Introducing Oculus Go

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  • Our first standalone product is Oculus Go—the easiest way to jump into VR. It ships early next year, starting at $199. It’s awesome for watching movies or concerts, playing games, or just hanging out with your friends in VR.
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Comments: 606

  • WorthlessDeadEnd
    WorthlessDeadEnd 2 days ago

    So if it doesn't require a phone or a computer, then what powers it?

  • MrFester
    MrFester 3 days ago

    So we will get Russian ads now in 2.5k?

  • john bangston
    john bangston 5 days ago

    That’s fresh

  • imfinitir
    imfinitir 5 days ago

    I need it!

  • Alexi GVS
    Alexi GVS 5 days ago +2

    Will Oculus Go support "Home" and "Dash"?

  • Clayton Cobbs
    Clayton Cobbs 5 days ago

    So no pc connection? What makes this better than my phone thrown in one of those google cardboard boxes for like 5 bucks max? I'm only here for the mobile VR porn anyways.

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      Watch John Carmack talk OC4. He gives all advantages of GO over GearVR and other mobile headsets.
      Believe me, Oculus Go will be better than any "phone VR"

  • studios499
    studios499 6 days ago

    will this work in steam vr?

  • AnnoyedDragon
    AnnoyedDragon 6 days ago

    I've heard it has a LCD display, which is a strange decision because the Rift moved to OLED due to LCD having problems with persistence?

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      Watch John Carmack talk OC4. He explains everything about Oculus Go.

  • Vital Dog69
    Vital Dog69 6 days ago

    Oculus Go *WASTE YOUR MONEY*

  • Nelson Tutorials
    Nelson Tutorials 6 days ago

    I dont have an expensive cell phone and with gyroscope so i probably will get one Oculus Go to watch movies, videos 360 wherever i want confortably. I dont care about VR games either.

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson 6 days ago

    As long as this is a step above phone VR, I’m game. I don’t expect bleeding edge graphics from a more expensive VR headset, but non potato quality would be nice.

  • CG Bro-army
    CG Bro-army 7 days ago

    Wtf runs this thing

  • Angel of Sarcasm
    Angel of Sarcasm 7 days ago

    Hopefully this evolves into a virtual reality game where we end up getting trapped by the creator and if we die in the game we die in the real world.

  • Earth Angel
    Earth Angel 7 days ago


  • DoomGuy379
    DoomGuy379 7 days ago

    Good job oculus!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 7 days ago +1

    Wow I want one now and that price is perfect.

  • Гнэл Унанян

    two questions - weight & battery lifetime?

  • Ash Modded
    Ash Modded 7 days ago

    Anyone reminded of Amusphere from SAO

  • Manu Shapopi
    Manu Shapopi 7 days ago

    At least Facebook is still trying.

  • Brandon Barhydt
    Brandon Barhydt 7 days ago +1

    $200?! I'm actually excited to get this

  • Noah P
    Noah P 7 days ago +1

    For $200 I'm in.

  • Catlily Holmes
    Catlily Holmes 7 days ago +1

    What generation of iPhone is this?

  • thedailylifeofbo
    thedailylifeofbo 7 days ago

    Maybe Oculus could partner with Nintendo to make Switch VR, the joycons could be the hands, just connect 1 to the switch (for the gyroscopic features and use the other as a controller, or have 1 one the switch and use 2 for full motion in both hands... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Though that would kinda just kill this product... eh, I’d buy Switch VR, or if they called it Virtual Boy 2.0 :D)))—/—-<

  • Jimmy Keffer
    Jimmy Keffer 7 days ago

    Wait these guys aren't dead?

  • Haniel Lopez
    Haniel Lopez 7 days ago

    So basically Rick and Mortys vr thing

  • K. Kevin .K
    K. Kevin .K 7 days ago

    So like can I play Xbox?

  • Mondo The Grunt
    Mondo The Grunt 7 days ago

    Oculus Go to the polls

  • Enticed Black Man
    Enticed Black Man 7 days ago

    No one cares about vr anymore other than fat losers who want it for a virtual girlfriend

  • Enticed Black Man
    Enticed Black Man 7 days ago +1

    Nice copycat of daydream view

  • Sean Ayuso
    Sean Ayuso 7 days ago +1

    i really hope you don't need to insert a phone...

