I Try to Master The World's Best Mashed Potatoes...

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • 32 Michelin Star Chef Joël Robuchon owed a lot to his signature dish: Pomme Purée. 2 months Skillshare for free : skl.sh/frenchguycooking11
    Help me reach out to Chef Eric Ripert to get some feedback on my Mashed Potatoes skills ! Whatever he answers, good or bad, I'll post it on this channel 😱... His Twitter and Instagram accounts both are : @ericripert. Please behave 🤞🙏😂
    I challenged myself to recreate what's considered by many the world's best Mashed Potatoes. In the end, here the shortlist of ingredients : 1 kg fingerlings potatoes, 1-1.5 cups whole milk, 250g unsalted butter. The rest is just pure technique.
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  • a name
    a name Month ago +1901

    How to tell that Alex has succeeded:
    Classical Music starts playing

  • Pookie the Pup
    Pookie the Pup 8 hours ago

    That famous french chef is making potato puree, not fluffy mashed potatoes, the way we Americans like them.

  • Cory Jacobs
    Cory Jacobs 14 hours ago

    Want some potato with that butter

  • Genuine Comments
    Genuine Comments 15 hours ago

    It’s not just any potatoe you dunce

  • TheOverLordOfDank

    Mashed potatoes feel and taste like baby food.

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf Day ago

    When problems first started appearing I immediately thought, maybe it’s the potatoes he’s using. Turns out HE USED THE WRONG POTATOES.

  • tony butcher
    tony butcher Day ago

    Dutch Cream potatoes make the best mash hands down.

  • Justin Decker
    Justin Decker Day ago

    too much cringe

  • Stefanie Hadi
    Stefanie Hadi Day ago

    How to make better mashed potatoes: mainly use ricer, use more butter and use starchy potatoes

  • zaer 2438
    zaer 2438 Day ago

    dafuking accent

  • The Beekeeper🐝
    The Beekeeper🐝 2 days ago

    I wonder how much mash potato he had to consume for this

  • Rio Rio
    Rio Rio 3 days ago +1

    And by the time its done you eat it cold... No, thank you.. there are faster ways to mash it

  • Lebohang Mntambo
    Lebohang Mntambo 3 days ago

    La Ratte potatoes are nearly impossible to find in South Africa and might as well cost an arm,a leg and a kick in the teeth 😩.

  • GoodFella
    GoodFella 6 days ago

    I followed this recipe down to a T. I got the Ratte potatoes, I cooked them skin on, I used the highest quality butter and milk I could find and used the exact same ratio as in the recipe, I steamed the mash before I gradually added the butter and milk and of course I put them through a sieve at the end. But I still only get a flavour, that can at most be described as "good", more like "alright", but definitly not "phenomenal". Any ideas what I did wrong, or what I could do better?

  • The Italian Fooder
    The Italian Fooder 7 days ago

    Amazing!!Congratulation Alex!sciappò

  • UN3SS
    UN3SS 7 days ago

    kharba9 liya l'anglais dyali had lahmar hada

  • Kevin McNamara
    Kevin McNamara 7 days ago

    My potatoes are baked; so they never see water.

  • Hordmo
    Hordmo 7 days ago +1

    Browning the butter has always worked good for me.

  • corydoras
    corydoras 7 days ago

    Alex. I hate to disappoint you but I do not like the French style of mashed potatoes. I like mine mashed with just butter, but mashed not turned into baby food. Having said that I love your channel and I love your enthusiasm. Continue et bon courage!

  • Matthew Barden
    Matthew Barden 7 days ago

    music is so loud i, cant

  • J Red
    J Red 8 days ago

    You need a tamis!!!

  • no proper or real name

    never ever have i made mash out of floury potatoes

  • americana_incarnate
    americana_incarnate 9 days ago +2

    "Did I ever tell the definition of insanity"

  • Patrick Wise
    Patrick Wise 9 days ago +1

    How to make the perfect mashed potatoes. Add so much salt and butter than you achieve the addictive quality of fast food.

  • MsWakarimasen
    MsWakarimasen 9 days ago

    Minute 10:40... Your bewilderment is so sweet

  • M57 Studio
    M57 Studio 10 days ago

    Hello Alex, congrats et thanks for the quality of your content on youtube ! You do a great job, but in this mash potatoes case, it would have been interesting to seek the very best products, to point out and remind people that you can't make good food without good products... no secrets ! For example, you could have used Jersey cow's milk (OMG!), some farm butter, and early (rattes) potatoes. The result would have been even more incredible, I'm sure. Still, keep going !!

  • TurdFurgeson571
    TurdFurgeson571 10 days ago +1

    Clearly this dude doesn't know about Aunt Fee.

  • FeelicitasY
    FeelicitasY 11 days ago

    Can we expect a potato series in some time? Or at least an aligot recipe?

  • kingm 2231
    kingm 2231 12 days ago +1

    I should be sleeping but instead im watching a french man going crazy while trying to cook mashed potatoes

  • richard mouton
    richard mouton 13 days ago

    ha bien j'ai attendu la fin pour en voir un bon résultat de cette fameuse purée de RATTE et oui de bon ingrédients pour un mythe français. J'ai eu la chance de rencontrer ce maitre. un très bon souvenirs

  • Yesenia Robles
    Yesenia Robles 13 days ago

    That’s potato purée

  • PlayaSinNombre
    PlayaSinNombre 13 days ago

    “I am going to amp up the butter.”
    “I am not getting a big potato flavor.”
    Things that make you go hmmm...

