Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit | What You Need To Be A Better Chef

  • Published on May 16, 2016
  • You don't need to break the bank to make great food. Here, Gordon explains the core essentials of what you need in the kitchen, and what to look out for when making purchases such as kitchen knives, frying pans and many more.
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  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 2 hours ago

    seems like you gotta have a shit

  • stone sherrill
    stone sherrill Day ago


  • Robert Fennis
    Robert Fennis Day ago

    1:13 (maybe a second sooner) that chef's knive is fucking ragged! What happened to that knife.

  • 6 6
    6 6 2 days ago

    Get a decent 10" chefs and forget the POS serrated slicer. And don't get POS knives like these with a balluster. After you become proficient it will be in the way so much as to render the knife useless.

  • Nick Lue
    Nick Lue 3 days ago +1

    People who disliked this video are just not VERSATILE

  • John Michael
    John Michael 3 days ago

    These Americans are so into full clad stainless steel. Actually the true high end stainless steel are got heavy disc bottom . Fissler , Paderno and Deyemere

  • Mike Garner
    Mike Garner 4 days ago

    I kept wondering why a scale and sieve were so important for bacon.

  • McFreezy YaBoi
    McFreezy YaBoi 6 days ago

    So versatile

  • Shyrin
    Shyrin 7 days ago

    he didnt discuss the ff. (it was shown there) pepper grinder, whisk, plastic and wooden spatula

  • adam smith
    adam smith 7 days ago

    I wish he'd put something with electric stoves. I'm a renter and terrified of renting with an electric stove. I'm not even sure you can cook (efficiently) on them. I was hoping he'd have a video showing how.

  • toadamine
    toadamine 8 days ago

    Those are shirty laminated puck bottom saucepans...

  • vee tour
    vee tour 8 days ago +2

    What about tongs, apron, measuring cup, salad spinner, mixing bowls, etc.

  • I am Lion Man
    I am Lion Man 9 days ago

    I agree that a good saucepan shouldn’t cost the Earth. I have a 16 year old lidded saucepan from Asda’s own brand range and it still looks almost pristine despite being in constant, heavy use.

  • mason H
    mason H 10 days ago

    Anyone no the make of the pots/pans he uses

  • Teresa Sanchez
    Teresa Sanchez 11 days ago

    Ur the best and i adore all ur shows with my teen.

  • Ckymdm Gmwm
    Ckymdm Gmwm 11 days ago

    Enoumerous ammount of multitasking brings out beneficiary when using meen,median,mode in demonstrative safe preparedness to lighten at the end an exquisite servable dish,
    Ajudicated , and then the dishes.

  • Megatastic SuperTasty
    Megatastic SuperTasty 11 days ago +2

    All this lovely kitchen equipment and he keeps his fruit in blue plastic boxes - go figure

  • Bluelaser
    Bluelaser 13 days ago

    Disagree about the frying pan Ramsey. Instead of a non stick frying pan you should go with a cast iron one. Non stick coatings have harmful chemicals that can create vapors or be absorbed into the food.

  • Kevin Rawnsley
    Kevin Rawnsley 13 days ago

    talks about cheap stuff while sitting in his 600,000 dollar kitchen

  • FreddysFrets
    FreddysFrets 13 days ago

    That big chopping knife needs a sharpening in a bad way. Looks like it was used to chop chain mail!

  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore 14 days ago

    That's not a casserole dish. That's a Dutch oven

  • SiliSlick®
    SiliSlick® 15 days ago

    Good to watch it

  • Undie
    Undie 16 days ago

    Having a sharp knife is most underrated.

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 17 days ago

    :52 ewe Gordon wth that knife is phucked……. next thing to add to your kitchen is maybe some grind stones lol

  • kitchi cada
    kitchi cada 18 days ago

    All I can remember is "versatile" 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Blake
    Daniel Blake 21 day ago

    This video is essentially versitile lol.

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 23 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says versatile.

