Sean Evans Eats L.A.'s Spiciest Fried Chicken with Brian Redban | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Feb 28, 2017
  • At Howlin' Ray's in L.A.'s Chinatown, chef Johnny Zone and his wife Amanda have created a sensation with their Nashville-style hot chicken, which regularly attracts hour-long lines of poultry-loving spice fiends. There are six advertised heat levels-so, needless to say, Hot Ones host Sean Evans had to go try the off-menu level seven, which is packed with Carolina Reaper. Watch him struggle through the fire with comedian Brian Redban.
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Comments • 3 529

  • raytedr
    raytedr Day ago

    after watching this i was too afraid to touch my eye!

  • lil soap
    lil soap Day ago

    do they credit the music they use anywhere?

  • Felix Freistunde

    1:04 pure autism i love it 😊

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz 2 days ago

    YG can prolly eat the whole thing and not be fazed

  • john adams
    john adams 4 days ago

    People in the background suck. Like damn ruined the video

  • blueheavn
    blueheavn 5 days ago

    Why do I feel like they just over exaggerate for content purposes

  • Tanpa Nama
    Tanpa Nama 5 days ago

    Poor chicken, I can't imagine how hurts being those chickens

  • BD&J Outdoors
    BD&J Outdoors 7 days ago

    Is this a gimmick version of Hattie B's?

  • SupremeChimp
    SupremeChimp 8 days ago

    Redban fucking sucks.

  • Steven Daniel
    Steven Daniel 10 days ago

    Not funny.
    No sympathy.
    No brain.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 11 days ago

    At 7:03 the red haired lady's like hey look Steve were on the televisions

  • will gordon
    will gordon 11 days ago

    My eyes teared and head sweated just watching this

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar 13 days ago

    I love the ginger in the background LoL-omg at y’all...

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar 13 days ago

    Sean’s doctor is thinking 🤔 damn it dude?!? I told you to take a weekend off?!? Sean... your a stud 🤟🤘rock on good sir

  • CelticsPride11
    CelticsPride11 13 days ago

    Why is he wearing a Tampax shirt?!

    • G P
      G P 2 days ago

      Because he's a moron ?

  • Michael Haburay
    Michael Haburay 13 days ago


    brbBRAZZERS 14 days ago +1

    I don’t get super spicy shit like this. Who wants to spend money just to be in pain and ruin the rest of ur day and ur asshole

  • Adam Cram
    Adam Cram 14 days ago

    I hope that meat didn't get wasted..

  • Dante Rosales
    Dante Rosales 15 days ago

    I hate that damn redhead

  • BillyBop
    BillyBop 15 days ago

    It says tampax on his shirt lol

  • Paul Eady
    Paul Eady 16 days ago

    If he said it's hot 😕...😲....then it will kill 1 of us...😳...😨

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 17 days ago

    I wish all these people in the background would fuck off. They're making me uncomfortable and I'm not even there

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 17 days ago

    Really strange seeing every chef with arms totally covered in tattoos. L. A. is a special place

  • Leo's Imperfect Covers

    Make an episode eating Sichuan pepper. Not as spicy but a good challenge I think.

  • Nilly Phily
    Nilly Phily 17 days ago

    but is it juicy

  • Nilly Phily
    Nilly Phily 17 days ago

    eat it in my sleep

  • Charles Confalone
    Charles Confalone 18 days ago

    Title for the song at 0:42

  • Hagrid
    Hagrid 18 days ago

    7:55 casually eats napkin.

  • Total Chaos
    Total Chaos 19 days ago

    I'm hungry

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 19 days ago

    he ate the god damn napkin 😂

  • Aaron
    Aaron 19 days ago

    Pmsfl u know its bad wheb some1 is putting knapkins in their mouth

  • Britishperson 10
    Britishperson 10 20 days ago

    Have any of you had nandos

  • Shon Preston
    Shon Preston 20 days ago

    Just moved to LA few months ago! Will be trying this !

  • Green Lantern666
    Green Lantern666 21 day ago

    Even Sean is crying

  • UltimateTroll
    UltimateTroll 22 days ago

    why are the people on the background doing the mannequin challenge?

  • UltimateTroll
    UltimateTroll 22 days ago

    whys the chicken pink?

  • Metro Lggin
    Metro Lggin 22 days ago +1

    this nigga gotta tampax shirt on

  • KittysaurRex
    KittysaurRex 22 days ago +9

    Nothing annoyed me more than everyone staring 😂

  • Ben V
    Ben V 23 days ago

    The line of gawking, stupid people just dying to tell their equally stupid family that they were on TV watching C grade celebrities eat hot wings makes this really awkward to watch for me.

  • Natalie Leal
    Natalie Leal 25 days ago

    Beacause god forbid if I take a weekend off 😁 love Sean.

  • Smurf ID
    Smurf ID 25 days ago

    7:55 dude ate the tissue paper!?! What???

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent 25 days ago

    @1:06 when the guy said we got sean in the house, why was he looking at him all weird like that lmao.

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent 25 days ago

    I remember China Town from Bosch season 4 ! Sweet!

  • Bellal Azimi
    Bellal Azimi 25 days ago

    He so casually ate the napkin like he's done it before hahahaha

  • JO
    JO 25 days ago

    Lame attempt

  • Sergio Velasquez
    Sergio Velasquez 25 days ago


  • Tengu Sp33d
    Tengu Sp33d 26 days ago

    Redban straight up putting a napkin in his mouth. Lol

  • Mr Pete
    Mr Pete 27 days ago

    Is he wherein a Tampax shirt

  • Ringzor J
    Ringzor J 27 days ago

    Insert joke about it coming out (here).

