Idaho Gold Prospecting

  • Published on Oct 4, 2013
  • This is my last trip out to the claim before winter sets in. Snow is already hitting the elevation above the river and the road in will become impassable in the coming days. Had a great time and found some nice gold.

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  • Jacob Jenkin
    Jacob Jenkin 16 days ago

    I haven't seen any new videos lately did you quit prospecting

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  15 days ago

      Hey Jacob. No I haven't quit. My wife got a very serious ATV accident almost two years ago. So, I wasn't able to go out prospecting while she recovered. Then, we began building a retirement cabin on a parcel of ground we own. I plan on getting out later this spring! Thanks for asking.

  • TheInfinitequest
    TheInfinitequest Month ago

    Gee, I wonder who he is going to have pan out his cons? I heard there was a guy named Mike that was pretty good.

  • Suzette Gilbert
    Suzette Gilbert 2 months ago

    ur flow and low grab dont let er legs settle wo a mounted levvell wathch er water 4 repeat

  • prospector_pete
    prospector_pete 2 months ago

    great video , i will subscribe

    SAMAKIKAI KTR 3 months ago

    Waaaaaaaoooo Keren Bos Disubscribe yaaaa Bos

  • The Troubleshooter
    The Troubleshooter 3 months ago

    Gold Digga... This looks like the most fun...

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    I like that mini Hog

  • jesse Gomez
    jesse Gomez 3 months ago

    Check the moss

  • Richard Perron
    Richard Perron 3 months ago

    Love the bilge pump and battery idea. Nice gold too!

  • Billy Mehaffey
    Billy Mehaffey 3 months ago

    Looks like clear water river. Orofino ID area.

  • Chuck Gentles
    Chuck Gentles 3 months ago

    beautiful looking area.Well Isubbed to your channel. done video.

  • jay willow
    jay willow 3 months ago

    Guys, please stop the nonsense. I want to goldmine. I have not the money, the 300 thousand dollars to get started. So, I leave it alone. If you spend more money on fuel, the equipment, the trip, etc., PLEASE STOP!!!!!!! Everyone watches Gold Rush and Yukon Gold. After they watch it, they want to mine. They go buy a Gold Hog highbanker and dig dirt with a shovel. They grab material on the top of the ground and get a half gram or gram for the weekend. WASTE!!! PLEASE STOP IT!!!!!!! Doc from Gold Hog? Where the fuck is his gold mine? He sells DIRT!!!???? He goes to North fucking Carolina, digs up bull shit ground with an ounce per 300 yards yield, and sells the "cons" for a retarded amount of money. Doc is one of those guys, he wants to have a mining operation SOOOO bad but he doesn't have the 300 grand or so to get it going. So instead, his dumbass builds highbankers and sells them. He comes up with these dumbass rubber mattings with all sorts of "riffles" in them, and the retarded thing about the "rubber matting sluices" is the fact they're a fucking CLEANOUT MAT!!!! The amount of gold guys get from doing the dumbass shit this guy is doing is so small they have to use a cleanout mat to "mine". Give it up dude. If you're not willing to walk a gold producing valley where the old timers yanked thousands of ounces out of, and you're not willing to hike UPWARDS of the valley and find benches that weren't worth the old timer's time, stay at home. That's the only way you'll get gold. This fucking guy is going where you can drive your nice car or truck and walk down a nice road to get to your gold spot. You will NEVER get good gold in a spot that you can drive to. Dude., packup equipment, get dropped off by helicopter somewhere, and checkout some benches where the valley below produced thousands of ounces. It gets me so mad, especially when these dumb fuckers use Doc's "river rat, snakeskin, razor mat, etc." and the fucking mats are cleanout mats. Quit the bull shit. If you ain't got the money to mine, leave it the fuck alone. That pan you got is a pan you should get after you dug down to bedrock and tested the bedrock gold on a claim. You went thru all that shit to get what Tony Beets gets on a test pan after he digs down to paydirt. If you can't follow thru and mine, just fucking STOP IT!!!!! We all know you're the type of dude who wants to have a dozer, excavator, washplant, etc., yet you don't have the money, so you do what you can afford to do. STOP IT!!!! Please stop it man.

  • Brandon Kaercher
    Brandon Kaercher 3 months ago

    Extend your trough another couple feet you'll catch every little piece of gold

  • Hob iT
    Hob iT 3 months ago

    so who is gonna pan it out ?

