• Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Guess who’s back with another makeup challenge!!! What happens when you take your makeup routine, work it, flip it and… REVERSE IT!!! Today I’m doing my makeup BACKWARDS! It may sound easy, but this video will show you otherwise, haha! I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to thumbs up!
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  • NikkieTutorials
    NikkieTutorials  4 months ago +15211

    *I obviously didn't work it, flip it and reverse it...* 🤔

  • ASMR_Time
    ASMR_Time 15 hours ago

    You should do half of your face backward and half forward

  • Magdalena Říhová

    how did you manage to still make it look amazing??

  • Gryphon
    Gryphon 3 days ago

    Baking powder and eye primer?? 🤔🤔🤔

  • A Moose
    A Moose 3 days ago

    My face feels itchy when I watch this

  • depression sucks
    depression sucks 3 days ago

    😮 she actually did her brows on camera

  • Ashlyn Monroe
    Ashlyn Monroe 4 days ago

    To make it easier if she ever did it again she should write it down in her normal order so she can just read the steps backwards, i'm not being mean I'm just sharing an idea, this is one of my all-time favorite vids on her channel

  • Hailey Williams
    Hailey Williams 4 days ago

    13:39 pause and take a second to look at her nose contour one like equals one pray for her contour (don’t take this comment I love Nikki )

  • emma reiter
    emma reiter 4 days ago

    what beauty blender do you use

  • Maša Melinc
    Maša Melinc 5 days ago

    she didn't conceal her brows🤔

  • kim so joon
    kim so joon 6 days ago

    I like ur skin when it's getting red 😄😄 like I want to feel having a skin like that

  • Mohammad Hassan Essa Ressi Khan

    Whats in reverse

  • Abbey Welke
    Abbey Welke 7 days ago

    You’re so cute Nikki, such a kind good soul

  • Rae Williams
    Rae Williams 7 days ago

    Didn’t realize u look so much like khloe Kardashian

  • Marsi ' z
    Marsi ' z 7 days ago

    U took this challenge to a new level sis

  • Sexy Squad
    Sexy Squad 7 days ago

    You should have watched one of your past videos and done it in reverse

  • Arianna RT
    Arianna RT 9 days ago

    I just started the video and i feel like nikkie is gonna body this challenge just cause that’s who she is

  • K M
    K M 13 days ago

    Ummmmm so what your saying is you do iner corner highlight first??

  • Audrey K
    Audrey K 13 days ago

    Those eyes are...

  • Claire Alexandria
    Claire Alexandria 13 days ago

    it’s so weird to see lip gloss whipped out 2 minutes into a makeup video😂

  • Paola Winters
    Paola Winters 14 days ago

    Still better than mine😪💔😂😂😂

  • Hebihime
    Hebihime 17 days ago

    lol your face looks like a tomato

  • Max {Magical Raven} {Blood Magic}

    Shouldve sprayed b4 doin the look

  • Chloe Toh
    Chloe Toh 17 days ago

    she actly looks good without the foundation

  • lykatada
    lykatada 17 days ago

    The eyeshadow primer and eyeliner.

  • Dunno Dunn
    Dunno Dunn 18 days ago

    Wtf you still look good

  • Devonta Reeves
    Devonta Reeves 18 days ago

    That was a good read

  • Jack Ricciardi
    Jack Ricciardi 18 days ago

    you should have made a list and then went upwards it would ave made it a lot easier;]

  • gabby gonzalez
    gabby gonzalez 19 days ago

    i don’t think it’s fair that she “changed her routine for a day” while doing his. weird flex but ok

  • Poppy Charleston
    Poppy Charleston 19 days ago

    She forgot eye primer

  • Salt, Shot, Lemon
    Salt, Shot, Lemon 19 days ago

    Her apology for missing the lower lash line was still better than Laura Lee’s apology

  • loveth joseph
    loveth joseph 19 days ago

    Applying shadows with lashes is something people do a lot where I'm from
    Like there were lashes for a month straight without removing them

  • Suzanne Hay
    Suzanne Hay 20 days ago

    Was i the only one who got mad when she didnt cover her lips

  • xX Seal_Phantomhive Xx

    Her eyes looks like the wings of a colorful bird...

