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  • broxenvibes
    broxenvibes Month ago +1

    I really want the book and the movie ;-; but idk how to ask my dad for the movie....heh

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 months ago +1

    Is it legal to be beautiful like Katherine?😅

  • Big Valley
    Big Valley 2 months ago +1

    I watched the movie on a plane twice. On the way to Ottawa, then on the way back!

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 3 months ago +1

    This movie is so empowering. honestlythe best lgbt movie of all time. 💞

  • Rose Dawson
    Rose Dawson 3 months ago

    I like Katherine Langford's skirt, boots, and necklaces.

  • Rose Dawson
    Rose Dawson 3 months ago

    I like Nick Robinson's watch.

  • Conner J.
    Conner J. 3 months ago +2

    Hi oh my god do more love simon

  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen 3 months ago +1

    This is sooooo good (the movie) and it is super inspirational 😭😭😭😭(I’m emotional guys🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭)
    Who else has stopped for a minute while watching the movie and thought”am I gay”or”I wanna be gay”but I thought
    “This is sad and even tho I’m not gay”

  • Elizabeth Trotwood
    Elizabeth Trotwood 4 months ago +1

    Whoa Greg Berlanti & Nick Robinson look like they're related

  • Alejandra Torres
    Alejandra Torres 4 months ago +1


  • wendy ann douglas
    wendy ann douglas 4 months ago

    You know what they should make a part two of the movie

    JADÉJA PETTIGREW 4 months ago +5

    Plot Twist: Alex Standall & Hannah Baker ran away and changed their lives guys 👏💥

  • DrewRussell
    DrewRussell 4 months ago +1

    Alexandra Shipp is a force of nature.

  • Tabitha Castro
    Tabitha Castro 5 months ago +1

    I LOVED "Love Simon"! I was "late to the fair" but, I finally saw the film and it was wonderful. The most stirring scenes, for me, were: Leah's discussion with Simon about his lack of sensitivity (that scene brought me back to a similar situation I experienced & I couldn't stop weeping for her and for my younger self -- my heart broke for her). The scene where Simon finally confronts his "cyber-bully" was also very poignant. And, I must say that, although Simon's "exhale" moment with his Mom was very touching, I felt more deeply stirred by the scene between Simon and his Dad -- that scene touched me from the core of my being; it brought visions of how my, very traditional/"manly" Dad would have reacted, if he'd been faced with my identifying as a Lesbian. I cried from my core watching that scene -- Nick & Josh created such an intimate, honest and loving exchange on screen -- really beautifully portrayed. Berlanti handled this beautifully written book with such honest sensitivity. The one thing lacking, for me, was a genuine sense of truth within the relationships between the "friends"; I don't know if the Actors had enough time to truly foment friendships with one another but, I must say, while I loved each of these characters, for different reasons, I didn't feel an AUTHENTIC connection -- the chemistry was not there. For me, the "friendships" seemed inauthentic & somewhat forced. While each of these Actors played their roles beautifully -- most poignantly, Nick -- I didn't feel a real connection, comparable to say, "Ducky" and "Sam" in "Pretty in Pink", between Simon & Leah -- the friendships felt manufactured to me. I wish these wonderful Actors had been given more time to create more genuine bonds -- I think it would have served the film more. Berlanti said the film was shot quickly & it shows in the lack of real authentic chemistry between the "friends". Even in this & other interviews I've seen, the lack of connection is very apparent. Nick is such a sensitive & intuitive Actor that it seems hard for him to fake it. Josh & Jennifer were wonderful, as well -- their connection with each other & Nick felt real. With all that said -- Bravo -- Simon was such a beautifully sensitive & loving embrace for anyone who's lived with their identity cleverly hidden. Such a wonderful coming of age story!...

  • rudy santoso
    rudy santoso 5 months ago +1

    It's trully a reflection of my life! How struggle to come out, although my coming out did not end pretty well and only happen to my parent. But it still inspire me so much.
    So sad that this movie wouldn't played in my country though, because LGBT is still very taboo and all you can get is discrimination

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    Smart, well spoken cast. They're picked the right people for this.

