Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial


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  • Andy
    Andy 10 hours ago

    That looks REALLY good, in my opinion! Especially the trees and the mountain. Omfg. :O

  • anniesantos25
    anniesantos25 10 hours ago

    This video is so peaceful and relaxing. Absolutely amazing! This needs to be a thing. I want to see more of these!

  • Kauai Puppy
    Kauai Puppy 10 hours ago

    You did great!!

  • Stephanie Franco
    Stephanie Franco 10 hours ago

    Lol I love this

  • lexrej3kt33
    lexrej3kt33 10 hours ago

    ugh please do more of this 💘

  • Maya Simmons
    Maya Simmons 10 hours ago

    *whisper yells* “The power of Christ compels you!!”

  • Jess Faast
    Jess Faast 10 hours ago

    go on the #soapcutting hashtag on instagram and cut soap in ur next video pls

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 10 hours ago


  • Мария Владимировна

    Мне очень нравится нарисованная вами картина, Дженна. Она красивая. И кстати, такие облака тоже бывают, так что технически вы нарисовали правильные облака.
    И с днём рождения!

  • Emilama Bama
    Emilama Bama 10 hours ago

    I’m laughing so much and so quietly because my baby is in his bassinet next to me, this is amazing and wonderful. You’re doing really well

  • Galaxy 1357
    Galaxy 1357 11 hours ago

    How do you even...

  • Miah Chambliss
    Miah Chambliss 11 hours ago

    He was my great grandmas friend and he gave her a painting of his I now have💖

  • Callie Morgan
    Callie Morgan 11 hours ago

    For the love of god please do another whisper challenge bc I swear I watch it every few months and I cry from laughter everytime

    • Callie Morgan
      Callie Morgan 11 hours ago

      Also my husband and I think you did great

    • Callie Morgan
      Callie Morgan 11 hours ago

      Also this is the second time I watched this and I was coincidentally wearing a bob Ross shirt both time

  • William_wayne_84
    William_wayne_84 11 hours ago

    How do you have 14million subs. Who watches this shit?? I just sub’ed so I could joke...

  • naptime_ anytime
    naptime_ anytime 11 hours ago

    You did so good im shook please paint more

  • Shama Mandal
    Shama Mandal 11 hours ago

    Please do more paintings!! You are really talented x

  • Alyssa Summers
    Alyssa Summers 11 hours ago

    Um that looks great

  • poe ian yoe poe ian
    poe ian yoe poe ian 11 hours ago

    It looks pretty good

  • chianablue
    chianablue 11 hours ago

    Art is fun! Just enjoy yourself.

  • lemondrop
    lemondrop 11 hours ago

    This is fucking hilarious

  • Kate Rollins
    Kate Rollins 11 hours ago

    My name is Kate and I like to open portals to hell. One time my boyfriend was like “hey Kate don’t open that portal to hell” but I was like “screw you” and I sent my demon dogs after him and they dragged him through the hell portal and I turn half demon

  • Amy Simmons
    Amy Simmons 11 hours ago

    I actually really like the way hers turned out. That seems like it would be really fun to try!

  • Trevor Adams
    Trevor Adams 11 hours ago

    wtf hers isn’t even bad at all but his is flawless

  • Justin H
    Justin H 11 hours ago

    I just noticed there's no intro

  • Elsa Coloma
    Elsa Coloma 11 hours ago

    You should definitely do another video!

  • Lemon Headahh
    Lemon Headahh 11 hours ago

    Who else wants a pt. 2 ?!🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Last Breath
    Last Breath 12 hours ago

    Apply a thin layer of liquid white onto canvas for mesmerizing effects.
    When you pick up a color, you tap the brush in the paint, then "blend" and tap out excess on an empty space on the palette using a criss-cross strokes.
    Apply to the canvas with same criss-cross strokes to blend out colors.
    Clouds are done with light and tight swirling of the fan brush. Then a featherlight brush with a dry unused paintbrush across the canvas. or in an upward "wispy" motion.
    ...I watch an unhealthy amount of Bob Ross. It's on Netflix. :D Even if you don't do another video with it, I actually hope you keep painting. It's great stress relief and your painting really turned out beautifully. Maybe your birthday present will actually have been to find a lifelong passion. It's like makeup but with more colors... and a much bigger face.

