Streamers React to "Tfue Diss Track Official" by H1ghsky1 (ft. Logan Paul)

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • In Today's Video, we Watch FaZe H1ghSky1 *DISS TRACK* On Tfue
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Comments • 1 699

  • TSG Eclipse
    TSG Eclipse Day ago

    Finally can leave comments after the coward turned off comments

  • Daniel Ly
    Daniel Ly Day ago

    Sounds pretty similar to Suge by Dababy to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • peices of ham
    peices of ham 2 days ago

    It's sad that he made fortnite references and fortnite CGI

  • lonely Boy
    lonely Boy 2 days ago

    That was trash

  • Faizan Mahmood
    Faizan Mahmood 2 days ago

    well how many more beats of dababys is he gonna take

  • Rodrigo Magana
    Rodrigo Magana 3 days ago

    It sound like dababy song like if think so

    MICHAEL GARGIULO 4 days ago

    He copied suge by da baby

  • Cyprian Chavarria
    Cyprian Chavarria 4 days ago +3

    Besides his voice being annoying it’s not half bad

  • Rush _Jay
    Rush _Jay 4 days ago


  • SeekNDestroyXD _ughh

    High sky copy DaBaby suge

  • William McFiggle
    William McFiggle 6 days ago

    I hate myth now

  • Aiden P
    Aiden P 6 days ago

    He kind of copied DaBaby

  • Owen Jameson
    Owen Jameson 7 days ago

    ur mom gay

  • Cody McCarty
    Cody McCarty 7 days ago +1

    It is copy of suge

  • Dashing Beaver
    Dashing Beaver 8 days ago

    The nickname for the diss track

    Suge (kidzbop version)

  • Angel Gaming weekly
    Angel Gaming weekly 8 days ago +2

    High sky : I made my own song
    Dababy: “reloads glock”

  • steven Ramirez
    steven Ramirez 8 days ago

    Sounds like Suge I understand it’s inspired

  • iDareYT
    iDareYT 8 days ago

    the songs isn’t that bad

  • Eric Contreras
    Eric Contreras 8 days ago

    That shit was bad

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 9 days ago

    Highsky is ultimate cringe
    Batchy is better at diss tracks

  • RJ Raiden
    RJ Raiden 9 days ago

    Stole Da Baby’s flow lol

  • Big Nigga
    Big Nigga 10 days ago

    It's sad that you have to copy dababy and make it a fortnite parody

  • Corey
    Corey 10 days ago

    He disabled comments to not get exposed for low-key copying Suge By DaBaby

  • TTV_Swingg
    TTV_Swingg 12 days ago

    kill me now

  • Soy Minoy
    Soy Minoy 12 days ago

    He’s literally copying Da baby

  • GG YT
    GG YT 12 days ago

    This song beat from suge by Dababy

  • Bred
    Bred 12 days ago

    This guy copied dababy cause he cant make his own song XD

  • Hummus Bot
    Hummus Bot 12 days ago +1

    I hate how this kid thinks he’s in the right here even though he knew he could get in trouble for doing this. This kid just all around sucks. H1ghSky1’s mom even supported him, which is just terrible parenting. She let him break the rules and she knew he couldn’t do it. He just plain sucks. He shouldn’t be hurt by any people. He is fully responsible for what happened. Also can we just appreciate how this Russian Eminem tries to diss Tfue by saying that he’s better at fortnite than him.

  • Zaydan Peters
    Zaydan Peters 12 days ago

    This is suge

  • Sukhvir Uppal
    Sukhvir Uppal 13 days ago

    It’s bad but it’s ok he’s 11

  • everett gaintner
    everett gaintner 13 days ago

    It is a remake of surg

  • TTVB0bTheBui1der
    TTVB0bTheBui1der 14 days ago

    He just copied suge by DaBaby

  • Jayden Alexander
    Jayden Alexander 15 days ago

    Fortnite is ass this kid doesn’t even know where faze started you know bo2 snipes

  • xheric
    xheric 15 days ago

    this song actually sounds like dababy - suge

  • Kevin Falls
    Kevin Falls 16 days ago

    Hisky the next day baby stolen

  • Stxvx's Bizarre Adventure

    DaBaby Suge

  • that boy rejay 100
    that boy rejay 100 17 days ago

    Faze coped da baby

  • Amaan Ahmed
    Amaan Ahmed 17 days ago +1

    Myth ur mean because his diss track hes just a kid myth ur trash

  • xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion 18 days ago

    Da baby song bro

  • Yusuf Saleem
    Yusuf Saleem 18 days ago


  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 18 days ago

    Dequans *sry spelling * reaction is PRICELESS

  • Sconey7 7
    Sconey7 7 19 days ago

    This song trash

  • Charlie Archer
    Charlie Archer 19 days ago

    myth hatin' on highsky cause faze better than tsm

  • DisTinct
    DisTinct 24 days ago

    why is tfue in the thumbnail lol

  • Young Jamier
    Young Jamier 24 days ago

    that song is by
    Dababy- suge lmao stalllin i will tell this to tommy craze

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson 25 days ago +1

    Tsm is Bader then tufe

  • Sammie Finesse
    Sammie Finesse 26 days ago

    myth didn’t even listen. he couldn’t catch those bars for shit ...

    • EDGAR
      EDGAR 22 days ago

      Maybe because he’s ass at rapping?”bars”😂

  • Jermaine Howard
    Jermaine Howard 27 days ago

    Leave him alone he can beat all of you at fortnite and he is being creative pig

  • KemKem
    KemKem Month ago

    When he first get into Faze, and you start doing a distrack on tfue for “fun”. And he didnt even say Logans name. This kid is stupid

  • ItsYahir
    ItsYahir Month ago

    LõrdKillaz OG going crazy on u

  • ItsYahir
    ItsYahir Month ago

    people dont know what a joke means now

  • LG Patscity22
    LG Patscity22 Month ago

    Broo highsky is craaacked rip FaZe y u do this to a 12 yr old

  • Frank Mendoza
    Frank Mendoza Month ago


  • Frank Mendoza
    Frank Mendoza Month ago

    Fashionably is gggggaaaaayyyyy aaaass

  • Mj09031021
    Mj09031021 Month ago

    He might be bad but everyone look at myths first ever win

  • DaLegendary T
    DaLegendary T Month ago

    Tfue better then every faze member...

  • Zombie Parkour11
    Zombie Parkour11 Month ago

    My name is Logan and I know a Corrine

  • cringe god
    cringe god Month ago +1

    Highsky looks like the kid that'll have mantits eat 30 Hershey bars at once and a lisp

  • cringe god
    cringe god Month ago +1

    He made a diss on a streamer about fortnite😂😂one reason I quit cause lil kids think their cool do they make disses on fortnite 😆😆

  • N.O.T Krane
    N.O.T Krane Month ago

    Faze highsky's diss track is copyrighted by dababy-suge