Why NASA hasn’t gone back to the Moon

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • NASA has big plans to return to the Moon by 2024, and it’s banking on the historic Space Launch System (SLS) to get them there. But after years of delays and cost overruns, skeptics are questioning whether SLS should remain the biggest priority for NASA. As the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing approaches, we take a look at what the future of solar system exploration might bring.
    Correction: An earlier version of this video showed an incorrect SLS configuration at 00:32, and an older rocket model at 2:16. The video has been updated to correct those inaccuracies.
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  • Verge Science
    Verge Science  4 months ago +482

    Where in the solar system would you explore next?

    • Eli Candy
      Eli Candy 13 days ago

      Interstellar space

    • Aca Miln
      Aca Miln Month ago


    • Nicole Jennings
      Nicole Jennings 2 months ago

      Our oceans on Earth are still undiscovered. The Earths core is unknown. We should learn our own planet first & save the Amazon forest before poking at other moons/planets. Deep sea is more important for our survival than deep space.

    • Jack Wehrung
      Jack Wehrung 2 months ago

      @igotthejack44 Correct.

    • Jack Wehrung
      Jack Wehrung 2 months ago

      I would start with your head.There seems to be no intelligent life there.

  • al gung
    al gung 20 hours ago

    It really blew our mind that with the 1969 technology of that time, NASA could successfully send many astronauts roaming the moon with their motorized buggies, TV broadcast, propelled two men safely from moon surface back to Earth, BUT just couldn't duplicate some of the same acts on the moon 50 years later (2019) with more superior & advance technologies in the names of: supercomputer, super-alloy, safer rocket, telecommunication, nano & quantum technologies, AI, electronics, and far more reliable machineries & equipments!

  • balavardhan
    balavardhan Day ago

    hmnnnn..... forgot the starship huh?

  • Thomas Pickering

    Only a brainwashed fool would believe in the NASA fairy tale. Unfortunately most Americans are brainwashed to believe in this lie by the U.S. Government. By the way, the moon landings Hoax is an example of what Hitler was referring to when he was talking about the "Big Lie". You should go read about what Hitler said about the Big Lie, because it pertains to this subject. And do you know what people Hitler was talking about in reference to the Big Lie? You should. They are the people running the United States of America. They have no compunction at all about telling really big lies for short term gain. They did the same thing during 9-11, another example of the Big Lie.

  • Thomas Pickering
    Thomas Pickering 2 days ago +1

    Because they never went in the first place. NASA is one of the most blatantly dishonest hoaxes in the U.S. Government. If there is one word to describe them it would be "shameless".

    • Milt Farrow
      Milt Farrow Day ago

      @Thomas Pickering The entire State Department,17 Intelligence agencies, the

    • Thomas Pickering
      Thomas Pickering Day ago

      @Milt Farrow But it is not just NASA that is shameless. It is the entire United States Government that is shameless. Our entire country is full of lies and liars. There is no coming back from this. These lies must be maintained forever. If they ever admit, even once, that they lied, the entire U.S. Government comes unraveled. They have to maintain the lies they started just to continue to survive. This puts us ordinary Americans in a terrible mess. We live inside of a Lie Factory brought to us by our own Government.

    • Milt Farrow
      Milt Farrow Day ago

      totally agree-the REAL science confronts the fraud

  • Will Swift
    Will Swift 2 days ago

    The moon is the ultimate man cave.
    If we send women then we'll also have to send washing machines, kitchen stoves and vacuum cleaners.

  • Adam Herwis
    Adam Herwis 3 days ago +4

    They never went there in the first place.

    • Milt Farrow
      Milt Farrow 21 hour ago

      @al gung Its easy when you have Disneys theatrical stagehands and set builders. who could build sets to scale in hours

    • al gung
      al gung 21 hour ago

      Adam Herwis* BRAVO! It really blew our mind that with the 1969 technology of that time, NASA could successfully send many men roaming the moon with their motorized buggies, but just couldn't duplicate some of the same acts on the moon 50 years later with more superior & advance technologies of the names such as: supercomputer, super-alloy, nano, quantum, AI, and far more reliable machineries & equipments! 🤡

    • Milt Farrow
      Milt Farrow Day ago +1

      yep all total bulloks

  • Graham
    Graham 3 days ago

    NASA can't get a man into orbit let alone past the VAB. Four years to invent radiation shielding that works outside the VAB and to get to the moon and back?
    Not. A. Chance. They'll just have to fake it again, but better this time, the Apollo fake is rubbish.

