DRAW with my MOUTH: Art Challenge!!


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  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 7 hours ago

    OMG! He has proven he's a true artist!!! 👌 respect ✌️

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 7 hours ago

    Your mouth drawing is like my hand drawing....or actually you are better than me 😅

  • Heimdall658
    Heimdall658 3 days ago

    Try using your foot... or your butt. Probably your foot...

  • guy levy
    guy levy 3 days ago

    Now with your leg

  • Patrick Gründler
    Patrick Gründler 4 days ago


  • black love
    black love 5 days ago

    I tried once drawing with my mouth.....and i failed😥

  • mARTa Kyam
    mARTa Kyam 6 days ago

    Shoot for the moon
    If you miss you will still land among the stars

  • Count Chronix
    Count Chronix 7 days ago

    *S L U R P*

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 10 days ago

    shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 10 days ago

    laughs like a maniac at the very start, tells us he needs to use his art skills, tells us he is going to be using his mouth to hold the pencil, smiles and licks his lips, #seemslegit

  • Emily Beale
    Emily Beale 10 days ago

    You drawing with your mouth is still better then me drawing with my hands lol

  • Honest M'aiq
    Honest M'aiq 10 days ago +1

    A Turkish artist draw every single one of the president's portraits with his mouth. He draw so well that nobody was able to raw as well as him.
    Yet I still can't draw a face well with my hands. Good god.

  • Fanatic
    Fanatic 12 days ago

    It's abstract

  • Unstoppable POTATO
    Unstoppable POTATO 12 days ago

    You should do a 24 hour straight draw and every hour you half to draw whith a different challenge

  • Alex Cambre
    Alex Cambre 13 days ago

    0:29 no... I subbed for sexy Benjamin

  • Nicky Play_z_
    Nicky Play_z_ 13 days ago

    *why was this so entertaining?*

  • Cat-tastrophies
    Cat-tastrophies 14 days ago

    Leap for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

  • Super Twisted Vids 2
    Super Twisted Vids 2 15 days ago

    Drink soda without (choking) and draw at the same time

    This is what I think a good challenge would be

    By the way I’m a big fan

  • maddie ames
    maddie ames 15 days ago

    My mom started vacuuming the same time your neighbors started doing whatever they were doing.

  • Gum Trumpet
    Gum Trumpet 15 days ago

    8:23 Or Jazza, you could make it his neck and say it's Tal Fishman

  • E Puffs
    E Puffs 16 days ago

    The kid that chews up all there pencils has evolved

  • JMOG
    JMOG 16 days ago

    Your mouth is better than my hands

  • I am a Chicken
    I am a Chicken 18 days ago

    draw with Jazza shinanagins with art

  • I am a Chicken
    I am a Chicken 18 days ago

    YOU SHOULD RENAME your vid to Jazza draws badly for once TM

  • Bibi Khadiza
    Bibi Khadiza 18 days ago

    bro that ladies eyebrows still look better then mine...

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 18 days ago

    Me: don’t worry, he’s a professional artist.... don’t worry.... it’s fine.... it’s okay...... **smiles through the pain**

  • Kat ThePanda
    Kat ThePanda 18 days ago

    If you reach for the moon and you miss, you still just might hit a star

  • Alejandra Cruz Gonzalez

    A good idea from your next video can be one were you draw something but blind..
    I think that will make it more interesting..

  • Lyirina YT
    Lyirina YT 19 days ago

    My little pony.
    THIS is what ponies do
    He is a brony.
    You know that actually could be real tho I mean cmon !
    He seems like a brony xD

  • Supergirl Subscriber
    Supergirl Subscriber 19 days ago

    | | buy it for 1 like!
    | | see how many of these cute little pencils
    | | can be sold!

