How to make Vodka Gummy Bears! - Tipsy Bartender

  • Published on Dec 7, 2011
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  • Grly fluff
    Grly fluff 3 days ago

    HOLY CRAP! She’s so entertaining... so much depth and personality I can’t handle it

  • byjunhong
    byjunhong 21 day ago

    kids at my high school did this for a trip we went to. have no idea how they managed to get it wrong.

  • Damian Lopes
    Damian Lopes Month ago

    My gummys didnt cum out like dat...i put Amsterdam Peach n all it did was make everything slimy

  • Jack Scheisse
    Jack Scheisse Month ago

    I can see the black dude after the video is done: "You stoopid beeetch you almost ruined muh video. It's a good thing you sucking muh deek or i would fucking keel you."

  • Rylee Rockwell
    Rylee Rockwell 2 months ago

    i make these all the time and bring em to school

  • Dr. Hugh Bumazz
    Dr. Hugh Bumazz 3 months ago

    It's not playing. How do we do it?

  • Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin 3 months ago

    watching this in 2017 is cringeeeeee

    • Maybe
      Maybe 2 months ago

      Rurouni Kenshin haHAA

  • Bombombilla Bombom
    Bombombilla Bombom 4 months ago

    I use fireball whiskey for the flavor and buzz
    The longer it sits the stronger the bears

  • iAidanSY
    iAidanSY 4 months ago

    When you don't drink alcohol.

  • Mason Gaitán Dávila
    Mason Gaitán Dávila 4 months ago

    Eso pasó en un día, ahora déjenlo 3 o 4 días y verán la diferencia !!! Surely bros !!! 👊😋🐼

  • Awsome Gamer
    Awsome Gamer 4 months ago

    24 hours later after the blow jobband 20 hours of sec

  • Awsome Gamer
    Awsome Gamer 4 months ago

    It's airsoft mike

  • Xander Van Styvendaele
    Xander Van Styvendaele 5 months ago

    Eating some right now and damn they taste good but you fucking feel them

  • Sebastian Hernandez
    Sebastian Hernandez 5 months ago

    Emma is still bae 😍... sorry not sorry

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 5 months ago

    School just got enjoyable

  • cog mrvee
    cog mrvee 5 months ago

    Damn I wanna bang this chick in this review so sexy

  • Sharon Horsfall
    Sharon Horsfall 5 months ago

    i love Vodka Gummy bears i had them at a sleep over once and i got drunk on them lol

  • Regan McCabe
    Regan McCabe 7 months ago

    did you know that you can add mixers in? like i know sprite works

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 9 months ago

    do they dry or are they forever wet? do they need refrigeration?

  • Ash The Duke
    Ash The Duke 9 months ago

    good for break fast

  • Jasmine Vryonis
    Jasmine Vryonis 9 months ago

    Can you use any type of alcohol? Like sour berry mojo shot?

  • Alon Ohayon
    Alon Ohayon 9 months ago

    yo what up man what other flavours cane we use???

  • HighestBREED2411
    HighestBREED2411 9 months ago

    This man takes his videos really serious. The look on his face when their trying to take the wrap off that bowl lmaooo. He was hungry for those liquor bears

    GROENEPANT3R 11 months ago

    Do you think it would have the same effect on other drinks? Like soda or something?

  • TheJmp187
    TheJmp187 Year ago

    more nigger lover propaganda

    LISA FARTED Year ago +1

    .... does anyone realise that emma looks excatly like bella throne?...

  • Remy LeBeau
    Remy LeBeau Year ago

    Made this for the Super Bowl. Big hit.

  • Stay Sick
    Stay Sick Year ago +1

    why that nigga actin so extra?

  • Camm conrad
    Camm conrad Year ago

    does it have a strong smell

  • JAGExecutiveServicesInc

    I wonder if this works with tequila too

  • Kelvin Ramos
    Kelvin Ramos Year ago


  • Donte Russell
    Donte Russell Year ago

    wait do u have to like refrigerate it

  • Tara Lynn Marrie
    Tara Lynn Marrie Year ago +1

    I'm trying these when I turn 21. Probably for my 21st birthday haha

  • CrowsRedemption
    CrowsRedemption Year ago

    does it just work with gummy bears, or can you use something else?

  • SpaceGhost Purpz
    SpaceGhost Purpz Year ago +1

    when they were both skinny

  • SpaceGhost Purpz
    SpaceGhost Purpz Year ago

    #factsverse brought me here

  • Salvatore Culotta

    actually made these for a party and they were a hit. thanks for the recipe!

  • NotMe,
    NotMe, Year ago

    can you freeze them for later?