  • Aether
    Aether 28 days ago

    "If you can, get a high quality non-stick [frying pan]" If you can? How can you not? Do you realize how hard it is to find a decent frying pan that isn't non-stick?

  • Luke M.
    Luke M. 28 days ago

    Anybody recognize the brand and style for the frying pan? It looks like a carbon-steel pan.

  • Ronnell adyn
    Ronnell adyn 29 days ago +1

    So versatile

  • gedt1219
    gedt1219 Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay, you mentioned that on the chopping board any cooking oil will do for maintenance. However, a lot of folks in youtube has said not to use cooking oil as it will go rancid. What are you thoughts on that? I bought a freshly cut Chinese Iron Chopping block of 3in by 16in, since i've been using plastic chopping board for awhile. Thanks!

  • my cock is unbelievably small, but

    “homemade, hand pounded”

  • soy coconuts
    soy coconuts Month ago

    "The knife chooses the chef, Mr Ramsey"

  • Akira 3516
    Akira 3516 Month ago

    I wanna watch hells kitchen on my TV, but my so call girlfriend broke my TV 🙁 on purpose....FML

  • CardboardWallet
    CardboardWallet Month ago

    If you step into the kitchen for the first time ever in your entire life, then this video is very useful.

  • indeediamamom
    indeediamamom Month ago

    He's really specific and picky about his bottoms lol. Sign of a true chef who gets excited by a mortar and pestle and how satisfying it is pound . They are sexy. 😁

  • tannyboy28
    tannyboy28 Month ago +1

    I’m going shopping

  • Pep's Channel
    Pep's Channel Month ago +1

    Either his pants are too tight or he really needs to pee.

  • Krystal Rodriguez
    Krystal Rodriguez Month ago +1

    I'm getting 'versatile' tatted on my neck

  • Free Will
    Free Will Month ago +1

    As a meat cutter , I don’t like wooden cutting boards , you have to sand them down to get all the food bacteria 🦠 out

  • gaineydodo
    gaineydodo Month ago +3

    Do anybody has the sense that he's ADHD, but talking about food is his calm or am I reaching? Or is he just gets overly excited talking about food?

  • Jamie O'Shaughnessy
    Jamie O'Shaughnessy Month ago +1

    "The box greater is another grate, versitile kitchen tool"

  • linkofdoom24
    linkofdoom24 Month ago +1

    I think those knives are the ones my family has, but unsure if it is the same.

  • galadeze
    galadeze Month ago +1

    every time he says baking I hear the word bacon.

  • Anthony Dispenziere
    Anthony Dispenziere Month ago +1

    Can anyone identify the brands/names of each of the items shown in this video? I'd love to know exactly what he's using here.

  • Karl Houseknecht
    Karl Houseknecht Month ago +1

    So versatile

  • GriZaQ
    GriZaQ Month ago +1

    Where's the versatile counter guys?
    This isn't madness
    It is versatile!

  • birdsdaword
    birdsdaword Month ago +1

    Grate the food on a sheet of waxed paper. Set aside or add the food to your dish. Recycle the paper. No extra dishes and cutting board is still clean and ready for other items.

  • toy chicas lover
    toy chicas lover Month ago +1


  • Rd Maglimas
    Rd Maglimas Month ago +1


  • OneTallman
    OneTallman Month ago +1

    2:50 I thought he said bacon

  • Sarmad Ghafoor
    Sarmad Ghafoor Month ago +2

    I thought his hair was on fire for some reason in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Varsity Life
    Varsity Life Month ago +1

    i will be the next great thing lol

  • Javier Sandoval
    Javier Sandoval Month ago +1

    Woah did he just really advised to use the same chopping board for veggies and raw meat? Disgusting.

  • Sandra
    Sandra Month ago +1

    I love you, Gordon 🧡

  • David Fallows
    David Fallows Month ago +1

    I'd add a cast iron griddle to the pans. Easily the best kitchen investment I've ever made. Even plain chicken breasts with no seasoning end up tasting terrific with those sear lines.

