DRAW with my MOUTH: Art Challenge!!

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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  • ytsas49748
    ytsas49748 13 hours ago

    The funniest thing in the entire video: I only found out last week that there are TWO LAYERS of pencils!

  • Pastel The Drawer
    Pastel The Drawer 4 days ago

    Sometimes i forget Jazza is a adult

  • lu lu
    lu lu 4 days ago


  • Pichu Bobby
    Pichu Bobby 9 days ago +1

    “The odd1sout isn’t as popular.”
    Sub Count:
    James Jazza
    10Mil 3.9Mil

  • Miles Webb
    Miles Webb 10 days ago +1

    Jazza the Quote is “Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll be in the stars”

  • bluelephantshay k 2 channel

    Omg I have the same Prisma color pack of color pencils and the same thing happened to me 2 years ago, I still have and use them I should probably get new ones the red colored pencil is smaller than my pinky finger.

  • Rachel York
    Rachel York 12 days ago

    where's theodd1sout comment?

  • Anushka Charles
    Anushka Charles 15 days ago

    shitting position

  • Lilly Farrell
    Lilly Farrell 16 days ago

    theodd1sout just hit 10 million subscibers!

  • Sarah Darr
    Sarah Darr 17 days ago

    That was amazing I can never ever do that

  • Lil Artist person
    Lil Artist person 18 days ago

    0:55 JAZZA no smashing!

  • The Gay Atheist
    The Gay Atheist 22 days ago

    Someone could easily Photoshop 11:29

  • Taemia Archer
    Taemia Archer 22 days ago

    He's crazy and we all live has vids! Guess who it is..


  • Lexi Hill
    Lexi Hill 23 days ago

    that scream lol

  • Mocha Chan
    Mocha Chan 23 days ago

    Shoot for the moon land amongst the stars? It that it?

  • gbubs
    gbubs 24 days ago

    Shoot for the moon, if you don't crash or starve, you'll burn up in a star

  • Enkii Draws
    Enkii Draws 25 days ago

    Shoot for the moon, that way if you miss, you’ll be sucked into the endless abyss of space and die :)
    Also you peasant I have prismacolors with three layers
    Aaaaand you draw better with your mouth than I do with my hand

  • What’s my name?
    What’s my name? 26 days ago

    “Sitting” It sounded a lot like “Shitting” lol

  • The Anti - Clickbaiter
    The Anti - Clickbaiter 28 days ago +2

    Good bro now make a vid with your mouth

  • Gabe Igielinski
    Gabe Igielinski 29 days ago +1

    Aim for the moon and land on the stars

  • Greta Craig
    Greta Craig 29 days ago

    Jazza: This is not going to end well
    Me: this is not going to start well either, Jazza!

  • Nikka Lugod
    Nikka Lugod Month ago

    marker explodes.......

  • Blob Brothers
    Blob Brothers Month ago

    this is why photoshop exists

  • Nicolas Kommer
    Nicolas Kommer Month ago

    Is it weird, that this guy draws better with his mouth, than I can draw with my hands?

  • Lucas Andreiii
    Lucas Andreiii Month ago


  • Miner032
    Miner032 Month ago +1


  • Melinda Kadera
    Melinda Kadera Month ago

    I'm impressed. Now try drawing with your feet or blindfolded

  • GG Boy
    GG Boy Month ago +1

    How do you not dribble over the paper Jazza.

  • Leah The Legit
    Leah The Legit Month ago

    Shenanigans with art should go on a shirt...

  • Jonathan Nieves
    Jonathan Nieves Month ago

    what if you made a mouth piece from the 3D pen that could hold the pen/marker/pencil in your mouth easier?

  • Glossy Bubbles
    Glossy Bubbles Month ago

    “If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars but we’ve found a whole new world, if you reach for the heavens you get the stars as well”-Mary Poppins Jr. 😂

  • Frederick Cousineau

    Yeah, my art teacher got us doing this once.
    She shouted to the whole class "LOOK AT YOUR CLASSMATE HOW GOOD HE IS WITH HIS MOUTH”

  • Barada Prasanna Jethy

    Next challenge - Draw with your bum...😂🤣

  • Dani Schuyler
    Dani Schuyler Month ago

    Shoot for the moon. If you miss you will land among the stars.

