Is It True the T-Rex Couldn't See You If You Didn't Move?

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    In the video today, we're examining whether it is true that a T-rex couldn't see you if you didn't move, as well as examining how scientists know what they could see or not see at all.
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Comments • 814

  • Today I Found Out
    Today I Found Out  24 days ago +17

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    • Darth Awar
      Darth Awar 23 days ago

      What is shown in the movies are thought to be Utah Raptors!!!

    • Don'tAsk Me
      Don'tAsk Me 23 days ago

      Today I Found Out I want to try some T-Rex wings now you told me chickens are their closest ancestor 😂

    • Terrance Stapleton
      Terrance Stapleton 23 days ago

      Got a question for you Mr. ,
      As I sit here with the inornate task of rolling pennies , I thought of a question which sounds easy to ask but has far reaching economic consequences, that I'm sure of. If America got rid of pennies, namely if America rounded everything to the nearest nickel what might happen?

  • SuperWolf1964
    SuperWolf1964 3 hours ago

    If T-rex couldn't see something that wasn't moving, they'd be forever walking into trees, or tripping over boulders/logs, or walking off precipices.

    IFRE5HH 10 hours ago

    I honestly hate starlord him and captain marvel are my most hated characters.

  • Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS

    Since the tyros olfactory lobe was larger than a bloodhound, he might see you or not but wouldn't need to. He would have a mental map of everything in his neighborhood including you if you were not directly downwind. Since his eyes were larger than almost every other land animal his eyesight was probably spectacular. His ability to piece together a camouflaged target would probably have been like ours compared to a dog. My rottweiler is really intelligent but his awareness of things further away does not register as quickly as my brain, and his hearing direction sense is not as acute as mine as humans have amazing hearing capabilities. And I am over 72 and he is two.

  • Garyte Wiebe
    Garyte Wiebe 19 hours ago

    but what about utahraptors?

  • Peter Tidey
    Peter Tidey 20 hours ago

    There eyes must have been truly amazing considering that amounts of fossilized giant TRex poop found ..makes sence good eye site =big ass meal = big ass poop.

  • Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park 20 hours ago

    What I don't understand is how come Alan Grant knew T-Rex's visions was based on movement even before Jurassic Park,if they used frogs DNA to fill gaps,and thus T-Rex couldn't see anything that doesn't move.
    He explained that to annoying kid at the beginning of the movie.
    Maybe I mix novel and movie,but am I missing something?

  • Andrew Cannon
    Andrew Cannon Day ago

    Either way it could smell you from miles away, so your ass is done son.

  • hazmat unit
    hazmat unit Day ago

    How to test this theory
    Step one: find any creature with forward facing eyes
    Step two: stand very still and stare at it directly
    Step 3: see if it gets pissed I'll tell you staring at for the past 13 minutes

  • YoJimBoHugabaJoe

    This is explained in the novel.In the book a complete DNA map of a dinosaurs DNA wasnt possible and gaps in the code was filled with reptile DNA,some reptiles struggle to see stationary targets and thus that trait was carried over into certain dinosaurs

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca Day ago

    In the book the trex did see grant but didn’t attack because of the goat he ate and the lawyer. Lol

  • bev davis
    bev davis 2 days ago

    Largest velociraptor came from Argentina and it was BIG.

  • Rigorous Rangel
    Rigorous Rangel 2 days ago

    Chickens can also change sex from female to male if there's no roosters in the coop.

  • Johnathon Davis
    Johnathon Davis 2 days ago

    The T-Rex was among the smartest of the large predators, it had excellent vision even better then a hawks and a great sense of smell. Doesn't matter if you stood still, held your breath and were in the dark of night... The Rex would still be able to smell you out.

  • Spunky Brewster
    Spunky Brewster 2 days ago

    The take away: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • 007
    007 2 days ago

    We don't know nearly what we pretend to know.

  • 007
    007 2 days ago

    T- rex is silly at best with those useless arms.

  • Rau Kenneth
    Rau Kenneth 2 days ago

    More correctly the question would be would a T. rex notice you you didn’t. Predators minds are perceptive of motion.

  • john somebody
    john somebody 3 days ago

    Also their is the sound they make how did they know. I guess someone built a time machine went back in time recorded it. Some of our current snakes make a hissing sound for example, the cobras and rattle snakes.
    The sound made in the movies 🎥 just special effects to add a touch of fear at hearing it. Again I still enjoyed the movies 🎥 for the CGI affects.

