The Real Reason Sams Club Is Closing Its Doors

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
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    Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time

Comments • 317

  • Sondra Allen
    Sondra Allen Month ago

    They have the same products over and over again that's not really that advertising I only go for the paper towel paper plates at the toilet tissue in bulk but everything there is sky-high and you paying a membership club look like it would be cheaper but it's not cheaper than the regular store is just bigger and they charge you the same price it's no wonder they're going out when they first open in my neighborhood I went and felt like I was getting a bargain but no more

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time 2 months ago

    The intro is from education galaxy πŸ˜‘

  • EnduroPlus
    EnduroPlus 7 months ago

    any word on these sams clubs closings?? i drove by the one in st louis park minnesota in june 2018 and there was still inventory inside. so im not sure whats going on.

  • gordon quigg
    gordon quigg 7 months ago

    Oh right they don’t care if the dollar is worthless and the economy collapses, because the big businesses will have already shiftsd over to no currency, and they can make any form of crypto currency or value that they want, because they will be in control digitally. Scaaaarry.....

  • gordon quigg
    gordon quigg 7 months ago

    Outscource america, put all small businesses under with big box stores, for all of the people on unemployment to shop at, then after 20-30 years of that, when the resources are almost depleted, all small busineses,and stores are gone or paying unfeasible overhead, the economy is in dire straights, we’re almost to the point of runaway greenhouse effect. Ok, now that every thing is ruined in america by these huge corporations, could they possibly do anything more ruthless? Of course, now they can shut down the big box stores, force everyone to buy online, and use up all the fuel to deliver the products door to door. That ought to guarantee to accelerate us fully into runaway greenhousegasses effect, while depleting the last of the fuel! Yeah... brilliant! Not. Thanks multi trillion aires, the Walton family and crew.

  • Brett Grumm
    Brett Grumm 9 months ago

    The person who made this video is A DUMBASS they r not closing their doors. Only some locations it is because of the economy and because of too much competitors and crime and theft in the area.

  • lakecrab
    lakecrab Year ago

    SAMs, and other big box stores near certain cities have high theft losses. Now, with merchandise being shipped from secure warehouses inaccessible to the public... the theft losses are currently being shifted to the general public's liability. Have you noted the increase in theft of UPS, Fed Ex, et al packages from customers front doors in the news. Many of these thefts are caught on video. Expect this package theft game to increase EXPONENTIALLY.

  • Kenneth W. Presley

    The Grocey side of Sams brought in more $$$ than the clothing, books, tv's, jewellery, so it isn't about online buying, its deeper than that. You are telling us that closing 140,000 square ft store that cost 13 million to build and closing 63 of these 13 million,dollar buildings all to do a better online Business makes sense??? Nah something is more sinister here.

  • jackson
    jackson Year ago +1

    I went to Walmart today. There is a Sam's club beside it. This day, it was closed!

  • 7845lptape
    7845lptape Year ago

    Common man, Sams Club closings of profitable stores is simply because they don't want to pay the higher minimum wages that are dictated by law in the areas where the stores are closing - such as in Western Washington - where some of the most profitable stores were closed because of the higher minimum wages here. During the closing periods they hired thugs to keep many of the customers out and closed earlier each day or lied about when they were going to close the next day. Disgusting behavior of a behemouth business towards employee, customers and suppliers. They have lost the trust of many.

  • Dave S
    Dave S Year ago

    There are many---thousands---of products that I would never buy online and many of them have high price points. I like to go to the stores and compare products and even talk to knowledgeable sales people. Impossible with online sales. I don't think I stand alone.
    But the brick and mortar MEGA stores have got to rethink their "raison d'etre"... why are we doing this and how can we improve service to the customer and provide a better line of products rather than chasing the last dollar? The present models are outdated.
    Moreover, perhaps as you say that wages have leveled, nonetheless, costs and debt have dramatically risen leaving far less for discretionary spending. Outdated models with less spending spells disaster for any retail enterprise.