  • Tanya Burfh
    Tanya Burfh 5 months ago

    Love, Simon FuII Movie [ ]

  • sweet mustache
    sweet mustache 6 months ago +2


  • TheAmbzxxx
    TheAmbzxxx 6 months ago +3

    This film/book helped me come out as Bi to my family and friends

  • chloe x
    chloe x 6 months ago

    the ppl in the background everytime it came to alex was fine the first few times but THEN it really annoyed me LMAO

  • Ferchis Mena
    Ferchis Mena 6 months ago

    Loved this interview! Just finished the book and I can’t wait to see the movie as soon as it comes out in my country! This story is very powerful! Let’s share it with everyone 👏🏻💗

  • DIYLion
    DIYLion 6 months ago +1

    I'm falling in love with Simon. I don't know if I'm gay I have a crush on Simon and I have a crush on a girl at my school Simon please replay Evan though I'm not in America. Please Simon comment and tell me how to come out , I'm only 10

    • Elizabeth Trotwood
      Elizabeth Trotwood 4 months ago

      Hey there, I'm not Simon but I just wanted to say hello. It is ok and completely normal to have a crush on both a girl and a boy! Simon is pretty cute, right? I have crushes on boys and girls too, and so do lots of other people. You might be gay, or bisexual, or neither, and there is no pressure to know for sure yet. I didn't know for sure that I was bisexual until I was eighteen. As for coming out, that's something that is different for everyone. You don't have to tell anyone about this until you feel ready and want to tell someone you really trust.

  • Alexandra Venera
    Alexandra Venera 6 months ago +4

    i'm so in love with katherine wow

  • Michel Moutinho
    Michel Moutinho 6 months ago

    Katherine already lost her accent! Wow, that was fast lol

  • hope t
    hope t 6 months ago +2

    Nick is soooo humble

  • BisharpBlade
    BisharpBlade 6 months ago +2

    think katherine does more of a good job explaining the character leah based off of how she is in the book. Read it to gives you a better perspective.

  • mark bay
    mark bay 6 months ago

    Great movie. Much thought went into making it. Believable characters. Clean cut and wholesome. Made you laugh, made you cry.

  • Anna Alves
    Anna Alves 6 months ago +6

    Love Simon is such a GOOD movie

  • alot of fun
    alot of fun 7 months ago +10

    i wanna know what goes on in nicks head hes so mysterious

    • Juan Ayala
      Juan Ayala 6 months ago +3

      he reminds me a lot of Jaden Leiberher from IT, just super chill, well-spoken and reserved person that's also one hell of an actor haha

  • Chris Bangus
    Chris Bangus 7 months ago +3

    An amazingly beautiful and authentic film. Go see it! Also, read the book! More happens after the film's ending :)

  • George Oliver
    George Oliver 7 months ago +9

    Interesting what Nick Robinson says about Simon not "venturing outside his box". I think that was true in my case. I've always been a bit careful, but having a secret made me more careful. That is one of the effects of being in the closet--you don't feel like you can take as many risks. You end up not knowing yourself as well, since you haven't tested your boundaries. You've stayed stuck inside yourself, in conversation with yourself only, a little bit stunted, nursing a hurt that can only get better after you come out...

  • SmasherBoy
    SmasherBoy 7 months ago +15

    Nick Robinson could have played Spider-Man in the MCU! Not dissing Tom Holland, but Nick really looks like Peter

    • roger flanton
      roger flanton 2 months ago +1

      SmasherBoy Nope I can't even imagine Peter Parker having such a deep manly voice.

  • outproud
    outproud 7 months ago +7

    I loved Nick Robinson before, but really love him now. So wish we could just hang out as friends!!!

