NRA's Unfriendly Fire | May 8, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • The NRA keeps shooting itself in the foot and not just because they've made it so easy to get guns in America.
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Comments • 968

  • ASMR touch
    ASMR touch 29 days ago

    These people will simultaneously argue that banning guns wont stop guns but banning abortions will totes work.

  • Samuel Erickson
    Samuel Erickson Month ago

    The N.R.A is a Domestic terrorist organization

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    There have also always been Irish ☘️ Republican army terrorists and still are

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    Wow unreal the nra is tax free just like actual religions??!!!

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    No the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good woman 👩 with a gun!

  • BladeMasterz916
    BladeMasterz916 2 months ago

    Republicans talk about Freedom... and u can have it, but it requires arm guards everywhere you go. Cause idiots are allowed to walk around with the rifles and armor... u you have to spot the shooter before you get shot.

  • John O
    John O 2 months ago

    VOTE Blue for gun control!!

  • sean holt
    sean holt 2 months ago

    Haha gun laws give me a break. The us has no idea what gun laws are

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie 2 months ago

    The NRA will continue to operate as long as there's money to bribe corrupted presidents, politicians. One thing you can definitely say about Samantha Bee she doesn't hold back punches and she keeps it hilarious.

  • frchriswrexham
    frchriswrexham 2 months ago

    Amendment to the idiot's quote, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is to take away his gun!"

  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown 2 months ago


    This is one of those instances where I wish I could paste a gif here instead of just writing out my feelings in this manner,because,in all honesty,even tough I very well could be wrong,I'm willing to bet that that boy up there hasn't spent a split-second in the inner city a day in his life. Only someone who has never-EVER-lost a family member or a friend or even been at the business end of a gun-either in the hands of a white cop,a black criminal or vice-versa-could afford to be-to sound-so....blase....about gun violence....and therefore the only proper immediate response to a gif of a dumbfounded expression....

  • Theo Lucas
    Theo Lucas 2 months ago

    Russian Oligarchs didnt give more money to the NRA but just wait till 2020 more money coming with more favours from the Whitehouse

  • Steve Mcclain
    Steve Mcclain 2 months ago

    You are lost !!

  • MrJinxTheKat
    MrJinxTheKat 2 months ago

    Well said our country has many cess pool turds in charge...NRA for example..

  • SarahJ67
    SarahJ67 2 months ago +1

    Republicans: "I'm for small, local government!!! Except when I'm demanding the government spend billions putting government-sponsored cops in every school whether or not local governments want them!!"

  • Apollo
    Apollo 2 months ago

    7:12 is that why dana lash is so mad all the time

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 2 months ago

    Criminals don't obey gun laws, so we need to pass more gun laws. Ok, got it lol

  • trout stalker
    trout stalker 2 months ago

    I luv yur shows.!!!

  • Russ Broda
    Russ Broda 2 months ago

    I have heard their biggest problem is falling enrolment.

  • Betty Boo
    Betty Boo 2 months ago

    What is wrong with these men and their guns do they all have small penises and need to make allowances?

  • Kevin McDougall
    Kevin McDougall 2 months ago

    Oliver North is a traitor who got off with a relative slap on the wrist. Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch...there are no words for how truly vile they are.
    But I'll keep looking.

  • Bill Burgess
    Bill Burgess 2 months ago

    “Or for a start....Semiautomatic Firearms need License and Insurance, a Written, Marksmanship and Handling test, and a required membership in the State Militia for drills and training monthly, Militias will respond to all State and Federal well as Oil Wars and Wars of Conquest(Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Niger)...All within the confines of "A Well Regulated Militia"...TAX Military Ammunition(TMA) at a Dollar a bullet and with every Mass Shooting raising the TAX 50%...Nothing has to change with the second amendment as this is all within "a well regulated" statute, ALL that would be required is politicians with guts....”

  • Yen Feng
    Yen Feng 2 months ago

    I love my fully automatic assault rifle i bought in the 90s. Will never give them away. Don't tread on me any unconstituional gun ban, law or regulation that is passed is not a actual law. There is a reason the 2nd amendment clearly states this right shall not be infringed upon. 30 round clips :) she purs when you shoot her.

  • tabby Ingram
    tabby Ingram 2 months ago +1

    always cool to see a woman voicing her opinions , *snaps*

  • Carol Mazibuko
    Carol Mazibuko 2 months ago

    I told the NRA not to have anything to do with Trump.Everything he touches dies!

  • Peter George
    Peter George 2 months ago

    The Russian well bale them out .

  • David Phan
    David Phan 3 months ago

    The only way to stop drugs is more drugs

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 3 months ago

    Why is the nra not taxed?!

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 3 months ago

    The best way to get a bad guy with a gun is a good woman with a gun !

  • MaskedMarvyl
    MaskedMarvyl 3 months ago

    Don't worry; Russia will bail them out with more shady funding.
    Russians have a thing for what they call "useful idiots".....

  • michael preston
    michael preston 3 months ago

    They should get more help like Trump did, From Uncle Vlad,, oh, what, they have!

