Sean Evans Eats L.A.'s Spiciest Fried Chicken with Brian Redban | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Feb 28, 2017
  • At Howlin' Ray's in L.A.'s Chinatown, chef Johnny Zone and his wife Amanda have created a sensation with their Nashville-style hot chicken, which regularly attracts hour-long lines of poultry-loving spice fiends. There are six advertised heat levels-so, needless to say, Hot Ones host Sean Evans had to go try the off-menu level seven, which is packed with Carolina Reaper. Watch him struggle through the fire with comedian Brian Redban.
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  • T V
    T V 51 minute ago

    From west indies not a big deal tho 😂

  • SamUltraGaming HD
    SamUltraGaming HD 4 hours ago

    C c.

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie 10 hours ago

    You know milk works better to handle the heat...

  • Mr E
    Mr E Day ago +2

    So, Spices Are Hotter Than Sauces ?

  • Sh4rpN
    Sh4rpN Day ago

    5:40 Sean looks like hes either going to sneeze, or cry like an oscar winning actor

  • Rusty Haro
    Rusty Haro 3 days ago

    Did anyone else see Jon barinholtz in the yellow plaid shirt

  • Manuel Carmo
    Manuel Carmo 3 days ago +1

    If you're stupid,........ and you want to be fat and sick,........... eat this shit !!!

    ICEGOD2 4 days ago

    The corporate people for the restaurant cook for sent me to L.A. and I went to Howlin Ray's. We stopped short of that back room special. The wings are very good but my nostrils were burning like shit.

  • optimistically cynical  .

    I love the tampox shirt

  • Jordan Swezey
    Jordan Swezey 4 days ago


  • infidel 1371
    infidel 1371 4 days ago

    Love the show, WHAT the fuk are you wearing dude? NO...…. Stop it

  • Chester Izzy
    Chester Izzy 6 days ago

    Omg I want a Latino top boyfriend so bad. I’m here in LA. Email is I have pics. Nice looking white guy.

  • gangway youngan
    gangway youngan 8 days ago

    Damn hella ppl staring😂

  • Denny Hansen
    Denny Hansen 9 days ago

    I like spicy chics. But not the ones who are so hot they hate you.

  • Tracy Bush
    Tracy Bush 10 days ago

    Omg that looks so good

  • Shandon Ward
    Shandon Ward 13 days ago

    Having all those people watch me eat would irritate the fuck out of me

  • Chris Rennox
    Chris Rennox 13 days ago

    2:50 nice to see floyd mayweather taking up his dream of being a chef

  • Den Ned
    Den Ned 14 days ago

    I finished 4 of those Sum'Bitches like it ain't nothing! But yes it sure hell is fucking Hotter than a set of twin babies!

  • Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard 14 days ago

    Why were people watching two full grown men eating chicken wings?

  • Eddie Myler
    Eddie Myler 15 days ago

    My eyelids sweat and my nose gets cold Just Watching hot one's episodes! Crazy!

  • Matt Kornaker
    Matt Kornaker 15 days ago

    Just shovin napkins in his mouth. Lol

  • Corey Feathers
    Corey Feathers 15 days ago

    Sean you have Nuff from Main Event Pong💪 he did 10 wings covered not last fab spider in fa

  • Laughing Achilles
    Laughing Achilles 15 days ago

    This sort of video makes you wonder about human beings. These plants evolved these compounds to prevent animals eating them and yet we human beings coming along and willingly make them hotter so that we can experience a more intense heat.
    We are a weird species.

  • Kane Hogsed
    Kane Hogsed 16 days ago

    Even as a vegetarian, damn that chicken look good.

  • The Terrible Gamer
    The Terrible Gamer 16 days ago

    Dang! second wing had Sean crying. Never seen that before. Maybe he needs to up his hot sauce game.

  • Ralphadelic
    Ralphadelic 16 days ago

    Y'all guys recognize that guy at the restaurant from an episode of feast mansion

  • Commenter McCommentFace

    At least the owner knows the true origin of hot chicken. Prince’s in east Nashville will change your life. And whatever you do, don’t go to poser ass Hattie B’s.

  • lordbeavis69
    lordbeavis69 17 days ago

    I don't think I have ever seen Sean react to spicy food like this. I must try it now.