    Lu CEBALLOS 5 days ago

    Why waste money on new technology use the same one we do still have those right.

    Lu CEBALLOS 5 days ago

    Trump should be like JFK now send them now to the moon no brain no balls no men on the moon sorry humans maybe never moon landing ok thanks you.

  • scott- o
    scott- o 5 days ago +1

    According to NASA astronaut Don Petit we destroyed the technology to go to the moon. Destroyed the technology? I can't think of a better example that demonstrates NASA's lies.

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      Well.. they did bulldoze MGM Borehamwood, England shortly after filming the Apollo 11 landing there so technically NASA might have a point...!

  • Keith Outside the box
    Keith Outside the box 6 days ago +1

    No. No chance human beings went to the Moon. Most people on the planet , think this is the case. About 25% of American citizens think/know this is the case. Believe me, if we ever go 'back' to our nearest natural satellite, it will be never or in other 50-100 years minimum, if technology continues to follow its exponential growth curve and allows manned journey to be possible.
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon @ and I JUST LOVE I'd go to the moon, but we don't have that technology anymore - NASA Astronaut Don Pettit

  • Daryl Halliday
    Daryl Halliday 6 days ago

    Nasa of course would never admit the real truth why they haven't returned to the moon,its got fck all to do with funding and technology-the last men on the moon were warned off to never return. The moon is hollow,NASA even proved it themselves when they crashed the Luna module onto the moons surface and it rang like a bell for over an hour.Look at all the lunar anomalies, structures,towers,the moon is a satellite and it's not what NASA would have you believe. Time to wake up ppl and look at what's really up there.

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      They don't know it 'rang like a bell' because they have never got there.
      It's also highly unlikely a solid lump of rocks and dust would have a resonance, it has MASCONs - mass concentrations which pretty much rule out any resonance.
      Try holding two sheets of steel together and get them to resonate.

  • automatan
    automatan 7 days ago +1

    What utter nonsense.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 7 days ago

    They going to send the first woman to the moon? please send Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and all the corrupt democrats and all the shit heads from the view show.

  • Utkarsh sharma
    Utkarsh sharma 8 days ago +2

    elon musk be like “hold my beer”

  • traci kreutzer
    traci kreutzer 8 days ago


  • 100100911
    100100911 9 days ago +1

    NASA Apollo missions never placed a single man on the moon. It was a hoax. Just like Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax.

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      @100100911 E.Rose is attempting to cast you as a 'conspiracy theorist' in order to prove that NASA went to the moon. Of course they didn't and the two items are disconnected, much like large parts of E-Roses's logic circuits. Theorising about conspiracies should be encourages, Iraq, Libya and Syria would still be rich, prosperous nations today if more people did.

      The fact is the 'pro-science' believers are always trying to stop any critical thought about the myriad of problems with the Apollo story. My favourite problem (which you may like to chat to a geologist about) are the rocks:


      1. How can an object land on a soft dusty surface yet make no mark?
      2. How can an object become buried in dust yet remain free of dust?
      3. How can an object have it's corners worn away?

      So the data we see tells us NASA took all their photos on the earth.

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 3 days ago

      @100100911 Of course anything that proves you wrong MUST be "highly suspect of being fraudulent" or just outright "fake", right? I mean after all, your narrative is totally reliant on that.

    • 100100911
      100100911 3 days ago

      @E. Rose It possibly means there is hardware orbiting the earth they dont want us to see? The kind of photos I mentioned are scarce and all are highly suspect to being fraudulent.

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 6 days ago

      @100100911 There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a conspiracy theorist but do you actually expect to make your comments and not get any rebuttal comments in return?

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 6 days ago

      @100100911 You said NASA refuses to release any pictures of earth from 1000, 5000, 10000 miles away and that means it's a "conspiracy". I show you images from a million miles away and you immediately change the subject. Why?

  • Jack Wehrung
    Jack Wehrung 9 days ago

    We can't go BACK to a place that we never went to in the first place.

  • Gatis Daubaris
    Gatis Daubaris 10 days ago

    Cause aliens canceled nasa

    ARTIKULO UNO 10 days ago


  • Knockoff James Charles
    Knockoff James Charles 12 days ago +1

    Smh why does nasa need a budget. Money isn't limited. Its mass produced. Just give them a load. Make scientific history. Colonize planets. It's not hard to give a couple of billion dollars to NASA when countries mass produce money.

