X-MEN Timeline Explained! Dark Phoenix Update! (2000 - 2019 Full Chronology)

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Dark Phoenix concludes this version of the X-Men film series, but how does it bring the X-Men timeline full circle with X-Men (2000), X-Men First Class (2011), X-Men Days of Future Past (2014), Logan (2017), and Deadpool (2016)? Where does Dark Phoenix fit in the X-Men chronology along with X-Men Apocalypse (2016) and X-Men The Last Stand (2006)? Erik Voss breaks down the full X-Men timeline, for the movies released 2000 - 2019, set from years spanning from 1845 through 2029. Which X-Men movies were "erased" from the timeline with Days of Future Past, and how does Deadpool, Legion (FX), and New Mutants fit in the timeline? Why was Dark Phoenix delayed so many times, reshot, and dumped by the studio? Where are all the plot holes and continuity errors in the X-Men chronology? What X-Men film should have ended the Fox Marvel series?
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  • CrazyWoman
    CrazyWoman Day ago

    Ok.. I was little confused before i watched this.. The way I see it is everything from x-men first class is a reboot so obviously it's going to negate the 1.2 and last stand..also i got the correct timeline out of it after a little digging..if we don't think of first class as a reboot..

  • Alexander Ace Estillore

    Yeah hey? Done watching dark phoenix. Didn't you notice that jean grey is alive in xmen days of the future past by the time logan woke up in the future. This really gives me nuts. They killed jean in the past and alive in the future? I get it why they killed jean grey cause of the sacrifice between the dark phoenix which is also a story line in the comics. By why does jean grey alive inthe future and killed in the past 🤦‍♂️

  • marquis
    marquis 2 days ago

    X1 and X2 gave that chill high school vibe... and I wasn't even in high school at the time. Nostalgic scenes.

  • Jack Wise
    Jack Wise 3 days ago

    What happened to wolverines brother???

  • kai khai
    kai khai 6 days ago

    i just forget about the movie called dark phoenix i was exited before it came out but then when it came out i did not even care no more.

  • Robert Lundkvist
    Robert Lundkvist 6 days ago

    Yes, timelines has been a true mess in this franchise. Difficult as a fan/moviegoer to attach to any of the characters. The MCU is how you do it!

  • Zander _1121
    Zander _1121 7 days ago

    i can't wait to see if marvel can revive the Xmen

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 8 days ago

    My favorite X-men movies are x2 and Logan.

  • I hope
    I hope 8 days ago

    Help!!! If mystique died in dark phonex while charles and Gene were young, then who is the one on the other x men movies when everyone gets old.

  • Raze Razier
    Raze Razier 9 days ago +1

    My favorite X-men film is logan

  • TheRudyextreme
    TheRudyextreme 9 days ago +1

    All of this is the result of Endgame. Not to mention, Endgame has potentionally sent the MCU on the same path as the X franchise with all of its plotholes.

    • TheRudyextreme
      TheRudyextreme 6 days ago

      With great powers comes great responsibility Even with the time travel? Cap going back; Thanos not existing in one timeline; absence of stones, but an universe that still exists; Tony's death which could have been prevented with the time stone as Thanos did it with Vision or better go back in time and bring another Tony back to the present timeline. It's all a mess if you think about it.

    • With great powers comes great responsibility
      With great powers comes great responsibility 6 days ago

      Enegame made more sense

  • DarrickTV
    DarrickTV 10 days ago

    1.) X2
    2.) First Class
    3.) Days Of Future Past
    4.) X-Men
    5.) Logan
    6.) The Last Stand
    7.) Origins: Wolverine
    8.) The Wolverine
    9.) Apocalypse

  • Rico Doolsy
    Rico Doolsy 10 days ago


  • Ong Grace
    Ong Grace 10 days ago

    Dr Strange is confused watching this X-Men timeline

  • Nathan Bake
    Nathan Bake 10 days ago

    The frustration is real! The aging (lack thereof) was all I could think about during the movie.