  • Allah Ditta Babu
    Allah Ditta Babu Month ago +1

    He missed out the swear jar

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear Month ago +1

    Great stainless steal pots an high end knives, two cutting boards one for protein one for veg an ready to eat food(always wash sanitize before an after) keep hands clean wash after touching protein an before working with veg\ready to eat foods. Always measonplase(hope I didn't mess that word up. The greatest feeling a chef can receive is happy foodies who want to come back.

  • KitchenDads
    KitchenDads Month ago +1

    Break the bank...? I agree that good tools make the job easier but in order to get the equipment shown in the video, I'd have to OWN THE BANK....:) Right on the idea though, get a couple good pans, one or two solid knifes, a good cutting board and your're off to a good start.

  • The Redeemed
    The Redeemed Month ago +2

    I bet his calves are amazing.

  • Kale Mussel
    Kale Mussel Month ago +2

    Only thing I learned was how to keep moving my hands and body!

  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez Month ago +1

    It would be good to tell people, Chef, that we don't really need nonstick pans. "Hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick..." and food will release itself when it's ready, just don't poke at it till it self releases. Nonstick can't go in the oven. It eventually scratches up.
    And as a wildlife rehabilitator, I can tell you that nonstick pans asphyxiate pet birds and parrots. I get calls every year from people referred by veterinarian offices in the middle of the night, who weren't burning their food but killed their parrots. It's heartbreaking and so unnecessary, it happens at normal cooking temps on the stove. Please, those chemicals aren't good for you... no nonstick! He's right, just get the best, heaviest stainless or cast iron or enameled cast iron. Develop skills like Chef has, and you won't need those unnecessary "improvements."
    I usually live by "simple and elegant is always better." Chef, you make me feel validated. I've always said those three are the only knives I need... and, humorously, the serrated bread knife I've used for over 45 years is just a cheap, stainless, Ecko knife I picked up at Walmart in 1972! Really! It still cuts tomatoes and bread flawlessly. But my other two are a good brand. I never could use my steel the way you do. Years ago. I bought a Chef's Choice three-slot electric sharpener, and it's one of the best gizmos I've ever gotten. Makes knifework so pleasurable!

    • Mary Sanchez
      Mary Sanchez Month ago

      And also, I've never like those little citrus juice squeezers, they hurt my hands. I just put half a lemon/lime between my bacon tongs and squeeze from both sides, and then ream out the rest with a simple wooden reamer.

  • Ardent Shrew
    Ardent Shrew Month ago +1

    What a shit video.

  • Zero11
    Zero11 Month ago +1

    The music was annoying.

  • Licane 11
    Licane 11 Month ago +1

    Drinking game: drink a shot everytime he says brilliant

  • Jumbo 1
    Jumbo 1 Month ago +1

    Give half your money to half of the starving world that would make you a better ' shef'

  • 089YUGO
    089YUGO Month ago

    why 1080p looks like 360p, just by me, or are you having the same issue ?

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee Month ago

    Between his bouncing on his toes, his breathy voice and the back ground music yelling "yow" every few seconds, I am transfixed. Must have all this stuff ASAP!

  • Bhavini Shah
    Bhavini Shah Month ago

    Great choices, but I’d have included measuring spoons (and cups if you’re in the US)

  • Michael C
    Michael C Month ago

    Everything according to Gordon is versatile. You forgot the microwave, extremely versatile!!!

  • Daniel Mugarte
    Daniel Mugarte Month ago +1

    Visit Neek' che' on instagram or facebook if you re looking natural handmade cutting boards.

  • Rhonda ManHock
    Rhonda ManHock Month ago

    Bacon or Baking ? 😂😂

  • RH
    RH Month ago

    an ounce of skill

  • vasil ralev
    vasil ralev Month ago

    the chefs knife looks dull, had alot of chips and I don't think it will cut anything, otherwise this is a great video.