  • Wild Potato
    Wild Potato Year ago

    Decentralized crypto currencies bypass evil Jew Bankers! We need to abolish the Federal Reserve and get rid of Central Banks in America.

  • Wild Potato
    Wild Potato Year ago

    Boycott WalMart!

  • Angela Stuckert
    Angela Stuckert Year ago

    Walmart is competing with Amazon internet sales they are transforming these Sam's building's into online .com stores to try and get ahead of Amazon. These are not fema camps as people are saying they are just trying to keep up with they way sales are going and right now Amazon seems to be dominating in the internet.

    BONES Year ago +1

    The answer is simple.....
    AMAZON....the Devil in Disguise😈

  • Todd Schultz
    Todd Schultz Year ago

    Your explanation sucked

  • Jon S.
    Jon S. Year ago

    Sam's Clubs are closing because Democrats couldn't support to keep them open under the new tax laws. They have only themselves to blame for opening way too many stores at a time and when the new tax law came they couldn't support it.

  • andrew wright
    andrew wright Year ago

    Business/premises rates are to blame in a big way.

  • Anthony Roberts
    Anthony Roberts Year ago

    Brick and mortar is going the way of the dinosaurs!! Why bother putting wear and tear on your car and deal with dumb people when you can order from you computer, and be in your pajamas? Plus, no wear and tear on the car?

  • lion fish
    lion fish Year ago +1

    How are citizens going to pay taxes and bill's if they aren't working ?????. This must stop. Our we all going to be HOMELESS. Just saying !!!!! .

  • lion fish
    lion fish Year ago +1

    Did yall know that Wal-Mart has bins for food donations for their employees. They only HIRE part time. Many Employees can't make ends meet , so they have to get on Welfare. How generous of Wal-Mart to ask Employees to donate food for under employed employees.

    • lion fish
      lion fish Year ago +1

      Lyndie X, It would have been the same if Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the Presidency. She would have carried out Obama administration political politics to cover her and his corruption's and the Fake News SOCIAL control to destroy our economy. I voted for Obama Twice and regret his last term in office. America would have been the dumping ground for illegal aliens and Refugee's from around the world. The Democrats and the Far Leftists Communist party what to take this Nation down !!!!. The Bush administration and the Clinton's along with Obama administration secretly are the shadow Government. Trump is going to expose this corruption. That is why the war is on in the past administration's Republicans and Democrats are out to Get Trump. I support Trump. He knows who's behind 911 and will expose them !!!! . Remember Trump isn't a Republican, he is a Independent, he signed on as Republican to go up against Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Shadow Government. The Democrats stolen the vote's against Mr. SANDERS AND THEY WERE TRYING TOO STEAL THE VOTE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE choice for TRUMP. EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE ISSUES.

    • Lyndie X
      Lyndie X Year ago

      lion fish appreciate that...I will pray for you also. Bad moon this point, dont matter WHO IS IN the white house...this shit is OVER. time to buckle our seatbelts and clean up our own backyards""

    • lion fish
      lion fish Year ago

      Where do you live????.

    • lion fish
      lion fish Year ago +2

      Lyndie X I'll pray for you. Hope things are going to get better with President Trump. More full time jobs in the future.

    • Lyndie X
      Lyndie X Year ago

      lion fish wow...sounds alot like my job too. Been there two yrs..but aint even making 9.75wtf???? Where can i live alone...making peanuts..A damn Tent, thats where.

  • lion fish
    lion fish Year ago

    Sam's club building's ,should become Homless shelters for the employees that lost their jobs. And a large Population of Citizens don't by on line and have items delivered to their addresses for many reasons. Boycott buying on line, it's costing Americans Jobs.

  • Margaret Hardacre

    I agree that alot of business is done online. However, people still need sticks and bricks stores for things like produce and other fresh items. Also, they could have told employees before closing day.

