Facts of Life! (the) (pilot)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2009
  • This is the intro for the show Facts of Life (the) (pilot). I used to watch this when I was a kid. I like this show. Please rate,comment,& subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet.
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  • Geoff Nason
    Geoff Nason 4 months ago

    its on every weekday 5:30 am on comcast channel 15 kffv, snohomish county washington state and after that different strokes is on

  • atlantic1119
    atlantic1119 6 months ago

    The Brady Bunch was a smash hit with NINE characters. And, ironically, in the later seasons of FOL, the show was ADDING characters, so go figure.

  • Donnie Oshea Heredia Martinez


  • very fine
    very fine 9 months ago

    I use to wish I was an Eastland girl.

  • Adam Sukenick
    Adam Sukenick Year ago +2

    It's not Facts of Life without Jo.

  • 76grandprix
    76grandprix Year ago

    Loved it!

  • Terrell K. Ryans
    Terrell K. Ryans Year ago +1

    This isn't the pilot opening the episode featured the cast of Diff'rent Strokes their names rolled in the opening credits.

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo Year ago

    Dana Plato really got skewed over, the only episodes she in on this show are the ones Gary Coleman makes appearances, her fucking character attended this school and there are a lot of episodes of Different Strokes where Dana's character Kimberly isn't on this show and they explain her away by saying she's away at Eastland. I always felt that every episode she wasn't in on Different Stokes, she should've been on the Fact of Life. You've seen Arnold at Eastland more then you've seen Kimberly. I think the show would've been more interesting if they had explored the relationship between Miss Garrett and Kimberly Drummond...

    • Gabi
      Gabi 11 months ago

      King Mojo in the Brazilian dubbing it’s said she’s studying in Europe🤔

  • atlantic1119
    atlantic1119 Year ago +1

    This was not the pilot (that was actually a Different Strokes episode entitled "The Girls' School", and some of the girls did not even appear in that one). What is shown here is not even the first episode, as the opening credits do not feature Jenny O'Hara, who played the teacher Miss Mahoney.

  • claude christopher Scott

    R.I.P Charlotte Rae we are going miss you

  • jade ac
    jade ac Year ago +2

    i like season 2 song better

  • Glenn Marshall
    Glenn Marshall 2 years ago +5

    i like the theme i the first season most with Charlotte singing, Ive met 4 girls from the show, Lisa, Nancy, Kim and Molly

    • lookto Jesus
      lookto Jesus 2 years ago +1

      kind of an odd show about a bunch of rich brats living at boarding school. I saw myself in this show as Jo and always had a Blair in my life. Ms Garret looks like the fairy godmother in sindoorella

  • Stefanie Pezzino
    Stefanie Pezzino 2 years ago +10

    I liked Charlotte Rae's high falsettos at the end.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 3 years ago

    It's so sad how this brilliant show went out, fer SHURR, because it was like Mrs. Garrett and / or the actress who portrayed her became more and more of a cantankerous, grouchy BLEEP (What I'd like to know is weather or not the ACTRESS was becoming so grumpy that they had to work her attitude into that of her character...) , so that she wasn't even the least bit FUN anymore...Sad...just sad, because she was one of the coolest characters when the show began!

    • Shemecia Haskell
      Shemecia Haskell 2 years ago

      Peppermint Snowdrift it's whether not weather that only pertains to the climate outside. Good grief! Every adult or anyone past 5th grade should know the difference.

  • David Moore
    David Moore 3 years ago +6

    that is my favorite theme!!

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow 3 years ago +16

    It was much funnier with seven girls and Mr. Bradley. Poor ratings equal salary cuts. 13 episodes was never a fair barometer for success.

    • Michelle Thomas
      Michelle Thomas Year ago

      Holy Cow o

    • Holy Cow
      Holy Cow 2 years ago +2

      Unfortunately those girls who were shafted each only appeared in a handful of episodes. I believe just four, the Nancy character was in six and Molly only appear in one. Best decision Molly made was not going back. In an interview, the Nancy character, and Sue Ann character were very disappointed in the downsizing. The show was surprisingly not sophisticated enough for a mostly teenage audience. 13 episodes, scattered around different dates and times, late summer replacement never gave season one a chance.

    • Frosty Chocolate Milk Shakes
      Frosty Chocolate Milk Shakes 2 years ago +3

      I love season 1, but overall I'm glad they made the changes they did. Jo is a really great character, and the other girls still attended the school and made appearances, they just lived in the dorms while the main four lived with Mrs. Garrett, so it wasn't like those characters were completely given the shaft.

    • Holy Cow
      Holy Cow 2 years ago +2

      This first season was special so sad 😢 only 13 episodes together. And the girls fired just too cute especially my favorite Julie Anne Haddock aka Cindy Webster..