  • Cool beans 2.0
    Cool beans 2.0 10 days ago


  • Daniel Peña
    Daniel Peña 12 days ago

    Verdict: Total Clusterfuck

  • ashelycrmn15
    ashelycrmn15 13 days ago

    I’m still confused thanks for trying hahaha

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno 13 days ago

    dark Phoenix and Logan

  • Trey Cook
    Trey Cook 13 days ago

    Tragic ending to a mediocre franchise

  • Joseph matla
    Joseph matla 13 days ago

    THANK YOU .... only utuber to point out Jean uses power of the Phoenix to destroy apocalypse before .... getting it in dark Phoenix ..... doing my head in

  • Taylored To Your Taste

    I’m even more confused 😑

  • Sarah Castille
    Sarah Castille 13 days ago +1

    Time travel of the mind....
    God I'm weird.

  • soulstrum81
    soulstrum81 13 days ago

    Days of Future Past is the best one to me

  • MagicianFlip69
    MagicianFlip69 13 days ago +1

    The snap and days of Future past alternated the timeline . Easy

  • Brandon Zacharias
    Brandon Zacharias 14 days ago

    Why was the days of future past ending scenes erased from the timeline?

  • David Barba
    David Barba 15 days ago +2

    You said Rouge when you showed a picture of older Jean Grey @ 5:34

  • mason gregory
    mason gregory 15 days ago

    Not even worth watching in order in my opinion I’m just ready for the MCU to fix it all

  • Kyyav13
    Kyyav13 15 days ago

    Charles isn't telekinetic, he's telepathic.

  • Ching Chong Production -
    Ching Chong Production - 16 days ago +1

    Cable said he was going to help what the x men did

  • Elijah Cifuentes
    Elijah Cifuentes 16 days ago

    ummm I still don’t get the timeline

  • The Pregnant Psychopath

    Charles isn't walking in wolverine, it's that thing he does where he's in people's heads and he appears to them...like he did a bunch for mystique in future past

  • Kyle Corgan
    Kyle Corgan 16 days ago

    Plus quick silver is wearing a nirvana t-shirt in deadpool 2

  • RyRy
    RyRy 16 days ago

    Logan is the most heartbreaking shit ever

  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao 16 days ago

    I'm just scratch'n my
    I'm So confused.

  • Destiny and Ryan’s Wonderful Channel

    Can you please do this with the counjuring universe

  • Michael Randol
    Michael Randol 16 days ago

    It didn’t change all the origin movie but enough lol but chronologically the x3 movie and dark Phoenix took place in a separate universe so I don’t know why it matters that it was 8 years from that point.

  • Tyler McGee
    Tyler McGee 17 days ago

    Days of future past erased X-men 1-3. So the aging from dark Phoenix to X-men 2000 doesn’t happen because the original trilogy “never happen”. The big problem is how they stay the same age from first class

  • Santiago Nowe
    Santiago Nowe 17 days ago


  • Manic Man
    Manic Man 17 days ago

    Lol X-Men is too confusing so I’m just with the MCU

  • Rocko
    Rocko 17 days ago

    Did he just call Dr. Frasier Crane

  • irsyad harfiansyah
    irsyad harfiansyah 17 days ago

    I believe MCU will start including xmen bit by bit on 2021, and a movie on phase 5, in 2023. A story about how humans dont like mutant.
    DoFP also takes place in 2023, so that makes sense.