  • David Costello
    David Costello 27 days ago

    man wtf is wrong with that weird ass little half circle of random people watching them

  • Katie Marigold
    Katie Marigold 27 days ago

    Brian Redban reminds me of my buddy Jacob. He looks so much like him. Clearly he's a funny guy too, so there's that aspect.

  • Ibrahim Elmurz
    Ibrahim Elmurz 27 days ago

    Wait, isn't Sean Evans the guy who played Dade in Filthy Frank's channel ?

  • Dr. Greenfield
    Dr. Greenfield 27 days ago

    Redban is the shit.

  • Empty Annex
    Empty Annex 27 days ago

    Sean Evans sounds like the name of a snowboarder

  • jeffrey marshall
    jeffrey marshall 28 days ago

    Is this even safe???

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 29 days ago

    i've been on this shit forever... i havent' seen Sean crack like that ever???

  • N0bLy_Hades
    N0bLy_Hades 29 days ago

    Can the people next to them just to fuck off!

  • IL SE
    IL SE Month ago

    This would be the chef that would go guest in feast mansion later on

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    The real pain starts at next pooping time

  • ShaggyLantern
    ShaggyLantern Month ago

    Joe Rogan for the hot ones

  • T O P
    T O P Month ago

    I thought it was Vin Diesel..

  • mariethesizzler 9492

    My mouth is watering

  • Luis Pedroza
    Luis Pedroza Month ago

    This is the first time I've ever seen Sean suffer like that 😂😂

  • Mana Cal
    Mana Cal Month ago +1

    Lmao 7:55 Redban eats a napkin and washes it down with water like its a totally normal thing hahahaha

  • Jean Dames
    Jean Dames Month ago

    id punch all those nosey people staring in the background.
    im over reacting but it just pisses me off for some reason.

  • Zack Deschene
    Zack Deschene Month ago

    So we gon pretend like this man didnt just eat a fucking napkin

  • Duy Khánh
    Duy Khánh Month ago

    I'm a little annoyed by the people who were just looking into the camera

  • DannyGallagher
    DannyGallagher Month ago

    Wow usually dont see that reaction from sean

  • kajari mondal
    kajari mondal Month ago


  • Archie Garr
    Archie Garr Month ago

    Sean should do this with shoenice

  • idiocityproductions

    Did.... Did he just eat that napkin?

  • Big Cock 4 You
    Big Cock 4 You Month ago +1

    Redban is a fucking weirdo. He's best kept away from woman and children

  • Gibsonfan1989
    Gibsonfan1989 Month ago


  • Blackthrone
    Blackthrone Month ago

    You know its bad, when they give you Surgical F*cking Gloves, to eat spicy food.

  • Jordan Bailey
    Jordan Bailey Month ago

    these people just standing there staring made me uncomfortable.

  • Jorge Anthony
    Jorge Anthony Month ago

    I ate 1 single howlin wing today about 12 hours ago
    My stomach hurts
    I'm pissing fire still
    Totally worth it

  • Daughter of The Most High

    He has on a Tampax shirt.....ummmm okay

  • The Holy Sword Excalibur

    LMAO Sean always knows exactly what to say, at the end, "There's no graceful way to end this, thanks for watchin'."

  • Pan Makser
    Pan Makser Month ago

    It's so hot that watching this video makes me sweat

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez Month ago

    The only thing that I hate is that everybody is staring like they hungry and shit.

  • Bryan Wadleigh Official

    Is he wearing a tampax shirt?

  • Emmit Wilson
    Emmit Wilson Month ago

    Yoooo what was that first intro song though

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +3

    What that guy's mouth is saying: "Guys, we got Sean in the house!"
    What his entire upper-face is saying: "You can pay with that sweet booty."

  • Whowantsone
    Whowantsone Month ago

    Awesone nigga

  • Eric Nading
    Eric Nading Month ago

    God the crowd annoys the hell out of my just fucking eyeballing them like the damn people in the background of today or whatever the hell

  • LivingMemz
    LivingMemz Month ago

    lol anyone else see the group back there at 5:30 lmao

  • Kris Mckay
    Kris Mckay Month ago

    Closest we will get to joe Rogan on hot ones

  • ybn 88
    ybn 88 Month ago

    Tell those cunts behind to fuck off!

  • Shaun Somma
    Shaun Somma Month ago

    .... Straight up should be the new last dab sauce

  • seri's asylum
    seri's asylum Month ago

    5:45 the girl behind is me when watching them suffer

  • rtd1791
    rtd1791 Month ago

    I don’t understand how people eat these wings without cream and booze.

  • Marienkarpfen
    Marienkarpfen Month ago

    that story at the start lol

  • savage killer2
    savage killer2 Month ago

    I like how everyone is just looking at them

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh Month ago

    Did redban just eat a napkin? He ate two... 2 napkins... Ah ah ah Ah!

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh Month ago

    Ia there flavor or is it just pain?

  • siddiqoq
    siddiqoq Month ago

    did he just fucking eat tissue and pour water down his throat

  • RedPanda FPV
    RedPanda FPV Month ago

    Damn if that hit Sean that hard, it must’ve been no joke

  • pEMDASist
    pEMDASist Month ago

    A moment of silence for Sean’s ass hole.

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava Month ago

    did he just fucking eat a napkin

  • tenzin kalden
    tenzin kalden Month ago

    Wasting a lot of chicken.