Neodymium Magnets vs Hydraulic Press - Magnetic Explosion

  • Published on May 23, 2016
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    Hey guys!
    A lot of people have suggested magnets. So we figured we would find the strongest we could find and press them. In this clip we press them against each other, however we have listened to you and will press them again with the same polarity against each other, so they will repell. Anyways this was great fun and we gladly take more suggestions. If you want to support us, give this video a share! //HypR

    Item: Neodymium Magnets
    Hydraulic Press

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Comments • 332

  • 김한비
    김한비 9 months ago

    자석이 아깝네.

  • O.Daniel jojo
    O.Daniel jojo 10 months ago

    You are so primitiv like a stupid monkey...

  • The Super Scientist Of the Vietnam

    Let's try that experiment again with a samarium magnet, please!

  • Aaron Hillibush
    Aaron Hillibush Year ago

    0:46 I think I just saw the Higgs Boson fly by~!!

  • Moon Brown
    Moon Brown Year ago

    I would like to see you use a human skull with a imitation brain , muscle, and skin to simulate what would happen to a human , or maybe just a human hand , I'm curious of the amount of damage that would be sustained. and I'm sure there are a lot of sickos who would enjoy the video for many other reasons lol it is the internet

  • Lord Jiren
    Lord Jiren Year ago +1

    creepy laugh

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson Year ago

    can you guys press a red hot nickel ball?

  • vicente alvarado
    vicente alvarado Year ago

    Buy a slowmo' camera, stupid white asses

  • Edgars Ļebedevs
    Edgars Ļebedevs Year ago

    Hydraulic press vs retards

  • xxsamperrinxx
    xxsamperrinxx Year ago

    Press starts at 0:30

  • Alma
    Alma Year ago

    Vad häftigt!

  • Joe Bruno
    Joe Bruno Year ago

    I think you opened up a mini black hole when those exploded.

  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas Year ago

    fucking magnets how do they work

  • romiopopio
    romiopopio Year ago

    oj svensk

  • salamuun
    salamuun Year ago


  • Ege Akbaba
    Ege Akbaba Year ago

    Kids in africa could have eaten those Neodymium Magnets

  • Fabiano Alexandre

    0:12 this intro song is very nice XD

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Year ago

    did anyone Notice that it isn't a sticker? just clear Tape over printed paper.

  • Lavonne Santiago
    Lavonne Santiago Year ago

    well them top wealthy above.

  • Zack C la
    Zack C la 2 years ago

    crush a gun

  • Štěpa 8
    Štěpa 8 2 years ago


  • Johncedric Balaguer
    Johncedric Balaguer 2 years ago

    pls do nokia 3310 vs hydraulic press xD

  • Kevin NFS
    Kevin NFS 2 years ago

    0:46 boom

  • Actual Noob
    Actual Noob 2 years ago

    That scream tho😂😂 I'm liking

  • oscar michael
    oscar michael 2 years ago +1

    Hydraulic Press vs Erect Penis

    • Benya
      Benya 2 years ago


  • Vinay Shakyawar
    Vinay Shakyawar 2 years ago

    a standing iphone

  • Tom Cogan
    Tom Cogan 2 years ago


  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 2 years ago

    It's one of those movie cliches,

  • Ivan Yu
    Ivan Yu 2 years ago

    Now I know what a hydraulic press is thanks ;)

  • kamil
    kamil 2 years ago

    polacy gdzie są xd?

  • Стас Жижелев

    мдааааааааа :(

  • Алексей Тьма

    тупые пиндосы)

  • Timur Karsli
    Timur Karsli 2 years ago

    You guys have biiiiiiiiiiig problem with camera, hate to watch!!!!!

  • relaxerization
    relaxerization 2 years ago

    what music at 1:33 ?

  • Emilio Cantu
    Emilio Cantu 2 years ago

    press two magnets together on opposite sides + with -

  • Imer _A
    Imer _A 2 years ago

    Try fishing weights

  • Rain Raidma
    Rain Raidma 2 years ago


  • Loan Le
    Loan Le 2 years ago

    Do one abut poo

  • Ride84XL
    Ride84XL 2 years ago


  • Dan Constantin
    Dan Constantin 2 years ago


  • A_S_U_R_A_
    A_S_U_R_A_ 2 years ago

    That was close :S

  • Michael Seneschal
    Michael Seneschal 2 years ago

    Maybe you could press whatever camera you're using. 80% of the video is out of focus, and 100% is shaky. High fives

  • dranomilkshake
    dranomilkshake 2 years ago

    goddamn the laughing sounded like the cannibal hillbillies from wrong turn.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 2 years ago

    Please crush a small sphere of Plutonium 240. If Plutonium 240 can not be had, please crush a sphere of Plutonium 239 or Plutonium 238.

  • Julianne Johnson
    Julianne Johnson 2 years ago

    the first successful neodymium magnet crush I’ve seen

  • BillaWoh
    BillaWoh 2 years ago

    I want to see one where the Press loses

  • Marcelo Manya
    Marcelo Manya 2 years ago


  • yarabbi şükür baboş

    All those "Hydraulic Press vs Hydraulic Press" requests are idiotic.

  • Infamous Vlogs
    Infamous Vlogs 2 years ago

    id say Flash is still faster though

  • Muhsin Pektaş
    Muhsin Pektaş 2 years ago


  • Tom P.
    Tom P. 2 years ago

    fuckin magnets. how do THEY work?? - "Miracles" ICP

  • BigHero8
    BigHero8 2 years ago

    Where did you get those neodymium magnets

  • YaCir
    YaCir 2 years ago

    What is there to laugh about? :/ i dont get it why they are laughing like this..