  • Logan Thiessen
    Logan Thiessen 7 days ago +1

    Cool gadget

  • Logan Thiessen
    Logan Thiessen 7 days ago

    Cool gaget

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 7 days ago

    Ummm...didn't really show me any thing there bud.

  • J M
    J M 7 days ago +1

    more electrogadget shit we dont need. next.

  • Skull Capton
    Skull Capton 7 days ago

    The VIVE is still better though o3o

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      It is different headsets. Tethered and Untethered.

  • COD Fan Boy
    COD Fan Boy 7 days ago

    I wait for the day when they can make sword art online a real thing

  • 93Legit
    93Legit 7 days ago

    nice! now i can use it on my drive to work and in class

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  • disciprine
    disciprine 7 days ago

    Now fix your customer service department. It's rubbish

  • QuantumImmersion
    QuantumImmersion 7 days ago

    fuck facebook

  • GoodFriendsForever
    GoodFriendsForever 7 days ago

    No positional tracking means this headset will suck

    FLYINGPIGMEN 7 days ago

    Nobody cares about VR

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      So why are you here? 0_o
      Speak for yourself.

  • Vincent Lee
    Vincent Lee 7 days ago +1

    Why do you need one of these when you can literally made this shit yourself with only cardboard and less than $10

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      Oculus Go will be 100x better than cardboard.

  • GarlicPudding
    GarlicPudding 7 days ago

    So, nobody’s gotten the memo that VR is a stupid gimmick? SadX

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 7 days ago

    Can you watch porn on it, asking for a friend.

  • Philip B
    Philip B 8 days ago

    This thing better have a gtx 1080

  • Skinn Peela
    Skinn Peela 8 days ago


  • Alvin Chosen
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  • Shahnawaz Surani
    Shahnawaz Surani 8 days ago


  • RandoMan
    RandoMan 8 days ago

    I got dee oculus and what's the difference?

  • vero rios
    vero rios 8 days ago +1

    I got mines for 8 dollars at dd’s

  • MrPuggyGaming
    MrPuggyGaming 8 days ago +1

    This came out the same day I got my oculus rift

  • 0Guiltyone0
    0Guiltyone0 8 days ago +1

    for 200 this seems like the first true consumer VR for the masses seems to have enough tech jammed in there to be well worth the price

  • Albert Edwards
    Albert Edwards 8 days ago

    Let's see: 139 for Samsung gear VR with controller, or 200 dollars for Oculus Go? I think you know where your money should land at...

  • - ThePirahna -
    - ThePirahna - 8 days ago

    As a PSVR owner, and a hater of Facebook...I support this. The more people buy any VR system the more it will grow

  • Tony Barbieri
    Tony Barbieri 8 days ago

    good idea. will sell

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick 8 days ago

    This doesn't show us much about the product

  • L O L
    L O L 8 days ago +2

    Oculus Go F*** Yourself.

  • Jimson Lima
    Jimson Lima 8 days ago

    This doesn't answer any of my questions. Where do i go to get answers?

  • The Zerp
    The Zerp 8 days ago

    "Oculus: Global Offensive"

  • Bobi Stroganvsky
    Bobi Stroganvsky 8 days ago

    best for your hentai

  • Tyler Haak
    Tyler Haak 8 days ago

    So it's essentially the gear vr minus the phone. It's literally exactly the same. Even the controller. And that one is made by occulus lmao

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago +1

      Oculus Go will be better. Watch John Carmack OC4 talk, he explains everything.

  • Avinash H N
    Avinash H N 8 days ago

    Good one. Wondering how fashion startups like utilize VR to better match apparel to prospective buyers.....

    ACE-DON 8 days ago


  • *Dad*
    *Dad* 8 days ago

    Oculus is like the Apple of VR, while HTC is the Windows.

  • Carson Lujan
    Carson Lujan 8 days ago

    Is it the same to the other oculus beside not having wires but does it require anything? And why not out for Christmas?

  • Narks
    Narks 8 days ago

    Too bad vr sucks

    • Narks
      Narks 5 days ago

      Bloody Wolf yeah in ten years

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      VR will be so big, so in 10 years you will read your comment and think: "why I wrote this back then"?

  • Carson Lujan
    Carson Lujan 8 days ago

    Does it require a phone?