  • outproud
    outproud 7 months ago +1

    Amazing film ... Such a life changer for me. I hope there will be a part 2 ... Maybe the college years! Ha ha

  • LuckyCandi
    LuckyCandi 7 months ago +19

    Like Nick was saying at the end, I really enjoy that they're taking the whole teen Rom-com movie and just adding that twist that he's gay instead of trying to have it be like "I'm gay! I'm gay! Simon is gay!" because it really humanizes the LGBT+ community when we're so used to underrepresentation and scorn, or if we're portrayed even a little well, the character is killed off because the obligatory gay character made an appearance and is no longer necessary.
    Okay, that was one sentence, so, sorry if that confused you. Tl;dr: yay! Proper rep that doesn't dehumanize LGBT+ people like so many movies and shows do!
    I'm also super excited for the whole "domino effect" Alex mentioned hopefully happens. This movie could pave the way for more movies about LGBT+ youth, and those could feature teens who are non-white, who arent cis men or cis in general, aren't attracted to only one gender, and/or even possibly a kid who's LGBT+ and is religious simultaneously.
    (I say that last one because growing up in church being LGBT+ and seeing other kids around me in church who are also LGBT+ really helped me realize that you really can be both. And it would be wonderful to see this for all religions because every religion has a majority of people believing you have to be one or the other and that being gay is a sin and it's all very frustrating to have people tell you that the person you truly believe created you hates you for loving someone of the same gender or for not being the same gender thats on your birth certificate. I'm super lucky to have been an ally before realizing my orientation, already trying to say that God still loves you, and not in spite of you being queer. He loves you, period. He has no terms and conditions for that. Oh geez I need to stop before I start rambling even more, but if you want affirmation that God still loves you if you're Christian and LGBT+, please let me know. And if you're not religious or you hate religion, please respect that this is how I genuinely feel, and know that if a God doesn't exist for you, then I love you. Really, I do. It's so important to spread love and oh dear I sound like a hippie but that's okay.)
    Anyway, you are valid, and you deserve to see your face on a screen someday.

    • Sophie Butterill
      Sophie Butterill 7 months ago

      omg i just teared up reading your comment thank you SO much for writing it i'm bi and i've recently kinda realised it and it means so much to hear that bc i'm also religious but i don't go to church bc of what they think there and sometimes ppl assume you can't be LGBT and religious at the same time and me and you are living proof you can! ok wow im really rambling thank you anyway and i really hope that someday there's movies with bi teens and adults where they dont cheat or die or whatever... i really hope that day comes and i feel like bc of love simon the day is a lot closer than i think :D

  • annon ymous
    annon ymous 7 months ago +1

    I'm amazed with Alexandra in these interviews 😍

  • Jason
    Jason 7 months ago +221

    I just watched the movie and finished the book a few days before and it helped me come out to my mom 😭💕 I wasn't ready but it felt right

    • Amanda Drake
      Amanda Drake 2 months ago

      Jason that’s so amazing

    • Lizbeth Rios
      Lizbeth Rios 2 months ago

      Jason ,we well all respect your disisions

    • cmiracle1232
      cmiracle1232 4 months ago

      Congrats! I'm glad you felt brave enough for such a big moment :)

    • Susie Cheong
      Susie Cheong 4 months ago

      omg yesss!! (okay I know this comment is super late but congrats!!... just came out to my mom again about a week ago so yay!) I hope it went well 💕💕💕 if it didn't I love u! and there is a lot of people who loves and supports you 💕

    • Gemini
      Gemini 4 months ago +2

      Stay strong! I'm currently in the same situation as you! It's not easy every day but think of yourself first! Every day I have coffee with my group of friends (#CoconutMilkMochaMacchiato) and seriously, if you have friends to believe in and trust, lean on them and keep your head up no one can decide for you what is best! And even less the ones you love!

  • manurung mae
    manurung mae 7 months ago +1

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  • Matt Hutcherson
    Matt Hutcherson 7 months ago +72

    What I loved about the book (and will probably love about the movie) is that it really isn't a story about Simon "figuring out" who he is. Simon knows exactly who he is. It's simply a story about how and when he is going to let everyone know who he is. And that mirrors my own experience. "Discovering myself" was never a prominent part of my coming out experience. I knew exactly who I was growing up. I just had to find the courage to let everyone else know.