  • Sam1370
    Sam1370 13 days ago

    Short answer:
    Not enough funding for space
    Way too much funding for defense

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      Shorter answer (and the correct one): RADIATION.

    • trmk12
      trmk12 8 days ago

      They have been receiving over 50 million a day for over 50 years......

  • Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray 13 days ago +1

    I still have a tough time that technology from the 60s haven’t been up graded and easier to make, computers are how much smaller??? What’s the issue?

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      RADIATION is still the problem, notice that no one _ever_ goes above Low Earth Orbit. Ever.

    • Yura Burmistrov
      Yura Burmistrov 7 days ago

      Computers aren't the issue, it's the sheer amount of pure resources that would have to be spent on building a giant rocket - the materials, the construction, years of testing etc..

  • RatKing1981
    RatKing1981 14 days ago

    Wana get to get to space fast make 24 nuclear reactors onboard. Or learn how to use antimatter for energy so we can have tons and power and speed

  • Chairman 1
    Chairman 1 15 days ago +1

    All nonsense. Nobody ever went to the moon.

  • Cynical Skeptic
    Cynical Skeptic 17 days ago +2

    We can't go back to where we have not gone before.

    • Dinilohlanga Mekuto
      Dinilohlanga Mekuto 16 days ago +1

      Best comment here, I do not know why most of these goons are missing this point!

  • Roger Ferris
    Roger Ferris 17 days ago +2

    Why go to the moon, get your own house in order first.
    Fix this planet, instead of looking for others to go and pollute/destroy.

  • Kyle Meyer
    Kyle Meyer 19 days ago

    Case closed, makes sense to me now

    JTLYK IXOYE 19 days ago +6

    NASA never went the first time. They can't land on a luminarry in the firmemant- impossible!

  • Igor Igor
    Igor Igor 19 days ago +1

    its to risky to fake it again

  • Martin Gaatjeniksaan
    Martin Gaatjeniksaan 20 days ago +1

    we have NEVER BEEN ON THE MOON!!!!!

  • Julia Goolia
    Julia Goolia 21 day ago

    This is all lies. NASA is sending probes into deep space outside our solar system they sent probes in Landers even to other planets way far away, the Moon is right next door. They have the technology they have the money they have everything they need they have the interest. What they also have are aliens on the moon that don't want us there and that have technology that we can't rival. Also the moon isn't all dead and gray and empty like we were taught growing up. Get rid of the paradigm of the Moon that you were raised with and start researching it with brand new eyes and see what you find out

    • ann onn
      ann onn 17 days ago

      Have you not looked at the Moon through a telescope? You should.
      Get back to reality, it's nice here.

  • Julia Goolia
    Julia Goolia 21 day ago +1


  • Amy
    Amy 21 day ago

    Global warming is just nature or Mother Earth doing its thing. Geoengineering can’t get fucked

  • helder capela
    helder capela 22 days ago

    we haven't yet put GPS on planes for security , going to the moon is just NASA's dream , I'm fed up of BS

  • Carlton Mantovani
    Carlton Mantovani 24 days ago +1

    SpaceX is better!

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      But still afrid of going higher than Low Earth Orbit. The players change but the radiation remains the same.

  • FAB Manly
    FAB Manly 25 days ago

    After giving a speech about going back to the moon Trump then put Jim Bridenstine in charge ( a politician who got funding from none other than Northrop Grumman). On his first day in office (April 23 2018) he cancelled any moon missions, without even discussing it with any staff at NASA. Why would he do that? He was paid to.

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      @ann onn Why? Yet Another Plan to 'return' to the moon?
      Someone invented some magic cosmic ray proof radiation shielding?
      NASA going to come clean about the Apollo fakery?

    • ann onn
      ann onn Day ago

      You're gonna look very silly soon.
      Hope you'll be watching on Monday.

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      NASA spend a lot of words talking about returning to the moon, they have done this for half a century. What no one _ever_ does however is go higher than Low Earth Orbit.

    • ann onn
      ann onn 17 days ago

      Quite simply, he didn't.
      One specific mission was cancelled by NASA that day - "Resource Prospector".
      At the same time, they spoke about their commitment to Space Policy Directive 1 and SLS/Orion/Artemis. Bridenstein says, "Excited to get to work on our plan to sustainably return America to the surface of the Moon".

      Hey, I do not personally like Bridenstein - but what you said is simply not true.

