Meghan McCain Is Disappointed by Senator Lindsey Graham's Attachment to Trump

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Meghan McCain shares her memories of being an intern at SNL, talks about Donald Trump's continuing feud with her father and discusses her comments on Representative Ilhan Omar.
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    Meghan McCain Is Disappointed by Senator Lindsey Graham's Attachment to Trump- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 919

  • Diego Zambrano
    Diego Zambrano 18 hours ago

    Meghan fearless. Nice to see someone putting that guy in his place.

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life 2 days ago

    I applaud Megan McCain for standing her ground!

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S 6 days ago

    Girl byeee

  • Janet Miller
    Janet Miller 6 days ago

    Essentially Meghan is insecure. She asked Seth "What would make you happy to hear coming out of my mouth?" Despite her vocal stance that she has strong opinions & doesn't care what others think - she clearly DOES care. Deeply. She always comes off as very concerned about what others think of her. Bottom line, she wants to be able to say what she thinks WITHOUT having her opinions challenged by those with different views. She wants to be able to have her cake & eat it too. Entitled, privileged.

  • Dee H
    Dee H 7 days ago +1

    Seth its true not all hero’s wear capes!

  • Linkacide
    Linkacide 8 days ago

    They really wanted to cross swords then they should have delved into Israeli politics

  • Angel Beals
    Angel Beals 8 days ago

    Meghan is the worst kind of bigot! One who don’t realize she’s a bigot!

  • Janae Mancheski
    Janae Mancheski 10 days ago

    I've only seen a few videos of her, cuz I don't watch the view consistently, but it kinda seems like she wants to fight. Like a lot.

  • Camara Rhodes
    Camara Rhodes 11 days ago

    I love Meghan! I love that she’s a conservative, like myself. Some of her views i don’t agree with, but i love that she defends the Trump voter even though she doesn’t like him, and speaking up for real true conservatives. The only one on the View who has the right to speak about politics, because she has real experience as opposed to the other hens on the table. Thank you, Meghan!

  • Tamar Pelkinson
    Tamar Pelkinson 13 days ago

    What an interesting interview, actually interesting to listen to both of them 😀

  • Nobody J
    Nobody J 14 days ago

    Its cute how she tries to be a grown up! ENTITLED MUCH, Ms. McCain?

  • Kamron Eytcheson
    Kamron Eytcheson 15 days ago

    Okay, well, i see both sides. I lOVE SETH! and i love John and appreciate Megan. 💁 didn't think she was wrong, but agree with Seth. Fairness on all sides. P.S. Megan, don't let Trump get to you, Seth is right, your father wouldn't have let him.

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore 16 days ago

    I miss old politics. She is too fat and ugly to be seen in public.

  • Bee Cares
    Bee Cares 17 days ago

    Nice interview, especially on common ground.

  • themou2008
    themou2008 18 days ago

    Funny....she hates Trump but loves everything he stands for @ 10:35

  • themou2008
    themou2008 18 days ago

    Go Trump 2020

  • Dee Leigh
    Dee Leigh 18 days ago

    Seth was so respectful, polite & so incredibly sweet that Meghan got a cavity, toothache & migraine. McCain came across like a bull in a china shop.

  • Rohan Plantboy James
    Rohan Plantboy James 18 days ago

    She referred to organizing a desk of magazines as cleaning? Didn't make it two minutes before bringing up daddy. A disgusting vile American turd sandwich.

  • johnny james
    johnny james 19 days ago +1

    There both idiots. Her father. Would of neverbeen a great man like trump magen is nothing but a fat spolied brat and seth is a maron both brainless no respect for this country. John McCain is a crook ..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • ellie rain
    ellie rain 20 days ago

    She's answering your questions and you attack her for "bringing up the tweets again!" "Your opinions are a little strong" to a woman?? WTF?

  • ellie rain
    ellie rain 20 days ago

    Also amazing how people ignore half the audience who are reacting to the truth spoken!!

  • ellie rain
    ellie rain 20 days ago

    It's amazing if you think about it - HE brought up the subject, and then blames her for having an opinion.

