• Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • 100 layers of lego rubber bands wall building the tallest strongest better than rubber band lego tower wall in the world. Building rubber band or lego brick wall lego bridge lego tower or anything else with lego blocks or rubber bands. Let us know what other rubber band or lego block kids structures you want to see next!!
    Travis: tvclip.biz/video/4TnxNg-l9Tk/video.html
    Sick edits by @jeremysevillano
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  • JustDustin
    JustDustin  4 months ago +1829

    I actually read my comments... drop a like and comment what wall you want to see next? I might just do it

  • Damian Maynard
    Damian Maynard Day ago

    The likes people give me on this comment is how old. Dustin is

  • Saeed Sullivan
    Saeed Sullivan Day ago


  • live love gymnastics

    This is dustin

  • Ivan Cora
    Ivan Cora Day ago

    Sicko bamba

  • Ewan Jay
    Ewan Jay 2 days ago


  • Cyclone 2.0
    Cyclone 2.0 2 days ago


  • Josh The Hog Aka WWE Superstar

    No bamba

  • Bryant Chambers
    Bryant Chambers 2 days ago

    You should make a trampoline with the big rubber bands

  • braflxndon gilfillag4ß5gjdn

    Is cold an ice pack

  • Nick Savage
    Nick Savage 3 days ago

    Mallet throw did that just go farther so he grabs a bigger weapon

  • Nick Savage
    Nick Savage 3 days ago +1

    Hits golf ball with tennis ball racket and says I don’t even know where that went and gets called and idiot by his eagle statue

  • * musicman256 *
    * musicman256 * 3 days ago

    Sicko mobamba

  • Dawson murnion
    Dawson murnion 3 days ago

    i love it

  • Jade Roberts
    Jade Roberts 4 days ago


  • lexiilove02
    lexiilove02 4 days ago


    RILEY MURRELL 5 days ago

    Mo Bamba

  • Porkzila8u
    Porkzila8u 5 days ago

    The minion is listening to sicko mode and Mo bamba at the same time

  • Sylvia Mc Millan
    Sylvia Mc Millan 5 days ago

    If you do what he does you lose

  • J McQ
    J McQ 6 days ago

    he is listing to sicko mode

  • tanya garcia
    tanya garcia 6 days ago

    Do a brick or Lego Line-X wall

  • Ashton Kennon
    Ashton Kennon 6 days ago

    MoBamba is better

  • Nao Valencia
    Nao Valencia 6 days ago +1

    Gold/silver wall

  • Nicholas Velazquez
    Nicholas Velazquez 7 days ago

    Ur a fuckin pussy dustin u never put all of the stuff on it

  • Michael Gunn
    Michael Gunn 7 days ago

    Sicko mode because that song is so lit🤙😉😊😊😊

  • Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis 8 days ago +1

    Hes lisening to bitch lasagne

  • Phillip Curry
    Phillip Curry 8 days ago

    No maba

  • Weng Martin
    Weng Martin 8 days ago

    Mo Bamba

  • memegawd 456
    memegawd 456 8 days ago

    All dislikes are from the people that knew that the "ping pong ball" is a tennis ball and the "big paddle" is a tennis racket

  • the jester
    the jester 8 days ago

    20 swings of a axe

  • Ceed and Jays channel

    Do you make small shirts

  • Clark White
    Clark White 8 days ago

    1000 layers of erasers

  • Clark White
    Clark White 8 days ago

    Just do the walls outside and you can use the flame thrower

  • your mom gay your mom gay

    He is listing to hit or miss

  • Laned 0607
    Laned 0607 10 days ago

    He's listening to yo momba

  • Harrison Weatheread
    Harrison Weatheread 10 days ago

    He’s listening to sikobomba

  • Abel Gonzalez
    Abel Gonzalez 10 days ago

    What about .......mo sicko

  • Fred Donatelli
    Fred Donatelli 11 days ago

    Definitely MOBOMBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Payton 'v'
    Payton 'v' 11 days ago

    Why does he smash into every wall

  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson 11 days ago

    You do realize that for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction, so every time you jump on it because it is very elastic it will bounce you back with an equal amount of force that was applied.