  • Folgado Tube
    Folgado Tube Year ago

    shoow kkkkkk

    L0RD SPARTAN Year ago +2

    That girl is so boring? she is awkward about everything? She makes that cool dude look like a creeper when his doesn't look creepy at all.

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Year ago

    Man *5

  • WitheredBonnie 9999

    I WANT GUMMY BEAR accept vodka

  • seth dugas
    seth dugas Year ago

    he makes some really cool stuff but he's so fucking annoying and terribly unfunny

  • Dylan Woods
    Dylan Woods Year ago

    How many pounds of gummy bears did you use?

  • Viviana Pedraza
    Viviana Pedraza Year ago

    can i put them in the fridge to soak?

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada Year ago

    Fucking hoe

  • Brandock raios
    Brandock raios Year ago

    Tengo un problema con este vídeo, mi pc lo reproduce en "Blanco y negro"

  • mario velez
    mario velez Year ago +41

    I think shes drunk all the time ............

  • Melissa Marchant-Stewart

    Emma you're so beautiful

  • dranel alivio
    dranel alivio Year ago

    is Brandy ok for this experiment because I tried jin and it didn't work it dissolve the gummy bears

  • Callan O'Neill
    Callan O'Neill Year ago


  • Wegim Muhadri
    Wegim Muhadri Year ago

    does that work with any other gummybears or just those one

    • Mercedes Hildreth
      Mercedes Hildreth Year ago +1

      As long as you don't get the really cheap ones that already don't taste good it should work with any brand of gummy

  • Nicolette Peters
    Nicolette Peters Year ago

    how many shots are in one gummy bear?????

  • That's JustJoe
    That's JustJoe Year ago

    in my opinion i would just eat it on its own

  • Lemonhope
    Lemonhope Year ago +1

    The black dude and his hore

  • XxmusicXxplz
    XxmusicXxplz Year ago +3

    haha this video is so funny whats wrong with that girl lol she spanked the bag like she was in a porn video and the guy is like "do you know what you're doing?" lmao and when she drops the gummy bear and still pretends to eat it haha that part killed me pretty girl but dosent seem like shes all there lol

  • Petra Kenny
    Petra Kenny Year ago


  • Tminus K
    Tminus K Year ago +25

    What if you swallow a bunch whole? Would they all kick in at once like a pot edible?

    • Elijah
      Elijah Year ago

      Tminus K This is so stupid haha.

    • Farahnaz
      Farahnaz Year ago

      Tminus K uml cu

  • Diceboy5505
    Diceboy5505 Year ago

    Do you have to put them in the fridge

  • PharaohMTF
    PharaohMTF Year ago

    good gosh shes hot

    IAM MIMI Year ago

    I feel like he is so much shorter in this video😂😂

  • Angel Ponce
    Angel Ponce Year ago

    Are you supposed to refrigerate the gummy bears or let them sit out and soak up the vodka

  • Michael Franciosa

    My wife and I have done this BUT we used straight vodka and the gummy bears almost dissolved to like a jelly. What did we do wrong?

    • Delusion
      Delusion Year ago +1

      Low quality gummy bears, alcohol can break gelatin, so it is advised to get some quality gummy bears.

  • Jackie Tejada
    Jackie Tejada Year ago

    She looks like a whore

  • The Ladyblog_0306

    that's called rummy bears

  • Ruby Marriott
    Ruby Marriott Year ago +23

    I like her but she's pretty dead

  • Lanae Donovan
    Lanae Donovan Year ago

    Do you refrigerate during the 24 hours soak?

  • Adrián Bejar-De Vivero

    Will this get me shitfaced?

    • Varg Vikernes' Beard
      Varg Vikernes' Beard Year ago +2

      Have you seen the ammount of alcohol in that bowl? Eating too much is fucking lethal, dude

  • Chandler Anderson

    I find it easier to make them with bird piss and goat shit

  • Adam The Aussie
    Adam The Aussie Year ago

    I'm actually in the middle of making some now for Mum for her 50th birthday tomorrow, Oddly enough the Tipsy bar tender came up in my recommended feed about 6 weeks ago watched 1 video and subscribed. So for Mum's 50th tomorrow We're going to have a variety of these goodies just as well it's Saturday tomorrow so we'll have Sunday and the long weekend Monday to get over it. (Long Weekend here in NSW Australia due to the Queens Birthday)

  • Pao Vargas
    Pao Vargas Year ago

    no entiendo por Deus😂😂

  • Brittany B.
    Brittany B. Year ago +1

    So nobody noticed she licked the spoon and he used it in the bowl later? Oh ok...

  • Dredd
    Dredd Year ago

    What would be a good combo for tequila?