  • Pico Peco
    Pico Peco 7 months ago +1

    WHY do people use the word (sort of) so much?? It cheapens your speech.... annoying!!!

  • Sherina C
    Sherina C 7 months ago +14

    Please don't lose your accent Katherine. It gives us hope..

  • John Wage
    John Wage 7 months ago +3

    I REALLY LOVE THIS INTERVIEW!!!! This movie was amazing!!!

  • em
    em 7 months ago +104

    there's so many people who are annoyed that it's just another cheesy rom-com or whatever but this one is so important because yes there are a million rom-coms, but 99% have a main character who is straight and at best we get the "gay best friend" stereotype. the lgbt community deserves a basic movie with a character they can relate to in that way. and for once, a movie that wasn't made to show "hey, look! it's a gay person being persecuted! this movie is to teach you all a lesson and show you that you should be more open." just shows a person who happens to be gay and a part of their story is the need to say what the fuck is up my dudes, im gay.

    • Rosa Murtonen
      Rosa Murtonen 5 months ago +2

      em I love this movie a lot...AND I HATE ROMANCE FILMS. But this film was a lot more than a romance film, it was about a guy struggling to be open and to come out.
      I love this film so much

  • 2ndKidd
    2ndKidd 7 months ago +2

    why does nick look like a young tom welling on the thumbnail?

  • Alice Callejon
    Alice Callejon 7 months ago

    I like it this movie - *LOVE SIMON (2018)* HD - #JimCaviezel
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  • bring it on
    bring it on 7 months ago +238

    Usually gay movies are indie dramas
    I love that this movie is a comedy produced by a big production company with a gay character that's easy to relate to for everybody
    Not that gay indie dramas are bad, some of them are my favourite movies, but because this movie seems to be aimed at a broad audience, it feels like it's a symbol that homosexuality is more and more normalized and hopefully this movie will normalize it even more
    Homosexuality doesn't have to be a tragedy !

    • Big Valley
      Big Valley 2 months ago

      You are so right...very, very idealized. Imagine the Ferris Wheel scene happening in real life? I don't think so. Great movie though.

    • Olav M.
      Olav M. 4 months ago

      Lawlypawp i have never heard of people losing family members coming out. Well in my country i haven't. Other countries haven't come as far yet unfortunately

    • Lawlypawp
      Lawlypawp 6 months ago +2

      it was the disney-family version of the real shit people who come out go through. It's a good entry movie. Doesn't show losing family members or friends treating you differently that usually happen, but good for very young teens.

    • Abbie Abbie
      Abbie Abbie 7 months ago +1

      I 100% agree with you

  • Jonathan Gough
    Jonathan Gough 7 months ago +5

    Omg Alex is funny

  • sonoki82
    sonoki82 7 months ago +2

    The interviewer calls gay youth "queer."

    • Elizabeth Trotwood
      Elizabeth Trotwood 3 months ago

      I appreciate that as I have grown up in a time where the Q-word has been associated with empowerment rather than oppression, and I can't fully understand how it feels to see it being adopted by our community if it's something you recognise as violent. But I think it's amazing that such a word's meaning can be changed by the strength of a community. To me it is an act of power to take this word and make it our own. Of course I would not smile and walk away if someone who isn't LGBT+ abused me. The difference is that we have taken the word and turned it into a badge of pride.

    • tryptychUK
      tryptychUK 4 months ago

      I just see that as the easy way out. It's far less trouble to accept such things and claim one has accepted it than to directly fight it. So when people call you "faggot" or "dyke" you just smile and walk away.
      No damn way! WE are LGBT. Nothing else.

    • Elizabeth Trotwood
      Elizabeth Trotwood 4 months ago

      I understand that it must be difficult, when you have fought against the word and experienced it as a slur, to hear it being called empowering. But it truly is so for myself and my peers, and I believe that fighting to stop young people using it is actually, unintentionally, disempowering to the LGBT+ community. There may be black people who hate the N-word but most use it in the same way LGBT+ use the Q-word and view it as a symbol of power, self-love and freedom. Taking words of hate from the oppressors and infusing them with love and acceptance and pride.

