THE JETTLE pulsejet powered kettle (longer version)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2012
  • We all make cups of tea but is there a louder faster way well now there is the JETTLE a pulse jet ramed in a kettle. This thing is so loud even me shouting at the top of my voice is not good enough.
    So ther we have it TEA MAKING HISTORY right before your eyes.
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Comments • 639

  • Xinlin Wu
    Xinlin Wu Month ago

    Thats the most wonderful music i have ever heard, its straight up brilliant

  • Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran

    "Theres a couple bits of metal floating around in here but that's not a problem."
    Not when you go to have an MRI

  • Benduino
    Benduino Month ago +1

    Have you ever considered hearing protection? 🤣

  • Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran

    "Its wispa quiet"

  • Dawndeather
    Dawndeather 2 months ago

    I feel like the only thing that's changed about these videos is the stuff in Colin's workshop.

  • ImNorsk
    ImNorsk 3 months ago

    Congrats making the worlds first screaming water boiler

  • kill Bill
    kill Bill 4 months ago


  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 months ago

    First time hearing Colin swear

  • Lm701
    Lm701 5 months ago

    Floating.... metal?...

  • Noah Heath
    Noah Heath 6 months ago

    4:47 if u said that in New York they’d push your face against belt sander

  • sally-ann Williams
    sally-ann Williams 6 months ago

    Milk in LAST.

  • sally-ann Williams
    sally-ann Williams 6 months ago

    I think what's missing at NASA Colin, is you!

  • Erebus66
    Erebus66 6 months ago

    Honest question and please don't use this as an excuse to be rude to Americans, it's tedious, but what would someone in the UK call what Americans call biscuits?

  • Tape Lord
    Tape Lord 7 months ago

    When tea makes you deaf

  • Neut
    Neut 8 months ago

    you're lucky the water doesn't get hotter than 100dC haha

  • sh4ggie
    sh4ggie 8 months ago

    the bench is so full nowadays

  • Nj.506
    Nj.506 8 months ago

    4:47 that’s not going to go well in the future is it don’t come running for mercy when you say that to the wrong person👊💪

  • Invigorator
    Invigorator 9 months ago


  • Oscar van Someren
    Oscar van Someren 10 months ago

    You were doing so well up until you put the milk in first. SERIOUSLY WHO DOES THAT!

  • Oscar van Someren
    Oscar van Someren 10 months ago

    You were doing so well up until you put the milk in first. SERIOUSLY WHO DOES THAT!

  • Evan Wittwer
    Evan Wittwer 10 months ago

    The perfect camping companion

  • Noah Heath
    Noah Heath 11 months ago

    Your such a, ukipper no left wing contained😞

  • Nyls BLD
    Nyls BLD 11 months ago

    hahahahahaha hahaha .. heuahhtcha .. hahahaha euhm .. ha.. xD lovely end

  • One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

    OMG!!!! Colin Colin Colin great work up until you put the milk in with the teabag!! That's a no no bag first then milk after tut tut tut

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith Year ago

    Collinfurze you are a legend.

  • Toast Busters
    Toast Busters Year ago +1

    It is so useless and loud... much like a lot of girlfriends I've had.

  • The Quantum Nexus Geek

    wow, colin actually cussed. im not surprised, he just never cusses.

  • Erik Ron
    Erik Ron Year ago

    0:25 Be right back, I have to pee

  • Noah Heath
    Noah Heath Year ago

    3:04, you mde the tea wrong, water and tea bag before milk.

  • Zack Schmiesing
    Zack Schmiesing Year ago

    How bad is your tinnitus after this?

  • Kelvin Smy
    Kelvin Smy Year ago

    proper guy but not so proper from the look of that tea... haha

  • juan moore
    juan moore Year ago

    That's how you get your iron in the morning

  • George Deane
    George Deane Year ago

    You did not put the milk in first
    You did not use that much milk

  • CS_1217
    CS_1217 Year ago

    Weak tea

  • Ur mom xD
    Ur mom xD Year ago

    Yes lets re purpose a v2 rocket for tea

  • Elliot H
    Elliot H Year ago

    milk in first!?!?!

  • Richard Keel
    Richard Keel Year ago

    That's the most peely-wally looking cup of tea I've ever seen.

  • toad73
    toad73 Year ago

    The wrong way to make tea.............milk last
    Also the worst colour beige tea I've ever seen
    BUT other than that a fantastic bloke and channel 👍

  • Jim Varga & Co.
    Jim Varga & Co. Year ago

    could you add a muffler?

  • DrFrankensteam
    DrFrankensteam Year ago

    I really want one of these. Because I have neighbors that are always making a lot of noise at odd hours. So this seems like a great way to get back at them, and I don’t even drink tea but I will now!’

  • acolesie
    acolesie Year ago

    how dare you put the milk in first

  • HarkerAu
    HarkerAu Year ago

    Of all the videos he's made, this is the one he decides to start swearing in. Haha

  • cpotter1565
    cpotter1565 Year ago

    Guinness World Record. Worlds Loudest Kettle!!! 185dB

  • Samuel Bisonette
    Samuel Bisonette Year ago

    not your best one

  • Jam Junkies
    Jam Junkies Year ago

    That's got to be the worst looking cup of tea ever.... and milk in first? Is he even English??? Great video though. :)

  • Роман Леньков

    Проектировать,делать,тестировать,потерять 5 часов чтобы чайник вскипел за 1 минуту

  • Васяго
    Васяго Year ago +1

    Лайк если увидел ссылку у Игоря Негоды☺

  • Sir Woolly Jumper

    By the looks of that tea, you mean make a cup of warm milk with sugar in it?
    Haha, just kidding, what a contraption!

  • Milo Flint
    Milo Flint Year ago

    Three minutes after he finished filming, RAF Hawker Hurricanes strafed his workshop.

  • RadO 36
    RadO 36 Year ago

    Кто русский

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold Year ago

    add a pipe to vent the fumes outside

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    2:33 i think its boiled mate

  • adelmo worytko
    adelmo worytko Year ago

    guys count how many times collin said shit and never censored it

  • bananna manuk
    bananna manuk 2 years ago

    everyone knows you put the water in before the milk!

  • smokeslave666guyfawks
    smokeslave666guyfawks 2 years ago

    like you with your blowtorch,like u too Sir.a real turn on,thankyou Sir

  • Reece Dickinson
    Reece Dickinson 2 years ago

    The real issue here is that you put milk in the cup before water. I knew you were mad but that's too far 😂

  • William Weightman
    William Weightman 2 years ago +1

    more like how to make jet engine BONG! 2:12

  • Elite ninja Gaming
    Elite ninja Gaming 2 years ago

    çolin were did you get the pulse jet engine I would love to make a mini pulse jet engine bike

  • A Ginger Heathen
    A Ginger Heathen 2 years ago

    JFC did you have plugs in at least? :')

  • aldi ginanjar
    aldi ginanjar 2 years ago

    Rip headphone user