Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit | What You Need To Be A Better Chef

  • Published on May 16, 2016
  • You don't need to break the bank to make great food. Here, Gordon explains the core essentials of what you need in the kitchen, and what to look out for when making purchases such as kitchen knives, frying pans and many more.
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  • ayasera _
    ayasera _ Day ago

    Buying a knife is like harry Potter buying a wand

  • Inda Arteaga
    Inda Arteaga Day ago


  • Fall Days
    Fall Days 4 days ago

    Buying a knife is very much the same as buying a wand

  • Greg Araujo
    Greg Araujo 5 days ago

    Forgot the thermometers

  • HigherPlanes
    HigherPlanes 6 days ago

    5:21 never go full retard even in the professional kitchen.

  • Phoenix Furbaby
    Phoenix Furbaby 7 days ago

    Dammit. I already got all this stuff but can't afford decent ones

  • Miss Katonic
    Miss Katonic 7 days ago +1

    Why does this look like it was recorded on VHS in the 90s?

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana 9 days ago

    I clean my wooden cut board with lemon and salt scrub

  • Hasib Rosa
    Hasib Rosa 9 days ago

    this video reminds me pro skater main menu

  • S. Lingner
    S. Lingner 10 days ago

    Kilos to Grams. Gordon Kitchens.

  • UnarmedNut
    UnarmedNut 10 days ago

    The soundtrack for this video: Bum Bum OWWWW

  • Wotdermatter
    Wotdermatter 10 days ago

    The large vessel Gordon is suggesting people buy is a POT and is so called as it has two (yes I counted them) handles. A PAN has only one.
    'nuf sed. plamuk aka travellingchef.

  • Tadanari Lee
    Tadanari Lee 11 days ago

    Asian be like : fuck all that

  • roshan kumar
    roshan kumar 12 days ago

    No gas stove man how will you cook

  • Katarina Aram
    Katarina Aram 12 days ago

    This guy is an entertainer and salesman, not a chef.

  • Mr. NPC
    Mr. NPC 13 days ago

    use mineral oil

  • Kim Yewon
    Kim Yewon 13 days ago

    I dont even know how to cook...why?
    Gordon *so versatile

  • Trouttaranaki
    Trouttaranaki 14 days ago

    His comment about having a heavy handle knife is bollocks. Makes fuck all difference, in fact having a lighter handle gives you better dexterity.

  • Sylphadora
    Sylphadora 14 days ago

    What is a good brand of saucepans?

  • Saifan Shaikh
    Saifan Shaikh 14 days ago

    Jun and Gordon should have a cook off

  • evan King
    evan King 14 days ago

    absolutely essential to have a sieve for bacon?? now thats versatile!

  • Loki CDXX
    Loki CDXX 15 days ago

    Isn't it mortar and pestle

  • Nitroschock
    Nitroschock 16 days ago

    The blade of the big knife is so fked up, not versatile at all.

  • shane Mason
    shane Mason 16 days ago

    i have a thermomix does that make me a pro

  • Aravind ps
    Aravind ps 16 days ago +22

    me: i need a friend for life
    gordon: chopping board
    me: thank u..i am indebted

  • gennaro gerrard
    gennaro gerrard 17 days ago +1

    This video
    It's so versatile
    Cuz you see lots of ads
    And lots of memes in the comment section

  • Leo - Minecraft and more!

    Why does when he says "baking" it sounds like "bacon"

  • preussischblau
    preussischblau 19 days ago +1

    -Pestle and Mortar-
    Mortar and Pestle

  • Larkhon Nohkral
    Larkhon Nohkral 20 days ago

    His chef knife looks chipped

  • Alexander K
    Alexander K 21 day ago +5

    Four essential knives:
    1 - Chef's knife
    2 - Paring Knife
    3 - filet/boning knife
    4- Cleaver
    *Bread knife is nice to have but non-essential.