  • Lord Of The Slums

    1:30 what a faker

  • ShiSha
    ShiSha Year ago +1

    If you eat these fast and a lot of them will it get you pretty drunk?

    • Lena Grace
      Lena Grace Year ago

      I spy a pedo bear

    • get_it_boy
      get_it_boy Year ago +2

      eat all of them you would be close to death

    • ShiSha
      ShiSha Year ago +12

      allahu akbar

    • Corxism
      Corxism Year ago +3

      You saw the amount of alcohol he poured in right? I would think so yeah.

  • jvome
    jvome Year ago

    Anyone who needs a guide to pouring liquor over candy isn't old enough to be having said liquor.

  • Belaaj Bojj
    Belaaj Bojj Year ago

    but what will happen if i only mix vodka with gummy bears? i cant find this triple sec anywhere in my country

    • Belaaj Bojj
      Belaaj Bojj Year ago

      okay i will try to find it

    • Marius Malmstrøm
      Marius Malmstrøm Year ago

      You can replace Triple Sec with Cointreau which is the same stuff, only a different brand.

  • Kendra Smith
    Kendra Smith Year ago

    I know my people when I hear them! Bey.... Bahamians can't hide this accent! Proud of my 242 peeps!


    can i add beer to gummy bears

  • Thunder Muffin
    Thunder Muffin Year ago +87

    Anyone else like "she licked the spoon and put it back" throughout the rest of the video?

    • VNV Girl
      VNV Girl 12 days ago

      @Thunder Muffin Seriously? If you're that worried , I would be mystified if you left your home...ever. You'd be a real hoot at a party if a buddy handed you a drink and said check this out it's soo good! ... uhh no.. uhh.. no...your germs. I sense a worried life for you. "Good luck..." (Taken) Did you noticed he ate off of the same spoon after watching her eat off it? so wtf.. did you watch the whole video?

    • Aleta Melendrez
      Aleta Melendrez Year ago

      Thunder Muffin so gross I didn't notice I had to watch it again.

    • Han Yolo
      Han Yolo Year ago +1

      I wouldn't mind.

    • Brittani Tenner
      Brittani Tenner Year ago +6

      ruined the hole bowl

  • Eneida Del Angel
    Eneida Del Angel Year ago +3

    wow she's annoying...and useless

  • Jessica Scott
    Jessica Scott Year ago

    She irks me

  • Nick Mustermann
    Nick Mustermann Year ago

    She looks so damn sexy.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Year ago

    For some weird reason.. your voice is really relaxing to me??

  • troublexhemmo
    troublexhemmo Year ago +1

    Lmao why does this bitch look like a porn star

  • Farren Stewart
    Farren Stewart Year ago

    You know kids can just use 7 up and other things right? So it's a treat for both 😂😂😂😂

  • Wiccan_Jazzpunk
    Wiccan_Jazzpunk Year ago +1

    his recipes and ideas are really cool, but these girs everywhere looking so cheap...

  • Bernice Tam
    Bernice Tam Year ago


  • Jessierene Overstreet

    If i make this without the lime juice will it be still ok ??? Answer needed asap please

  • gina marinaccio
    gina marinaccio Year ago

    can you do this with gimmie worms to ?

    • Nate C
      Nate C Year ago

      gina marinaccio yes

  • GAB D
    GAB D Year ago +2

    I made these for a party i ate too many and threw up.. so everyone be careful if you make these they get you drunk and you don't realize it lmao

    • GAB D
      GAB D Year ago

      I added sweet and sour with triple sec so it wasn't as harsh... but it still got me haha but everyone said they tasted delicious

    • Nate C
      Nate C Year ago

      GAB D did u mix it with anything i just made some but all i added was vodka will they still taste good or do i need to add something else to make them still taste good

  • Pepijn Vink
    Pepijn Vink Year ago

    Lol, Emma turbing into a walking PSA "They're strong, but they still taste good. That's what makes them dangerous"

  • Ashyha Kadame
    Ashyha Kadame Year ago

    april fools xD

  • daniel zuniga
    daniel zuniga Year ago

    I would suck a fart out her ass

  • dattonio . .
    dattonio . . 2 years ago +1

    how about this gummy bears with lean

  • A squished grape
    A squished grape 2 years ago

    make these for a party with harbu gummy bears lmao

  • Deserae Janelle Sanchez
    Deserae Janelle Sanchez 2 years ago +4

    she's my least favorite😒👌💯

  • Your Princess
    Your Princess 2 years ago

    0:43 sky's gace

  • Ferny 69
    Ferny 69 2 years ago

    can u just leave the gummy bears in the bottle