  • Jannea Jalata
    Jannea Jalata 20 days ago

    Play this at 1.5x speed haha

  • KyungMi Thornhill
    KyungMi Thornhill 21 day ago

    the scariest part about this is the eyes. if i saw anyone with that much eyeshadow on out in public i might ask them if they were going to a childs birthday party as an entertainer.

  • Medha Gedela
    Medha Gedela 21 day ago


  • ruby benney
    ruby benney 21 day ago

    It looks better that I could ever do my makeup! :( 😂❤

  • Tmb1 Basilisk
    Tmb1 Basilisk 22 days ago +1

    When you put high lighter under your nose i was laughing all the time when my wife was doing makeup

  • Anouk Out
    Anouk Out 23 days ago

    Hey a lot of people are doing there eyes first

  • Kye De Ocampo
    Kye De Ocampo 23 days ago

    NikkiTutorials = Bianca Del Rio

  • Malab B.K.
    Malab B.K. 23 days ago

    Sweden vibes

  • Jennifer González
    Jennifer González 24 days ago

    It’s good!!!

  • Kelsey Figueroa
    Kelsey Figueroa 24 days ago

    I can't even draw a straight line


    No I can't
    that is the only thing I can do
    Oh and this


    No I can't

  • Harshnee Rajan
    Harshnee Rajan 24 days ago

    I thought she would end up applying the foundation all over the face and lips ..and full blank 😜

  • D I V A Kingsley
    D I V A Kingsley 25 days ago

    Should've wrote out a list before starting the video..., but still humorous & entertaining.

  • Malorie Guzior
    Malorie Guzior 26 days ago

    Okay can we just talk about how she was upset about how it was going but it still looks better than my makeup when I do it normally😂😂😂

  • Ava Doyle
    Ava Doyle 26 days ago


  • alina a
    alina a 27 days ago

    You should’ve written out your makeup routine and then just started from the bottom

  • Grace Lowenstrom
    Grace Lowenstrom 28 days ago

    Even when she does it backwards, it looks better then mine😂😂

  • Lorelai Frates
    Lorelai Frates Month ago

    How does she have a 11 million subscribers when all her beauty can be removed with a Kleenex

  • Annabelle Dodd-Sutton

    Get your shade matched and find different brands with the same shade name and wear half of one and half of another

  • Emma ROSE
    Emma ROSE Month ago

    Fit babe

  • Jana Haase
    Jana Haase Month ago

    are your lips real?

  • Gracie
    Gracie Month ago

    Use code Nikki for 10 percent off

  • Hogwarts fan #hufflepuff

    Rlly this is makeup backwards😟 it looks tooooooo good better that normal makeup x

  • lil b
    lil b Month ago

    I think ir looks weareable, better than anything i would do even in normal way!!!!

  • Katie Lewis
    Katie Lewis Month ago

    If your doing it in reverse then shouldn’t you blend it and then put the product??

  • Callie Owens
    Callie Owens Month ago

    She looks good without foundation with the rest of her products

  • Katie Zientek
    Katie Zientek Month ago

    Wrong product makeup challenge: Lipstick for your foundation, mascara for eyebrows. Eyeshadow for lips, foundation for eyeshadow

  • Miranda
    Miranda Month ago

    you forgot your eyeshadow base lol

  • Laura Gallant
    Laura Gallant Month ago

    OMG! LOVE YOUR NAILS! Where do u get them done?