  • Never Know
    Never Know 3 months ago

    Why you got it hide for.. All the branches on the side?

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler 3 months ago

      I don't know about Idaho but here in Oregon you need to have a permit to run a sluice or even pan. Even if you have a permit you don't want to give away your location to other prospectors...

  • Mr Stone_age_man
    Mr Stone_age_man 3 months ago

    Beautiful place

  • vasile lebedov
    vasile lebedov 4 months ago

    this is a good idea to get do some money,I like what you doing there,don't you want to get a team together I really want to work for gold.

  • Flyin Rob
    Flyin Rob 4 months ago

    I spend my summers out on the wild land fires all over OR, ID, WY, WA area usually. On my two days off I looked around and called people asking to go do this gold prospecting. I would like to experience this, so how should I get a chance to do this? Is this river running through your land? Did you have to file a claim on the land before you can go in there? Did you just get permission from the land owner? I'm from the south, so I don't get to experience things like this, but I enjoy the outdoors.

  • West Coast Gold Prospecting

    Holy cow that’s a nice haul 👌. Good job bud.

  • David Myers
    David Myers 4 months ago

    nice haul, those rocks piled up on the side next to the big boulder look like they were placed there. it couldn't have hurt for you to pan it down with your brother's help and then show us the results on this video. Keep up the good work

  • Nicolas Cares
    Nicolas Cares 4 months ago

    Buen vídeo interesante grande maestro.

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 5 months ago

    Be prepared for a bear walk-up , I hope you got a hand gun

  • Joe Trueblood
    Joe Trueblood 5 months ago

    Maybe try above the old quarts bed rock, might get some older river samples of the past, also up there look for round rocks, that means the river was up their at one time🙂

  • Rocco Grimaldi
    Rocco Grimaldi 5 months ago

    What can a good day yield you?

  • white eagle
    white eagle 6 months ago

    thanks for the video and it is beautiful there a great place for a log cabin to hide away from all the trash going on nowadays

  • marvin rose
    marvin rose 6 months ago

    u should travel with these equipments they would make u big bucks
    from guyana with love keep up the good work

  • Timothy Hill
    Timothy Hill 7 months ago

    What river is that?

    • Timothy Hill
      Timothy Hill 7 months ago

      Thanks man

    • Old Griz
      Old Griz 7 months ago +1

      Timothy Hill , looks like the st.joe to me.

  • John Gould
    John Gould 8 months ago

    old river rock looks good.

  • Brother Brandon; HeteroSexual

    Man that box is phenomenal, great turn out

  • Muskrat Outdoors
    Muskrat Outdoors Year ago

    Nice gold! Good size chunks!

  • Billy Mehaffey
    Billy Mehaffey Year ago

    Looks a lot like Orofeno ID. Yup I knew it was Clearwater river. Had to be.

  • Russell Meahl
    Russell Meahl Year ago

    On your mid size build who cut and formed your box in Idaho ?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  Year ago

      Also, I have a video on my TVclip page entitled "Mid-sized Highbanker Build" that details how I made it. Enjoy!

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  Year ago

      The aluminum is .060" (1/16"). Actually, I love this highbanker and wouldn't do anything different. Thanks for asking.

    • Russell Meahl
      Russell Meahl Year ago

      What thickness did you use and is there anything you would have done differently now you have used it for awhile?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  Year ago

      The sluice box was cut and formed at Gateway Materials in Lewiston. I had them cut the pieces for the header box and then I riveted them myself.

  • NWlawnDog
    NWlawnDog Year ago

    Enjoyed your vid. New Sub. Nice Highbanker. Beautiful place to prospect.

  • Neal Martyn
    Neal Martyn Year ago

    you have a very good gold spot.very well.

  • Neal Martyn
    Neal Martyn Year ago

    i think your water is running to fast.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Year ago


  • California Mother Lode Prospectors

    Awesome video as always my hat is off to you my friend! Please if you have a chance check out my new film "Summer of GOLD" Its my take at the filming side and kind of a documentary about gold prospecting in the mother lode CA. Take care Buddy and here's a link to My video --> Take care

  • Kyla Dalton
    Kyla Dalton Year ago

    Did you find out what that big rock is?

