Teachers VS Students GONE MAD

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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  • xXGacha CookieXx
    xXGacha CookieXx 11 minutes ago

    My teacher called me lazy and ungrateful in front of the whole class and then told the class dramatically,


  • Rebecca Henkel
    Rebecca Henkel 41 minute ago

    Hi olga

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  • Lisa Strait
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  • NoonCat
    NoonCat Hour ago +1

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i got a like
    wait why is it blue

  • Kill You
    Kill You Hour ago

    That teacher destevered that ball kick

  • Marquea Parker
    Marquea Parker Hour ago

    sssniperwolf u look like a wolf

  • Lily Jessee
    Lily Jessee Hour ago

    Ok so my name is Lily Jessee and so my last name can be a first name so I had a sub that went around the room taking attendance and asked for my last name so I said Jessee he goes NO that is you first name what is you last name I say Jessee he almost flipped me off until I showed him the attendance list he’s says my bad. Like what the heck dude I was in 2nd grade come on made

  • Nothing to Smile about


  • Vincent Pham
    Vincent Pham 2 hours ago

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  • Chichi love
    Chichi love 2 hours ago

    SSSniperwolf hahaha🍟🍟🍟🍟🌮🍔

  • Chichi love
    Chichi love 2 hours ago

    My. Name is Ivan ynfante

  • Chichi love
    Chichi love 2 hours ago

    Hi I love your videos 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nikki Lande
    Nikki Lande 2 hours ago

    S six

  • Layla Gore
    Layla Gore 3 hours ago

    Hi olga

  • DEmonifiED snakE
    DEmonifiED snakE 3 hours ago

    I kicked the teacher in the balls like how many times when i got mad at them no idear...

    BIG BOY BOOGEIE 3 hours ago

    hi olga

  • Ariel Ingle
    Ariel Ingle 3 hours ago

    Hi Olga

    XXX_GACHADEMON_XXX XX 4 hours ago

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    Cason Tucker 4 hours ago

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  • jgoodman76
    jgoodman76 4 hours ago

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  • Cavalcade Cavalcade
    Cavalcade Cavalcade 4 hours ago

    A sub in 1st grade hit me with her heel. I hitted her back infront of the class and told my mom after school . She was so scared for what the police will do to her .lol🤦‍♂️😌😌🖕🙂😂🤣

  • Isabella Senn
    Isabella Senn 5 hours ago

    Hi ogre

  • Unicorngamer 2427
    Unicorngamer 2427 5 hours ago

    Why does that sound like my pe teacher ms. Alcazar

  • Star Universe
    Star Universe 5 hours ago

    Sorry, Leah I just got out of school, but I’ll still like

  • kai B
    kai B 5 hours ago

    I seriously can't live without the internet all I have is my grandma's phone and it runs out of battery really quick the battery was at 100% when I started this video and now it's at 46% gosh dang*phone turns off because it has 0% battery* dang it

  • Firstcentery try hating

    Hi Ol-shit

  • PolarPlays
    PolarPlays 5 hours ago

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  • Daniella Carrillo
    Daniella Carrillo 5 hours ago +1

    One of my teachers yelled at a class cause 3 boys put gum under the table

  • Jewels Taylors
    Jewels Taylors 5 hours ago

    Hi Olga

  • Anime Hotdog
    Anime Hotdog 6 hours ago

    Putting a cap in someone means shooting them in the chest

  • Gacha Galactix kitty
    Gacha Galactix kitty 6 hours ago

    My teacher got so mad at a student named ianna and went she (Ianna) was looking at Edwin and the teacher wait why u looking at him? You in LoVe whith him or something? And then I think she smacked her in the halls.... so.... yea.....

  • Lily Alarcon
    Lily Alarcon 6 hours ago

    Hi olga

  • //mîńtÿ frêšh\\
    //mîńtÿ frêšh\\ 6 hours ago +2

    This is my version cause some people don’t have the same hours of school.