    • tryptychUK
      tryptychUK 4 months ago

      @Elizabeth Trotwood:
      It's not about "policing", it's about education.
      Maybe you might like to ask African Americans who fought with the civil rights movement about being called the "N" word by their own people these days.
      Many of us fought to stop people calling us such names, and these idiots think it's trendy and cool to bring it back. It's not empowering, it's ignorant, rude and inconsiderate.

    • Elizabeth Trotwood
      Elizabeth Trotwood 4 months ago

      @tryptychUK - I know some LGBT+ people are uncomfortable with the q-word due to its history as a slur, and it's their prerogative not to use it in that case. However it's not their prerogative to police other LGBT+ people's reclamation of the word. There's a massive generational gap, and for most younger LGBT+ people it's not at all offensive but rather empowering.

  • tomstanely
    tomstanely 7 months ago +2

    I really hope its on torrent. or else there is no way i can watch this

  • Isabela H
    Isabela H 7 months ago +16

    The people outside, trying to be heard through the glass, though omg

  • Carmen Williams
    Carmen Williams 7 months ago +4

    Great interview, Nick is my fav actor, I inspire him. I love to meet him someday. And I can't wait to see the movie 😊

  • Danielle Elaine
    Danielle Elaine 7 months ago +16

    32:33 I don’t know if it’s just me, but Nick looks really faraway here

  • hello therr
    hello therr 7 months ago +1

    "homo sapiens"

  • quee ̶n̶ r
    quee ̶n̶ r 7 months ago +123

    I fall in love with Alexandra more and more with each interview. I mean, I know Nick and Katherine and I love them too, but Alexandra surprised me. She is an amazing person and very friendly. Loved it

    • Chris Bangus
      Chris Bangus 7 months ago +5

      I agree! She's the best. Check out her interview with Kingsley as well. I've been binge watching "Love, Simon" cast interviews after watching the film & having read the book lol.

  • natalie
    natalie 7 months ago +52

    just saw the movie last night and it was the most incredible movie ive ever seen. i usually dont like movies and the last time i cried at a movie was when i saw finding nemo and bruce popped up.. i cried so hard at this movie. honestly. it was so amazing and i wish i could be watching it again. wow.

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard 7 months ago +5

    It's the society we live in but you got to ignore bad mind people

  • Dorcas C.
    Dorcas C. 7 months ago +29

    It's wonderful to see such an honest depiction of "finding oneself", as a young adult -- a theme that can be appreciated universally -- within the framework of a "coming out" story. Nick Robinson is such a sensitive & intuitive Actor -- really beautiful to look at, simply because he seems to be so thoughtful in his portrayal of varying characters. I will forever love his "Olly" -- that love story, for a biracial Latina Filmmaker, who never saw myself on film, as the object of beauty & desire, at that age, to me, was also very revolutionary. Beautiful & equally gifted Amandla Stenberg & Nick Robinson, hands down, are the most compelling characters I've ever seen as young romantic counterparts on screen. Frankly, their chemistry & seemingly, genuine attraction for one another was far more sensual & stirring than some of the "R" rated adult romances I've seen on screen...I'm happy for Nick -- his first starring role (for a big studio project -- his "Joe" in the Indie film "Kings of Summer" was his first lead & an incredible coming of age story) seems to be one that will propel him to greater, more challenging roles. Looking forward to seeing his upcoming Indie film with Rosario Dawson...You're beautiful Nick -- stay humble & down-to-earth -- qualities like those are hard to come by in Hollyweird!...To me, you're the new "River Phoenix" of your generation -- darkly sensitive & human in your beauty....

    • Dorcas C.
      Dorcas C. 7 months ago +1

      Olga K. Thank you & AMEN! It seems that a true Artist should stay within the Indie realm of filmmaking, as much as possible, to remain centered, artistically challenged & true to oneself. I too, look forward to seeing Nick grow in his art...

