Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • While major news networks have struggled to figure out the right way to cover the Trump administration, political satirists like Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have demonstrated why comedy can be such a powerful antidote to bullshit.
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    The first few months of the Trump administration have been a goldmine for late-night comedians and political satirists. Shows like Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night With Seth Meyers have enjoyed ratings boosts thanks to their regular lampooning of the Trump White House.
    But beyond the jokes and sight gags, political satirists have done an excellent job of seriously covering the Trump administration - sometimes even better than major TV news networks. And that’s because while traditional journalists feel compelled to take President Trump’s often absurd statements and conspiracy theories seriously, political satirists have demonstrated an extremely low tolerance for bullshit.
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  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 19 hours ago +1

    So the Mainstream Media is indeed deploying psychological warfare and disinformation techniques against the USA civilian population.
    Does anyone actually watch 3 or more talking heads yapping at each other and never listening ? That's not news, it is mental abuse.
    CLICK and ... change the channel. The only thing they accomplish is driving away viewers.

  • Michael Inglis
    Michael Inglis Day ago

    So many Americans have zero common sense. Just like Trump.

  • diane ridley
    diane ridley Day ago

    Anybody remember Ted Turner? The "brains" behind CNN? The guy who introduced the 24-hour news cycle? IT'S ALL HIS FAULT

  • Yesenia Perdomo
    Yesenia Perdomo 2 days ago

    The facts are I need to watch the tonight show to watch the drained spaghetti truth

  • How Tester
    How Tester 2 days ago

    Sounds like somebody would love to relate Jake Tapper. Go get em boy

  • joey sparks
    joey sparks 4 days ago

    More Trump hating videos lol 😂 there going to be in business again because no matter how much they try to shame him the REALITY’ is that he’s going to WIN again. Lol how ridiculous.

  • N I Q O L E
    N I Q O L E 5 days ago

    5:37 "... just beating down on tiny little one word sentences"
    What, like

  • Ratan Kumar
    Ratan Kumar 10 days ago

    Trump is one of the biggest comedian and speaker. this is a positive about him

  • Strommunism
    Strommunism 17 days ago

    john oliver is the only comedian I've seen able to cover anything. The rest are so sad and tired. Samantha Bee is awful, Seth Meyers was never funny, Stephen Colbert revealed himself to be very one-dimensional and once he left the Colbert Report character he ceased being funny.

  • geniusfollower
    geniusfollower 21 day ago

    *screams in Will McAvoy*

  • Daniel Verberne
    Daniel Verberne 21 day ago

    You know when you find something that totally matches your worldview? Well that’s huge for me now - I feel same as this video’s thesis - that satire can be a fantastic and surprisingly informative vehicle to deliver news and events to us.

  • C R
    C R 26 days ago

    "They spend hours fixating..." 24 hour news only spent hours fixating on it so that they could create air time to pull some numbers to make money. 24 hour news channels should not exist. When you have 24 hours to state basic facts, you run out of things to say and then start random opinion segments to fill up time... meanwhile, those facts turn into a circus.
    Comedians only have 30 minutes or so to share material about the news... you know.. the way news used to be before 24 hour channels existed.

  • Tsireledzo Maise
    Tsireledzo Maise 26 days ago

    Disappointed that y’all didn’t include Trevor Noah

  • Alex Hoo
    Alex Hoo 27 days ago

    Maybe Trump needs to cut out the one-word sentences. 5:39

  • #TheCarEnthusiast
    #TheCarEnthusiast Month ago +1

    An average Indian is much smarter than an average American

  • Liam Farrell
    Liam Farrell Month ago

    I get all of my news about the US from Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Vox, and Newshub (One of NZ's news programs) because satirists just get straight to the point

  • jarhead marine
    jarhead marine Month ago +1

    Vox videos rots my brain

  • Michael Bern
    Michael Bern Month ago

    vox is filth

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Month ago

    Honestly, me and alot of people I know have switched to these news related satire shows. For starters, they are often hilarious, AND as was mentioned in this video, more news is actually covered, rather than just watching people debate for hours without getting anywhere.

  • Darrow Eymundson
    Darrow Eymundson Month ago


  • Aditya Das
    Aditya Das Month ago +1

    Where is trevor noah

  • Ekata Rawat
    Ekata Rawat Month ago

    News is a mess

  • Quinton Neal
    Quinton Neal Month ago +1

    I always felt bad for getting the majority of my news from comedians... no longer!

  • Ondřej Zástěra
    Ondřej Zástěra Month ago

    So an antidode to "Trumpism"... is more John Oliver ?

  • Vinny Verma
    Vinny Verma Month ago

    When the comedians report news and news reporters do comedy!

  • Little piece of bread

    It’s still sad how comedians make rude comments on Trump, yet he’s done so much for the U.S.A

  • Month ago +1

    It's like there's a horse loose in a hospital.

  • Make Normalcy Great Again

    I loathe “Orange Man Bad” comedians.

  • My May
    My May Month ago +1

    Satire IS defense of reason and defense of truth.