  • ellie rain
    ellie rain 20 days ago

    As a lifelong leftist (who escaped Soviet Russia) people really need to check themselves - you are stifling free discussion of ideas, what the Supreme Court holds most dear - just to stick to the party line. She is not saying anything unreasonable or unusual, though you may disagree with her. This is dangerous behavior on the part of the Left; it's built on hate as well, and will be used by hateful instigators to take you in directions you will only regret. History is remarkably consistent. . .I thought Trump and the right were the fascists at first too. But what caused him?
    Fascism - a kind of internalised fatwa, where everyone follows only one "right" way of thinking, and never speaks about worrying demographic trends, out of fear, to be politically correct - took hold in Europe and created nationalism. . .Is that how you want to live? The rest of the world (Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia, conservative and now liberal Western Europeans . .is trying to get through to you, America. . .listen.

  • ellie rain
    ellie rain 20 days ago

    "I just like to listen to other perspectives." Really? How about the perspectives of Jews trying to warn you Omar is a rabid anti-semite using hate to garner power? "Isn't there a way to criticise Israel without being called an anti-semite?" Yes, Israelis do it all the time - why would you imply they don't? Also, Ilhan and friends have yet to critique any actual policy, they just traffic in propaganda while their people suffer at their own hands - just so they can attack Israel in the name of Islam. . .You can hear the paranoia about offending a minority in his voice. I wish he realised how badly he was being used and how much they actually hate him and America. (Big Satan & Little Satan) This is scary stuff - he just implied the synagogue shootings were a result of criticising Islam. Wake up to the lie before it's too late.

  • Malala la
    Malala la 20 days ago

    I love you for attempting to speak some sense into her thick and entitled brain Seth !

  • mericy25
    mericy25 20 days ago

    Already loved Seth but this interview showed he is an honest gentleman. Job well done. I don't know anything about what was spoken about but the way he handled it was very professional. Kudos.

  • Matthew Curlee
    Matthew Curlee 21 day ago +5

    At around 9:00 the screen starts rippling green and glitchy. Is that just me?

  • Nawed Akhter
    Nawed Akhter 21 day ago

    Well Done Seth👍🙏

  • LiftedX
    LiftedX 21 day ago

    Apologetics by Seth Myers when it comes to Omar's comments about 9/11 and her Islamic anti-Jewish sentiment, but when Meghan points him out for being like Omar's Publicist and sticking up for her actions using semantics, then he gets all defensive and deranged like most Leftists. When people like Roseanne Barr make similar racial comments they lose their job, unless you are Liberal. You are in the okay..... Most Americans see this from a mile away, except for most hi-fiving Leftist commentators in the comments section.

  • Vijay Thakur
    Vijay Thakur 22 days ago

    Nailed it

  • Clarity
    Clarity 22 days ago

    This was incredibly intelligent and lucid, on Seth's side.

  • david aikens
    david aikens 22 days ago

    What a fucking pig! 🐖

  • Balbi Francesca PY
    Balbi Francesca PY 23 days ago

    Oh shut up meg. Does she ever have a conversation without referencing her father? Shes so annoying and entitled. Always defensive and passive agressive. So insufferable. Seth thats why we love you! Professional and rational

    • LiftedX
      LiftedX 9 days ago

      Oh gotta dish out the hate for someone who does not echo your ideals. But if Trump dishes out some bad words, it's "Orange Man Bad" and the Leftists scream at the sky (seriously there is a video of Liberals yelling at the sky). Your generation is dumb and intolerant, while being indecorous and disparaging to all other people, including people of color, unless they follow Liberalism and your woke ideals.

  • Ms. Congeniality
    Ms. Congeniality 23 days ago

    Good thing McCain didn’t become president. More continuous war. And Megan McCain would be so annoying intelligent, walking like she is the best human being.

  • lutascheier
    lutascheier 23 days ago +1

    She'll always respect Lindsey Graham. Well, we've seen the worst of him and all his hypocrisy and lies. So, what does that say about her?

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX 23 days ago

    1:38 seconds in she already mentioned her dad.