  • Old Prospector
    Old Prospector Year ago +4

    You said you probably would switch to a different location on your claim because all you were finding was those little flakes and nugget pieces. when you said it, you sounded so regretful and disgusted in your tone of voice. As an old prospector (my old handles which I've had for years, are..."Old Prospector", "Prospector 1950", "Utahprospector", and "Idahoprospector"), who now just dabbles once in a great while in personal pleasure prospecting in my retirement days. I sure wouldn't be ashamed, or have no qualms, or even any sorrow in finding only just those little pieces and flakes in my pan. And I know a whole lot of other people who wouldn't either. With that kind of attitude you must be expecting to suddenly stumble across the "Mother Lode" and anything else less than that, is beneath your dignity to even bother with. Good luck with that one. Very few ever do. and those that do, usually only stumble across it when not expecting to do so (usually while under duress in an emergency) and have no way to prospect it at the time, and then usually somehow can never find it again later when they go back to look for it. The prospecting world is full of those stories, and people. Even those who actually do find a good paying "mother Lode" and are able to prospect it (except for large Commercial Mining Corporations), and make it pay large dividends are very rare, along with being few, and far between.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  Year ago

      Your comment is really confusing to me. You need to listen from 10:00 on. I was happy with the gold. Actually, ecstatic. Best gold I'd ever found up to that point. I moved because I had exhausted that portion of my claim . Thanks.

  • michael jonn
    michael jonn Year ago

    I think the water is going too fast

  • wotan237
    wotan237 Year ago

    I want to own 1-2 acres out west. I have the cash, just want a nice spot to relax, looking for gold would be cool too. If you have a parcel you can let go of let me know.

  • Chazz Face
    Chazz Face 2 years ago

    What river is this? Clearwater?

    • Chazz Face
      Chazz Face Year ago +1

      Good job, keep it going.

    • Paul McCarvell
      Paul McCarvell 2 years ago

      John Jacobs.. I live in Baker city, I detect and prospect.. I would love to have a buddy to go out with.. I go out almost every day I can... let me know 541 406 8126

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago +1

      North Fork...there, I said it!

  • Ful-O-Gold
    Ful-O-Gold 2 years ago

    How did this get so many views for such little subscribers?

    • cali digger
      cali digger 10 months ago

      Prospectors watch TVclip instead of CNN... I WATCHED IT BECAUSE, IM LEAVING CALIFORNIA BEHIND, I got two claims, two dredges a drywasher, and gold fever Cali is just getting ridiculous. So I'm trying to get some info on areas to look for a claim out that way... That's my reason... And I subscribed... I'm planning on moving a round Nampa... If your interested in throwing a machine in that river I have 4" and a hooka with hot water on both will travel

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago

      Thanks Fullbrook...I subscribed yesterday after I answered your comment. Hope you find lots of that pretty yellow metal!

    • Ful-O-Gold
      Ful-O-Gold 2 years ago

      Well good work anyway mate! I'll subscribe to you! I make some prospecting videos to if you want to check my channel out. I run the gold hog piglet highbanler . I think it replaces the mini you
      Are using.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago +1

      Your guess is as good as mine. I guess people like to watch prospecting...but, don't subscribe.

  • Dan Barry
    Dan Barry 2 years ago


  • Arnie Bowie
    Arnie Bowie 2 years ago

    thats some serious could beat the

  • Adventures with Sam and Victoria

    awesome pan man, lots of chunky stuff I'd work that hole till it empty

  • What The Heck TV
    What The Heck TV 2 years ago +1

    nice gold hog ,I subbed

  • nw prospecting and outdoors

    nice hunt !!

  • nw prospecting and outdoors

    nice vid !

  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns 2 years ago

    If you cant extract the concentrates there are tools for that like the gold wheel.
    check it out...

  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns 2 years ago +1

    WOW! If I could haul that then I would gold mine daily...

  • Midnight Miners
    Midnight Miners 2 years ago

    Cheers from Sweden! Great video!

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson 2 years ago +3

    what kind of pump do you have and how long will it run on a car battery?

    • Thomas D Harrell
      Thomas D Harrell 6 months ago

      Erik Pearson he said rule. Generally they use a boat bilge pump.

  • Ronald Hiott
    Ronald Hiott 2 years ago +3

    How long did it take you to accumulate that amount of gold?
    Is that a normal amount with the equipment that you used?