  • jacob ladder
    jacob ladder Year ago

    Common sense aint that common!!..listen up..this has been planned since at least the forties..they are putting their plans into action now,they want you all in cities and or camps,all their eggs in one big basket type of thing.for easier control,they know what's coming and they know chaos would rule so they are stopping it before it starts but they never let a good crisis go to waste so they are initiating agenda 21,they are going to clear the decks,your on a list of re-education or termination..the big problem is you will only know which one when its too late to do anything about it either way..if you wondered about the plastic 3 man coffins?the guillotines,the survival pack for government employees,the DUMB.the trillions of dollars that went walkies,the police. State,martial law,jade helm,troop movements ,military equipment for local cops,and on and on,well now you know,its agenda 21_30..the total collapse of the economy,with some space weather lol ?which will cause pole the same time,so its looking a bit like the Nazis are orchestrating hell on earth.and if you Dont already know that best be a quick learner,and prep up cos its coming,and once martial law is official times up for last minute get busy right now,stay in small groups of around thirty people ,choose wisely..location: high and dry..shelter down low ..water..medicines..low tech.CB radio or basic ham radio..long lasting food..weapons ammo..include..bow or crossbow..anything else you can manufacture projectiles for in the field..items to trade trade weapons or ammo..unless you trade up..the net will be down .so you need books...survival..medical..wild food..mushrooms fungi identification..hunting..trapping..dispatching and butchering...hand tools will be valuable..old school stuff..rolls of brass wire for snares..spring on kit..nets..anything else you can add for location and water are top of your list of how to acquire them and transport and use you will have to build in an airflow to base of fire via a pipe..more oxygen makes burning hotter and faster with little to no smoke this type of fire works just as well in side your shelter last one ..throw any tech items in dean .martin style no regrets..something like that..good luck

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns Year ago

    the worst store is kmart

  • aloha from kenya
    aloha from kenya Year ago

    Your mothers club is allways open

  • John Gora
    John Gora Year ago +1

    Seeing it happen is believing.. what are they going to do with the empty stores, that's another question???

  • harry viking
    harry viking Year ago +1

    the walmart owners are them a room at GITMO!!

  • Easier Out
    Easier Out Year ago

    What location is going to be closed?

  • Hyprotoons Productions

    I really don't like shipping and handling its not too expensive but it adds up with the product your trying to buy.

  • Ryan Wade
    Ryan Wade Year ago +1

    Don't forget that the WARN Act requires that either a company gives their employees 8 weeks notice of closing or give them up to 8 weeks after they close. They will have some recourse.

  • kuty patooty
    kuty patooty Year ago +1

    So wait a min is all Sam's club in every state closing

  • Sheree Morgan
    Sheree Morgan Year ago +1

    They also didn't give there employees there bonuses. The Sam's Club, near me survived. But a customer said, maybe not for long.

  • N/a N/A
    N/a N/A Year ago +2

    Military can create large camps in small amount of time they dont need wharehouses

  • N/a N/A
    N/a N/A Year ago

    Energy can neither be destroyed or created

  • jimmyfly
    jimmyfly Year ago +1

    Sams club isn’t closing. A few of the stores are closing.

  • Nikki black
    Nikki black Year ago

    Dude come on Amazon is killing Walmart and Sam's Walmart's going to be an automated store pretty soon

  • eric heine
    eric heine Year ago +1

    How about a simpler explanation.
    The area that supported Sam's Club is now so financially impoverished that to maintain the store is economically unviable.
    They pumped all the money out of the area. Take the Money and Run.
    Iron American Dream on TVclip.
    Take a ride across the promised
    land. Ride a Harley.

  • LA Prepper
    LA Prepper Year ago +1

    At least these former employees can now deliver for Amazon prime :)

  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop Year ago

    Online shopping is taking all the retail business.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee Year ago

    Impose tax on Chinese goods. Making America great again backfired?

