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  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • All we have is a single day. Don’t miss Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton in #TheSunIsAlsoAStar, only in UK cinemas August 9.
    "What if I told you I could get you to fall in love with me…?”
    College-bound romantic Daniel Bae and Jamaica-born pragmatist Natasha Kingsley meet-and fall for each other-over one magical day amidst the fervor and flurry of New York City. Sparks immediately fly between these two strangers, who might never have met had fate not given them a little push. But will fate be enough to take these teens from star-crossed to lucky in love? With just hours left on the clock in what looks to be her last day in the U.S., Natasha is fighting against her family’s deportation as fiercely as she’s fighting her budding feelings for Daniel, who is working just as hard to convince her they are destined to be together.
    A modern-day story about finding love against all odds, “The Sun Is Also a Star” explores whether our lives are determined by fate or the random events of the universe.
    The film stars Yara Shahidi (“Black-ish”) as Natasha and Charles Melton (“Riverdale”) as Daniel, along with John Leguizamo (“John Wick: Chapter 2”).
    Directed by Ry Russo-Young (“Before I Fall”), the film is based on the acclaimed bestseller by Everything, Everything author Nicola Yoon. The Sun Is Also a Star was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has received multiple accolades, including: 2016 National Book Award Finalist; Amazon’s Best Book of 2016 in YA; Amazon’s Top 20 Children’s Books of 2016 in YA; the New York Times Notable Children’s Books of 2016; and Entertainment Weekly’s 10 Best Books of 2016.
    Russo-Young directed from a screenplay by Tracy Oliver (“Girls Trip”). The film’s producers are Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, who served as producers on “Everything, Everything.” Pamela Hirsch served as executive producer.
    The behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Autumn Durald Arkapaw (“Teen Spirit”), production designer Wynn Thomas (“Hidden Figures”), editor Joe Landauer (“Before I Fall”), and costume designer Deirdra Elizabeth Govan (“Sorry to Bother You”). The music is by Herdís Stefánsdóttir (“The Hate U Give”).
    Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures present An Alloy Entertainment production, “The Sun Is Also a Star,” opens in UK cinemas August 9.
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  • FloryMay Villaviza
    FloryMay Villaviza 26 days ago

    Kisses Delavin brought me here when she posted a picture on her ig with this book. Huhuhu

  • Ronit Afek
    Ronit Afek 2 months ago

    סרט מקסים ,,,,!!!!

  • IndianaJosephine
    IndianaJosephine 4 months ago

    Ngl this didn't bang for me... but whatever floats ya boat

  • Amazhende Joseph
    Amazhende Joseph 6 months ago +1

    nahh the boy is sexy

  • Stankonia3k
    Stankonia3k 7 months ago

    I clicked only to see Yara 😍

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 7 months ago


  • Glrom1 *_*
    Glrom1 *_* 8 months ago

    Auuuu mon dieuuuuuuuuuu

  • Janine V
    Janine V 8 months ago

    if this ain't a wattpad book idk what is.

  • Kelly Ngo
    Kelly Ngo 8 months ago

    I can already tell from the background music that the soundtrack for this movie is about to be amazing

  • Ckatt Tcss
    Ckatt Tcss 8 months ago

    yall what song they singing in the karaoke??

  • DailyNaya
    DailyNaya 8 months ago +3

    okay but like, where is his red tie?

    • Dark Angel
      Dark Angel 8 months ago +1

      Lol, I thought the same thing 🙌

  • Raigan Fuston
    Raigan Fuston 8 months ago +1

    U will cry in the end I read the book and the ending is amazing

    • Katie Kasten
      Katie Kasten 8 months ago

      Raigan Fuston, I read the book in January and cried so much at the ending. It is amazing but I know the movie will not look up to it but it will still be good. When watching the trailer I started crying when Daniel took Natasha to Norebang!!!!!

  • Lil Nas X
    Lil Nas X 8 months ago +3

    Bruh, this is like when Edward saved Bella from that truck. Twilight anybody?😂

  • Laurie McMenamin
    Laurie McMenamin 8 months ago +1


  • HeartfeltComments
    HeartfeltComments 8 months ago +1

    Oh god it's going to ruin it completely

  • Isla Brewer
    Isla Brewer 8 months ago


  • Melanin Baddie513
    Melanin Baddie513 8 months ago +3

    The song is Oil and Water by Rational you’re welcome ☺️✌🏾💕

  • Melanin Baddie513
    Melanin Baddie513 8 months ago

    The song is Oil and Water by Rational you’re welcome ☺️✌🏾💕

  • Mick-Alpha
    Mick-Alpha 8 months ago +1

    Everything, Everything 2 ?