    • Jesus Ramos
      Jesus Ramos 3 days ago

      Man,it's research and getting lucky finding the gold streaks.depends on skills learned, like your trying to get.its hardworking and minimal amounts.its dumbluck finding the right side of the river or Creek

  • Tad Meister
    Tad Meister 2 years ago +1

    Looks like quartzite, a metamorphosed sand(stone). The rusty bands look modern as in they are from black sand layers decaying and or places in the water table where the oxidation state of iron causes it to come out of solution and deposit in bands on the rock. If its the former I as well as others have had good luck as it's basically black sand indicative of old flood bottom stratigraphic layers or traps where gold naturally sluices out and stays.

    • Tad Meister
      Tad Meister 2 years ago +1

      For sure, I'm an undergrad geology student so take it for what it's worth given that info. No expert, just interested.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago +2

      Thanks Tom

  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab 2 years ago +35

    That rock is indeed quartz, whether it is well cemented sandstone or quartzite it hard to tell from the video but I suspect quartzite.

    • Stu JD
      Stu JD 9 months ago

      Hey John, apologies for being VERY late on your question :). That rock you show looks very much like reef or lode quartz found in slate belt style gold mines typical of California and Victoria, Austalia. Hard to tell on video but the "bedrock" in the bank looks suspiciously like the reef. Have a look at a video in my Geology play list The Morning Star Mine - Woods Point, This particular deposit is a bit different but where they explain where the reef is laminated after multiple fault movements will explain things much easier than me trying to type it.

    • Max Burrell
      Max Burrell 2 years ago

      Ah Cody watches John Jacobs aswell. Am a big fan cody keep up the good work.

    • Adam Nelson
      Adam Nelson 2 years ago +1

      I thought of you when he asked what it is. And here you are :D

  • Re Poster
    Re Poster 2 years ago

    i love gold :P

  • Trooper2221
    Trooper2221 2 years ago

    Yea pretty good ! Makes me wanna go to Idaho

    • Old Griz
      Old Griz Year ago

      Trooper2221 , don't leave known gold for this area.....

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods
    Sniper Pro nerf mods 2 years ago

    this is very interesting

  • Jorg Reiling
    Jorg Reiling 2 years ago

    Hello there. Awesome footage. Love it. You and everybody else love to spend their time with prospecting, are warmly welcome to publish your movies and pictures in our PRO GOLD PROSPECTORS GROUP in Facebook. Cheers

  • Simple Idahoan
    Simple Idahoan 2 years ago

    I live in sun valley, idaho and I am really into gold hunting and I was curious as to how much that sluice setup was and where you got it. pump included. and I was also wondering if you know any good places to pan for gold?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago +2

      Hey Steve. Glad to hear that you are an enthusiastic prospector. Best hobby out there! Anyway, the cost of the GoldHog Mini Highbanker is around $500 (without the extension). Its a great little unit, but you can build a larger, lighter mid-sized highbanker for about $200. I have a video (Mid-sized Highbanker build) that details how to make it. My pump is a 3700 gph 12v Rule pump. I also use my Honda WR15 gas pump with my highbankers. I bought my Rule pumps on eBay. They are about $150+ each...but you can buy other models for a lot less (~$90). I'm not familiar with the Sun Valley/Ketchum area to help give you advice on where good gold places are.Hope this helps.

  • Yasmin Ramirez
    Yasmin Ramirez 2 years ago

    I agree with him I also like that kind of wether

  • ole matson
    ole matson 2 years ago

    Love your videos! I'm in Northern California (Weaverville) and in my first year of prospecting. How did you find your claim? Were you looking intentionally or happen upon good gold and claim it? I lived in Couer d Alene for a while, the scenery in your videos makes me miss it!

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler 3 months ago

      John Jacobs here in Oregon you can have an outbuilding and dwelling as well as make any improvements to add or improve the existing road.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago +1

      As far as I know, you can prospect on National Forest lands as long as no one has claimed it.

    • ole matson
      ole matson 2 years ago

      +John Jacobs Thanks so much, very helpful!

    • Trooper2221
      Trooper2221 2 years ago

      +John Jacobs so one is ok legal wise to go out there and prospect? If you no one has a claim there?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  2 years ago

      I first researched the area for any historic gold mining activity. Then I researched the area using GeoCommunicator and LR2000 to see if there were any active claims. After I found that the area wasn't claimed, I prospected it. I found some nice I staked a claim by following the rules laid our by the Idaho Mining Regs. Hope this helps...and thanks for watching and your kind words!

  • Sean McG
    Sean McG 3 years ago

    how much would you receive fir that ?? ££??

  • Big A Gold
    Big A Gold 3 years ago +1

    you should take all that quartz and crush it and get the gold out of it also that is lode gold in there.