  • C J
    C J Year ago +2

    real income is not approaching stabilization, real income is not keeping up with inflation. just rents alone have doubled over 30 years and salaries have not! just because you see incomes rise slightly it does not mean they have risen at the same rate as REAL inflation. Not to mention consumer debt is at all time high. Once high paying jobs are now being replaced with part-time & low paying jobs so unemployment #s are bs (which is what Trump said when he was running for president)

  • shippermd
    shippermd Year ago

    You must be clickbait and sponsored. Made to mention the products they pay you to mention....

  • Prop Paper
    Prop Paper Year ago +1

    Well... It's $30 year membership, and there are no or minimal savings .... I don't need 100 rolls of tolit paper to save a total of .17 cents from the regular wall mart... Just 1/2 mile away
    In fact the same Tv is almost $30 more at Sam's then at wall Mart
    So other then the pizza/ foot long hot dog at the sam club diner... whats the point

  • Antonio Kelly
    Antonio Kelly Year ago

    They found my corps

  • Carol Collins
    Carol Collins Year ago

    FEMA Camps

  • Johnny
    Johnny Year ago

    And when the government seizes the online warehouse surplus we shop where ?

  • Rouland Marshall
    Rouland Marshall Year ago

    I hope Jeff create an e-commerce for Immortality.

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W Year ago

    It is bullshit to blame it all on ecommerce. Most retail sales is still in physical stores. The entire retail pie is shrinking and Amazon is growing and taking a bigger share of the shrinking pie. People don't have the money to shop like they used to.

  • Fire Chase
    Fire Chase Year ago

    Amazon is evil, they are strangling American retail

  • MrEd
    MrEd Year ago +3

    It's all part of Agenda 21 , please wake up people !!!!!!!!

  • Audio
    Audio Year ago

    There aren't going to be any more cashiers. It's e commerce now.

  • Wayne Teachman
    Wayne Teachman Year ago

    Walmart's is involved with the NWO and Elites and not to be trusted at all

  • Mini Crafter's
    Mini Crafter's Year ago

    The One Near Me Is Closing Too

  • CJ Miller
    CJ Miller Year ago

    Our Sam's club was busy everyday. There are alot of people who still like going to store. Just shows how these corporate asses feel about the people who do the real work for there pathetic to not even give a crap about people who have been loyal to them. Well when they get there on line thing going hope everyone remembers Costco

  • CJ Miller
    CJ Miller Year ago

    Yep but would have fired them if they were late. Alot of ex employees coming out with some good secrets.

  • Ed G
    Ed G Year ago

    Sam's Clubs are like Walmart they have a lot of pilferage.

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone Year ago

    Sams charges for memberships, and the value is not as good for having to buy in such large volumes. It has not become a viable purchase option.

  • Gregory Veenhuizen

    That is what I said it has nothing to do with Fema they are turning them into fullfillment centers like Amazon to try and keep up with Amazon so don't worry so much and don't listen to the bullshit!

  • Jack Rasmussen
    Jack Rasmussen Year ago

    Walmart is increasing its online presence----compare it to Amazon and E-bay before a purchase--it may be worth it.

  • Ragna touya
    Ragna touya Year ago

    Good info

  • Clemis Lilly
    Clemis Lilly Year ago

    It appears that sam Walmart would not be consolidate his ventures if his businesses were prospering makes no since ******

  • The Game
    The Game Year ago

    The news channel that most everybody hates Fox News predicted this was going to happen 2 years ago. When they explained when you combined all of the box stores together they employ 10,000 people compared to every one person that Amazon employees. That is10,000 to 1. Amazon is the monster that destroys jobs. I sworn off Amazon and all online ordering that day. In fact I won't even go into a self-checkout line. If everyone else start having this outlook we could end this we do control how things go. My biggest advice to everybody don't let Electronics take your life away. If you want to chuckle at this how safe is your job? I love when people believe the government is going to give them a check when the machines take our jobs away. Go ask people living in the projects and Section 8 homes how well is that working out for them. They damn sure ain't middle class.