  • Reema Alrazaq
    Reema Alrazaq Month ago

    Even when he's drawing with he's mouth,he still better than me

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy Month ago

    I know see the point of the choking hazard sign.

    That was as kinky as heck. I'm not sorry...

  • selah browning
    selah browning Month ago

    Random comment: " Ha jazz's so good at art he could draw with his mouth!"
    Jazza: "oh that's a good idea!"
    A week later because he procrastinates, this video was made.

  • Olly :D
    Olly :D Month ago

    “Reach for the moon. Even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars.”

  • Scarlett Louvin
    Scarlett Louvin Month ago

    Jazza: *makes an amazing joker WITH HIS FREAKING MOUTH*
    Me: *cant even draw a flower correctly*

  • Alexander Nittegaard Andersen

    SPREAD THE WORD! 👉👉👉 tvclip.biz/video/YSbNgzkxUq0/video.html

  • Chris Janvier
    Chris Janvier Month ago

    hey do you know the mojority of your views skip until you draw right

  • HazzaPlayz
    HazzaPlayz Month ago

    You can draw with your mouth better than I can draw hmmmmmmmmmm

  • John Mohr
    John Mohr Month ago

    Theodds1out yass

  • RedWood _Tree
    RedWood _Tree Month ago

    Sexual innuendos

  • Deana Houghton
    Deana Houghton Month ago

    There's actually three layers of colored pencils

  • Llama Girl
    Llama Girl Month ago

    He said "silly billy"! I'm dieing! he is such a dad!😂

  • Heart the wolf
    Heart the wolf Month ago

    If you see jazza don't ask to borrow his copic markers he put his mouth on to

  • Freyaleigh Art
    Freyaleigh Art Month ago +1

    I’ve actually impaled the roof of my mouth with a pencil before ... don’t ask 😂😂

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 2 months ago

    OMG! He has proven he's a true artist!!! 👌 respect ✌️

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 2 months ago

    Your mouth drawing is like my hand drawing....or actually you are better than me 😅

  • Heimdall658
    Heimdall658 2 months ago

    Try using your foot... or your butt. Probably your foot...

  • guy levy
    guy levy 2 months ago

    Now with your leg

  • Patrick Gründler
    Patrick Gründler 2 months ago


  • black love
    black love 2 months ago

    I tried once drawing with my mouth.....and i failed😥

  • mARTa Kyam
    mARTa Kyam 2 months ago

    Shoot for the moon
    If you miss you will still land among the stars

  • Count Chronix
    Count Chronix 2 months ago

    *S L U R P*

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 2 months ago

    shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 2 months ago

    laughs like a maniac at the very start, tells us he needs to use his art skills, tells us he is going to be using his mouth to hold the pencil, smiles and licks his lips, #seemslegit

  • Emily Beale
    Emily Beale 2 months ago

    You drawing with your mouth is still better then me drawing with my hands lol

  • Honest M'aiq
    Honest M'aiq 2 months ago +1

    A Turkish artist draw every single one of the president's portraits with his mouth. He draw so well that nobody was able to raw as well as him.
    Yet I still can't draw a face well with my hands. Good god.

  • Fanatic
    Fanatic 2 months ago

    It's abstract

  • Unstoppable POTATO
    Unstoppable POTATO 2 months ago

    You should do a 24 hour straight draw and every hour you half to draw whith a different challenge

  • Alex Cambre
    Alex Cambre 2 months ago

    0:29 no... I subbed for sexy Benjamin

  • Cat-tastrophies
    Cat-tastrophies 2 months ago

    Leap for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

  • Super Twisted Vids 2
    Super Twisted Vids 2 2 months ago

    Drink soda without (choking) and draw at the same time

    This is what I think a good challenge would be

    By the way I’m a big fan

  • maddie ames
    maddie ames 2 months ago

    My mom started vacuuming the same time your neighbors started doing whatever they were doing.