      ANMOL THAKUR 8 months ago

      I loved tht movie though... ❤️💙❤️

  • Sofia Costa
    Sofia Costa 8 months ago +11

    Natasha doesn’t have her pink headphones and Daniel doesn’t have his red tie

  • Nia
    Nia 8 months ago +3

    This trailer literally tells us the whole movie. It looks good, but its kind of ruined for me lol

  • Mz Kegz
    Mz Kegz 8 months ago +7


  • Supriya Pradhan
    Supriya Pradhan 8 months ago

    Charles Melton 😍😍♥️😭

  • Mercedes Martin
    Mercedes Martin 8 months ago +22

    This looks like it won’t live up to the book sadly like where’s his long hair and her pink headphones and Charles looks so old I’m semi disappointed but I’ll still see it i guess

    • Logan Briana
      Logan Briana 8 months ago +1

      Lindsey Yea and isn’t his brother supposed to be way better looking who are they gonna find with a stronger jawline than this guy?

    • Lindsey Kabeya
      Lindsey Kabeya 8 months ago +1

      Natasha is also not wearing a skirt and Daniel has no pony tail and his tie is not red ... But those are just details right?😂

    NAMGUNGSSI 8 months ago

    *aspiring artists hmu 4 new sounds & melodies*

  • Balang Nthobatsang
    Balang Nthobatsang 8 months ago +1

    BEAUTIFUL. Magic.colours. life.

  • Sharon Herondale
    Sharon Herondale 8 months ago

    At the end they don't end up together, she returns to Jamaica and a Year ago they meet again in a plane, just like a casuality

  • Fantasiy Books
    Fantasiy Books 8 months ago +9

    I love these two actors. Grownish and Riverdale are favorites of mine

  • Janella Escander
    Janella Escander 8 months ago +39

    You should read the book. It's a knock out esp. the ending. 😉

  • Jaybabyy 101
    Jaybabyy 101 8 months ago +2

    Please tell me somebody knows what the song is in the beginning

    • lunalovespudding
      lunalovespudding 8 months ago

      @Jaybabyy 101 You're welcome. All of his songs are amazing, I recommend checking him out!

    • Jaybabyy 101
      Jaybabyy 101 8 months ago

      lunalovespudding thank you so much!!!

    • lunalovespudding
      lunalovespudding 8 months ago

      Oil and Water by Rationale

  • santania
    santania 8 months ago +25

    that karaoke scene is gonna make me cry so hard😭😭

  • Kabooski
    Kabooski 8 months ago +2

    I don't like this.

  • Innocent Dlamini
    Innocent Dlamini 8 months ago +4

    This looks nice...I don't know if Yara is going to end up going to Harvard anytime soon because these TV and movie roles will soon come think and fast

  • hitceklickec
    hitceklickec 8 months ago +6

    Diversity: The Movie

    • Patty hates her life lol
      Patty hates her life lol 8 months ago

      You do know it makes you seem racist calling out something that literally nobody is discussing? But go off

    • ComicsBae
      ComicsBae 8 months ago +8

      hitceklickec the novel and movie is based on the author and her love life with her husband who just so happens to be Korean but...go awf sis

  • Kayan Carlos
    Kayan Carlos 8 months ago +2


    • S K
      S K 8 months ago

      rationale -- oil and water

  • dilla
    dilla 8 months ago +4


  • Sabrine A
    Sabrine A 8 months ago +40

    Literally read the book before you watch the movie it is phenomenal!!! i am so excitedddd!!!!!

  • P centreTechnique Official

    I prefer this video. Do you Know me ?:)

  • Shyam Rathi
    Shyam Rathi 8 months ago +3

    300 views and 8 comments. Wut??? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Harley Queen
    Harley Queen 8 months ago +1

    The Sun is also a Star and The Earth is also Flat

  • Cloras Fauna
    Cloras Fauna 8 months ago +32

    Do you know that the Earth is also a Planet?!?!?!? .

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton 8 months ago

      Aww. You no enjoy trailer?

    • Leonel Lote
      Leonel Lote 8 months ago +1

      Cloras Fauna that’s part 2 for the movie

  • komedi fırtınası
    komedi fırtınası 8 months ago +2

    new york is my home lol 🤣

  • Jhapz Heartbreaker
    Jhapz Heartbreaker 8 months ago

    4th comment

    THAPAN PAYODHI 8 months ago +11

    Loved it...❤🇮🇳

  • Gerardo Riveros
    Gerardo Riveros 8 months ago +5

    OMG I'm the first one! Put me a star in the forehead 'cuase i'm the first one and that is so crucial to everybody's life!

  • Utsav Shrimali
    Utsav Shrimali 8 months ago +2

    First One

  • Sanskar Dubey
    Sanskar Dubey 8 months ago