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 20 days ago


  • Carey The Croissant
    Carey The Croissant 24 days ago

    Boi, when you made that obnoxiously long line you screamed like a girl XD

  • V's Bandana
    V's Bandana 25 days ago

    Someone: Hey Jazza, what that mouth do, though?
    Jazza: *draws using his mouth*

    NICHOLAS TISHENKO 25 days ago

    He says family friendly but then says that James is "pretty" LMAO

  • Ash_ Playz_Gacha
    Ash_ Playz_Gacha 25 days ago

    *Shitting position*

  • Pashienze Anderson
    Pashienze Anderson 25 days ago

    I actually write,draw and paint using my mouth on a daily basis!😂 It takes a lot of practice! I can use my hands, but it’s harder because my disability.

  • Kirsten Chavis
    Kirsten Chavis 26 days ago

    The saying is, "Reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

  • BeastGamer 934
    BeastGamer 934 27 days ago

    It's, "You shoot for the moon but are too busy looking at stars."

  • Little R
    Little R 28 days ago

    2:56 looks like a butt

  • Jason Giebfried
    Jason Giebfried 28 days ago

    “Shoot for the moon, shall you miss, you will land upon the stars”

  • Jemark Calijan
    Jemark Calijan 29 days ago

    That's even Better than me drawing using my hand on the same cartoony style.

  • LoveliiArt
    LoveliiArt Month ago

    The quote is, “Reach for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

  • Dylon Visagie
    Dylon Visagie Month ago

    Jazza draws better than me with is mouth 😂😂😂😂

  • Enjoy It4Ever
    Enjoy It4Ever Month ago

    TVclip is losing inspiration ...
    The gamers are losing funny games...
    The bloggers are going extinct..

    The vines make you regret life..
    The original TVcliprs are being taken over ...
    And it’s hard to find stuff to please people these days ...

    the only inspiration is in the people like jazza

  • Julie Haymen
    Julie Haymen Month ago

    He is even amazing when he draws with his mouth 😨😱😍😍😜

  • Hi I'm Trash
    Hi I'm Trash Month ago

    The mouth sounds are nasty

  • l’ll Pink
    l’ll Pink Month ago

    Some times you shoot for the moon even if you miss your all along the stars

  • Tessa Gallippi
    Tessa Gallippi Month ago

    you draw better with a pencil in your mouth than me with my hand

  • Sohel Amin
    Sohel Amin Month ago

    2 58 i believe tou

  • Brooklynn Robison
    Brooklynn Robison Month ago

    Up the *anti*

  • April Melinda
    April Melinda Month ago

    I love having wood in my mouth 😉👅

  • Anthony Magnone
    Anthony Magnone Month ago

    5:43 Thank me later

  • Hookshot YT
    Hookshot YT Month ago


  • CaptainCaketown
    CaptainCaketown Month ago

    His drawing with his mouth is better than my normal drawing

  • Ms Padfoot
    Ms Padfoot Month ago


  • Drawingadventure with Roj

    Best artist ever

  • アンダンフロレム

    11:11 it's kind of satisfying to watch

  • Rexx 1305
    Rexx 1305 Month ago

    You draw better than me even with your mouth :|

  • Jamie Pollan
    Jamie Pollan Month ago

    Aim for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars. :P

  • Rachel Salcido
    Rachel Salcido Month ago

    I'm an artist with a disability so I paint with my mouth. Pretty good Jazza, bUt FiNaLly Im BeTtEr ThAn HiM aT sOmEtHiNg

  • It's ValleyCane
    It's ValleyCane Month ago

    I wish if they make and lollipop and in the other side is a pen

  • Andrew Contreras
    Andrew Contreras Month ago

    I cant even draw that with my hands

  • Yekaterina Pedraza Flores



  • Koneko Rop
    Koneko Rop Month ago

    This is like that one character from shimoneta "a boreing world where the concept if dirty jokes doesn't exist".

  • evie k
    evie k Month ago

    I think he was going for something like " if you
    reach for stars all you get are the stars, but if you reach for the heavens you get the stars thrown in" yes its from Marry Poppins

  • Julianne Wilson
    Julianne Wilson Month ago

    Shoot for the stars. If you're lucky, you might hit the ceiling panel.