  • -,'Crystal Diamond,'-
    -,'Crystal Diamond,'- 12 hours ago


  • Jer0tube
    Jer0tube 12 hours ago

    hilariously good!

  • Issy Holden
    Issy Holden 12 hours ago

    This is sooooo relaxing!

  • Shelbi Randall
    Shelbi Randall 12 hours ago

    Aww! Your trees and mountains are beautiful

  • polycide
    polycide 12 hours ago

    Praise the LORD B O B R O S S

  • Luca Sundance
    Luca Sundance 12 hours ago

    It's great!!

  • somojay _
    somojay _ 12 hours ago

    Hahahah this is honestly so overdue I love bob Ross I love you hahahah

  • Amanda Rogers
    Amanda Rogers 12 hours ago

    This video made me laugh so much. I am so happy after watching this

  • Karma Lately
    Karma Lately 12 hours ago

    This is awesome!!!! You're talnted!

  • Roxana Corrales
    Roxana Corrales 12 hours ago

    I literally cried when he said that beautiful thing about the clouds being free

  • Amanda Ellis
    Amanda Ellis 12 hours ago

    “I’m getting sweaty from the art fear!” 😂😂 I can’t stop laughing while simultaneously being impressed with your abilities!! You did an amazing job!! More videos like this PLEASE!! 🎨

  • Unexpler
    Unexpler 12 hours ago


  • Contessa Shaw
    Contessa Shaw 12 hours ago

    yours looks pretty! good job!

  • Personelly
    Personelly 12 hours ago

    This is every artists internal dialogue

  • Scott Hartley
    Scott Hartley 12 hours ago

    Jack has better dogs

  • N00bGames
    N00bGames 12 hours ago

    I love this video, hope it gets viral!

  • Mike Miles
    Mike Miles 12 hours ago +1

    This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

  • alayna zevallos
    alayna zevallos 12 hours ago

    Omg I’ve been wanting to do this type of video for a month now haha

  • 5arah 5auce
    5arah 5auce 12 hours ago

    It’s beautiful 😍

  • #Вика_Unicorn
    #Вика_Unicorn 12 hours ago

    I don't know English but i wanted to say that it's my favorite drawing. o(>ω

  • PuppyMintMocha
    PuppyMintMocha 12 hours ago

    Jenna you did so well! I do a lot of art but I'm TERRIFIED of doing paintings, and the couple times I've tried, I've utterly failed. I especially love how your mountain and trees came out, wowowow!!

  • Friend of Animals
    Friend of Animals 12 hours ago

    По-моему всё идеально)))😍😍😍

  • yani05081
    yani05081 12 hours ago

    Am I the only one who laughed when Jenna said “my mountain is still loud “😂😂😂😂

  • alli walls
    alli walls 12 hours ago

    This was so good oh my gosh please do this again! Yours looks so good too!!! 💜

  • Дана Хлопцева

    Your picture is awesome 😍🖼️

  • Emma Lessord
    Emma Lessord 12 hours ago

    Happy birthday Jenna

  • Lubomira Tzatzeva
    Lubomira Tzatzeva 12 hours ago

    I love your version of it!! I can feel it! 💗

  • Cindy Watts
    Cindy Watts 13 hours ago

    Pretty damn good. Do another.

  • Merium Martinez
    Merium Martinez 13 hours ago

    Jenna marbles you’re so marbles 😂♥️♥️♥️

  • Haven Casey
    Haven Casey 13 hours ago

    I didn’t know I needed this but I do and thank you.

  • khayfd
    khayfd 13 hours ago

    Please remake the full face of rhinestones but with googly eyes. Please?

  • Maddy
    Maddy 13 hours ago

    "He says it's gonna sparkle but I"m NeRvOuSSSS"😂

  • Whitney Claybo
    Whitney Claybo 13 hours ago

    Please do another one!!!! 😂😂😂

  • EvilOnami
    EvilOnami 13 hours ago

    dude fora first try this is pretty damned good, btw, this is a fun ass thing to do with your friends and wine.

  • lexisingsforyou
    lexisingsforyou 13 hours ago

    Uh I just finished watching, and that looks amazing. Great job!!!!