  • Motasim Faiyaz
    Motasim Faiyaz Month ago

    no attention to the stove :/ ? wow

  • Sherman Dsouza
    Sherman Dsouza 2 months ago +4

    he stands like he needs to pee real bad.

  • CrystalRose Martinez
    CrystalRose Martinez 2 months ago

    Man, this would save me so much space in my oven! (Hispanics for some reason store our pots and pans in the oven)

  • Hitsugix
    Hitsugix 2 months ago

    I have a wok.

  • Black fyre
    Black fyre 2 months ago

    4:06 feel the burn Jamie 😂

  • Nicholas Grabowski
    Nicholas Grabowski 2 months ago

    Does he have hos own line of cooking equipment?? If not he definitely should

  • Ferris
    Ferris 2 months ago +1

    1:16 check that large blade... Are you serious put this blade as an example to the video.

  • JJ Rojas
    JJ Rojas 2 months ago +1

    You think he does cocaine?

  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker 2 months ago

    A butter knife. Versatile. Essential. BRILLIANT.

  • pflau1
    pflau1 2 months ago +1

    It took me decades to realize Brits aren't really that brilliant as when they say brilliant they really mean great.

  • Nadia Bozhinski
    Nadia Bozhinski 2 months ago +1

    What’s the brand of the frying pan that he uses all the time and shows here? Is it the Bourgeat aluminum pan?

  • SuttonSantiniPaulo
    SuttonSantiniPaulo 2 months ago +1

    Bacon like a pro

  • SigmaElement
    SigmaElement 2 months ago +1

    "Bacon is so popular now"

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 months ago +1

    2:00 hahahaha

  • Leviathanshadex
    Leviathanshadex 2 months ago +1

    That chef knife from the spinning shots has some huge knicks in it.

  • Finkardop
    Finkardop 2 months ago +5

    5:19 how I dance to impress the ladies

  • crazycutz
    crazycutz 2 months ago +1

    Bamboo chopping boards are the best. Don't care about water and don't split.

  • Zanna Joyce
    Zanna Joyce 2 months ago +1

    I don’t see a spatter screen in this set of tools. It is my favourite. Not only does it keep the kitchen cleaner when cooking spattery foods, but also it is super for keeping some humidity in the pan when frying things that can dry out, without making them soggy. I also use it with a lid when I want to steam off extra moisture, such as when cooking a sauce or stew. Better than just trying to balance the lid off centre. And most importantly, it takes up no space to store and cleans with just hot water and a soapy scrubbing pad.

  • DzDavid
    DzDavid 2 months ago +1

    1:13 am I trippin or is the Edge if the chef knife badly chipped?

  • Robert Chavis
    Robert Chavis 2 months ago +8

    This man inspires me to do better in life.

  • SpicyMeme Ball
    SpicyMeme Ball 2 months ago +1

    aaaa i have the same peeler as gordan ramsey, does that make me a pro chef

  • 2PacPRNDL
    2PacPRNDL 2 months ago +1

    How is a metal handle different from any other, are the screws that screw them in the same, along with the metal that's attached to the handle. Honest question.

  • MrKunt
    MrKunt 2 months ago +5

    1:11 - 1:32 Well, now we know why knife crime has skyrocketed in London. Nice one, Gordon.

    • Big John
      Big John Month ago

      Well if you have a block of knives and only need 3, you got to find a use for the other 15 🤣

  • Cody Putnam
    Cody Putnam 2 months ago +1

    everythings so versatile

  • Ila Vazquez
    Ila Vazquez 2 months ago

    There's so many promo gadgets out there that aren't really needed. They just clutter up the kitchen & are more to have to wash. Now I know more about what to look for in purchasing pots & pans too.

  • Whirligig
    Whirligig 2 months ago

    0:20 “Whereas your large pan gives your space perfect for pastas *J E W S* or when you’re cooking in bulk”