  • Luke Salsbury
    Luke Salsbury 19 days ago

    Johnny: “guys we got Sean in the house”
    The other chefs: “AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael 19 days ago

    8:01 guy in the back tryna process what just happened to that napkin 😂

  • John Weyant
    John Weyant 20 days ago

    The way he keeps looking in Sean’s eyes when he says “We got Sean in the house”

  • Nick Supapol
    Nick Supapol 20 days ago +1

    The warm welcome I thought only nice Japanese restaurants gave.

  • Barry Dimmock
    Barry Dimmock 21 day ago


  • Michael Hinchey
    Michael Hinchey 23 days ago

    This guy needs a Netflix show. Netflix is missing the boat here.

  • ThePeach
    ThePeach 23 days ago

    why they have the people standing in the back like that tho LOL

  • Buho Suh
    Buho Suh 24 days ago

    Idk why but im sweating fucking buckets just watching this

  • glennard coleman
    glennard coleman 24 days ago +1

    I think they change the grease everyday.

  • treyevan
    treyevan 24 days ago

    Too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tremain Smith
    Tremain Smith 24 days ago +1

    I had that before, but it wasn't hot 2 me like that at all ans i out hot sauce on mine's cause i eat 🌶 daily 😬

  • Chris Aikey
    Chris Aikey 26 days ago

    the boss is on crack

  • DaWu76
    DaWu76 26 days ago

    +hqnguyen77 to post a response video based on his upcoming Howlin Ray's visit

  • Stunna Goham
    Stunna Goham 28 days ago

    I hate when people stare when I’m eating lmfao

  • Nate Margolis
    Nate Margolis 29 days ago

    Are we not going to talk about that it was so hot that guy ate a napkin?

  • Gene Everett
    Gene Everett Month ago +2

    Hotter then anything from the show ? Get that shit on next season

  • Kabi Maharjan
    Kabi Maharjan Month ago


  • Corey Withers
    Corey Withers Month ago

    What is it about food that the hotter it is the more I want to try it

  • My- Dudes
    My- Dudes Month ago

    I was 666 dislike good video

  • Jon Hurd
    Jon Hurd Month ago +1

    Lmfao! Redban just downed that napin like in hopes myabe that would help....bwahahahaha

  • Dalim Mont
    Dalim Mont Month ago

    Wtf is everyone looking at? Chew never seen someone eat before. Fuck off.

  • Colin Wiebe
    Colin Wiebe Month ago

    Did he eat a napkin?

  • Bumhunter90
    Bumhunter90 Month ago

    That line must've been like "Damn, this crew just rolled in!"

  • james marez
    james marez Month ago

    I've never seen Sean struggle that much before

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14 Month ago

    I tried this one just the Hot but it already gave me diarrhea after 12 hours. My brother ate one howlin' and he was on the floor having stomach ache and diarrhea after about 12 hrs.
    Eating is one challenge, letting it out is a whole new other challenge. Keep these in mind

  • Ham Solo
    Ham Solo Month ago

    Brian Redban is a moron

  • Asad
    Asad Month ago

    I thought that was Justin Timberlake lmaooo

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone Month ago

    What no last dab?

  • Harry Balszak
    Harry Balszak Month ago

    “ one more bite then I’m getting in an Uber!”

  • Rich Mosley
    Rich Mosley Month ago

    That is so weird. My eyelids actually started sweating just by watching this...

  • Ljngstrm
    Ljngstrm Month ago +1

    2:53 wtf this creepy asian dude outside the glass!

  • Shawn Iyer
    Shawn Iyer Month ago

    We gon ignore the mom who straight left her kids in a line with a bunch of strangers in public

  • Dito Surya Putra
    Dito Surya Putra Month ago

    Why was redban at the end eat a tissue

  • Peter Ebel
    Peter Ebel Month ago

    redban is fucking insane

  • hendon ixasedron
    hendon ixasedron Month ago

    holy fuck you know the hot sauce is real when sean, who CASUALLY dominates everyone that goes on hot ones is like losing his shit a little.

  • 1 1
    1 1 Month ago

    Shoutout to the people who think the universe revolves around them and they just HAVE to get in the shot or they HAVE to staynd there and watch as if its an invitation.