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed the video and the fact you are in Idaho. I work with a friend who just got sparked my interest in gold prospecting so I have been out on the Clearwater River panning finding little bits of old flour gold, and as a novice I want to learn more and want to pick up a sluice box and get more information about mining claims in the area. Any insight on that beings you have a claim on the Clearwater sir?

    • Shane Brown
      Shane Brown 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the info John. I really do appreciate it and would be great to meet you sometime. I live up in Pullman and work down in Lewiston and love the area and have been researching a lot and seen that the Kooskia and Grangeville area's are good also?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago +1

      +Shane Brown Hey Shane. I don't have a claim on the Clearwater. I do go to Gibb's Eddy and there's another good spot (I think its at milepost 31) about a mile east of Lenore where all of the basalt formations are. Actually, I've found gold in every place that I've dug along the Clearwater. You're right...its really fine flour gold. Check out Bedrock Bob's Blog at "Bedrock or Bust". He's from Orofino and finds a lot of gold at Mother Nature's Sluice Box.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 years ago

    sure would like to join you one day haha I'll pay for a day their

  • mickey beau
    mickey beau 3 years ago +1

    next time you do your final pan cleanup, can you send me whats you'v panned instead of discarding it ?

  • jmr1068204
    jmr1068204 3 years ago

    Out of curiosity, what all does one have to go through to get a mining claim? How much on average does it cost per month/year? Do you have to keep track of how much was mined or just the dollar amounts to report on taxes when it is sold?
    For instance, I live about 70 miles south of Dahlonega, Georgia. If am an amateur and was interested in finding a spot to pan for gold up do I figure out what land is "open" and not trespassing on someone's property (apart from looking for signs, of course)?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago +2

      +jmr1068204's a link.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago

      jmr: You'll have to google gold mining claim requirements for Georgia. I'm not sure if they allow for them there. Here, you investigate if an area is claimed at the county court house. If not, stake the claim; draw up a map of the coordinates; file the claim; and pay the filing fee and annual fee (its $120 for 20 acres a year). If you google filing gold claims in idaho it gives really specific instructions.
      Hope this helps.

  • speedi993
    speedi993 3 years ago

    Hi John,
    I am at the beginning of gold washing, and I would love to know what kind of model of water pump u are using cause I cant find some good electric water pumps at the moment. I can see the highbanker is from gold hog and the batterie from Dura Start. I think thats a prett good equimpment isnt it?
    Best regards

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago

      +speedi993 Speed, I use a Rule 3700 gph 12 volt pump. Thanks

  • speedi993
    speedi993 3 years ago

    Hi John,
    I am at the beginning of gold washing, and I would love to know what kind of model of water pump u are using cause I cant find some good electric water pumps at the moment. I can see the highbanker is from gold hog and the batterie from Dura Start. I think thats a prett good equimpment isnt it?
    Best regards

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago

      +speedi993 Speed, my elect. pumps are Rule 3700 gph. They are a little spendy, but they are well built and last a long time.

  • Алексей А
    Алексей А 3 years ago

    Hello. How much uptime is enough battery? Thank you.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago +1

      +Алексей А If I'm understanding your question correctly...the battery last about 4-5 hours. Thanks

  • gettinrings
    gettinrings 3 years ago

    what GPH pump are you using??
    Nice spot ya got !!! Keep diggin and gettin that YELLOW !!!!

    • gettinrings
      gettinrings 3 years ago

      Thanks for your reply !!!!

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago

      +gettinrings The 12v pump is rated at 3700 gph. Thanks for watching!

  • cromwell13649
    cromwell13649 3 years ago +3

    Awesome you are living my dream . I subbed your channel . I metal detect in Austria and find a lot of roman coins . Please check my channel and if you like it please sub me back. Regards Geoff

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      Manuel I just checked and there are no messages .is there any other way we can connect.?

    • cromwell13649
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      I check my messages everyday

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      OK whats your face book name .

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      Manuel SblogTv 3 years ago

      done already, i send you 3 message there but never answered...

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      Hi there where are you . Please send a friend request to .