    Cookware: (to easily serve 2-4 people... not so easily serve 4-8)
    1 - Largest heaviest stock pot with lid you can afford and your kitchen/coking needs can handle
    2 - Small sauce pan with lid
    3 - 12" fry pan for everything (avoid non-stick... but high quality heavy stainless steel)
    4 - 6" fry pan for eggs (that is literally all I use mine for... eggs)
    5 - Heavy roasting pan with rack
    6 - Colander / China Cap / Chinois
    7 - At least one cast iron pan
    8 - Cast Iron Dutch pot w/ lid
    *Mortar... Nice to have but non-essential

  • Neil Charfi
    Neil Charfi 21 day ago

    Does he have to pee?

  • Amanda Moratis
    Amanda Moratis 21 day ago +3

    Came for Ramsey - stayed for the comments section

  • blue diamond
    blue diamond 22 days ago

    i was born in Guatemala, emigrated to usa early in my life,now im old but I had to break though machismo and many complexes my dad gave me, my wife is still out of the country so I am still on my own, late on my years i broke off those complexes and now I am learning to enjoy the art of cooking, omg i love it, I am an electrical contractor and my job gives me the blessing of some times being able to cook for my self,my wife loves my cooking and I am looking forward to have her here with me to share what I have learned, I am still learning and cooking is a blessing, thank you for teaching me, I am big time willing to learn, thumbs up and I just subscribed.

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 23 days ago

    The main thing he forgot to mention is the Cooker you cook on. I have the Lacanche Vezelay 2200.

  • FBI Guy
    FBI Guy 23 days ago +1

    I haven't watched it yet, but I don't think "learning to cook" is in the video.
    Edit: Dang it

  • vu phan
    vu phan 24 days ago +6

    “Make sure you’ve got a nice, large circumference of the bowl so you can grind away. The heavier and more durable they are, the more confident you’ll be when you’re pounding away” 😂

    • OthMan
      OthMan 22 days ago

      and for everything else, there's viagra

  • Taylor Hansen
    Taylor Hansen 25 days ago +1

    I was curious about knives he uses so I got a couple of them. They're made by Wusthof and they're wonderful.

  • toadamine
    toadamine 27 days ago +5

    Don't use cooking oil on cutting boards! It gets rancid, use food grade mineral oil.

  • Jake Schroll
    Jake Schroll 27 days ago +71

    "Buy the best you can afford and take good care of it." That goes for everything in life, something to keep in mind.

  • Yvo Selderbeek
    Yvo Selderbeek 28 days ago

    Hi can anyone tell me how thick a thick base is or should be of the frying pan? I found a great deal but the base is only 3mm, which sounds thin to me..

  • fastpace101
    fastpace101 28 days ago

    He forgot the microwave.

  • Jason R Stanton
    Jason R Stanton 28 days ago

    Ya , eye like this dude,,, maybe he could teach me how to cook

  • Sterling Crossman
    Sterling Crossman Month ago

    anyone else notice when they showed the fancy display of knives the chopping one has a insanely beat up edge

  • Hameedhul Arshadh
    Hameedhul Arshadh Month ago

    Gordon missed chef mike in that list.. the most versatile of all kitchen tools...

  • Sally—703
    Sally—703 Month ago

    Not sure if vegetable oil is good for oiling your cutting board. Apparently the oil can grow bacteria and probably poison everyone. Maybe linseed oil is best.

  • Sally—703
    Sally—703 Month ago

    I've never succeeded in zesting a lemon with a box grater. Most of the lemon sticks to the box grater. So, I bought a little lemon zester thingy (which works, wonderfully).

  • Kevyn Tavares
    Kevyn Tavares Month ago

    Ramsey has inspired me to learn how to cook and not depend on my mom or wife lol

  • MJ's little apple head

    Take a shot every time it says the word versatile

  • Jumpy Mango
    Jumpy Mango Month ago

    So everything is beautiful and versatile

  • Jumpy Mango
    Jumpy Mango Month ago +1

    Y so versatile

    Y, so versatile

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    Time to go to my local restaurant supply store and spend some money. I WANT A SAUCE PAN.