  • john somebody
    john somebody 3 days ago

    No one knows Jurassic park series is just a bunch of Hollywood make believe. It’s full of stories fabricated to lend credibility to evolutionary theories in order to convince people its true.
    I did enjoy the movies and the CGI Affects etc but T Rex can’t see you if you don’t move. I guess their sense of smell doesn’t work either. This makes for a poor predatory animal (giant lizard) lol 😂.

  • Steve Swangler
    Steve Swangler 4 days ago

    with all due respect, i believe the line was written wrong. I have to believe how it was meant, was "if you don't move, it wont discern you are food. " of course dinosaurs could see things that didn't move.

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 4 days ago

      but also, it's ridiculous to think that a t. rex wouldn't be able to use the sense of smell when hunting

  • John Wack
    John Wack 4 days ago

    Damn.. 3.7 miles?? How the fuck?

  • Matthew Caylor
    Matthew Caylor 4 days ago

    However, yes, that was a Unix system. It was an incredibly obscure one. Which leads me to why didn't Arnold use grep to find the what ever it was he said he had to go through one line by one.

  • Maston Dane
    Maston Dane 4 days ago

    Utahraptors are also close to what velociraptors are like in the movies.

  • Kal Rodwick
    Kal Rodwick 5 days ago

    Shoulda just gone with Utahraptor, largest of the Raptors and found in Utah which is fairly close to Montana. 🤔 thinking back they were also in the cretaceous period like most of the other dinos.

  • John Daedalus
    John Daedalus 5 days ago

    Hahaha of course it could see you...if I recall correctly, even Micheal Crichton said it was a ridiculous inclusion into the film.

  • panda1345
    panda1345 5 days ago

    The Deinonychus was named Velociraptor Interopus when the book was first written.

  • colin minhinnick
    colin minhinnick 6 days ago

    according to Jurassic Park ( original still the best movie of the whole bunch ) T-Rex would have bumped into a lot of TREES and not seen the dead bodies he apparently scavanged from... hmmm

  • I speak The truth
    I speak The truth 6 days ago

    The world will never know it’s all Theories

  • Kakarot 9000
    Kakarot 9000 6 days ago

    6.7k I feel aspeshull

  • Lava 321
    Lava 321 6 days ago

    The dynonacus was also classified as Velociraptor dynonocus in the 90's then later re-classified into their own genus by the early to mid 2000's.

  • Lava 321
    Lava 321 6 days ago

    it was made pretty clear in the movie that the T. Rex could see you but wouldn't tell that you're actually alive and less you move and that it wasn't actually something that real t. Rex's do but rather a genetic defect from the cloning process, except for Alan Grant knew about it which was weird.

  • Rebel Mixes
    Rebel Mixes 6 days ago

    0:48 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 "It could see something wither its moving or not moving, which helps one not run into things that exsist in the world"

  • William Eck
    William Eck 6 days ago

    Not a jeep lol

  • roylynn wall
    roylynn wall 6 days ago

    No one will ever know.

  • Adam Evans
    Adam Evans 7 days ago

    He isn't talking about frogs he uses this theory twice once when the trex breaks out. And at the start at the dig site before he know of the park dinos.

  • Skies Orion
    Skies Orion 7 days ago

    Ohhhh so ppl who identify as a different sex from one day to another are actually west African frogs.. well excellent. I’ll make sure i give them some bugs next time i see one 😁

  • Masato Tanaka
    Masato Tanaka 7 days ago

    In the second book,the guy stand perfectly still and the T-Rex eats him and the other guy acknowledges Grant was wrong about the vision thing.

  • The Mob Seat
    The Mob Seat 7 days ago +1

    Hollywood never misses a chance to make it's audience more ignorant and stupid.

  • Kablamogroup
    Kablamogroup 8 days ago +1

    Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors. Jurassic Park is my favorite novel. I love the amount of research he put into writing his books, and his ability to craft a thrilling tale based around whatever technology was getting a lot of attention at the time. One detail that people miss in the book (this video touched on it) is how Dr. Grant didn't believe that the T-Rex had poor vision, it was just a lucky handicap that that particular Rex had due to its hybrid DNA (and human error, if we're being honest) that allowed Grant to survive its escape. Crichton then basically debunked the "T-Rex can only see moving things" theory in his sequel novel The Lost World, where a guy who was trying to steal a T-Rex egg freezes when the mother comes because he stupidly believed that theory, and got eaten for it.

