I Nearly Freaked Out.. Here's Why

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
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    Hope you enjoyed the video! have a great week, loves xx

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  • ConnorFranta
    ConnorFranta  8 months ago +1495

    IM BACK AT IT AGAIN!! genuinely had a lot of fun the making last week's video, so I made something kinda similar on my trip to London. Something happened on the plane on the way there, so I figured it was a sign to record something every day.. enjoy! xx

    • Yvonne Wood
      Yvonne Wood 7 months ago

      ConnorFranta Hey I’ve been loving this new and different style of content. I love your videos, the real vibe and your goofyness of character. I have been having a tough week dealing with emotional stuff but seeing your excitement and giddiness.... idk. What I’m trying to say is you have brightened my day and me want to go out and do something so thank you.

    • Kyla Anderson
      Kyla Anderson 7 months ago

      ConnorFranta you’re so cute I love you so much 💘💞💗💕❤️💝💓💖 seeing you happy makes me so happy AHH

    • sophie muffin
      sophie muffin 8 months ago

      That caterpillar thing. Yes. We need more humans like you

    • Randy Beamer
      Randy Beamer 8 months ago

      ConnorFranta love your channel. I have watched you for several years. You are an amazing and inspirational human being. Keep it up! Also, never change your outro it's the best. 😁

    • John Ward
      John Ward 8 months ago

      Vile unatural anal shit pushing queer.

  • AllieRedCat
    AllieRedCat 9 days ago

    The title made me cringe

  • Ken Irvine
    Ken Irvine Month ago

    Someone hired you, cool your so young wait til you see what you were like juvenile (young) your in adulthood . This vid and prob others Just watch later

  • Viktific
    Viktific Month ago

    I have been to london 🤶🏽

  • Gal Weasley daughter of Posidon

    You look fabulous.

  • kwonsoonyoung, dang it y're you so precious

    babe, you're so cute and lovely

  • Isaiah LuvsS
    Isaiah LuvsS 2 months ago

    excuse me sIR,but that salad clip was from a gay poRN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary G
    Gary G 2 months ago

    Enjoyed the shots from London!

  • ain't no fish inside
    ain't no fish inside 3 months ago

    you said compliment you, so I will! :) this video is so nice, i really really love every element of it. your sarcasm and little jokes contrast perfectly with the beautiful shots you got and the pretty angles of your face (BECAUSE YOU'RE HANDSOME AF!!! *cough* sorry....). i just....I'm speechless, I love them and I love you. I'm so proud to support you

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 3 months ago

    I'm some leaves 🤣 aw caterpillar. Love ya xx

  • Jaydon Harvey
    Jaydon Harvey 3 months ago

    the caterpillar in the salad means its good and fresh.

  • Simbatard
    Simbatard 3 months ago

    Did you eat at egg break ? if so i used to work there haha

  • Sarina James
    Sarina James 3 months ago

    i spat out my water a few times

  • The Rich Life
    The Rich Life 3 months ago

    You should colab with youtuber Jack Merridew. I think you'd be a good combo

  • Dhesti Setiyowati
    Dhesti Setiyowati 4 months ago

    Love U Connor!!!! And I'm so in love with your book😍

  • phoebe-alyssa Staples
    phoebe-alyssa Staples 4 months ago

    I live 8n London

  • mroso lancas13
    mroso lancas13 4 months ago

    How old is he

  • allyson
    allyson 5 months ago

    eee ur so cute i was smiling throughout this whole video what the heck

  • Rene
    Rene 5 months ago

    i mean, a fetus or A BUTT ?

  • Gay Noodles
    Gay Noodles 5 months ago

    Tag yo self I’m luxury box

  • wenobi568
    wenobi568 5 months ago

    i didn't get clickbaited but wasted 10 minutes and 43 second of my *l i f e* for a caterpillar, that bee tho.

  • parx_trash
    parx_trash 6 months ago

    Yay Minnesota!!!! We can't be rude because it's rude to be rude

  • b i x e n m a n
    b i x e n m a n 6 months ago

    i live in London and colourful houses are normal so it’s kinda weird seeing you be shOcked by it 😂

  • Steve Geiger
    Steve Geiger 6 months ago

    It’s uhm... about the salad story yeah

  • Steve Geiger
    Steve Geiger 6 months ago

    My. Fucking. God. YOURE TOO ACCEPTING HOW THE FUCK it’s too much

  • uh man duh
    uh man duh 6 months ago

    tons of cute british- t h i n g s

  • Enamul Kabir
    Enamul Kabir 6 months ago

    oo he is looking like a 10 year old boy.👦👶👶

  • MahoGats TFM
    MahoGats TFM 6 months ago

    the consistent shaky "SALADDDD" clips MAKE MY DAY

  • 싢큐
    싢큐 6 months ago


  • Zeynep Sağlam
    Zeynep Sağlam 6 months ago

    03.09 👌🏻 you can sing😍

  • dklamara
    dklamara 6 months ago

    loved this video

  • Rose Ann
    Rose Ann 6 months ago

    9:28 I've been to London but have never seen that side, I want to the more tourist side and that was adorable!!