  • MR Spazzy
    MR Spazzy 11 days ago

    This is how many times he missed the walls
    And I also post some sick fortnite clips on my channel. MR SPAZZY

  • Dylan Riggs
    Dylan Riggs 11 days ago

    He's listening to Xxxtentacion

  • Jazzmyn Figueroa
    Jazzmyn Figueroa 11 days ago

    Indiana Jones!

  • Gh Lenlab
    Gh Lenlab 11 days ago +1

    Where a cup to protect your
    My head: don’t put that me u get demonotiesed
    (Sry if I spelled it wrong)
    Me: protect your pencil and two erasers

  • Gh Lenlab
    Gh Lenlab 11 days ago

    Where a cup in school to protect your pencil and two erasers

  • Joseph Fletcher
    Joseph Fletcher 11 days ago

    I have that's gun

  • Dan Sydney
    Dan Sydney 12 days ago

    "When in doubt, pickaxe"
    ~JustDustin 2019

    LRR TEEN 12 days ago


  • Castrik NM
    Castrik NM 12 days ago

    Rubberband Wall: *Legos, don't hit back*

  • Fynn Fynnpire
    Fynn Fynnpire 12 days ago


  • Pp boi Boi pp
    Pp boi Boi pp 13 days ago

    I think he was listining to mo bamba sorry for the spelling

  • T-Jay Brand
    T-Jay Brand 13 days ago


  • Maks Bartczak
    Maks Bartczak 13 days ago

    He's listening to sicko mode

  • Stephanie Hager
    Stephanie Hager 13 days ago

    I love the Villien video is really funny it’s actually kind of really funny I love it that you’re a genius I meant to say peace

  • AprilFoolzKid Toni
    AprilFoolzKid Toni 13 days ago

    What does he say at 17:46

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Minion is hearing banana

  • Jerry Shelburne
    Jerry Shelburne 13 days ago +1


    Justin: sicko mode or mo bamba

  • cuiyi li
    cuiyi li 13 days ago

    I have that nerf gun at home

  • Alex Alonso
    Alex Alonso 13 days ago

    he's listening to "look at me"

  • Jake Smith 121
    Jake Smith 121 14 days ago +1

    Ynw melly

  • evade acgaming
    evade acgaming 14 days ago


  • cg world
    cg world 14 days ago

    It needs liquid nitrogen

  • icemagez the boss
    icemagez the boss 14 days ago

    Remember when dustin made vids with wolfie but now gets more views than him

  • Demonic Gaming, Inc.
    Demonic Gaming, Inc. 15 days ago

    You’re not suppose to hit the object with the whip. You’re suppose to snap the tip of the whip in the air NEAR the object. Hence the reason horses never have gashes or scars from whips. Otherwise the owners would be imprisoned in most states and professional horse trainers/riders will have their horses taken away as-well as their licenses. Whips were not made for nor ever used to actually hit anything. It was made to make a LOUD sound to invoke specific emotions such as fear (commonly used on slaves in the way back times) and deadly animals like lions and tigers to teach them to respect humans as something to fear similar to a co alpha of their pride or pack (dependent on the animal) or to invoke training where a loud bang sound tells animals such as horses to run. This is why horses at races don’t try to run in the horses box but sprint at the sound of the gun. Sometimes used to train animals to stay away from specific objects such as bulls from the gate of its pin or buffalo. Professional horse riders do not hit the horse they snap the whip close to the ear which the horse responds to with running faster. However since it’s an inanimate object I guess you can hit it. Lol. Also if you ever see anyone lash a animal with a whip rather than snapping the whip you should report it to the police as it is animal abuse and not it’s intended purpose.

    JELLO MINER TM 15 days ago

    He is listening to bass boosted durude sandstorm on repeat.

  • Nicholas Denson
    Nicholas Denson 15 days ago


  • E Dog xxx
    E Dog xxx 15 days ago

    With the wolverine claws, now you have
    three big daggers

  • E Dog xxx
    E Dog xxx 15 days ago

    They are called crackers
    or a more pg version ( which is not what so ever related to crackers and slave times ) a cattle rustler

  • Colton Bossler
    Colton Bossler 15 days ago

    Minion is listening to murder on my mind

  • Music & Arts
    Music & Arts 16 days ago

    He’s listening to ‘real mile hours’