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      No. It is standalone headset. All-in-One

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 8 days ago


  • cancer mancer
    cancer mancer 8 days ago

    oculus go to the polls

  • The Proud Sun Bro.
    The Proud Sun Bro. 8 days ago

    VR is a disaster

  • Jynx Noise
    Jynx Noise 8 days ago


  • David Neman
    David Neman 8 days ago

    More like Oculus stop
    amirite guys

    I don't have a life

  • Sean Hensley
    Sean Hensley 8 days ago

    Why does the FCC have a say, when will they say, when will you sell. This advert is less than ideal.

  • mako25lp
    mako25lp 8 days ago

    By stand-alone I’m guessing it won’t need a PC or smartphone?

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      You don't need a PC or a phone to use this.
      It is all-in-one headset.

  • Mark Samon
    Mark Samon 8 days ago

    This nigga still want a season 2 of Re:Zero?

    DH SMOKO 8 days ago

    Oculus Go
    Une réduction de 50 % sur les prix courants
    2.5K display resolution. Hot! Good quality.
    Quick to get it
    Before the offer enters into force

  • Tra Will
    Tra Will 8 days ago

    I Love This Oculus Go Love It Hey, Everyone Cone And Check Out The Fastest Dancer

  • Ultimaniac
    Ultimaniac 8 days ago

    White and fabric? That's gonna get dirty too easily. Especially if you're supposed to have it on the go.

  • Duck
    Duck 8 days ago

    Finially VR hentai games now available to the poor

  • Death Man
    Death Man 8 days ago

    My game is the best game

  • MegaFreedom Animatons

    but can you use tilt brush, that is the real question

  • James Burrus
    James Burrus 8 days ago

    more like oculus go learn how to make a original joke

  • The LuWeb
    The LuWeb 8 days ago

    ok i really wanna buy the oculus rift but an someone explay this to me:
    1. i would like to walk in vr (just move a bit you know) is this possible with 1 camera? or 2?
    2. i saw that its possible to play htc vive games with the rift?? is that true and could someone (short) explain how?
    thank you!

  • KeatonFox47
    KeatonFox47 8 days ago +1


  • PixelShip
    PixelShip 8 days ago


  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 8 days ago

    Yes keep going! Sword art online in real life here I come!!!!

    Even if I knew it was a trap I'd still put it

  • AMstudio
    AMstudio 8 days ago

    Follow me!

  • TheEpere15
    TheEpere15 8 days ago +1

    Vr is dead. Stop already

    • TheEpere15
      TheEpere15 5 days ago

      Bloody Wolf in ten years this won't be considered vr, this will be wii with a tv on your head

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      You are so wrong)
      VR will never be dead. In 10 years you will be embarrassed you wrote this.

  • Darryl Gold
    Darryl Gold 8 days ago

    GO? Go where? You're completely blind folded.

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 8 days ago

    I hope virtual reality never becomes a thing.

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      It is already a thing. And in years it will be x100 better.

  • Trevurr
    Trevurr 8 days ago

    I'll buy one when it plugs into my brain

  • coreynj
    coreynj 8 days ago +1

    So when does full-dive virtual reality release?

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      You mean like "Matrix"? 15-20 years.

  • GamerCare
    GamerCare 8 days ago

    Will i able to buy this in or from Singapore??

    • Duck
      Duck 8 days ago

      Leave that gay ass country already

  • Crispin Cuttino
    Crispin Cuttino 8 days ago

    Wow look a waste of money!!!

  • Kameron James
    Kameron James 8 days ago

    Will gangbang porn be better with these?

  • NiftYeee
    NiftYeee 8 days ago

    So....they finally made their own "Google Cardboard?" Seems there a bit late to their own party, Jesus.

    • Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf 5 days ago

      It will be x100 better than google cardboard.

  • Alex Galvan
    Alex Galvan 8 days ago


  • Fran Caspa
    Fran Caspa 8 days ago

    But it does have its own prossesor inside or it connect with the computer

    • n00blyf
      n00blyf 7 days ago

      Inside...that's the point of this. Think of it as a Google Cardboard but with a phone already built in, in one package.

  • Oppressor Patriot
    Oppressor Patriot 8 days ago

    In portuguese Glass means Óculus. Oculos, get it?!