  • Katelyn Banks
    Katelyn Banks 3 years ago

    awesome GG

  • Countrystrong Andfree
    Countrystrong Andfree 3 years ago +2

    Been thinking of moving to Norther Idaho for other reasons like remoteness among others. But this give me another reason to an already long list

  • MountainSurge
    MountainSurge 3 years ago

    Howdy sir. Can you tell me the set up you got. I'm looking into getting into this. I was also wondering what type of pump that is. Its quiet.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago

      +MountainSurge Hey MountainSurge. Thanks for watching. I purchased the mini highbanker at The pump is a 3600 gph 12v Rule pump that i purchased on eBay. You can find less expensive pumps. I like Rule pumps because of their quality. Also, I have other videos that detail how to make a highbanker...a lot less expensive than purchasing them on line. Good luck!

  • Jamie Burke
    Jamie Burke 3 years ago

    Nice man. Grew up in Homedale, as a kid my mom would take us everywhere out in the Owyhees with my pans and detector. Now that I'm older, starting to get back into it a bit. As kids we always dreamed of a sluse! ha. Cool to see that little one.

    • Jamie Burke
      Jamie Burke 3 years ago

      nice. wish Buzzard had this quality back in the day.

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago +1

      +Jamie Burke Thanks hobby out there!

  • Itss Lmao
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  • robert betts
    robert betts 3 years ago

    i see some shine in that pan ,,looking good thanks for sharing

  • Mario Todorov
    Mario Todorov 3 years ago +1

    Nice job

  • T Rex
    T Rex 3 years ago

    where did you go for that pay dirt In your pan?

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  3 years ago +1

      +T Rex On the river's bank on my claim.

  • vova tretiak
    vova tretiak 4 years ago


  • chaba72
    chaba72 4 years ago

    where did you see Robert new slice box?? its not ez for us here @ east fork to carry all this , I have never seen anyone here using a pump , its more than enough to carry a shovel and the box, backpack.

  • TheSamchilders
    TheSamchilders 4 years ago +5

    I would dig the material first and make a pile of it beside the sluice, then turn the sluice on and run it. You will get alot longer life on the battery that way.

  • Shekelwitz
    Shekelwitz 4 years ago +1

    That's amazing bruh

  • Shekelwitz
    Shekelwitz 4 years ago +2

    A potato flew around my room

  • NC Gold Prospector
    NC Gold Prospector 4 years ago

    Please any donations will help a fellow gold prospector

  • Broken Ghost
    Broken Ghost 4 years ago

    What do you do with your gold

  • djpitr
    djpitr 4 years ago

    Nice river , nice gold ;)

  • Austin Ford
    Austin Ford 4 years ago

    i have been wondering where a good place to go look for gold is at... i know many people don't say but i was just curious. im from payette county

    • Mike Welch
      Mike Welch Year ago

      Austin, I am in the process of moving to Meridian, next to Boise. I’ve checked with the local gold prospecting association based in Boise and the guy said they get good gold near Horseshoe. I think he said they have 3 or 4 claims in that area. It is also my understanding that the Payette River has good gold in it.

  • Carolyn Boyce
    Carolyn Boyce 4 years ago

    I'm here to do your accounting!

  • Helen rojas
    Helen rojas 4 years ago

    do you have to live there to have your own claim

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler 3 months ago

      Helen rojas isn't the permit local? Here in Oregon you have to get a permit from the State.

    • Old Griz
      Old Griz 7 months ago

      Helen rojas , are federal.

  • Helen rojas
    Helen rojas 4 years ago

    wish i was there.

  • TAC
    TAC 4 years ago

    Great video! Check our new claim Scouting the "Glory Hole" on the new claim. Part 1 of 3 HD

  • Richard Kupfer
    Richard Kupfer 4 years ago

    How long does that battery last? Do you have to charge it every day, or can you go a couple in between chargeups?

  • Rory Bowskill
    Rory Bowskill 4 years ago +6

    Lots of rounded river rocks behind that big rock so should be good. and such a pretty place to spend a few hours away from all the modern hassles of the day job.

  • David Govett
    David Govett 4 years ago

    Beautiful country

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs  4 years ago

      Thanks is beautiful here in north central idaho

  • Rocky Mountain Ryan
    Rocky Mountain Ryan 4 years ago

    I am trying to do some informational type videos in the field. Could you take a look at one of my prospecting videos and give me some feedback on how I can improve them?

  • David Boerner
    David Boerner 4 years ago

    It gold you get south of here is better than here in Kootenai County where I am. I like your videos and have already planned a high banker like yours but only 10 inches instead of 12 inches. Thanks John.

    • Old Griz
      Old Griz Year ago

      David Boerner , old video I but have you found gold in kootenai county? We are over near Harrison.