  • Rose Ann
    Rose Ann 6 months ago

    These cute little vlogs are so real, I love you. This is so cutely funny...

  • Kristina Gutierrez
    Kristina Gutierrez 6 months ago

    Love the video as always Connor. But if you believe “America can never” you’d be wrong. Come and visit New Orleans!

  • chateau7
    chateau7 6 months ago

    Having a caterpillar in your salad is a good sign. Life has surprises. At least you are eating a salad that was healthy enough for caterpillars - otherwise, it could've been loaded with bug-killers! Be lucky you see a bug in our salads from time to time!

  • Hannah Browne
    Hannah Browne 6 months ago

    You're pretty great 💛

  • D-Mafia Remix
    D-Mafia Remix 6 months ago

    Good 👍

  • Morgan Reed
    Morgan Reed 6 months ago

    OMG he is so precious

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 7 months ago

    Sure but... what happened to the caterpillar?

  • Yuuki Flyhigh
    Yuuki Flyhigh 7 months ago

    Wow u are soo considerate to not freak the crew out bcos they are stressed enuf as it is, I am so wowed by your level of consideration. Although, I do think maybe u could have just told them when the plane had landed and u were getting down, u know, just so they know thr may be a slight problem with hygiene or something (granted, it may just be a one-off case tho).
    Anyways, really amazing video, u sounded so high the whole time, I am really glad u are enjoying urself, love u loads Connor 💜 And I seriously hope u are recovering from that burglar attack ): Stay strong!!

  • Zoe Rice
    Zoe Rice 7 months ago

    I love your vlogs!!!!!

  • Maria Ysart
    Maria Ysart 7 months ago

    ADUIEDWEUFBEURVYVUVYDVWVD 7:42 i love that you love shawn mendes (im making assumptions but whatever lol)

  • SugarCat Productions
    SugarCat Productions 7 months ago

    Your time skips startle me XD

  • Isabelle lightwood
    Isabelle lightwood 7 months ago

    just be you boo thats all u gotta do

  • Mia Gentili
    Mia Gentili 7 months ago +1

    Every time he says salad it’s so wholesome WTF why is it wholesome?!? 😂

  • Elladora Gregorovitch
    Elladora Gregorovitch 7 months ago

    1:27 or a person if you tilt your head

  • Nicole Waldron
    Nicole Waldron 7 months ago

    Who else feels as if Connor and Emma chamberlain are soulmates

  • Hollie C
    Hollie C 7 months ago

    Connor's vlogs are the best vlogs

  • Chenai Takundwa
    Chenai Takundwa 7 months ago

    Also kudos for your filmography and editing 👌🏾

  • Chenai Takundwa
    Chenai Takundwa 7 months ago

    The reason it got a good response and a resubscribe from me is because people love real and you are a really beautiful person. Sharing your inner monologue is so encouraging to those of us with a similar one in our own heads 😉

  • PistschiosIn shells
    PistschiosIn shells 7 months ago

    Why did my ma walk in when u were talking about Ur fetus looking coffee

  • Mali Baker
    Mali Baker 7 months ago

    please make more of these random vlogs. i am living for this!

  • angelika
    angelika 7 months ago

    i still love vlogging connor

  • Evie Spiro
    Evie Spiro 7 months ago

    a lot of them have colorful doors *walks past three black doors*

  • descha wü
    descha wü 7 months ago

    Your vlogs are so fucking helariouse!!!

  • Zoe Jorgensen
    Zoe Jorgensen 7 months ago

    I am LOVING the dorky vlogs with the snarky, cynical voiceover 😂

  • dope stuff :
    dope stuff : 7 months ago

    I love these vlogs :)

  • Juan Luis Cortes
    Juan Luis Cortes 7 months ago

    Actually Disheveled is a Great look on you ❤️😄

  • anirudh Dhiman
    anirudh Dhiman 7 months ago

    In front of my salad is the funniest thing ever!!!!!!! I've been laughing since forever.... That reference tho

  • Samantha Spear
    Samantha Spear 7 months ago

    am i the only one who is dying at the voice over.
    connor: laladida I'm in london!!
    connor's mind: dude wtf.
    us: well. he has officially gone crazy. but ya know. we love it.