    • Digos HNDRXX
      Digos HNDRXX 9 days ago

      LiftedX one I don’t dispise them... two Hilary has carved a name for her self and doesn’t need to talk about bill to gain notice. And it’s never been an issue with her. John McCain daughter biggest accomplishment is being john McCain’s daughter and she acts like it by bringing his name up as much as possible cause her words alone carry no credibility. She acts as if him being a war veteran makes her a war veteran too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her have one conversation/ interview without ever bringing up her dad

    • LiftedX
      LiftedX 9 days ago

      Hillary mentioned Bill too, but not in a goo way. At least McCain deserved adoration for showing propriety which people like you despise.

  • M Pi
    M Pi 23 days ago

    Good old liberal Seth

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 24 days ago

    I'm trying to figure out what it was about this interview that riled her husband up so much. She has undergone harsher conversation at the View. Seth spoke in soft spoken tones, he let her talk, he was patient. He didn't call her names. Like.....what's the deal? It was a conversation between two people, one who was getting in their feelings, and the other who seemed to genuinely want to understand where she was coming from. Her husband was nasty for no reason. He and that Good Ol Boy attitude is perfect for Meghan and her Good Ol Boy attitude.

  • 'Ammarah May
    'Ammarah May 24 days ago

    Joy must be laughing out loud. Seth challenged intelligently Meghan and she wasn’t ready for it

  • David DeVasto
    David DeVasto 24 days ago

    Comedy is dead

  • SnowBoarder2910
    SnowBoarder2910 24 days ago

    "geo political politics"

  • Ali Mansoor
    Ali Mansoor 24 days ago

    Seth looks weak

  • Karen Dari
    Karen Dari 24 days ago

    The tweet wasn’t “jews are blinding the world” it was “Israel is blinding the world”. Again, like Seth’s question, when is it okay for Israel and all Jewish people to not be the same thing in the eyes of Meghan McCain?

  • Karen Dari
    Karen Dari 24 days ago

    Thank you, Seth!!! She NEEDS to be challenged on her rhetoric. Thank you, thank you.
    Wow she always says she’s tough but everyone needs to walk on egg shells around her and spoonfeed their points, how does that make sense?
    “Are you her publicist?” 🙄 Way to not be tough and not get to the bottom of it which is you’re wrong.
    I used to love her until this Ilhan Omar stuff came up......

  • Andrew802
    Andrew802 24 days ago

    This has got to be the realest interview I've seen from Seth. He challenged her opinion but didn't get combative with her. Good, in-depth interview to take on McCain.

  • Monse Mares Tapia
    Monse Mares Tapia 24 days ago


    BARTETMEDIA 25 days ago

    Meghan thinks she's so smart and entitled... please!!!
    It was like a teacher talking to a Jr. high school girl... Bravo Seth!

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 25 days ago +1

    The way she kept talking about being popular, asking Seth what would make him happy as far as what she should say ... all makes it pretty clear she is supremely insecure.

  • Joni Heisenberg
    Joni Heisenberg 25 days ago

    Same leverage ? Did she mean the same leeway ?

    AVGVSTVS CAESAR 26 days ago

    If people can blame Charlottesville for trump tweets, blaming anti semitic shootings on anti semitic tweets is fair. Who cares if she apologized she shouldnt have said it in the first place. Nice whataboutism seth she asked you to hold the same standards for trump, then he says well trump wouldn't, nice deflection. Pathetic

  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez 26 days ago


  • Nancy Johns-Bozeman
    Nancy Johns-Bozeman 26 days ago

    You slow walked her right into the blind spot. Funny how that arrogance doesn’t allow her to see past the ignorance.

  • JakaQuan
    JakaQuan 26 days ago


  • murphln
    murphln 27 days ago

    Seth is a Mensch. Do you understand that Meghan?

  • Grant Johnson
    Grant Johnson 28 days ago

    Awesome job asking some tough questions in a thoughtful way Seth

  • bdfan4ever
    bdfan4ever 28 days ago

    Subscribed. Just for his handling of that child. WELL DONE.

  • Vincent Garcia
    Vincent Garcia 28 days ago

    Who else can't stand her voice or the way she talks?

  • Austin izzyton
    Austin izzyton 28 days ago

    I heard she can't even suck a dick all that well....inside source from college

  • Austin izzyton
    Austin izzyton 28 days ago

    Remeber when her father died....what a great day for REAL Republicans

  • Austin izzyton
    Austin izzyton 28 days ago

    Does her husband look like Mr Piggy....she is identical to Miss Piggy

  • Lisa Quinn
    Lisa Quinn 28 days ago

    Seth, "Well done you!!" I'm a huge fan and now a lot of others, hopefully, are too. McCain is a bully and is seen as a homophobic racist.