  • Gum Trumpet
    Gum Trumpet 2 months ago

    8:23 Or Jazza, you could make it his neck and say it's Tal Fishman

  • E Puffs
    E Puffs 2 months ago

    The kid that chews up all there pencils has evolved

  • JMOG .
    JMOG . 2 months ago

    Your mouth is better than my hands

  • I am a Chicken
    I am a Chicken 2 months ago

    draw with Jazza shinanagins with art

  • I am a Chicken
    I am a Chicken 2 months ago

    YOU SHOULD RENAME your vid to Jazza draws badly for once TM

  • Bibi Khadiza
    Bibi Khadiza 2 months ago

    bro that ladies eyebrows still look better then mine...

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 2 months ago

    Me: don’t worry, he’s a professional artist.... don’t worry.... it’s fine.... it’s okay...... **smiles through the pain**

  • xX Kat Xx
    xX Kat Xx 2 months ago

    If you reach for the moon and you miss, you still just might hit a star

  • Alejandra Cruz Gonzalez

    A good idea from your next video can be one were you draw something but blind..
    I think that will make it more interesting..

  • Lyirina YT
    Lyirina YT 2 months ago

    My little pony.
    THIS is what ponies do
    He is a brony.
    You know that actually could be real tho I mean cmon !
    He seems like a brony xD

  • Supergirl Subscriber
    Supergirl Subscriber 2 months ago

    | | buy it for 1 like!
    | | see how many of these cute little pencils
    | | can be sold!

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 2 months ago


  • Carey The Croissant
    Carey The Croissant 2 months ago

    Boi, when you made that obnoxiously long line you screamed like a girl XD

  • V's Bandana
    V's Bandana 2 months ago

    Someone: Hey Jazza, what that mouth do, though?
    Jazza: *draws using his mouth*

    NICHOLAS TISHENKO 2 months ago

    He says family friendly but then says that James is "pretty" LMAO

  • Ash_ Playz_Gacha
    Ash_ Playz_Gacha 2 months ago

    *Shitting position*

  • Pashienze Anderson
    Pashienze Anderson 2 months ago

    I actually write,draw and paint using my mouth on a daily basis!😂 It takes a lot of practice! I can use my hands, but it’s harder because my disability.

  • Kirsten Chavis
    Kirsten Chavis 2 months ago

    The saying is, "Reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

  • BeastGamer 934
    BeastGamer 934 2 months ago

    It's, "You shoot for the moon but are too busy looking at stars."

  • Little R
    Little R 2 months ago

    2:56 looks like a butt

  • Jason Giebfried
    Jason Giebfried 2 months ago

    “Shoot for the moon, shall you miss, you will land upon the stars”

  • Jemark Calijan
    Jemark Calijan 2 months ago

    That's even Better than me drawing using my hand on the same cartoony style.

  • LoveliiArt
    LoveliiArt 3 months ago

    The quote is, “Reach for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

  • Dylon Visagie
    Dylon Visagie 3 months ago

    Jazza draws better than me with is mouth 😂😂😂😂

  • Enjoy It4Ever
    Enjoy It4Ever 3 months ago

    TVclip is losing inspiration ...
    The gamers are losing funny games...
    The bloggers are going extinct..

    The vines make you regret life..
    The original TVcliprs are being taken over ...
    And it’s hard to find stuff to please people these days ...

    the only inspiration is in the people like jazza

  • Julie Haymen
    Julie Haymen 3 months ago

    He is even amazing when he draws with his mouth 😨😱😍😍😜

  • Hi I'm Trash
    Hi I'm Trash 3 months ago

    The mouth sounds are nasty

  • Tessa G
    Tessa G 3 months ago

    you draw better with a pencil in your mouth than me with my hand

  • Sohel Amin
    Sohel Amin 3 months ago

    2 58 i believe tou

  • Brooklynn Robison
    Brooklynn Robison 3 months ago

    Up the *anti*

  • April Melinda
    April Melinda 3 months ago

    I love having wood in my mouth 😉👅

  • Anthony Magnone
    Anthony Magnone 3 months ago

    5:43 Thank me later

  • Hookshot YT
    Hookshot YT 3 months ago