  • Kev1 Official
    Kev1 Official 2 years ago

    Hej är ni svenskar jag är det ochså

  • Drizzy Williams
    Drizzy Williams 2 years ago

    Hydraulic Press VS crush an animal. Dead of course, I'm not cruel I love animals. But I have to admit I would love to see, however gruesome it would prove to be, a pig's head getting crushed. It would give us a good idea what it's actually like to be one of the unlucky souls in history that have fallen into garbage trucks.

  • Rai Sagar
    Rai Sagar 2 years ago

    can you guys crush a katana (a japaneese sword)..

  • Derp Blargen
    Derp Blargen 2 years ago

    Can you please crush a safe?

  • Shirley Trample
    Shirley Trample 2 years ago

    Tut tut tut

  • Iam Theman
    Iam Theman 2 years ago

    Have you crushed Ken and Barbie dolls yet? Or Stretch Armstrong? Also I've been told that water cannot compress. Like an acrylic cylinder full of water with a tight piston trying to compress it. BOOM!

  • DanM101
    DanM101 2 years ago

    crush this

  • daBEAGLE1017
    daBEAGLE1017 2 years ago

    Try a bowling ball or go to the butcher's and get a pig head

  • J Santarsiero
    J Santarsiero 2 years ago

    Now go press an Atom

  • enjoiorange
    enjoiorange 2 years ago

    As soon as those magnets exploded they each became their own little magnet with a north and south pole

  • # Awesome
    # Awesome 2 years ago

    What a puny press

  • Meh Meth
    Meh Meth 2 years ago

    Hydraulic vs hydraulic

  • Facetious Titan
    Facetious Titan 2 years ago

    Please get a tripod for the camera, so it doesn't shake and it stays in focus.

  • Alex Dudeson
    Alex Dudeson 2 years ago

    dont film it through a window you fucking twats get it sorted

  • thepicklefish
    thepicklefish 2 years ago

    for real guys you need a slow mo camera

  • anarchism
    anarchism 2 years ago


  • Lightning Boyz
    Lightning Boyz 2 years ago

    Try only one magnet

  • random abandoned channel

    Whaaaaaah oh

  • nemesis kim
    nemesis kim 2 years ago

    Maybe it's way better if you guys would use a Phantom V10 camera, it can record up to 1000fps

  • Nicolás Lorca
    Nicolás Lorca 2 years ago

    Buy a decent camera!

  • vincent kinnick
    vincent kinnick 2 years ago

    Why do magnets explode when crushed?

  • MrSupercar55
    MrSupercar55 2 years ago +1

    Magnets be like ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MurkFACE McBulletWounds

    can u try this with the same peice of steel but not magnetic to see if theress a difference

  • InsaneFameNYC
    InsaneFameNYC 2 years ago +5

    Human skull with teeth. Pigs head. Cow heart. Whole chicken.

  • CP3 Sneakers
    CP3 Sneakers 2 years ago +1

    Do An IPad Mini!

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 2 years ago

    I bet it cant compress oil.

  • [G4M3] Fr3zz3R
    [G4M3] Fr3zz3R 2 years ago

    That is not even an hydraulic press it works with air.
    but still a good video

  • Vivek V
    Vivek V 2 years ago

    kch kaam ni hai to yhi kr NE lage

  • Vivek V
    Vivek V 2 years ago

    chutiye log

  • William Does stuff
    William Does stuff 2 years ago

    preset vs StikBot

  • DarkobaG
    DarkobaG 2 years ago +1

    Algodon de Dulce ;)

  • Alejandro Mutuberria
    Alejandro Mutuberria 2 years ago

    haganlo con los polos invertidos

  • Белов Андрей

    those pieces so relaxing

  • FlexyLexy
    FlexyLexy 2 years ago

    Hydraulic silverware, stack multiple together

  • CHeath
    CHeath 2 years ago

    Sounds like those Hyenas are having fun.

  • Deven Michael
    Deven Michael 2 years ago

    This needs to be filmed in super slow motion.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 2 years ago

    Hell you should try press vs a few grams of weed... You know if it's legal where your at

  • CoreOf Sirius
    CoreOf Sirius 2 years ago

    dude that's how you create a black hole

    • Ca Pa
      Ca Pa 2 years ago

      +Ca Pa I*

    • Mike Hawkburns
      Mike Hawkburns 2 years ago

      +Ca Pa Calm down, kiddo. There's no need to be upset. Play some Club Penguin with your friends and relax!

    • Mike Hawkburns
      Mike Hawkburns 2 years ago

      +Ca Pa says the 10 year old who plays Minecraft all day.

  • Master Sean13
    Master Sean13 2 years ago +1

    1:02 and here we first hear a dangerous aninal groan in its natural habitat

  • Shadow Network
    Shadow Network 2 years ago

    was the hydraulic press magnetic?

  • rowgli
    rowgli 2 years ago

    Hilarious at first, then you realise you have highly magnetic mess everywhere to try to clean up :)

  • rowgli
    rowgli 2 years ago

    Hilarious at first, then you realise you have highly magnetic mess everywhere to try to clean up :)

  • Wong Wai-Kit
    Wong Wai-Kit 2 years ago

    Crush a fish please

  • Ty Anthony Samiliano
    Ty Anthony Samiliano 2 years ago

    1:02 is that the nazis marching

  • Sugar Hieroglyph
    Sugar Hieroglyph 2 years ago

    Glow in the dark silly putty in a tea strainer ball, in the dark!

  • Sugar Hieroglyph
    Sugar Hieroglyph 2 years ago

    buy or rent a better slow motion camera. theres one called a Phantom.

  • 100
    100 2 years ago

    And each piece becomes its own magnet with a North and South pole