  • Chris Hayton
    Chris Hayton 8 days ago

    if you bothered to do research properly it is explained in the books. much like some other things its to do with therye dna been mixed with the likes of frogs

  • Blakefulable
    Blakefulable 9 days ago

    You shouldn't make bullshit videos like this one. Just make it a 6 second clip saying "We have no fucking clue. Nobody does." because that's the answer to the question. But fuck it, if you want to milk your audience, why the fuck not right? Edit: Also, this fucking tit comparing their vision to a hawk is dumb. We're talking about 65million years ago. We have no idea if eyes were exactly the same in terms of the vision they achieve. But yeah, let's compare things 65+million years apart, because that makes for a fair comparison.

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox 11 days ago

    Close on the bonus facts. The raptors in the movie are based on Utah raptor. Was discovered during the film process and the crew called Spielberg when they found the first claw telling him they found his raptor as Spielberg himself knew that velociraptor was not a large animal but needed a large predator for the movie.

  • Torva Messorem
    Torva Messorem 12 days ago

    I hope everyone is convinced now regarding the godly power of plot armor.

  • Phoenix Black
    Phoenix Black 13 days ago

    How would anyone possibly know this? Noone was around then

  • Petar Mitkov
    Petar Mitkov 13 days ago

    So a mile is how far a human can see?

  • Juhani139
    Juhani139 14 days ago

    The facts about T-Rex's eyes makes one wonder about their habitat. Surely they wouldn't need that kind of eye-sight in a jungle? Did they live on prairies?

  • Farmer Frank
    Farmer Frank 14 days ago +1

    Chickens tend to ignore you if you stand still and hone in on the feed you throw cause its mining....if you move they watch you as a potential threat/to see if you are going to throw more food
    Giving chase to running prey is "more fun" and moving prey does get predator types attention easier then non moving/hiding prey ....simple as that

  • Robert allan
    Robert allan 14 days ago

    No one could possibly know.

  • sirachxi
    sirachxi 15 days ago

    maybe they were trying to say that if you do not move you will just blend into the background. what i found funnest about that is he could not smell something a few feet from its noise.

  • pianotm
    pianotm 15 days ago

    What I like about this is that it debunks a few myths. What I hate about this is that Jurassic Park itself even makes fun of most of this stuff. The kid points out that the velociraptor looks more like a big turkey as a bit of a tongue in cheek dig at the movie version. Alan Grant specifically points out that the T-Rex has an AMPHIBIAN visual cortex as a hint for those paying attention that it was bullshit and they're actually blaming the DNA splicing for the Rex's bad eyesight. The book actually goes in-depth in the scene, having Grant even muse that Rex must have trouble seeing because of the amphibian DNA. Dilophosaurs don't have frills or poison sacks (nor did they in the book) and those droppings were far too big for the triceratops that they supposedly came from. What's funny is that the movie knows that it's bullshit and actually drops hints for us.

  • D W
    D W 15 days ago

    Idk where to ask this BUT how come paintings back then weren't realistic?

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis 16 days ago

    I'd like 20 T-Rex nuggets, Buffalo sauce, and a large order of

  • nuoipter termer
    nuoipter termer 16 days ago

    It doesn't even make any sense that it wouldn't be able to see something because it wasn't moving.

  • Amanda Becker
    Amanda Becker 16 days ago

    I thought the movie "velociraptors" were based on Utahraptors.

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 16 days ago

    Here’s one problem: Steven Spielberg didn’t invent that stupid T-Rex motion vision theory, it was theorized for decades before the movie was released, and in the novel, the dinosaurs can see only movement due to frog DNA, but in the movie, it was based on fact until the filmmakers explained it in Jurassic World.

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 16 days ago

    Chickens in the world are thinking 'Yeah, bitch!' now

  • MrBeatboxmasta
    MrBeatboxmasta 16 days ago

    The only possible reason a T-Rex could not see you if you're not moving would be if you are too small. A human child to a T-Rex is probably the equivalent of an ant to us. We often don't notice an insect unless they move simply because of how small they are.

  • Austin Hughes
    Austin Hughes 17 days ago

    So in other words,A T-Rex could see just fine and the Raptors in the movies were modeled after a different type of dinosaur.