  • Abby Durgin
    Abby Durgin 7 months ago

    Your voice overs save my life

  • jlnskye
    jlnskye 7 months ago


  • Aubrey Welsh
    Aubrey Welsh 7 months ago

    Honey ur "mediocre at best" is my aesthetic

  • Jessica Maki
    Jessica Maki 7 months ago

    i love you and i miss you and i met you and i want to meet you again

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 7 months ago

    Does anyone else realize that he’s loosing viewers

  • Sanjida Islam
    Sanjida Islam 7 months ago

    7:41 I had a heart attack XD

  • Pax Pineapple
    Pax Pineapple 7 months ago

    ah yes, here I am at 4 am watching Connor Franta talk about how he found a caterpillar in his salad. Time well spent.

  • Jade Cooper
    Jade Cooper 7 months ago

    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched your videos but now I’m sucked back in with no regret and your vlogs are everything I live for. 👌🏼

  • Michelle :p
    Michelle :p 7 months ago

    The very hungry caterpillar strikes again after last being seen in kindergarten

  • Sere15
    Sere15 7 months ago

    Love the video but it feels like you're whispering and it upsets me , speak louder!

  • kate hildebrandt
    kate hildebrandt 7 months ago

    the minnesota nice gene is real

  • Matheus Bernardes
    Matheus Bernardes 7 months ago

    I know your outro is kinda classic, but I'd love to see a new one, a more "up to date Connor vibe"

  • bruce hancock
    bruce hancock 7 months ago

    Damn, please speak a bit louder! :)

  • Crystal Vasquez
    Crystal Vasquez 7 months ago

    I love your content! I love YOU!

  • Zoe Hamilton
    Zoe Hamilton 7 months ago

    you’re so real and i love that. wishing you a well week and beyond. 💛

  • laura cheang
    laura cheang 7 months ago

    I like happy Connor 😊

  • Ashwini Saravanapavan
    Ashwini Saravanapavan 7 months ago

    I just subscribed only because of your vlogs. Keep up the great work!

  • star soul
    star soul 7 months ago

    Oh shit. Your voice when you sing fuirjdirkfi its good

  • The Queer Club
    The Queer Club 7 months ago

    "My coffee does indeed look like a fetus... shit!"

  • Meg Fujiwara
    Meg Fujiwara 7 months ago

    I love you

  • Meg Fujiwara
    Meg Fujiwara 7 months ago

    I love Connor’s British accent

  • Rose R
    Rose R 7 months ago

    "You can see the happiness... on my face. It's natural; it's glowing!!" DRRRRRRRR!!!! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)/!!!!!

  • Juni Shizuka
    Juni Shizuka 7 months ago

    This was ama-zing. Going to go binge watch more of vlogs similar. Love the style. 👍

  • Kristina Bea
    Kristina Bea 7 months ago

    I was loving this vlog and then you sang Shawn Mendes and I somehow loved it even more.

  • typicaltyonce
    typicaltyonce 7 months ago


  • typicaltyonce
    typicaltyonce 7 months ago

    "bitch its time" i love you lol

  • Ceeelk
    Ceeelk 7 months ago

    me want to meet Connor

  • alayka
    alayka 7 months ago +1

    “you can see the happiness in my face, it’s natural, it’s glowing.” me lately

  • Jeff Chris Ray
    Jeff Chris Ray 7 months ago

    The only thing you could have done better is to make a scene about the caterpillar 🐛 situation. Yuck! 🤮 Maybe next time they'll double check the food they are serving people. Sending love! 💖💖💖

  • waldo is lit
    waldo is lit 7 months ago +1

    Lol, I know Connor is gay but I can't be the only one thinks he's so cute (inside and out)

  • Aesthetically Pleased
    Aesthetically Pleased 7 months ago

    Help *MeEeEe*

  • Reimu Hakurei
    Reimu Hakurei 7 months ago +1


  • Abhi Arora
    Abhi Arora 7 months ago

    U look so damn good .Connor love from India❤❤

  • AJ Godeck
    AJ Godeck 7 months ago

    4:31 i think I might be from Minnesota???

  • em
    em 7 months ago +1


  • heck
    heck 7 months ago


  • _ YourAverageFanboy _
    _ YourAverageFanboy _ 7 months ago +1

    8:09 He filmed the best part of the party for us, how sweet

  • Rajneet Gill
    Rajneet Gill 7 months ago

    I have ur book note to self

    BBQNBLUES 7 months ago

    OMG You almost ate Hedwig the caterpillar.

  • Casey Patterson
    Casey Patterson 7 months ago

    I would’ve kept that caterpillar as a pet friend