  • Niala Payne
    Niala Payne 6 hours ago

    Hi Olga

  • ICrossedFrostedToast 03
    ICrossedFrostedToast 03 6 hours ago +1

    i Go Back to school intill August

  • Alana Doucet
    Alana Doucet 6 hours ago

    I want a part two

  • Brianna Lopez
    Brianna Lopez 6 hours ago

    ooof one day freshman year i had this teacher who was just so mad one day she started screaming at a kid who fell asleep in class and later proceeded to yell at me give me a detention slip and send me to the office for folding a paper in class. i went to the principle and she commented that it was rather ridiculous of the teacher and sent me back to class. i walk into the class and this teacher is now infuriated she continues to scream at me while i stand there smiling and laughing at her she hands me another pass to the office for laughing at her and i rip it up in front of her and leave the classroom. i just ditched the rest of class and continued with my day.

  • Sergio Campos
    Sergio Campos 7 hours ago

    Instant Karma!!!!!!!! 4:20 lol

  • Audriiion Llemus
    Audriiion Llemus 8 hours ago

    Blame it on jamar

  • Angalle Tattianna
    Angalle Tattianna 8 hours ago

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  • Alyx Mayo
    Alyx Mayo 8 hours ago +1

    Wen I was in second grade our teacher used to leave us in our class all by ourself and we use to have dance party’s well she was gone and one day she walks in when we were all standing on our desks and punished me and only me and I was the only one that was sitting doing nothing and she only punishes me

  • Katie Amaro
    Katie Amaro 9 hours ago +1

    Some tests are in a computer and there a listing test so u need headphones

  • Livia van Ruiten
    Livia van Ruiten 9 hours ago

    Hi Olga 😊

  • вяσкєи вιllιє

    Niñas mente(Little Girl's Mind) : He terminado con usted..(I'm done with you..)
    Niña(Little Girl): **patadas maestro en las tuercas y corre de ahí**(Kicks Teacher in the nuts and runs out) Abusas de mi, que abuso de ti, hermanooooo. (Abuse me, I abuse you, brotherrrrr)

  • Brosis 2gether
    Brosis 2gether 10 hours ago

    My mom name is Olga

  • I love the Periodic table

    Hi Olga

  • Aesthetic Ariana
    Aesthetic Ariana 10 hours ago

    In 4th grade my teacher named mrs.aleman called Jonathan a smart azz

  • Kenzie Busk
    Kenzie Busk 10 hours ago +1

    That last one though, *someone puts on lipstick* teacher:"hey hey hey! Is that a doorbell I hear?! Stop ringing the door bell"*person keeps doing it n ok t knowing he is taking about the notice they are making* 😂

  • ravenclaw1123
    ravenclaw1123 10 hours ago

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  • Kim Price
    Kim Price 10 hours ago

    Put a cap in him means a bullet is him

  • Kenzie Busk
    Kenzie Busk 10 hours ago

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  • Kim Price
    Kim Price 10 hours ago

    Get rekt teacher

  • Inaaya saeed
    Inaaya saeed 10 hours ago

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  • Simane Ouchlif
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    COLTON HALVERSON 10 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf busting a cap in someone means shooting someone

  • Fujo Otaku
    Fujo Otaku 11 hours ago

    Hi Olga girly

  • Revenge Blueberry
    Revenge Blueberry 11 hours ago

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  • Ashley Powell
    Ashley Powell 11 hours ago

    One tI me a sub teacher said that we better be quite or when we get older somebody would slam r hand in a car door

  • sung1g1rl
    sung1g1rl 11 hours ago +1

    The 4th video the teacher is onastly drunk

  • Evilpunk 2019
    Evilpunk 2019 12 hours ago +1

    One time my math teacher said don’t open my mouth and i opened it as wide as I could and walked right up

