• Published on Nov 6, 2018
    People love camping and traveling! And I want to help you make this time most comfortable and fun possible with these hacks.
    I often faced this problem on the beach. When you need to take off your swimming panties wet from the water but all dressing booths are occupied and you're in a hurry, no time to wait. I got you! Check out the way to take off your panties without taking your shorts or pants off.
    Take your scissors and cut them on the both sides. Then sew 2 swimming bra locks on the cut edges of your bikini accordingly. Voila! Now all you need to do next time you're on the beach is unlock these locks and remove your panties with a mere flick of your wrist.
    Simple and genius way to deal with sweat - take off your bra and apply 1 hygienic pad to each bra cup.
    Another handy hack is trash sorting. Here's how you do it. Take a trash bucket, then add 3 bags of different colors. Keep them together using 4 clothing pegs.
    If you need to go out light, hands free but don't know where to put your keys at, I've got an idea. Make a shoelace key holder. It's very neat. You can run or jump or just walk fast and nothing will happen with the key.
    If you like to make lunch breaks or brunches with your friends in the open air, here's an idea for a foil dinnerware. Take a piece of foil and wrap it round the bowl or can, any vessel of needed volume. Then take a foil of, it'll have the form of your bowl, now you can use it as usual.
    Did you know that you can use a condom as a fire starter? Now you do! Check out the details in the video! ; )

    2:21 No blisters!
    5:46 Bio-toilet
    6:56 Protection against leakage
    9:06 Packing eggs for travel

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    5:04 sorry guys this is just a reminder for me I'm going on a trip soon

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    Madison Lane 23 hours ago

    Hold up, won’t someone throw away the diaper? And you then would lose all of your stuffπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ what do you do when that happens?

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    Hannah Jolly Day ago

    12:11 HOw dO yOu GeT ThE MonEy BaCk?

  • GamerDestiny Tube
    GamerDestiny Tube 2 days ago

    The diaper one on the beach isnt that good Becuase someone could pick it up but anyway the others were cool!

  • Vasant Raval
    Vasant Raval 2 days ago

    We love 5 minute crafts

  • Marc Longbian
    Marc Longbian 2 days ago +5

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  • Richa Tripathi
    Richa Tripathi 3 days ago

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  • funny time
    funny time 4 days ago +1

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    Erinx Mi 6 days ago

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    Friend: can I have some gum?
    Me: yes
    Friend: *takes the 100 dollar bill and puts it in his mouth*
    Me: *looks in gum for money*
    Friend: okay....

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    Super cool Video.
    What other hints have you got?
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  • Azarina Lavigna
    Azarina Lavigna 15 days ago

    who ever said that there borded of seeing the same repeated hacks need to shut up becaue i love 5 mintues crafts and they are my favorte youtube channel

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