  • micahcareyfilms
    micahcareyfilms 5 years ago +2

    This is NOT the pilot episode! The pilot was actually called 'Garrett's Girls' and feature Geri Reischl, not Lisa Welchel, as Blair Warner. The first episode broadcast of a show isn't always the "pilot" episode!

    • Valentina Warner
      Valentina Warner 3 months ago

      What are you guys talking about: Lisa Wheelchel (as BLAIR) was definitely on the pilot and you can see her being rude to MRS G while smoking cigars & playing music lol! (She is actually the one who made the show!)

    • Sebastian Guevara
      Sebastian Guevara Year ago

      Micahcareyfilms how do you know that lisa wheelchel was not in the facts of life pilot that another e
      Actress played Blair

    • Sebastian Guevara
      Sebastian Guevara Year ago

      Minahcareyfilms how do you know that on the pilot of the facts of life was called garrets girls and that lisa welchel was not in the pilot but another actress was playing Blair warner

    • Keith Alvarez
      Keith Alvarez 3 years ago +1

      While the theme song is the one used in the first season, the opening is the one used when the show returned to the schedule in the spring of 1980 to finish the first season. The first 4 episodes, which aired in the summer of 1979, had the same song but different visuals.

    • Todd Jumper
      Todd Jumper 3 years ago +1

      But what about Diff'rent Strokes - Season 1 Episode 24 in which it was the first appearance of Garret's Girls school, in which Blair was played by Lisa Welchel.

  • Sting Rey
    Sting Rey 5 years ago

    does anyone remember what other diffrnt strokes character was suppose to be a regular on facts of life but wasnt?

    • Umar Bentley
      Umar Bentley Month ago

      Being apart of the Facts cast would've geared her more in the right direction and developed her character even more. I heard even off the set Charlotte Rae was like a mother figure and very no nonsense and had a tight reign on the girls and all of the girls grew up to be outstanding adults.It seems as if the Diffrent Strokes cast was given way too much freedom and leeway and they were spoiled.

    • MoniqueFromPlymouth
      MoniqueFromPlymouth 2 years ago +1

      I am not sure Dana was supposed to be part of the Facts of Life cast. We (the viewer) DO know that Kimberly is/was a student at Eastland and thats the only connection aside from Mrs. Garrett going to the school to begin this show.

    • Hippopotamus Anonymous
      Hippopotamus Anonymous 5 years ago +1

      Dana Plato (Kimberly Drummond) was supposed to be added to this show but remained on Diff'rent Strokes.

  • Lau Ra
    Lau Ra 5 years ago +3

    What happened to most of these girls! this seems funnier that the real show with just four of them

    • Sting Rey
      Sting Rey 5 years ago +3

      there were too many girls. they cut back for season 2.

  • OjaiRoy
    OjaiRoy 6 years ago +1

    I followed the link to your video, thanks for the info on them.

  • The Retro Guy
    The Retro Guy 6 years ago

    I like Julie Anne Haddock and Julie Piekarski, too. According to this video: watch?v=y72fTKZTWk4 Julie Anne went into fundraising for non-profits. Julie Piekarski was the entertainment reporter for KPLR-TV in St. Louis for a few years. They're both married now.

  • ATTRIA joy
    ATTRIA joy 7 years ago

    i was just thinking that the other day watching it

  • OjaiRoy
    OjaiRoy 7 years ago

    My faves were julie anne haddock and Julie Piekarski. Where are they now?

  • kpadmirer
    kpadmirer 7 years ago +4

    Hard to believe that Blair will be 50 next year.

  • Maris Kahn
    Maris Kahn 7 years ago


  • pricancouchpotato
    pricancouchpotato 7 years ago +1

    I'm watchin this right now on the hub you know what's funny you never see roger Nancy's boyfriend they always spoke on the phone only he was invisible like the gooch on the Different strokes lol

  • therealjgibson
    therealjgibson 7 years ago

    And i don't mean like a man literally (just to clear that up)

  • therealjgibson
    therealjgibson 7 years ago +1

    Cindy was one hot tomboy man :)

  • pictureisup1
    pictureisup1 8 years ago +1

    The there was an episode when a Japanese girl went the Eastland school. Her name in the show was Meko

  • pictureisup1
    pictureisup1 8 years ago

    @sierria64 I knew that. Someone fought with me about it too. Please instead of the FACTS OF LIFE. GET A LIFE.

  • myeyesinside out
    myeyesinside out 8 years ago +1


    • Andre Dupuis
      Andre Dupuis 5 months ago

      Molly my girl "Sixteen Candles"
      The days. 💪

  • level242
    level242 8 years ago

    Another thing that I miss about my childhood.American tv shows always had those cheesie freeze frames.

  • madskyltd
    madskyltd 9 years ago +1

    tootie in a trainer!