Film Theory: Attack on Titan's Biggest Mystery SOLVED

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    The Titans of Attack on Titan are an unusual sort - they don't follow the rules of giant sized beings like I talked about in my Ant Man theory. Why is that? What is making these Titans? Today Theorists, I aim to get a 'rise' out of you all with what I've uncovered.
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  • Regular Casanova
    Regular Casanova 6 months ago +11737

    I was not bready for this information but now my friends knead to know.

  • Sean Varvar
    Sean Varvar 46 minutes ago

    Matpat has the funniest fkn intros 🤣

  • Liz Templeton
    Liz Templeton 2 hours ago

    No they
    are not

  • Wafflez 0909
    Wafflez 0909 2 hours ago

    And what’s makes bread and titans grow? Yeast.
    Me: _eating sandwich_
    *sudden realization*

  • Grandma Margeret
    Grandma Margeret 5 hours ago +1

    RIP sunny and bean

  • Grandma Margeret
    Grandma Margeret 5 hours ago +1

    It still doesn’t make sense tho, you can’t just eat a whole lot of bread and become a huge man eating monster. Also won’t get my head out of the gutter

  • Grandma Margeret
    Grandma Margeret 5 hours ago +1

    When the mindless titan stumbling towards you walks like a Minecraft character, Steve??

  • Sam Gamer418
    Sam Gamer418 13 hours ago

    But can you explain why there is lightning everytime they transform ?

  • wheaty
    wheaty 17 hours ago

    I have an answer to all of this.

  • Sabrina Palazzo
    Sabrina Palazzo Day ago

    Sasha will end the war. Give her an hour

  • Oofer Adams
    Oofer Adams Day ago

    I was eating toast while watching this

  • Jamie Pauwels
    Jamie Pauwels Day ago

    He showed the nuclear reactor from Subnautica

  • Moepowerplant
    Moepowerplant Day ago

    Well then, after watching this video I think Film Theorists would love to have a taste of this:

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez 2 days ago

    Titans contain the spine of the human who is controlling it and the human body evaporates when turned in to a Titan unless it eats a Titan shifter, including Eren,Reiner,Bertolt,Annie,Ymir, then in the manga later on Armin becomes a Titan and eats Bertolt, A character is introduced named Galliard and Eats Ymir to become the jaws Titan, Armin becomes the colossal Titan

  • aqua fishy
    aqua fishy 2 days ago

    lemme tell yall a story when I was five I was watching TV at night and ya know how the cartoon channels play anime at that time I was watching attack on titan bc I didn't know how to turn it off I was five and so I just sat there suffering the gruesomeness of attack on titan now I love attack on titan

  • BlackDeathLP
    BlackDeathLP 2 days ago

    Matter can't be created from nothing, do you know the Hawking radiation? (I know you need a Blackhole and stuff but...)

  • Dragneel Adhoo
    Dragneel Adhoo 2 days ago

    That theory kinda makes sense,
    But, ( thats a big butt)
    Just quick question: if* its like that... how does it explain the fight at night. (We do see a battle at night in AOT mid s2 {i guess})
    Edited: spellin mistake is to if*

  • Juan Steven Cruz
    Juan Steven Cruz 2 days ago +1

    Matpat would be a good science teacher

  • EikRandver 7
    EikRandver 7 2 days ago

    11:27 sasha came back from eating all the titans

  • Carol Fennell
    Carol Fennell 2 days ago +1

    Take a snicker boi your not you when your hungry

  • Ninjagone smith
    Ninjagone smith 3 days ago

    I watch the show

  • Ninjagone smith
    Ninjagone smith 3 days ago

    I love anime show

  • John Lor
    John Lor 3 days ago

    When people die or be eaten by the Titan they will live again but as a Titan 😅😅😅😅

  • rxrz y
    rxrz y 3 days ago

    It's the curse of yermer!!!!!