  • Official Jermaphobic
    Official Jermaphobic 17 days ago

    5:35 he says Rogue while showing a picture of Jean Grey

  • BFG Skittles
    BFG Skittles 17 days ago

    If the events of the last stand got erased in DOFP, wouldn't that mean everything before it going back to 1973 would be erased too?
    It would make sense because that would leave the only non-erased film to be first class?
    So you really have two timelines...
    Timeline 1: First Class > (DOFP timeline 1 (Trask killed)) > Origins > X1 > X2 > X3 > Wolverine > DOFP
    Timeline 2: First class > (DOFP timeline 2 (Trask not killed)) > Apocalypse > Dark Phoenix > Logan

  • YT_Master42
    YT_Master42 18 days ago

    2023 is when endgame takes place... coincidence? Probably

  • Intense
    Intense 18 days ago

    i just watched the wolverine yesterday don’t worry i watched all the ones before it first lol now i gotta watch days of future past

  • St. Beast
    St. Beast 18 days ago

    I’m still totally lost lol

    ROGEN PARAMIO 18 days ago

    So I just wish someday the X-men animated 90s series will be shown on the movie just like the cartoon

  • Namrata Mayekar
    Namrata Mayekar 18 days ago

    you missed gambit movie which is also in production, starring channing tatum in the titular character

  • Dee Kay
    Dee Kay 18 days ago

    Please can someone tell me how mystique came back to life. If x2 is after dark Phoenix

  • Nicholas H'Qar
    Nicholas H'Qar 18 days ago

    i have seen all of them 😍😍

  • Rob Bob The Corn Cob
    Rob Bob The Corn Cob 18 days ago

    Chronological Watch Order: X-men first class, X-men origins wolverine, X-men, X2: X-Men United, X-men the last stand, the wolverine, X-men days of future past, X-men Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Logan

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 18 days ago +3

    “Were always saving the men around here you might think of changing the name to X-Women!” And that’s how the timeline was ruined

  • Falconsite
    Falconsite 18 days ago +6

    These are great to watch on their own, but put together it’s just one big mess

  • Reece Hjorth
    Reece Hjorth 18 days ago

    I... I think I'm more confused now...

    THE 4TH SON 18 days ago

    Dark Phoenix took place in 92 and Magneto and Professor X are mid 30s early 40s thats in 92. 2001 comes around they are mid 60's to early 70s 9 year span you figure that out

  • Cat Astrophy
    Cat Astrophy 18 days ago

    Mess up a franchise, just let marvel do it. I mean look at Spiderman

  • Jay Gray
    Jay Gray 19 days ago

    It’s why there not as popular in recent times they’re so hard to keep a track of the story and timeline, also they did the whole Jean going bad story....again

  • OverWims
    OverWims 19 days ago

    5:31 *says Rogue. shows Jean* yup

  • Mark Septipie
    Mark Septipie 19 days ago

    Love the imitations specially that line "Xavier is joking we don't give a F*ck" xD

  • evosc007
    evosc007 19 days ago

    Oh wow! I watch the whole video and still have no idea what’s going on with this franchise

    FAKE SMILE 19 days ago +1

    Sir pleas reply🙏🙏
    Tell me x mens all parts linewise till now.
    Pleas pleas sir reply.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 19 days ago +1


    BENJAMIN SINDELAR 20 days ago

    Well now we know why the X-men couldn’t help the Avengers with the Time Heist

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 20 days ago

    “Featuring all the old school actors... Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine, ROGUE, storm, kitty pride..”

    5:34 ...that is NOT rogue lol that is jean grey dum dums

  • Radi Rad
    Radi Rad 20 days ago

    So basically there is two timelines,
    First class, Origins, X men, X2, last stand, Wolverine, and part of future past
    First class, future past, parts of origins, apocalypse, dark Phoenix, Wolverine, Deadpool’s, and Logan

    • Radi Rad
      Radi Rad 20 days ago

      So that’s how Deadpool and juggernaut were rebooted and Logan has now lost his healing ability due to damage done in Wolverine

  • Zhongyang Shi
    Zhongyang Shi 20 days ago

    What is up with Marvel and time travelling from and to 2023

  • Meghan Mikayla
    Meghan Mikayla 20 days ago

    Big oof

  • DemonPorkRAWR
    DemonPorkRAWR 20 days ago +1

    The Gifted: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 20 days ago

    I have my own timeline, thank you.