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight 3 months ago

    i truly hope none of the gun haters ever have to defend their families or childrens lives from a deadly threat...because they won't stand a chance,and then they'll understand just how important the right to defend your life really is.

    • DarkLight
      DarkLight 2 months ago

      @This name triggers you stop calling them assault rifles..they're just rifles..and my "needs" depend on the's not up to anyone else to decide what I "need" "need" to get out to a gun range with some knowledgable people and learn about one gun is more deadly or dangerous than the next..they all have the ability to be fired quickly and do harm...they're guns...they've been around and available longer than we've been alive..they are not the problem..I don't know how to stop people from doing evil things but banning guns today will not make evil disappear tomorrow.

    • This name triggers you
      This name triggers you 2 months ago

      Yet do you need assault rifles for those instances?

  • Shoeless b
    Shoeless b 3 months ago


  • tell me that lie one more time

    Can I shoot him and send him my thought and prayers?? Pretty please? Because the only way to stop a bad man with a gun IS a good guy with a gun right??

  • Derek Lowe
    Derek Lowe 3 months ago

    Democrats="the government and police are corrupt and evil,so lets make sure they are the only ones with guns"

  • Peter George
    Peter George 3 months ago +2

    How about a bad guy with no gun .

  • Michael Flynn
    Michael Flynn 3 months ago

    i love the metaphor -- so funny.

  • TheRepty818
    TheRepty818 4 months ago

    How are they allowed to still exist? Didn't we prove that they had shady dealings with Russian money in this election? How can a company this rotten still be upright?

  • Herb Tenderson
    Herb Tenderson 4 months ago

    I don't know about any of you, but Dana can sit directly onto my face. Also, Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg.

  • Lord Frank
    Lord Frank 4 months ago

    I like how she stands, as if her coochie aches

  • Gauris
    Gauris 4 months ago

    So.... Ack Mack have succeeded in killing the NRA when every other attempt has failed? Nice Work!

  • Tanner Wilson
    Tanner Wilson 4 months ago

    This group needs to be shut down for once and all.
    Also, it’s time to seriously change the 2nd Amendment and look at gun laws in nations like 🇯🇵 where gun crime is basically non existent.

  • Mike 01
    Mike 01 4 months ago +1

    You guys hate guns and love illegals

  • Léa Forslund
    Léa Forslund 4 months ago

    NRA in trouble l? My heart bleeds borcht.

  • Jacy
    Jacy 4 months ago

    What A BLESSING💪💯✌️

  • David Reed
    David Reed 4 months ago

    It’s like they never passed 10th grade geometry, in that they have no basic logic-that a+b=c is just an impossible conundrum for them. They don’t seem to understand that guns=shooting=death. That can also be written as gun+person=violence.

  • Dan Trevino
    Dan Trevino 4 months ago

    Wow, picked out clips and misleading one liners, this woman comedy is not funny.

  • 0fiaaUm
    0fiaaUm 4 months ago

    This chick is such a DA....

  • Terry Kane
    Terry Kane 4 months ago +4

    I resigned my membership and I feel great.

    • Marina Atkin
      Marina Atkin 4 months ago

      Smart move, the NRA is an extremist organization that now cares more about profits than human life. I'm all for the 2nd Amendment and all but the NRA opposes legislation that would just be common sense to anyone with a normally functioning brain (like digital tracking of gun transfers/purchases to make illegal guns easier to trace)

  • wonder women06
    wonder women06 4 months ago

    I’m 15 years old and I’m scared for the future of the world seriously I’m honestly scared af

  • Anne Baker
    Anne Baker 4 months ago +1

    George Carlin was right... the name Wayne LaPierre does sound like a fruit.

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo 4 months ago

    Watching this b**** only reminds me of fish and shrimp

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess 4 months ago

    Amazing. We didn't even make it a full month before another devastating mass shooting. Truly amazing.

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerTools 4 months ago

    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is in fact a good guy with a gun. If a gun gets pulled on you, the only chance you have at that point is run or hope the cops arrive. The only people who have guns in liberal cities, are the bad guys who don't obey the laws in place, restricting them from buying.
    Look at how those cities are holding up.
    Also not the biggest mass shooting in American history was by a liberal, killing conservatives at a concert.

  • they live2
    they live2 4 months ago +3

    Don't worry! Galactic Federation of Light will remove those NRA serial killers one by one from the Earth and transport to PRISON PLANET where they belong!

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 4 months ago +2

    y'know the tragic irony of all this is that the NRA was originally a gun *safety* organization that somehow evolved into the country's single greatest advocate of gun violence

  • SOLO perry
    SOLO perry 5 months ago

    What was so dumb about having more armed police officers at schools. Have you ever heard of a mass shooting at a gun show? No, because the shooter would get shot right away. Having more guns at schools would do the same thing.

  • CF R
    CF R 5 months ago

    I am a liberal and pro 2nd amendment and no I don't support the NRA. It really pisses me off when you say "another mass shooting" maybe these are new to you but where I come from they ARE a DAILY occurence and have been since the 80s and 90s. Please educate yourself.

    AGENT X SECURITY 5 months ago +1


  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 5 months ago

    The nra seems to be falling apart I wonder how long is will last?