  • William Whittington

    Everyone talking about how he says versatile so often. I'm here stressing out about how chipped his knife edges are.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Month ago

    Gordon taught me how simple a kitchen can really be, hes one of the most creative chefs in the world and never pushes over the top knife sets or super expensive pans, simple sturdy tools

  • G Money
    G Money Month ago

    So you can grind away, the more confidence it gives you when you're pounding, confirming hand pounded ...Gordon Ramsay's bedroom kit / what you need to be a better lover

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Month ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay: *VERSATILE*

  • Mr. Sister
    Mr. Sister Month ago +23

    Absolutely brilliant. This video is so versatile & it will last you a lifetime

  • Rafiullah Khattak
    Rafiullah Khattak Month ago

    Gordon Ramsy just told us you need knives to chop. frying pans for frying. pots for cooking, grater for grating. thank you sir. i was so much wondering how i would survive my first day on planet earth. you made my day.

  • Rafiullah Khattak
    Rafiullah Khattak Month ago

    he forgot the salt. so dynamic goes into any dish.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Very versatile....

  • BobbazTv
    BobbazTv Month ago

    well for one of the best chefs his chef's knife is in terrible condition...for the love of god, take care of your knives

  • Strikebang Zekrom
    Strikebang Zekrom Month ago

    Gordon I have a co worker that wants to open a Cuban restaurant. Do you have any beginner tips that I could tell him?

    • Praneel Gogoi
      Praneel Gogoi Month ago

      Don't make anything RAW and find the LAMB SAUCE

  • CJ Vs AJ
    CJ Vs AJ Month ago +1

    "The more heavy and durable they are the more confidence it gives you when you're pounding" - Gordon. The motto of chubby chasers the world over.

  • Fasih Sheikh
    Fasih Sheikh Month ago +1

    this is my 100th video on kitchen equipments I should get, just looking for something versatile. Can someone recommend a video !!

  • Karina Castaneda
    Karina Castaneda Month ago

    You need #cutco Chef Ramsay

  • soul southern
    soul southern Month ago +1

    Chef do u sell pots and pans

  • Rina Ramli
    Rina Ramli Month ago


  • Shiva Vereen
    Shiva Vereen Month ago

    Now I’m ready for a more versatile kitchen. Just add food

  • Xeno Verse
    Xeno Verse Month ago

    You need Gordon Ramsay 😅

  • B V Anjaneyulu
    B V Anjaneyulu Month ago

    Can u say me how to cut an onion without the burn of eyes

    • MrGulpin1
      MrGulpin1 Month ago

      Don't cut the root of the onion. Cut everything around it and then toss that. I think.

    XSXXL Month ago


  • Turanya Singh
    Turanya Singh Month ago

    Nino throws those on a scoopa eye cream

  • Sean Kenyon
    Sean Kenyon Month ago

    The geisha drink is beautiful and people are acting like stupid bitches about it.

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles Month ago

    SKILLS and the love of cooking will make you a successful CHEF...

    Therefore, I suck...

  • 5k subs for a cool dude

    You definitely want to have a SPOON otherwise you won't eat lik a PRO !!!

  • Breanna Basler
    Breanna Basler Month ago

    Baking scales are absolutely necessary for things like macarons. (A example if you were wondering)

  • Giant Killer
    Giant Killer 2 months ago

    What the heck is a quid??? 😂❤🇺🇸

    • PayinAttention
      PayinAttention 2 months ago

      Slang for a pound, the UK currency, like we say "a few bucks" in the US.

  • Miché _
    Miché _ 2 months ago

    This is so intense lol. I love it

  • RatTaxi
    RatTaxi 2 months ago

    Gets the gold medal for obnoxious soundtrack.

  • Faza ibrahim
    Faza ibrahim 2 months ago

    Is ramsay left handed?