  • QPDS
    QPDS Month ago

    Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank.
    Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

  • Canine University 101

    Lol comedians have helped him get elected by keeping him on the forefront of news..I wish media including vox would understand by talking about him 24/7 is why his base likes him. They believe the media is out to get him and the constant coverage helps them justify voting for trump. Plus samantha B is not funny at all

  • GlimmerOfLight
    GlimmerOfLight Month ago

    Published 2017: "there is no evidence" ... "how bonkers this thing is" ... etc.
    Yeah, sure: almost no one figured out that for Trump to say something like that, there had to be some truth behind. Of course, he did not need more evidence than the folks involved in the filing of the FISA warrant, spying on Carter Page, etc. themselves telling him so, because (drum roll) he had become the President! Fast forward to the present day: we are just beginning to realize the extent to which Trump's presidency has been sabotaged. Meanwhile, unlike previous administrations:
    1) we are not giving money to North Korea in exchange of never kept promises, and we even got them to stop long range missile testing and cut short range missile testing by 70% (as of 9/13/2019 - going on for two years: check data on Wikipedia if you doubt this)
    2) we have not engaged in new misguided wars (cfr. Hillary Clinton being all too happy to involve us in Lybia and Syria; luckily Obama kept her from escalating further)
    3) not enough time to explain why the post-2008 economy expansion got a second revitalizing shot: part of it is the repatriation of capital parked overseas because of misguided policies.
    Yet, most likely the American people will vote Trump out of office, because not just media, but big tech, is against him.
    Hard to survive Google and facebook sabotaging people's minds.

  • first last
    first last Month ago

    . On the flip side, Donald has made comedians more honest. When there isn't much to make fun of, most of the jokes become about petty BS. Like someones looks etc. you can see that with one of those jokes being about someones height in the video. Or the nasty jokes with Monica Luwinsky. When there is real BS to make fun of, they become smarter, they don't have to make up BS to mock.
    This is much true more of some people than others. John Oliver has consistently dug into BS and been hard hitting. I can see Oliver doing his thing well after Drumfs gone. Steven Colbert even now makes fun of peoples looks and stuff. I can see him become more unpleasant to watch without Trump as a target. Seth Meyers usually doesn't stoop to making fun of peoples looks. But I do wonder how his show will look without Drumf.

  • thadishetty tharun kumar

    As an outsider i think these late night comedy shows hosts and satirees feel like a school bully. It is fun when the wierd kid is being bullied and made fun of , but when the same kid picks up a gun it is the kid who is highlighted and shown as a bad person to the world. All I am saying is sometimes pushing things too hard and people to a corner did not end up well in most cases if you look up in the history.

  • sujan shrestha
    sujan shrestha 2 months ago

    What is name of background music

  • s_y_n_t_h_w_a_v_e
    s_y_n_t_h_w_a_v_e 2 months ago

    jake is a babe

  • Pandia 427
    Pandia 427 2 months ago

    Go Bernie

  • Tabitha Marsh
    Tabitha Marsh 2 months ago

    The journalist's job is going after truth. Yes!

  • July Lugo
    July Lugo 2 months ago +1


  • Kujo McFly
    Kujo McFly 2 months ago

    They are not comedians, they are actors who read comedians scripts

  • Debunker246
    Debunker246 2 months ago

    This was great.

  • Bertha Mirsky
    Bertha Mirsky 2 months ago

    Loving y

  • Gil Cohen
    Gil Cohen 2 months ago

    What about CNN Russia hox

  • Jon Cox
    Jon Cox 2 months ago +1

    So the only new source liberals get facts from is comedians. Nice 👍Vox is a joke

    • Fraggle Gir
      Fraggle Gir 2 months ago

      @Freddy mate thats what the whole video is about headass

    • Freddy
      Freddy 2 months ago

      Yeah, nobody said that but would you like to have an endless debate about how no one actually said that?

  • muhammed baasil
    muhammed baasil 2 months ago +3

    Where is Trevor people?

  • fluid creativity
    fluid creativity 2 months ago +3


  • JAG
    JAG 2 months ago

    Political satire😝

  • Ramayana Roxas
    Ramayana Roxas 2 months ago +1

    H A S A N M I N H A J

  • HH3222
    HH3222 2 months ago +3

    Trevor Noah? Strange that he is not mentioned at all.

  • SamIsAPerson
    SamIsAPerson 2 months ago

    Wait, john olliver is a comedian?

  • Sandra Kranz Winther
    Sandra Kranz Winther 2 months ago

    Do you even wear pants? 🤣

  • Queenofallmonkeys
    Queenofallmonkeys 2 months ago +4

    Trevor Noah's skit on Melania had me rolling in tears, honorary mention please.

  • Sílvia Silva
    Sílvia Silva 2 months ago

    It's all entertainment, all of it

  • DazeofSam
    DazeofSam 2 months ago

    “the guys a professional liar-you don’t have to touch me” GOLD

  • Delerious Khoas
    Delerious Khoas 2 months ago

    I prefer trevor Noah's take on things.

  • EJdaChosenUno
    EJdaChosenUno 2 months ago

    Left out Trevor Noah

  • Barry Werdell
    Barry Werdell 2 months ago

    The problem is that with a 24 hour news coverage you have to fill space so we have segments about "What Trump Actually Meant" or why is he wearing a blue tie? When back in the day someone like Frank McGee or Edwin Neuman would just have 15 minutes to a half an hour to fill with real news and get right to the heart of things. That's what comediennes are good at. Take a subject, boil it down to the essence and make a two line joke about it. Example: "Trump says he's the climate president, what he means is he watches the weather channel."

  • Virginia B. Britton
    Virginia B. Britton 2 months ago

    Watching the trumperites without comedy causes cancer.

  • Matt Muchi
    Matt Muchi 2 months ago

    Is the daily show a late night romantic drama or something? Why isn't it on the list? Or did you not mention the show and it's host Trevor Noah cos he's African? Why leave out the daily show? Doesn't make sense...???

  • Rose Grey
    Rose Grey 2 months ago

    5:42 “how dare we cover the comments he makes” Ooh god dame Jake 🌡😅