Sean Evans Eats L.A.'s Spiciest Fried Chicken with Brian Redban | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Feb 28, 2017
  • At Howlin' Ray's in L.A.'s Chinatown, chef Johnny Zone and his wife Amanda have created a sensation with their Nashville-style hot chicken, which regularly attracts hour-long lines of poultry-loving spice fiends. There are six advertised heat levels-so, needless to say, Hot Ones host Sean Evans had to go try the off-menu level seven, which is packed with Carolina Reaper. Watch him struggle through the fire with comedian Brian Redban.
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  • Issa Boat
    Issa Boat Day ago

    Lmao someone please clip 00:47

  • Dryrose Yinly
    Dryrose Yinly Day ago

    Tampon shirt....he truly is a! burn baby burn....😠🤒😊

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh Day ago

    It took me until 3/4 the way through the video to notice the balls on this guy wearing a Tampax shirt

  • I'll take his head clean off.

    Got sauce that were stronger than Pepperspray in my mouth once, that's insanely hot. Could not feel the taste of food or drinks for a week straight. It was called harakiri (suicide) sausage, the guy who sold them cuts the sausage in the middle all the way from side to side and fills it with some red sauce.. I could feel it burn in my eyes before i even touched it. You had to wear plastic gloves when you eat it and you have to eat the whole thing to if you want evidence that you did it (a t-shirt..) i ate the whole thing cuz i was drunk but it was a burning feeling that never stopped it just reached a higher level after another and on like that for 1,5hour. It was the worst thing ive ever done/decided to do.
    PS. I had to sign a contract before eating the sausage. 5 minutes was the time limit to not spit, sneeze, whipe, drool or anything.

  • Tomas Jonaitis
    Tomas Jonaitis 2 days ago


  • Philip G
    Philip G 3 days ago

    HA! Tampax t-shirt...nOiCe

  • drizzt7010
    drizzt7010 3 days ago


  • Matthew Stoddard
    Matthew Stoddard 5 days ago

    If I could, I'd travel here to get some of these and put some of that Last Dab on it... because I'm an idiot who loves the pain.

  • temporarysanity
    temporarysanity 5 days ago

    Ok. Looking at the size of those wings I'm wondering if what makes the chickens in that area special is that they live next to a nuclear dump site and they get 4 wings per bird.

  • Elijah Urbina
    Elijah Urbina 5 days ago

    Does anyone see the Chinese dude just staring through the window

  • Veera bains
    Veera bains 6 days ago

    After eating this , next morning they must be BLEEDING frm other end 😂😂😂

  • Dean Flet
    Dean Flet 6 days ago

    Its first time I seen you sweat like Crazy Sean🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Dionne
    Daniel Dionne 7 days ago

    I love the audience building in the background

  • Jeff Richardson
    Jeff Richardson 7 days ago

    Sean in the house! Give me a hey!

  • NorthNoscus
    NorthNoscus 7 days ago

    Am i the only one that watched the chicken watch episode on this place

  • cncaliguy09
    cncaliguy09 7 days ago

    He ate paper napkin - desperate times require desperate actions. I will never go past medium at that place. Redban looked like he was sub in BDSM torture session and getting off on it.

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 8 days ago

    dont try this yourself plz

  • Just Chilling
    Just Chilling 9 days ago

    That should be how hot your last Chicken Wing should be on Hot Ones.

  • Robert Borunda
    Robert Borunda 9 days ago

    Would it be cruel to feed this to the homeless

  • Ethan Zabar
    Ethan Zabar 9 days ago


  • Grizzold
    Grizzold 11 days ago

    The people stood there watching u fucking infuriated me

  • Water Nom nom nom
    Water Nom nom nom 12 days ago

    I ate like 5 of those all at once. And here are 5 steps on how to eat it with ragrat.
    1.) you take out all the meat off the bone
    2.) put it in a bowl
    3.) get a spoon and mash/mix it up
    4.) eat that shit up like its your last meal
    5.) die
    P.s. I’m a ghost. I died sitting on a toilet. 😩🤢🔥🔥💀👻

  • Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka 12 days ago +1

    The Church brought me here.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 12 days ago

    Damn that looks like an ass ending meal

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 12 days ago

    Oh my god he ate the napkins trying to put the fire out.

  • Dre Ray
    Dre Ray 13 days ago

    IMO, If you cant enjoy the full flavor of fried chicken when the spices are too damned hot, You are disrespcting fried chicken, One of the best, If not best food on earth, Fried chicken should be spicy, The best ones are, But if you cant enjoy it, Then its a fail..