  • IZZY Goike
    IZZY Goike 12 hours ago

    this is so much

  • Evilpunk 2019
    Evilpunk 2019 12 hours ago

    Hiii olga

  • Gacha the Cookie
    Gacha the Cookie 12 hours ago

    That girl has something coming

  • Alena Pakers
    Alena Pakers 12 hours ago +1

    When she said that about black people it hurt my feelings 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢🍘😭

  • Girl Twins Toy Bin
    Girl Twins Toy Bin 13 hours ago

    Do a part two

  • Girl Twins Toy Bin
    Girl Twins Toy Bin 13 hours ago

    My grade 3 teacher yelled shut up but like it was in a joking way yay

  • Girl Twins Toy Bin
    Girl Twins Toy Bin 13 hours ago

    I’m a wel it’s summer right now

  • Riley Mansfield
    Riley Mansfield 13 hours ago

    Hi Olga

  • Sunil Jacob
    Sunil Jacob 14 hours ago +2

    My sub was once sleeping and everyone was on their phone and recording her

  • Sukainah Zehra
    Sukainah Zehra 14 hours ago

    Hi Olga

  • S L E E P Y H E A D
    S L E E P Y H E A D 14 hours ago

    My 5th geade teacher was a crackhead everyday and I also found alcohol in her desk...😑😤

  • Alliyah Tahfi
    Alliyah Tahfi 16 hours ago

    my step dad said once one of his teachers threw a giant book across the room

  • Summer Kerr
    Summer Kerr 16 hours ago +2

    AT 1:50 who thinks she need a kick 2.1.k for a million kicks↘️

  • Jayda Hammond
    Jayda Hammond 16 hours ago

    if he screamed in my ear I would have picked up a desk and slammed it into his face I have sensitive ears like highly sensetive

  • Jayda Hammond
    Jayda Hammond 16 hours ago +1


  • Lilo and Milo
    Lilo and Milo 18 hours ago

    Hi Olga

  • Tamya Crispin
    Tamya Crispin 18 hours ago

    today the last day of school 26-19

  • beckgirl 0111
    beckgirl 0111 18 hours ago

    I was in the third grade when this happened:
    Me talking to my friend: Hey want to have an armwrestle?
    Friend: Sure
    So we have an armwrestle.
    Teacher: Break it up Break it up. I'm going to be calling your parents about this, You know you are supposed to keep your hands to yourself.
    I get home and my parents are all mad.
    Mom: So what's this I hear about you not keeping your hands to yourself?
    Me: Mom, all I did was have an armwrestle with my friend.
    Mom: Wait are you kidding me? That's what this is all about.
    Me: Yes.
    Mom: *calls teacher* Why did you have to call me to tell me my daughter was having a freaking armwrestle with her friend??!

  • Lehandi Bronkhorst
    Lehandi Bronkhorst 21 hour ago

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    EE K 21 hour ago

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    Pilar Cruz 21 hour ago

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    PANDA EXPRESS 22 hours ago

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  • Dinø Dan :3
    Dinø Dan :3 22 hours ago +1

    The worst thing my teacher ever did was tell us he was gonna hurt us if we didn’t stop and then tell us he wasn’t joking...

  • Charity Conat
    Charity Conat 22 hours ago

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  • Rahjanae Johnson
    Rahjanae Johnson 22 hours ago

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  • Isabella Linares
    Isabella Linares 23 hours ago

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  • Annalieze Gutierrez
    Annalieze Gutierrez 23 hours ago +2

    Once i got in a fight and they suspended me for extra time cause of my last name

  • i_hate_me/invis
    i_hate_me/invis 23 hours ago

    Hi ollguh

    Old guy

  • troy abram
    troy abram Day ago

    Get out of my rooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Briya Carter
    Briya Carter Day ago

    1:53 AYE

  • Briya Carter
    Briya Carter Day ago

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    Arian g Day ago

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  • Something Random

    There’s this one cool sub in school and everyone loves him

  • Thais Garcia
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