sick camera/editing work at t=281

  • W 5
    W 5 4 months ago

    Dove si trova??

  • Alexis Misselyn
    Alexis Misselyn 4 months ago

    Mozart est mort, mais dans cette video, mozart est là

  • Alexis Misselyn
    Alexis Misselyn 4 months ago

    That’s how mozzarella works

  • Vanya Boon
    Vanya Boon 4 months ago

    Can we get a 'it's chewy' shirt? :D

  • Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess

    Ballet of cheese making. Beautiful! It makes me happy to see people stick to their traditions (methodology).

  • Rumple
    Rumple 4 months ago

    lvl 99 cheeky runescape reference Alex?

  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity 4 months ago


  • Emna S
    Emna S 5 months ago

    The making of mozzarella or the making of art

  • Tyrfingr
    Tyrfingr 5 months ago

    Fascinating how people come up with the ideas and processes to create a special kind of cheese. And now that we have it... Where would we be without the Mozarella ?

  • 42kami kun
    42kami kun 5 months ago

    that's fantastic how beautiful and passionate cooking can be! Thank you Alex for sharing it with us ^^