  • TheWingjammer
    TheWingjammer 28 days ago

    So cool of you, Seth :)

  • AS Hanson
    AS Hanson 28 days ago

    Why was this so controversial? I think Myers has, by this interview, set himself up for some hard hits in the future. Omar is Omar and she will not be cowled. Her language is dangerous and she will CONTINUE with the anti-Semitic language. Myers does himself no favors propping her up because she was forced to apologize. Meaghan was on point with Myers’ bias. To his audience he comes across as the adult in the room. To the rest of us he is the mouthpiece/dupe of a rising anti-Semitic voice. Tread carefully privileged, white male.

  • AS Hanson
    AS Hanson 28 days ago

    Why was this so controversial? I think Myers has, by this interview, set himself up for some hard hits in the future. Omar is Omar and she will not be cowled. Her language is dangerous and she will CONTINUE with the anti-Semitic language. Myers does himself no favors propping her up because she was forced to apologize. Meaghan was on point with Myers’ bias. To his audience he comes across as the adult in the room. To the rest of us he is the mouthpiece/dupe of a rising anti-Semitic voice. Tread carefully privileged, white male.

  • Metta Tarot
    Metta Tarot 28 days ago +1

    Very lovely handling of a this interview...

  • olivia15073
    olivia15073 28 days ago

    Seth Meyers makes me really, really miss Johnny Carson.

  • Matthew Bittenbender
    Matthew Bittenbender 28 days ago

    Megan McCain is the poster girl for elitism and entitlement. Without her father she has nothing. She was given everything through white privilege and wealth and somehow that makes her an expert on conservatism so that she has a political voice without ever being in public service? That is exactly was FOX likes tho’ and ABC is just trying to capture more FOX viewers who’ll support her while getting attacked ny liberal harpies. She really lacks the life experience to be telling others what to think about Ilhan Omar and others she vociferously opposes. Then her silt hubby takes to Twitter to say how much Seth Meyers has anti-Semite views for defending Omar?! He does know that Seth is 1/4 Jewish, right? And we know that Megan and he talked before he sent it.
    This is representative of just how uniformed and knee jerk reactionary the right is. Just like that other entitled idiot, Dave Shapiro, accused a conservative British reporter of being a leftist. ZERO credibility and ZERO gravitas.

  • Travis Crawford
    Travis Crawford 29 days ago

    meanwhile, the country is disappointed in your worthless father. Songbird john was a pos

  • harlon57
    harlon57 29 days ago

    McCain took the bait and beat up Trump at Seth's request, then he treated her like the useful idiot she is by telling her she was wrong to attack Ilhan Omar, the U.S. hating, anti-Israeli Islamic bigot.

  • SM Spooner
    SM Spooner 29 days ago

    Meghan McCain is so tough to listen to. When she gets defensive, she even gets the head-swivel going. It's brutal. She is almost as bad as that hate peddling Omar creature.

  • Patricia D
    Patricia D 29 days ago +1

    Seth was completely classy. Why was this such a big deal, and why did her husband have a meltdown on twitter about the way she was treated during this interview?!

  • Kristen
    Kristen 29 days ago +1

    When someone brings up a valid point her voice gets very shaky and she backs herself into a corner. She just needs to listen better and not rely so much on the constant rhetoric defense.

  • Raul Cruz
    Raul Cruz 29 days ago +1

    John MCCain was known as a cantankerous SOB. Obviously, Megan has been molded into the same reactively defensive, intolerance of other viewpoints personality. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

  • Sonya Barton
    Sonya Barton 29 days ago

    I'm Jewish and fully agree with Ilhan Omar's comments about Israel. Everything she's said is being taken out of context in order to silence the real issues she is trying to bring to light. And Meghan McCain needs to go away. The only reason we all know her is because of who her daddy was.

  • Visum
    Visum 29 days ago +1

    pro life. pro sperm. pro clumps of cells .