  • Jake Donahue
    Jake Donahue 13 hours ago

    You and Julien should react to Vine Compilations! ☺️

  • Aisha BD
    Aisha BD 13 hours ago

    ASMR hehe

  • lexisingsforyou
    lexisingsforyou 13 hours ago

    Lol we have the same birthday.. and it brings me comfort knowing you too have a fear of going overboard. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do something in moderation.... and next thing you know I’ve destroyed my life. Lol

  • Vapor doggo
    Vapor doggo 13 hours ago

    Jenna your last 4 videos don't have the squeaku intro

  • Cody M
    Cody M 13 hours ago +1

    Do you have an Austin City Limits episode from 1984, where Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band perform?

  • Michaela Thomas
    Michaela Thomas 13 hours ago

    Have Julian make a vlog about living with celiac disease!

  • These Turkeys
    These Turkeys 13 hours ago


  • Austin F
    Austin F 13 hours ago +1

    She said "sorry if this was boring" Bruh hell no this was entertainment I loved this lmao and was excited to see the end result as well as bobs. I wouldn't mind if there was a Part 2, 3, or a mutha fuggin 4! 🎬

  • Camden Morris
    Camden Morris 13 hours ago

    This was great.

  • Deanna Dunnam
    Deanna Dunnam 13 hours ago


  • Deanna Dunnam
    Deanna Dunnam 13 hours ago

    Your anting lookes very good

  • Amber McElroy
    Amber McElroy 13 hours ago

    Awe you made me giggle so hard! Ps Bob looks so much like my late dad I used to think my dad had an alternative ego named bob

  • Kenzie roberts
    Kenzie roberts 13 hours ago +5

    Please do your makeup but ur not able to move the brush, only your face

  • Andrew Mortensen
    Andrew Mortensen 13 hours ago +1

    Why does your’s actually look good

  • Cheyla Rossi
    Cheyla Rossi 13 hours ago

    You did amazing!!!!!

  • Kelly Saunders
    Kelly Saunders 13 hours ago

    Great job genna. Think less oil in the white wash would have given maybe an easier blend but so much better the what I could ever do.

  • Stormy Hawk
    Stormy Hawk 13 hours ago

    Julian should do a Bob Ross Aries painting

  • Aine Murray
    Aine Murray 13 hours ago


  • Kristine McCaddon
    Kristine McCaddon 13 hours ago

    I'm dying here

  • Myla Ortiz
    Myla Ortiz 13 hours ago

    you did good

  • Olivia Stalvey
    Olivia Stalvey 13 hours ago

    Jenna’s painting is really nice actually

  • Hippie Chick
    Hippie Chick 13 hours ago

    I need a hundred more of these videos! 😂😂😂 you did good, girl! You're hilarious and you made my night

  • Karen Robertson
    Karen Robertson 14 hours ago

    Did you see this? It's so funny it literally made me cry btw it's Cermet and not my channel or vid

  • Dasha Bad.
    Dasha Bad. 14 hours ago

    I think part of the reason you had an issue blending is that you used synthetic-bristle brushes, while Bob Ross probably used natural bristle, which is quite a bit more stiff and makes for less obvious paintstrokes when the canvas is wet! also I wish this were a regular series

  • Lejla Dolic
    Lejla Dolic 14 hours ago

    Wow Jenna! That looks great!!

  • rashel smith
    rashel smith 14 hours ago

    Its honestly really good

  • Grace Olsen
    Grace Olsen 14 hours ago

    I also have art fear

  • Just Angela
    Just Angela 14 hours ago

    That's actually not bad. like, if I made that, I'd be proud.

  • Noah Sell
    Noah Sell 14 hours ago


  • meat ball
    meat ball 14 hours ago


  • NeverBeforeSceneRain
    NeverBeforeSceneRain 14 hours ago

    I'm convinced Jenna marbles is capable or doing literally anything 😂 MASTER OF ALL

  • Camila Jauregui
    Camila Jauregui 14 hours ago

    Please do more of these!!!!

  • poeven
    poeven 14 hours ago

    This turned out really great!

  • Yoda
    Yoda 14 hours ago

    happy bday love

  • Miguel Cervantes
    Miguel Cervantes 14 hours ago


  • belle Marie
    belle Marie 14 hours ago

    Omg you did amazing

  • Jaeyeon
    Jaeyeon 14 hours ago

    how is she so talented???

  • Majoofi
    Majoofi 14 hours ago

    Pretty good. Next video you should do your hair like Bob Ross.