  • Knowledgelist
    Knowledgelist Year ago

    In Milwaukee they closed the best location on the busiest road and busiest store in WI..........

  • Randy R
    Randy R Year ago

    Ok I work in the grocery and when the wage goes up they close some of there store or they cut there labor and it sucks. Now Walmart there wages gone up and amazon is starting to take some of there business away so this is there way to keep there profits up, they don’t give a crap about people losing there jobs. I know sooner or later that something will come around and get Walmart and I’m so glad and hope Walmart gets what happens to them like what happened to the company that I work at. Walmart needs to pay there employees and give them medical that we all can make a decent living.

  • Albert E.
    Albert E. Year ago


  • skip luck
    skip luck Year ago

    if walmart were smart they would start their own amazon in these Sam's club buildings with robots and search engines to take over the world with the big laser hmmmmm

  • skip luck
    skip luck Year ago


  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson Year ago

    why does everything have to be a conspiracy???

  • Jim Bronaugh
    Jim Bronaugh Year ago

    What is sad is that Sears was the Amazon of the early 20th century and was better geared to be the online company of the 21st century if the management had not been determined to rule or ruin, that is to say, resist change rather than risk losing control to more modern management. Bye Sears. Bye Macy's. and eventually Bye Walmart. Walmart, with all of it's wealth and power still refuses to engage fully in online sales, and it will be the end to them.

  • Jersey Paul
    Jersey Paul Year ago

    Those big box stores like Sam's Club & Costco are too time consuming to just buy a few items. If you have a family of 6 and are buying 32 ounce jars of peanut butter then Sam's Club is great.

  • Deborah Evans
    Deborah Evans Year ago +2

    Thanks for the information. Very eye opening. I have to differ with you a little. You’re right when you say Walmart did a despicable thing. Walmart has alway been despicable. The bottom line is their profit margin has been decreasing and will continue to decrease until they find another way to increase it and keep increasing it. When the get a foothold in the e market, they will try to push others out and corner the market. I have see them do this in so many neighborhoods. I have always said this in my simple way. Walmart wants ALL the money. Again, I loved all your points. Keep up the good work.

  • Mean Green Drone Machine

    Hmmmnnn....I wonder if old Jeffy from Amazon is a Free Mason like Sam Walton was???What's that story about the Serpent eating it's own tail???

    • M Christman
      M Christman Year ago

      Mean Green Drone Machine , if that is true, then its probably not a coincidence that jeffy bezos purchased the Washington Post. The Post has always been rumored to be a CIA controlled entity.
      As have Time & Life magazines.

  • duane campbell
    duane campbell Year ago

    Walmart owns Sam's Club!? WTF? Why is no one talking 'bout this? Speaks volumes.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Somebody is still building warehouses for something plainfield Indiana hasn't stopped a 50 acre stop was just cleared last month. I don't think it's e-commerce more like the baby boomers are retiring and 50 years of abortions taking their toll

  • Gary Shirley
    Gary Shirley Year ago

    Good. Close Walmart to.

  • Kristian Ruffin
    Kristian Ruffin Year ago

    Fema camps

  • Roger Balcer
    Roger Balcer Year ago +1

    FEMA ! Owned by Walmart linked to FEMA shadow government take over !

  • Gary Hardin
    Gary Hardin Year ago

    Sam's Club hasn't been able to compete with Costco stores, number1, but more importantly, Walmart has been making a huge endeavor into the e-commerce they own and are converting a lot of the former Sam's Club to e-distribution centers.

  • D. Paul Gladstone

    I have cards with Sams Club and COSTCO, and COSTCO is superior in every way. Today I had to wait 45 minutes just to check out (January 20).

  • Viper's Venom
    Viper's Venom Year ago

    wal mart has been and always will be a crooked company only out for the higher ups not the common worker!! I speak from experience as a former employee.