    • Visum
      Visum 29 days ago

      pro clumps of cells over live women with actual minds.

  • Roddy Yang
    Roddy Yang 29 days ago +2

    *Someone end that cow. Me-me-me again Fatcain.*

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein 29 days ago +2

    Seth and John Oliver are the smartest guys on tv.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein 29 days ago +1

    Wow. She doubles in size every 6 months.

  • John Ibarra
    John Ibarra 29 days ago

    Not sure how her husband can go on a rant on her. Seth was very professional, even tone. Stressed the fact that hes not choosing a side, just wants both sides to listen. And respect each other. Mad love Seth!!

  • Ifrah Ali
    Ifrah Ali 29 days ago

    Lololol she said I’m pro-life and pro-nra 😭😔those two things don’t go well together dummy

    B DALTON Month ago +1

    Seth shows EVERYONE how it should be done so get a pencil and paper and take some notes !!!

  • StringPlayer 57
    StringPlayer 57 Month ago

    BOTH PARTIES need to quit invoking the actions and words of former or dead politicians. That's why McCain still keeps getting remarks from Trump. Liberal media and Meghan McCain keeps quoting him or sharing what he believed or did in various articles. They aren't in office anymore. Done.

  • Natalia Carter
    Natalia Carter Month ago

    Love it! Great job, Seth! 👍

  • Daisie
    Daisie Month ago

    Ooohhh she got burned!!! Thank you Seth!!!

  • Austin Giguere
    Austin Giguere Month ago +2

    Ilhan Omar is a radical anti-semitic terrorist sympathizing disgrace to America. The fact that she is sitting in our government leaking intelligence to our enemies is truly shameful.

  • Gus Althorp
    Gus Althorp Month ago

    Queen of the Senate Lindsey on The DL Graham is a warmongering, neo-con, warhawk Like his buddy McCain.
    Birds of a feather.

  • Gus Althorp
    Gus Althorp Month ago

    Here we go Urging Parents to vaccinate there kids.

  • Gus Althorp
    Gus Althorp Month ago +1

    Meghan McCain daughter of a warmongering, neo-con, warhawk John McCain who voted for war til his dying days.
    Who was a lobbyist for the military industrial complex.
    Maybe Meghan has taken over that role since she loves war like her Father. And She's a devout Zionist. So that's all you need to know about Meghan to assess her persona.

  • Angel rose
    Angel rose Month ago

    Never be a hard-core anything. All things in moderation.

  • Angel rose
    Angel rose Month ago +1

    America is forever kissing Israel’s ass. Any small criticism of Israel makes a person an antisemite. It’s ridiculous.

  • Gaye Blinman
    Gaye Blinman Month ago

    Megan McCain is Hard Core Combative On The View 🙅🏼‍♀️
    Does That Make Her Hard Core Republican or just Hard Headed ❔


  • Mountain Top77
    Mountain Top77 Month ago

    Words and actions aside, she is a person, like us all, and her father has passed. A loss can affect us in different ways. A decade later she will have adapted differently than how she is acting now. Don't doubt me.

  • Leonore
    Leonore Month ago

    Meghan's husband's venomous, obscene and repugnant rant against Seth Meyers mystified me. Seth was a perfect gentleman behaving politely throughout.

  • Zitch Fukker
    Zitch Fukker Month ago

    "I work in the view" u think that makes you better??? Fat 🐄

  • erzan
    erzan Month ago +2

    She helped increase death threats to a sitting Muslim American Congresswoman. She is part of the problem and not the solution.

  • Mary D
    Mary D Month ago

    Seth did a great job with this aggressive and nasty no-talent woman.

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago

    Man!! This interview is awesome. Used to watch this show and love Seth Meyers, but the way he tackled this interview with professionalism is applaud worthy and seeing him in new light. Huge respect Mr Meyers.

  • apathetically lethargic

    Seth meyers defending an anti semitic congresswoman how awesome is that lol

  • Kita H
    Kita H Month ago

    She is just not good at relating her opinion in an adult way without saying something snarky and resorting to otherisims. Seth kept it professional and demonstrated how good he is at his job!!

  • DanSk451
    DanSk451 Month ago

    Ha! Love that he slipped in "vaccinate your kids".