    • Olga K.
      Olga K. 7 months ago +1

      Dorcas C. .... So well said, descriptive and honest in all areas. In regards to Nick Robinson, I couldn’t agree with you more 👌🏼👌🏼 I think he’s a brilliant young actor. Look forward to seeing him grow and further his career in the film industry 🎬 I think Indie Films are the way to go to keeping oneself ‘down to earth’ .., and away from, quote: ‘Hollyweird’ (love this reference). Stay ‘real’ Nick !! 😊

  • tusjin n
    tusjin n 7 months ago +2

    The host looks like John Mayer

  • Tele Vizion
    Tele Vizion 7 months ago +152

    You can really hear Katherine's Australian accent breaking through her American one :)

    • Saoirse Someone
      Saoirse Someone 6 months ago +2

      No she isn't

    • Mya
      Mya 6 months ago

      She is from New Zealand

    • dani pitter
      dani pitter 6 months ago

      I kept listening to hear an accent lol. I thought she was British but in some words and phrases she sounds Australian. It's so cute! :)

    • Jess Lee
      Jess Lee 6 months ago +1

      i wish we could here her aussie accent more often in interviews and stuff

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard 7 months ago +5

    I guess I won't be able to see the movie because of where I live😖😖😖😢😢

    • SmasherBoy
      SmasherBoy 7 months ago +1

      That is complete bullshit. LGBT people are humans and a fact of life! Let the movie be everywhere!

    • tomstanely
      tomstanely 7 months ago +1

      Download it from torrent. Thats what im planning to do too. Maybe it will be available to watch online on some website too.

    • nr nuolin
      nr nuolin 7 months ago

      I check the release info and my country is not in the list and I'm really sad TT-TT

  • MMM A
    MMM A 7 months ago +22

    is Nick Robinson ok? he looks troubeled

    • sainkanzaki
      sainkanzaki 6 months ago +3

      It looks like he is just introvert and he is thinking what to say next and stuff.

    • alot of fun
      alot of fun 7 months ago +4

      hes exhausted

    • Worldsbestdad
      Worldsbestdad 7 months ago +8

      He says he's an introvert

    • lukas cabahug
      lukas cabahug 7 months ago +6

      That’s just his face

    • jeffrey jin
      jeffrey jin 7 months ago +18

      Mikeyj Maher um. no. nick has suffered from insomnia for a majority of his life, he is not a "heavy pot user". smh.

  • fanboy
    fanboy 7 months ago +1

    Great interview! The cast + greg really opened up. :)

  • Sasha Matsumoto
    Sasha Matsumoto 7 months ago +59

    omg the mention of Dear Evan Hansen shook me

    • Ferchis Mena
      Ferchis Mena 6 months ago

      OMG! I love that musical 😍😍

    • Alice Callejon
      Alice Callejon 7 months ago

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  • ugh
    ugh 7 months ago +66

    I'm ascending to heaven when Nick mentioned Dear Evan Hansen and Ben Platypus Platt.

  • Cameron Rodriguez
    Cameron Rodriguez 7 months ago +80

    Ugh I absolutely can’t wait for this movie!! The Book was absolutely amazing!!

    • Sarita Thompson
      Sarita Thompson 7 months ago

      Just saw it today and it’s rly good!

    • Bella McLerie
      Bella McLerie 7 months ago

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    • Alice Callejon
      Alice Callejon 7 months ago

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    • Nicole G
      Nicole G 7 months ago +1

      Same! One of my favorite books!

  • Jared
    Jared 7 months ago +30

    Love the book. Love them. Can't wait for the movie, seeing it in two days! :D

    • Alice Callejon
      Alice Callejon 7 months ago

      I like it this movie - *LOVE SIMON (2018)* HD - #JimCaviezel
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      *Stars* : Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel
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    • Jared
      Jared 7 months ago +2

      They have early screenings all over the country, tomorrow.

    • jack reid
      jack reid 7 months ago

      Jared it only comes out on March 16th...