  • Petit Louis
    Petit Louis 13 days ago

    02:52 Mr Chow !!! @@

  • Archit Kothari
    Archit Kothari 13 days ago

    That's like warm up for us Indians...

  • 1337Sauce
    1337Sauce 14 days ago

    Started making my own hot sauce cause of hot ones=)

  • Dip
    Dip 15 days ago

    5:35 poor people's children in the background, please take them away they're ruining the set

  • Robby (Ace) Mills
    Robby (Ace) Mills 15 days ago

    Redban is a tool. No celebrities were in town this week?

  • Conor BIG COCK Mcgregor Devotee

    Looks at all those awkward people in the back trying to get attention

  • Pandora 73
    Pandora 73 17 days ago

    Come to n yc howlin

  • Molly Frey
    Molly Frey 18 days ago

    Sean needs to come to Nashville and try Prince's

  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan 20 days ago

    What is it about Redban that bothers me, so?

  • Chelsea Lauren
    Chelsea Lauren 20 days ago

    Love Redban, love the #1 comedy podcast in the world, Kill Tony

  • lennygel666
    lennygel666 21 day ago

    "they put them to sleep before slaughtering them"
    Lmao wtf do Americans not gas their chickens like the rest of the civilized world?

    • Travis Bull
      Travis Bull 17 days ago

      lennygel666 just cut the chickens head off like a man!!! Stop being a little punk bitch!

  • Brock Lunardi
    Brock Lunardi 21 day ago

    Did Redban actually EAT napkins???

  • BeHereNow Dragonfly
    BeHereNow Dragonfly 22 days ago

    I'm so freaking hungry now haha

  • Christopher Siebert
    Christopher Siebert 23 days ago

    go to Nashville and try a place called "Hot Stuff", puts Prince's & Hattie B's to shame as far as spiciness. I grew up in Nashville, trust me

  • Joe H
    Joe H 24 days ago

    8:08 I had to rewind this part. He ate a fucking napkin. I didn't see him spit it out before he went for another one 😕😂

  • Blast Oise
    Blast Oise 24 days ago

    I bet Shawn has asshole rot after years of shitting battery acid

  • john powers
    john powers 24 days ago

    "One more bite and then I'm getting in an Uber"

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith 26 days ago

    This dudes digestive tract must be fucked

  • Andrew Montague
    Andrew Montague 26 days ago

    Just watching Sean eat that made me sweat!

  • Fisklina
    Fisklina 27 days ago

    Sean must take some evil shits after a day at work.

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 28 days ago

    7:45 I hear that Curtis Mayfield playing in the background

  • Kill Wadit
    Kill Wadit Month ago

    Look at that lady with the red hear

  • Wilburbruh
    Wilburbruh Month ago

    All the people watching in the background is god awful to watch. I feel like they’re watching me too and my antisocial side is coming out.

  • Buky Badass
    Buky Badass Month ago


  • steven Best
    steven Best Month ago

    fuck redban. jamie all the way.

  • I C
    I C Month ago

    I need this!
    Reaper pork rinds weren't that spicy, I don't understand why. But I need it in my life!

  • MattyBespoke
    MattyBespoke Month ago

    throw that spice on some corner store dick pills and Redban would eat them up!

  • Brent Delong
    Brent Delong Month ago

    Why do people eat this $h!t. I like spicy food. I put Franks and Tabasco on everything except sweets, but why. Why do you want to eat something that hurts. What pleasure or gain do you achieve.

  • dr bastard
    dr bastard Month ago

    what a fat bastard

  • IDK
    IDK Month ago

    Next to baohaus

  • Jebmo 58
    Jebmo 58 Month ago

    You're kind of a bunch of pussies if you put your chicken to sleep! Who gives a damn they're animals and they don't have souls! This place has got to be in California! I'm not for sure but I'm guessing it's probably in California

  • James Quirk
    James Quirk Month ago

    It's a bummer that those were obviously really good wings, but they were rendered inedible by the spice/heat level.

    LXCA HD Month ago

    Those people in the background look like fucking idiots

  • Humanzee
    Humanzee Month ago

    Olive Garden Butthole

  • the baus
    the baus Month ago

    2:54 Ken Jeong behind glass

  • Rural War Room International

    I knew Johnny's Dad, Ray, the "Ray" in "Howlin' Ray's" and he was quite a character. A wonderful fellow. I wish he were still around. Good Luck, Johnny! - Byron Werner

  • John
    John Month ago

    i think they wear gloves so that he doesn't scratch his heartbeat eyebrows. don't wanna be blinded by the spiciness for life

  • Magucci13
    Magucci13 Month ago

    This is the first time I've seen Sean actually react like others do to spicy stuff. This guy must be an animal, because he walks through hot ones like it's nothing

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Month ago

    I kinda want to try that

  • Faraz Bolourian
    Faraz Bolourian Month ago

    Are we all just going to pretend that Redban did swallow his napkin whole?