  • People Peeps
    People Peeps Month ago

    She forgot to use eye primer!!! 😱😂😂

  • Ana Luisa Gamez
    Ana Luisa Gamez Month ago

    You forgot the eye setter that you put before eyeshadow

  • Kendall Lambert
    Kendall Lambert Month ago

    13:45 the sound of her beauty blender slapping across her face has me dead

  • Ellie Pollard
    Ellie Pollard Month ago

    when NikkieTutorials does her makeup backward yet its still better than your normal routine ;)

  • CRAZY Jade
    CRAZY Jade Month ago


  • Salina Thakuri
    Salina Thakuri Month ago

    Yes, you are talent 😇

  • Luisa Medina
    Luisa Medina Month ago


  • Confused Tuber
    Confused Tuber Month ago


  • Vitória Rocha
    Vitória Rocha Month ago

    I love you ❤

  • w sh
    w sh Month ago

    how many times she is going to wear that denim jacket .

  • Caitlin Schwab
    Caitlin Schwab Month ago

    When her makeup still looks better than yours 😭

  • Grace Milinkovic
    Grace Milinkovic Month ago

    you still look gorgeous!!! wtf

  • kashi J.
    kashi J. Month ago

    11:28 What do you mean it’s okay I am dying of laughing at your face here nikki 😂😂 ITS.NOT.OKAY. I can die anytime watching this

  • thehardestpart
    thehardestpart Month ago +1

    It looks like she did it in normal order!

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam Month ago

    Can we see what this look would actually look like?
    The video idea is fun and interesting and I will sometimes come and rewatch this so many times however I have seen it so much that I kind of want to see what the actual look is suppose to look like

  • nobody nobody
    nobody nobody Month ago +1

    ugh the beauty blender asmr😍😂

  • Elina L
    Elina L Month ago


  • Alex dssad
    Alex dssad Month ago +1

    Ауу тут есть кто-то рускоговорящий?

  • Etta's Channel
    Etta's Channel Month ago +1

    I love how in every video she has the exact same nails

  • Anna Wiebe
    Anna Wiebe Month ago +1

    Has anybody noticed that she always starts with the left eye!

  • PearlBeauty 01
    PearlBeauty 01 Month ago +2

    Dont you usualy conceal and prime your eyes? pretty sure everybody does, but everyone that does this video never does it

  • Whitney Mee
    Whitney Mee Month ago

    1:57-2:04 like perfect

  • M E M E S
    M E M E S Month ago +1

    **James left the server**

  • M E M E S
    M E M E S Month ago

    *James left the server*

  • David Maldonado
    David Maldonado Month ago +1

    Nikkie s tears in this video are delicious 😂

  • Just Lorelei
    Just Lorelei Month ago +1

    Yoooooo why is she slaying honey👌👌👌👌👌

  • LauraSkull185
    LauraSkull185 Month ago +1

    i love your videos they always put me in a good mood ☺️

  • Anila Safarni
    Anila Safarni Month ago

    final look still beauty

  • Linda Lo passo
    Linda Lo passo Month ago +2

    Hi Nikkie,I’m from Italy

  • a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    Bitch its not supposed to look good in the end. Takes all the fun out of the challenge 🙄

  • Naomi4Life
    Naomi4Life Month ago +2

    Nikkie is so beautiful without makeup and her lips are GOALS

  • Isabelle Wolvetang
    Isabelle Wolvetang Month ago +1

    Wouldn’t you need to put eye primer on top of your eye look?

  • Josi Evans
    Josi Evans Month ago +1

    You would have done your other eye first

  • Ashley Michele
    Ashley Michele Month ago +1

    Why didn't you just wrote the steps down so you could easily follow them backwards 😂

  • Timi Csatornája
    Timi Csatornája Month ago

    Still looks good tho

  • April Romanek
    April Romanek Month ago +1

    The inner corner of the eye should have went first lol I was telling you but you didn’t hear me lol love ya

  • Alexus Wilson
    Alexus Wilson Month ago

    brows was snatched though!!!

  • Martin de klerk
    Martin de klerk Month ago +6

    Zelfs als je je make-up achterstevoren aanbrengt ziet het er zooo beter uit als ik heel erg mijn best doe😂😂❤️