  • Harold Franklin
    Harold Franklin 25 days ago

    They found out the moon wasn't made of green cheese so we haven't been back .....behold the power of cheese.

  • Daniel Morson
    Daniel Morson 28 days ago +1

    so we can't get back to the moon but we can keep sending all kinds of shit to Mars , and every time we are "scheduled' to go back, the date gets pushed back 6 more years. AAHHHH I see what you did there. Its easier to pretend to send robots VS pretend to send humans lol

  • J.James Blair
    J.James Blair Month ago

    Let’s take all this waste of money help homeless in California provide better health insurance and balance budgets

    • Harold Franklin
      Harold Franklin 25 days ago

      How about we send all the people that voted the Democrats in California into office to the moon?

  • K Will
    K Will Month ago

    the Toll was to high between earth and space

  • Why you Mad?
    Why you Mad? Month ago

    if you sent people to the moon way back in the day ... and found aliens living there.... your astronauts saw it... you had them sign NDA's ... and had a hellova time in covering the whole shit up.... but one of them still spilled the beans...would you want to deal with that again? in today's internet and social media society?

    I dont think so....

    another thing to consider is they keep talking about mars INSTEAD... which is even further ? but they dont want to talk about the moon ? or say that we'll go back to the moon... then after a few years state all the reasons (expenses) why they cancelled it ..... but still keep mentioning that they wanna go to mars instead.....

  • Lynn Ulrich
    Lynn Ulrich Month ago

    Earth is not a spinning ball! LIARS !!

  • Lynn Ulrich
    Lynn Ulrich Month ago

    Because they LIeD in the first place ! They have NEVER gone to the moon! The moon is a light! Freaking devils!

  • Jerry Bender
    Jerry Bender Month ago +1

    All I saw was a bunch of empty shuttle bays with engineers stuffin our money in their pockets

  • Marven Lunn
    Marven Lunn Month ago

    They never made it to the moon JFK was going to tell the truth so they assassinated him

  • Dwin Adrian
    Dwin Adrian Month ago +1

    Because they never went to the moon.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito Month ago

    We should be able to send unmanned missions to the moon to see if we could keep mice or some other small animals alive there for a long term.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito Month ago

    No Swiss cheese there.

  • Sir Wulf
    Sir Wulf Month ago

    The problem with moon visits is the dust it gets everywhere and is very radio active causing eye irritation fatigue and it's somthing they cant deal with.

  • periklis spanos
    periklis spanos Month ago

    They neve be what thebreatbyr

  • TMA1
    TMA1 Month ago

    Elon will be taking selfies at the welcoming ceremony for the SLS astronauts as they step off the lander :)

  • AA
    AA Month ago +1

    We are “involved” all right. In one big fat lie. NASA is full of lies.

    • Vyralator
      Vyralator Month ago

      The only lie here is your comment mate.

  • Ku Playford Valls
    Ku Playford Valls Month ago +1

    Why not just use the Space X rockets; Falcon Heavy and BFR are great rockets that would do the job just fine! That way NASA could focus it's manpower and resources into more important things than just blasting shit into orbit...

    • Vyralator
      Vyralator Month ago

      Pretty sure they just don't want to have to rely on anyone else.

  • Aca Miln
    Aca Miln Month ago

    Why... I heard that shooting is no more allowed on the Moon. Somebody put traffic sign there.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago +1

    They can't go back to a place they have never been, ed of story!

    • Graham
      Graham Day ago

      @TMA1 No, the radiation in and beyond the VAB is the problem.

    • TMA1
      TMA1 Month ago

      Yeah they would of slid off the edge without climbing tackle and crampons :)

  • kenneth furlong
    kenneth furlong Month ago

    its hard to prove a negative they were so slick its like proving that god doesn't exist lol!

  • kenneth furlong
    kenneth furlong Month ago

    I want to watch the jetsons!!its more real than the luny landing

  • kenneth furlong
    kenneth furlong Month ago

    the van halen belts would have killed the astonots!!lol nots!!

    • TMA1
      TMA1 Month ago

      yeah the decibels alone from Eddie Van Halen would of burst their ear-drums :)

    • Vyralator
      Vyralator Month ago

      Someone's upset. Maybe you should calm down and condense your thoughts into a single comment?
      Also not being wrong would go a long way, going through the VA belts was about as dangerous for the Apollo crew as working on the US nuclear program for a year.