  • Unleashed
    Unleashed Month ago

    *Jazza is a better artist with his mouth then me with my hands...*

  • Chaos Kitten
    Chaos Kitten Month ago

    You should try calligraphy with your mouth

  • Maggatrix
    Maggatrix Month ago

    Never pause Jazza's intro...

  • Luke Tremblay
    Luke Tremblay Month ago

    8:25 rip headphone user's

  • Keegan Tournay
    Keegan Tournay Month ago +5

    "If you don't reach for the stars, you may not hit the moon. If you reach for the stars, you might grab the moon. A man's reach should out exceed his grasp."
    ~Jazza, a truly inspirational artist.

  • Zoe Frie
    Zoe Frie Month ago

    Reach for the moon even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars.

  • ChaosGaminG
    ChaosGaminG Month ago

    is it bad that my best art is about equivalent to that joker

  • Lyra Avatar
    Lyra Avatar Month ago

    "Look! I can use my chin as a wrist!" Jazza we don't deserve you

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago

    Its 'Reach for the moon even if you don't succeed you'll and among the stars'

  • xXRandom DANCING Xx

    “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

  • No-AAAH! !
    No-AAAH! ! Month ago

    “I did that with my mouth” -Jazza 2018

  • Alexander Moy
    Alexander Moy Month ago +2

    Imagine his wife when friends come over.
    Friends: so what does your husband do for work?
    Wife:oh he’s an animator and artist.
    Friends:cool what is he doing?
    Wife: oh he’s drawing with his mouth!
    *friends run away*

  • Keira Lee
    Keira Lee Month ago

    I dare you to try drawing with your non-dominant hand or with your toes

  • Tadpole0110
    Tadpole0110 Month ago

    I've just been watching the scream at 8:20 over and over. It's not getting old.

  • kaikoanoa
    kaikoanoa Month ago

    jazza: tHiS iS a fAmiLy fRiEnDLy cHaNneL
    jazza: **disproves that at least 7 times in every video**

  • kaikoanoa
    kaikoanoa Month ago


  • kaikoanoa
    kaikoanoa Month ago


  • kaikoanoa
    kaikoanoa Month ago

    silly billy

  • Dragon ML
    Dragon ML Month ago

    Me: *looks at the thumbnail*
    Also me: *this is calling out for dirty jokes*

  • The funny max things

    He can draw better than me with his mouth sadly

  • Chara X Gaming/Studios

    im sorry but to all you deltarune fan does Jazza remind you of Jevil not trying to be rude

  • kamopapa
    kamopapa Month ago

    Im reading a book called "Chasing Vermeer" where its like freaking mystery and stuff I really didn't pay attention to the book because its so boring but my friend suggested it and i didn't want to be rude but Johannes Vermeer like made paintings and one was stolen and there was a bunch of replicas so now people have to figure out which is the real painting and also theres two main characters. I probably said the wrong "there" a lot of times

  • Issy Tay
    Issy Tay Month ago

    8:58 😂😂😂

  • Alexis The angle wolf 11

    0:03 this is jokers laugh as jazza

  • Sakeena Rostom
    Sakeena Rostom Month ago

    throughout half of the montage u could see his chin

  • Russell Carter
    Russell Carter Month ago

    (Accidentally says shitting) "no this is a family friendly video" (proceeds to say Bastard and Whore)

  • Love Asterdrian
    Love Asterdrian Month ago +1

    I just realize this was on my birthday 😂

  • Anime_meme 1
    Anime_meme 1 Month ago

    *looks at the thumbnail*

    *screeching* YoU liEd tO uS

  • mewobonito
    mewobonito Month ago

    *gags in gucci*

  • Nate B1313
    Nate B1313 Month ago

    Bop it : I'm go into sleep
    Jazza: I'm go in to hell

  • Paige Quinones
    Paige Quinones Month ago

    Just noticed that Jazza’s avatar only has four fingers

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll be in the stars

  • Ray Burkholder Munguia

    Jazza - 3.5 mill James - 9 mill

  • Ellie Stokes
    Ellie Stokes Month ago

    Ha love dis but the odd1sout is one of my favroute channles