  • Andy Doufreisn
    Andy Doufreisn Month ago +3

    3) DaBomb
    2) Megadeath sauce
    1) Chicken wing made by Ling Ling

  • David Brown
    David Brown Month ago

    Tampax on a video feed? Intentional or just lame.

  • TheFishyBeats
    TheFishyBeats Month ago

    What’s the beat at 0:44? Hottest part of the vid. Lol

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y Month ago

    I watch this right before in about to order an extra spicy chicken sandwich from ShakeShack.

    NES FOREVER Month ago

    I feel that hot. I eat this chicken wings every week and it’s fire🙄

  • Matthew Peers
    Matthew Peers Month ago

    All the people watching them is makin me uncomfortable

  • Fatty Fatty Two by Four

    Whoaaaa those samiches looked fucking tremendous

  • Gangsta 7234
    Gangsta 7234 Month ago

    It’s crazy I went here in 2016 for my bday and they gave me free chicken and waffles they were so nice and this has to be the best chicken in my life

    TheVESCOS Month ago

    Spicy vengance

  • Chou Thao
    Chou Thao Month ago

    Nice jacket Sean.

  • Sasa Z
    Sasa Z Month ago

    Once, when I was with three of my colleagues on a business trip, we ate a bunch of super hot stuff...then we got a little tippsy from drinking a lot of beer and then we went on a meadow, bowed down and set our farts on fire...we almost caused a forest fire...

  • Nick G
    Nick G Month ago

    Why don’t I like Redban?

  • mobucks555
    mobucks555 Month ago

    I like Brian. I like Joe Rogan too but he was a dick to Brian towards the end of their professional working relationship.

  • IshmaelCOC
    IshmaelCOC Month ago

    1:05 look at the chef

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger Month ago

    You need milk

  • Tom Garvin
    Tom Garvin Month ago

    I feel my heartbeat in my eyebrows.

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch Month ago

    I remember hearing a report on the radio which said that there is an epidemic of kids and teens having digestive problems with their pancreas attributed to chronic ingestion of spicy snacks like Flamin Hot Cheetos and Takis. Some restaurants that serve spicy hot food require that the diner sign a waiver of liability before eating. Peppers are being raised with higher and higher Scoville ratings in the millions of units. Just a word of caution.

  • Neyesnacky
    Neyesnacky Month ago

    did everyone just ignore the fact that he ate the fucking paper LMFAO

  • Kevin Dd
    Kevin Dd Month ago

    You can dump chili pepper powder on a pile of shit and call it hot if you want. What ever... Not impressed.

  • Pedro Leon
    Pedro Leon Month ago

    2:53 is that chao from hangover in the background?

  • StagHead
    StagHead Month ago +1

    That looks really good

  • Steve Leighton
    Steve Leighton 2 months ago +2

    If Sean is struggling.

  • raytedr
    raytedr 2 months ago

    after watching this i was too afraid to touch my eye!

  • lil soap
    lil soap 2 months ago

    do they credit the music they use anywhere?

  • Felix Freistunde
    Felix Freistunde 2 months ago

    1:04 pure autism i love it 😊

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz 2 months ago

    YG can prolly eat the whole thing and not be fazed

  • john adams
    john adams 2 months ago

    People in the background suck. Like damn ruined the video

  • blueheavn
    blueheavn 2 months ago

    Why do I feel like they just over exaggerate for content purposes

  • Tanpa Nama
    Tanpa Nama 2 months ago

    Poor chicken, I can't imagine how hurts being those chickens

  • BD&J Outdoors
    BD&J Outdoors 2 months ago

    Is this a gimmick version of Hattie B's?

  • SupremeChimp
    SupremeChimp 2 months ago

    Redban fucking sucks.

  • Steven Daniel
    Steven Daniel 2 months ago

    Not funny.
    No sympathy.
    No brain.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 2 months ago

    At 7:03 the red haired lady's like hey look Steve were on the televisions

  • will gordon
    will gordon 2 months ago

    My eyes teared and head sweated just watching this

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar 2 months ago

    I love the ginger in the background LoL-omg at y’all...

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar 2 months ago

    Sean’s doctor is thinking 🤔 damn it dude?!? I told you to take a weekend off?!? Sean... your a stud 🤟🤘rock on good sir