  • Something Less Basic
    Something Less Basic 3 days ago +1

    Ok ok matpat dude seriously antman isnt adding any mass his atoms are just getting pulled apart

  • Darkness pizza
    Darkness pizza 3 days ago

    So you need to do a rain dance for a year or so so they can die or something

  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios 3 days ago

    You ruin peoples childhood

  • sabeeh israr
    sabeeh israr 3 days ago +4

    Manga readers laughing psychotically in the background

  • Hello Momo
    Hello Momo 3 days ago

    Lol the first anime's I watched were full metal alcamist attack on Titan and death note and he said them all at 1:20

  • GachaLunar :3
    GachaLunar :3 3 days ago +3

    when u realise that you have watched a video that literally explains the wrong information

    • Meme Content
      Meme Content Day ago

      GachaLunar :3 yeah I don’t understand this video

  • Jaypy Pogz
    Jaypy Pogz 4 days ago +3

    Was this sponsored by Snickers?

  • Kawaii Spook
    Kawaii Spook 4 days ago

    colossal and beast titan aren't abnormals xd

  • lily acoustics
    lily acoustics 4 days ago

    Titans are *yeast*

  • Amurskaya
    Amurskaya 4 days ago

    An odd little coincidence I noted was how yeast is used to ferment alcohol, and the creator of Attack on Titan said himself that he got inspiration for the titans by drunk people. Maybe that's part of this? Just something I noticed.

  • DJMAX Stephenson
    DJMAX Stephenson 4 days ago

    Eating suger

  • Hmm?
    Hmm? 4 days ago

    Maybe that’s why titans eat humans
    They are trying to eat a titan transformer
    Human to become human again

  • Erekle Butskhrikidze
    Erekle Butskhrikidze 4 days ago +1

    Naruto is also a must watch anime

  • Nathan Espiritu
    Nathan Espiritu 4 days ago

    How is the kid able to change titan is his dad half titan

  • Ben Purcell
    Ben Purcell 4 days ago

    You know Sasha dies right

  • Aaron Neal
    Aaron Neal 4 days ago

    Mattpad you don’t always get these theories right but from all your videos I’ve watched I believe you got this one the most right you just laid down way to much evidence for it not to be true you probably won’t read this but either keep up the good work man I love these theories

  • conrad moyer
    conrad moyer 4 days ago


  • riolu Kid
    riolu Kid 5 days ago

    Titans = matpat
    People =diet coke

    BBTD LTD 5 days ago

    That snickers gag OMG !!!

  • Ori Halicon
    Ori Halicon 5 days ago

    Love the videos

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire 5 days ago


  • Eprot
    Eprot 5 days ago

    This Bnha easter egg got me.

  • Gauranshi Sharma
    Gauranshi Sharma 5 days ago

    Did you guys know that MatPat has FOUR TVclip channels Film Theory, Game Theory, Conspiracy Theory and the newly introduced Yeast Theory!

  • Mr Grandi
    Mr Grandi 5 days ago

    this is actually brilliant

  • I’m a fan Big chungs
    I’m a fan Big chungs 5 days ago +5

    Eren: Dad what’s in the basement
    Dad: go read the F*CKING manga

  • Austin Lewis
    Austin Lewis 6 days ago

    I knew ot

  • Andrew Renteria
    Andrew Renteria 6 days ago


  • Jonny Adams
    Jonny Adams 6 days ago

    He’s called eren not aren

  • GamerBoyX
    GamerBoyX 6 days ago


  • Clarisa Cuarez
    Clarisa Cuarez 6 days ago

    Hey titans need to eat people to be people gggggoooooooddddddd

  • succy succ
    succy succ 7 days ago


  • Lunasparkle 25
    Lunasparkle 25 7 days ago

    But what about anni and erin. In one episode anni can make ice and erin can make fire in titan form.

  • maayan markman
    maayan markman 7 days ago

    but matpat if they dont have alot of mass how are they so strong and heavy as shown in the anime

  • Banana Jooz
    Banana Jooz 7 days ago

    now call this show attack on yeast

  • I'm fabulous
    I'm fabulous 7 days ago +1

    Let's get this bread~

  • stupendousgamer Valdebenito


  • Spiritcat208
    Spiritcat208 8 days ago +1

    *Seems legit*

  • Ezeragi
    Ezeragi 8 days ago +1


  • Spiritcat208
    Spiritcat208 8 days ago +3

    I'm still laughing about the Snickers thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Art - amations
    Art - amations 8 days ago +1

    No were all just run away wagyu's Matpat

  • Dragon Haven
    Dragon Haven 8 days ago +1

    Conclusion: titans are bread

  • loyal gaming
    loyal gaming 8 days ago +2

    I liked your video just because of that snickers joke

  • The even 1s out
    The even 1s out 8 days ago

    Dude,you should read the seriously! You know nothing!