  • Jake Griffin
    Jake Griffin 2 months ago

    The best pans: Townecraft
    The best knives: Rhineland Cutlery

  • TheSheepDogPatriot1776
    TheSheepDogPatriot1776 2 months ago

    the sieve is for "Baking" not "Bacon"

  • Bnjf Gjhg
    Bnjf Gjhg 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what kind is the pan again?

  • Chicken FRIEDtwice
    Chicken FRIEDtwice 2 months ago

    He forgot to salt the kitchen kit

  • Samuel Larouche
    Samuel Larouche 2 months ago +154

    Gordon: Dont forget the handle will be hot.
    Me: forgets

    • ali grotts
      ali grotts 24 days ago

      I expected to see a good, German mandolin slicer. Love mine.

    • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con
      The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con Month ago

      Oh don't worry I've done that before use good heat proof baking mits they will never let you down.

  • Jayinem
    Jayinem 2 months ago +1

    0:22 the subtitles said jews

  • Tara Shaon
    Tara Shaon 2 months ago

    I want one of Gordon's pots and pans sets soooooo bad. He is such an amazing chef and I follow so many of his recipes. I also learn so much from him.

  • stjarna 3
    stjarna 3 2 months ago +1

    I've got a big Swedish cast iron pan ..heavy duty stuff.

  • Georgia Andrea
    Georgia Andrea 2 months ago

    Love this kind of cooking shows. Imagine, today for lunch I just made pizza Bianca with mushroom and also made white almond cake with strawberry cream frosting. For dinner, I made pasta with oysters, clams and prawns in spicy butter sauce. When I have the passion for food, I go all out and eat well.

  • Christian Windfield Escalante


    WILLY STEWARD 2 months ago

    Cost nothing? I want one

  • Ronald Boring
    Ronald Boring 2 months ago +11

    The way he talked about that Pestle & Mortar, I thought he was talking about my wife.

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 2 months ago

    I want his kitchen

  • Amy Manley
    Amy Manley 2 months ago

    Love the info and really enjoy Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately I had to turn it off because of the distracting music.

  • Jeremy Hunter
    Jeremy Hunter 2 months ago

    If anyone wants more on knives, I highly recommend this video as a detailed guide: tvclip.biz/video/7nTBEbMQBGQ/video.html the guy is passionate but no nonsense and thorough.

  • Iain Wallington
    Iain Wallington 2 months ago

    What frying pan was he showing it looked french

  • Steuern sind Diebstahl
    Steuern sind Diebstahl 2 months ago

    Look at that knifes edge, lmao

  • Milani Alcapone
    Milani Alcapone 2 months ago

    Hes so fineee

  • Anton Basuki
    Anton Basuki 2 months ago

    My brother bought a chef's knife on a whim (it wasn't even a top of the line one). So much better than regular kitchen knives. No wonder they can cut things quickly

  • Ids van den Booren
    Ids van den Booren 2 months ago

    “The box grater is another GRATE tool” :’D

  • Frisbee 'n' Cookies
    Frisbee 'n' Cookies 2 months ago

    Anyone even use half of this 'versatile' cookware like the mortar and pestle?🤷‍♀️
    "The heavier and more durable they are the more confidence it gives you while pounding".

    • Mordicai
      Mordicai 2 months ago

      @Frisbee 'n' Cookies fair enough

    • Frisbee 'n' Cookies
      Frisbee 'n' Cookies 2 months ago

      @Mordicai Thank you for that input, I guess I'm too used dried herbs and spices as the 'fresh' ones where I am (Australia) are ridiculously expensive and wilting. So a mortar and pestle is useless to me.

    • Mordicai
      Mordicai 2 months ago

      I like to use dried rosemary since I can't find the plant itself at my stores, and keeping it whole is very distracting when eaten, so I like to use a mortar and pestle to crush it up so it's more consistent like thyme and oregano. It's also good for making a dry rub depending on what you use.