  • George Beck
    George Beck Year ago

    your are full of it sams club owes the people nothing

  • Judy Berends
    Judy Berends Year ago

    I agree ...too sad for the employees.

  • Michael Cheyne
    Michael Cheyne Year ago


  • Treeface
    Treeface Year ago

    I think you make valid points however people shouldn't panic.

  • Blindshiva
    Blindshiva Year ago

    3:25 should say "helping their EMPLOYEES"

  • Jim P
    Jim P Year ago

    Sams club is helping employees to relocate new jobs.

  • Javi L-Vakero
    Javi L-Vakero Year ago +2

    why the majority of them stores are on the east coast..i think theres gonna be a major situation for an ultimate grab of our guns??

  • Myron Medlin
    Myron Medlin Year ago

    Yeah yeah I'll send the Transformer movies where the water Cube Never Dies it just transforms into something else

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Year ago

    seriously Dave? The improvement your talking about is just a temporary illusion to take your focus off their agenda( Trump has no knowledge of this takedown of America). Something very big and bad is about to go down. The truthers know and we are not stupid. And I cannot believe you cant see this. Im shocked. Most of those closing were in the east. That is where our next big event is supposed to take place.Just like the prior closings of the walmarts in the areas where the last hurricanes hit. Remenber people, and Dave, walmart is hooked right up with Home Land Security or FEMA. Walmart owns Sams club. Aint rocket science here guys! Millions of people are still missing from last hurricanes. By the way, to all people, in next event, stay away from Fema trailors. They were used to poison you with formaldehyde. Refer to this video for 1 of many witnesses:

  • Matt Holt
    Matt Holt Year ago

    It's funny that you show the fake globe earth at the beginning and saying that you're freeing one enslaved mind at a time πŸ˜‚

  • Gunguy 83
    Gunguy 83 Year ago

    I never heard the real reason same thing everyone else is saying.

  • smile-tweetybird
    smile-tweetybird Year ago

    sam's club in part of walmart. note: killery klinton was a senior advisor on the board of directors...... makes you wonder why they are setting up for something else?

  • Tina Craft
    Tina Craft Year ago

    They will still need order fillers in Warehouses.

  • Steven Arrasmith
    Steven Arrasmith Year ago

    That's how they shut down their clubs in 2010. You were opened on Sunday and closed for business on Monday. I was a victim of this when they closed their club in Nampa, Idaho.

  • Desert Dee
    Desert Dee Year ago

    Who is on the Board the of the Directors? HRC aka Killary. Many WM & SC have underground tunnels for FEMA & other nepharious / Satanic activities

  • Ibeliveinyou forever

    thank you never thought of this point of view They are closing so we are forced to go to Amazon crazy

  • CraigS
    CraigS Year ago

    WalMart was based on Supply Chain and Distribution strategies that excelled when compared to its competition. Now WalMart wants to challenge Amazon. Amazon offers two day delivery to its Prime members. Amazon distribution points are no more than two days USPS delivery days from its customers. Think about it folks. To compete with tight delivery schedules a company MUST have an abundance of distribution points strewn across the US. WalMart is not being "absorbed" by Amazon, they're just trying to compete. Take a look at Amazon's distribution chain on this map:
    Looks a lot like the map of Sam's Club stores that are closing, doesn't it? The idea that a "cash" purchase at WalMart or any other major retailer can't be traced is absurd. Take a look at your receipt. Inventories/prices are computer kept, sales become computer data. And yes, EVERY purchase is already "scanned, tracked and cataloged" your friendly "cashier" scans this info at the check-out counter. So what's the difference between scanning a UPC code manually or obtaining the data vis RFID? Come on folks. Welcome to the 21st century.

  • Jason b
    Jason b Year ago +1

    Treasonous Trump hasn't done fuck all for American jobs....he represents Corporate America....and they want to depopulate the country!

  • Jason b
    Jason b Year ago

    Is Costco Next?