  • Gwenilamalice
    Gwenilamalice 14 days ago

    The story telling is just top notch

  • Henry
    Henry 14 days ago

    This puree might be good, but did you ever try Laonai Yangyu (Grandmas potatoes) from Yunnan province in China? The sour note of pickled mustard leaves, the slight tingle of sichuan pepper and a generous helping of homemade garlic/chili oil. Blew my mind the first time i tried it, and still does.

  • realfil
    realfil 14 days ago +1

    Try mash with duck fat and freshly pressed garlic. It tastes like heaven.

  • Dominik Mauer
    Dominik Mauer 14 days ago

    It is all about the right way to stir and butter and milk (animal protein). Greetings.

  • Pontus Eriksson
    Pontus Eriksson 14 days ago +2

    "chef I hope i'm making you proud up there! T_T"
    ...anyway here's an ad! :D

  • Frank D
    Frank D 14 days ago +3

    The 3 star pomme purée seem too “runny”/thin. I like them a bit thicker

    • Frank D
      Frank D Day ago

      Alex, what do you think?

  • uzzie88
    uzzie88 15 days ago

    I'm not going to watch the video. I've just come to say that he's mashing potato. The end.

  • Guss De Blod
    Guss De Blod 15 days ago +1

    I'm a french man watching another french man, who's teaching me how to make the perfect mashed potatoes, even though I know I will never make anything close to that and just buy my purée premade "just add milk and heat it up".
    I feel like I'm wasting my life right now.
    And I'm loving it.

  • Eva C.
    Eva C. 15 days ago

    Great work, Alex!

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia 15 days ago +1

    Not as good as grandmas

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller 15 days ago +1

    I bet you could get out even more of that potato flavor if you cooked the ratte potato sous vide

  • Zelassin
    Zelassin 15 days ago

    so to get the best mash you add a whole bricket of butter and buy the most expensive potatoes? Huh, would've never thought that

  • Timothy Michaels
    Timothy Michaels 15 days ago


  • This is Patrick
    This is Patrick 15 days ago

    Did he make it

  • lordtarace123
    lordtarace123 15 days ago

    À good way to cook your potato for a delicious purée is to cook it on the oven with rock salt ( and of course to add a ridiculous amount of salted butter we all agree on that )

  • bewilderedminny
    bewilderedminny 16 days ago

    Hi Alex, first things first, I really enjoy your videos and admire your hard work and creativity. I had a sad realisation during this video that nearly all the chefs and experts you consult with or refer to are mostly men, in a lot of videos, not just this one. Not saying that's your fault, but it's a sad realisation that women just are not taken seriously or don't achieve the same success as men in this industry, even though, let's be honest, in most households it's still the women song the cooking. If you want your mashed potatoes to taste like potatoes, please consult an Irish Mammy 😉

  • Gold Orak
    Gold Orak 16 days ago +1

    Recette de Robuchon : rattes cuites avec la peau .
    Alex : patates de supermarché épluchées ...
    Suivre une recette est pourtant simple .

  • hi there
    hi there 16 days ago

    Local man goes insane after watching and consuming mash potatoes for 30 days

  • Lisa Henderson
    Lisa Henderson 16 days ago

    La Ratte = Yukon Gold American potatoes. They are the Best for mashed potatoes!!

  • andrew pinto
    andrew pinto 16 days ago

    Bake the potatoes, Marco Pierre Whites recipe! Fuller flavour

  • FEELING AWESOME The New Good Therapy

    Excellent! I enjoyed this episode very much!

    DENIED FURBALL 17 days ago

    11:22. Had to check I was on the right site....

  • Cheryl Jones
    Cheryl Jones 17 days ago

    So, I'm a midwestern American girl and I fully understand that country cooking and French cooking are two WAY different things. But I can't wrap my head around this potato puree that Alex is making and calling it mashed potatoes. We make mashed potatoes for breakfast, lunch, supper and desert ;here in the heartland. So, we kind of know of what we speak (well for our region anyway)! Any mashed potato that's not firm enough to stack up on your plate and make a mashed potato mountain will not do. It must ... and I mean MUST be hearty enough to stand up to good old fashion milk gravy ... the life line of any midwestern or southern folks. But I do get the part about the butter. We use tons of butter in our mashed potatoes, too. They're a match made in heaven. Just my 2 cents worth!!

  • Jordan Petrunia
    Jordan Petrunia 17 days ago +2

    Every time you talk it sounds like French Garfield choking

  • Angelm3296
    Angelm3296 17 days ago +9

    Alex: I have a silver spoon with me.
    Crackheads: 😳😳😳

  • Michael S. Lau
    Michael S. Lau 17 days ago

    ...and where is this recipe you speak of?

  • Christian Fischer
    Christian Fischer 17 days ago +4

    Alex isn't even able to listen properly; didn't Robuchon say : skin on, then cook them? Mission failed

    • Bini LGN
      Bini LGN 16 days ago +2

      How else is he gonna make the video last 12 minutes and get that juicy youtube ad money

  • Benjamín Palacios Abbott

    Was it important to peel them after boiling them in the end? or it was just the potato type that mattered?

    • Kyeri Art
      Kyeri Art 16 days ago

      Yes. When you boil with skin on they leave less flavour in the water.