  • Jalen Doan
    Jalen Doan 9 days ago

    Hahahahhaahhahaa read the manga

  • Nenita Woo
    Nenita Woo 9 days ago

    Dear MatPat,

    I would actually prefer for you to use Sub or Raw instead of Dub
    And not everyone likes attack on titan
    i prefer Grisia, Blood C, And Corpse party more.
    I dont like 3D type anime

  • Holographic Cat
    Holographic Cat 9 days ago

    0:18 to 0:23 was not expecting that

  • Zette Aquino
    Zette Aquino 9 days ago

    Ye the LEGO thing is right

  • skyhuter nick mc nick

    superman 7:57

  • Potato Screw
    Potato Screw 9 days ago +2

    Film Theory: my science class!

  • wuterwizzard 052
    wuterwizzard 052 9 days ago

    Copyright struck in 30 seconds

  • Justin Hem
    Justin Hem 9 days ago

    I bet once he researches more into this, pt2 is gonna come. He’s going find out that the manga has so much more

  • Ella Price
    Ella Price 9 days ago

    where is Madara when you need him

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 9 days ago +1

    read the manga

  • Abdillah Rani
    Abdillah Rani 9 days ago

    @filmtheorists, Don't you think that there are some correlation in SNK with Adolf Hitler colonialzation in Jerman?

  • LyndonYRB
    LyndonYRB 9 days ago

    read the manga up to chapter 115 and do another theory

  • im a nub
    im a nub 9 days ago +2

    hmm ez just put sasha in the front lines she'll eat every titan

  • Indieplumx X
    Indieplumx X 9 days ago

    1:59 read the manga

  • Magnus
    Magnus 10 days ago

    BABY: DADDY!!!!

  • Sinister Siang
    Sinister Siang 10 days ago

    so the Titans Were Cold Blooded Because they need the Sun for Energy

  • RobloxKidThatRecks Player

    How do titans get created tho

  • Jerson Castillo
    Jerson Castillo 10 days ago +4

    Your not lookimg good
    Take a snicker

  • Engie
    Engie 10 days ago +1

    *laughs in manga*

  • Moon Flower
    Moon Flower 10 days ago

    Lol so can we eat the titans???
    Also, maybe titans become titans by eating the yeast???

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 10 days ago

    what's a manna? i don't know. what's a manna with u? Manna Bread

  • Mk Erron black
    Mk Erron black 10 days ago

    It’s a anime with titans and gear that are like grappling hooks

  • lam junlong
    lam junlong 10 days ago

    Spoiler: there is one titan that is 120 meters tall

  • GlalaxyFam
    GlalaxyFam 11 days ago

    The secret to everything is... Potatoes

  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop 11 days ago


  • Tristan Walhain
    Tristan Walhain 11 days ago +2

    Aaaaaand, that was an excellent try, but titans are not yeast, they are *SPOILER ALERT*

    Humans injected with titan spinal fluid, I actually like your explanation better...

    • A. F.
      A. F. 6 days ago

      and in the spinal fluid there could be yeast. It does not change the theory

  • King Lobster
    King Lobster 11 days ago

    The marlayans, humans are trying to eliminate the aldeins, aka people in walls, so that they can finally rule the earth

  • Captain Try hard
    Captain Try hard 11 days ago

    Titans are people turned into man eating things with an injections or zeaks powers

  • Marina Paul
    Marina Paul 11 days ago

    Trump put a wall to protect them from titans that's the first good thing he has done

  • Lucius Canez
    Lucius Canez 11 days ago

    love that my hero academia reference

  • Clever Shit
    Clever Shit 11 days ago +5

    Shaggy using 0.00000001% of his power can easily deafeat all titans and by saying that he doesn't really need to use his power

  • Tori Reinhardt
    Tori Reinhardt 12 days ago

    My hero academia reference, anyone 2:20!!!!!!!!

  • Bolt Crank
    Bolt Crank 12 days ago +2

    but but... mr pat... what is the thunder bolt lightning that comes from the sky? (they cannot transform underground), maybe some sort of satellite?

    • Luka Gautam
      Luka Gautam 10 days ago

      Bolt Crank lmao read the manga