  • RyanJL337
    RyanJL337 Month ago

    New Orleans is the best place for food cocksuckas.

  • Devonte McCoy
    Devonte McCoy Month ago

    As soon as I saw the red oil, I knew shit was about to go down 😂😂

  • T A
    T A Month ago

    That's when Shaun realized he done fucked up

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez Month ago

    Tf wrong wit buddy at 2:53 ? Creepin ass

  • TALL BOSS da don
    TALL BOSS da don Month ago

    Shout out from Trinidad 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ok? Okay.
    Ok? Okay. Month ago

    I love the look on the woman’s face at 5:48

  • Pigy
    Pigy Month ago +1

    what is the music in the intro

  • phuoi trinh
    phuoi trinh Month ago

    I need some!!!

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART Month ago

    that chicken looks evil as fuck yo

  • Khara Harris
    Khara Harris Month ago

    He ate napkins.

  • xYoungCaponexx
    xYoungCaponexx Month ago

    Just had it, Hot was too fucking spicy and I could handle a good bit of heat lol. But fuckin delicious

  • Duachi Yang
    Duachi Yang Month ago

    Is it weird that people are looking at them like idiots?

  • Tony O
    Tony O Month ago

    I feel sorry for Shaun, he has got to have a special medical program for his hemorrhoids... them jokers burning constantly hhehehe. And a good warranty on Toilets, cause I'm pretty sure he melts them down hehehehe. Wrap a rope around the lid, and see if he can stay on for 8 seconds hehehe.. feet off the floor "SSSEECCOOONNNDDD BUUUUURRNNN BAAAAABBYYY" hehehhee

  • m P
    m P Month ago

    i remember i ate here and got the Hot chicken sandwich and it was the worst time in my life. my insides were shitting on themselves and my mouth plus my butthole was burning. i felt like dying.

  • Ashford Moraes
    Ashford Moraes Month ago

    That wiggle though 2:30

  • ogMIMCMA
    ogMIMCMA Month ago

    Are a Howlin+ wing last year and have never been the same since. Felt like I was homer after eating chief wiggums super hot chili.
    It’s no joke. Started feeling like I was high/drunk too. Good times.

  • Alberto Padilla
    Alberto Padilla Month ago +2

    I had the x hot and I was sweating and crying, I can’t imagine the howlin lmao

  • Timothy Bright, Jr
    Timothy Bright, Jr Month ago

    This was a good episode

  • stannextdoor
    stannextdoor Month ago

    You know, you eat so much Spicy things that your voice has permanently become shaky.

  • Gregory Jaramillo
    Gregory Jaramillo Month ago

    Gotta get joe rogan on man

  • PrAtHaMeSh G
    PrAtHaMeSh G Month ago

    He eated tissue paper😯

  • Omari Shields
    Omari Shields Month ago

    Lighten up guys hot pepper is good for circulation of blood. Next time try jerk chicken and get some milk to go with it in case you can't handle the heat.

  • Devil King
    Devil King Month ago

    you guys just pussy its easy i love hot ass food grow some balls

  • kishenkoolskills90
    kishenkoolskills90 Month ago

    This is not even that hot, can you send some to me I'm from London

  • Gm Visuals
    Gm Visuals Month ago

    1:04 that chef really dgaf that sean was in the house

  • Willie Deval Parker

    Why do people eat this stuff this dude must love ❤️ pain a lot

  • Ryan Reesing
    Ryan Reesing Month ago

    Get YG to try this chicken!!!

  • Dwayne Kittelson
    Dwayne Kittelson Month ago

    Nice shirt Redban.

  • Lil Tweekerz
    Lil Tweekerz Month ago

    sean evans had to lower his invulnerability to hot things so people would still think he's human.

  • Purple lean
    Purple lean Month ago

    do sean evans shit normal or he shits fire...

  • Tanner Howe
    Tanner Howe Month ago

    he ate napkins

  • Will McGreevy
    Will McGreevy Month ago

    everyone in the back.hahahahahaha

  • Lockguy 26
    Lockguy 26 Month ago

    The dude ate a napkin... ROFL

  • Jordy Raul
    Jordy Raul Month ago

    6:50 dude lol