Blake Griffin Demonstrates Why Post-Game Interviews Make Athletes Sound Stupid

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Blake Griffin shares how he got into stand-up comedy and uses Jimmy to demonstrate exactly why interviews after games make professional athletes sound dumb.
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    Blake Griffin Demonstrates Why Post-Game Interviews Make Athletes Sound Stupid
  • ComedyComedy

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  • The Irishpanic
    The Irishpanic 2 hours ago

    The ending could have been much better if they had time. Btw I know this is way late but how the fuck is Jimmy Fallon the host of the tonight show and not Conan? Dumbest shit ever

  • Deym Daniel
    Deym Daniel 7 hours ago

    Not gonna lie blake griffin does have a lot sense

  • Steve Rattle
    Steve Rattle 12 hours ago

    Blake shouldve get the Space Jam lead not that corny Lebron James

  • Breynard
    Breynard 20 hours ago

    those chucks are 🔥

  • MacDilly Alto
    MacDilly Alto Day ago

    Okay that was actually pretty funny.

  • Lasse Pleb
    Lasse Pleb Day ago +1

    "Yeah I went to buy some Chocolate Chip Pickled Herring"
    Jimmy: "Oh I love Chocolate Chip Pickled Herring"

  • Nathan Baca
    Nathan Baca 3 days ago

    Blake: Jimmy Fallon was really good on SNL

  • Boss2119 •
    Boss2119 • 3 days ago

    I’ll never forget when Popovich said “they scored more points than us” to a dumbass reporter 😂😂

  • J.M.V Official
    J.M.V Official 3 days ago +1

    Great first season with the pistons... You mean 2nd season, cmon my G

  • DatWill
    DatWill 7 days ago

    Holy shit either fallon is sleep deprived or popping a few xanys before each show

  • Blake ADkd
    Blake ADkd 8 days ago

    Blake griffin needs to host snl seriously

  • IG: confused_melo to see proof he is garbage #Ginga

    3:33 Or just wear fit pants smh weirdo generation

    CAP'N FTB 11 days ago

    He's honeslty pretty good at public speaking for an nba player, i mean i've never really heard or care to have heard an nba player talk, but honeslty he'd be a pretty good host of a podcast or talk show host on espn or something

  • Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving

    Damn the point of view/perspective is just wow

  • G G
    G G 13 days ago

    great video

  • Christian Cook
    Christian Cook 13 days ago


  • Josephi Brovski
    Josephi Brovski 13 days ago

    Russel westbrook: *likes*

  • Nuraby _
    Nuraby _ 13 days ago

    Don't forget if athletes don't say something generic and bland, they get ripped for being too uppity and outspoken.
    And then when they just stick something generic and bland, same athletes get ripped for not showing any personality or being boring.

  • Daniel Tarly
    Daniel Tarly 14 days ago

    Jimmy cant let any one speaks .

  • Charmedsas1
    Charmedsas1 14 days ago

    Dude...will you just go into acting already?!😩😩😩 come on!!!

  • Matt Dav
    Matt Dav 14 days ago

    My Blake of the Year

  • james haokip
    james haokip 15 days ago

    The flying lion has got humor as well..👍

  • Wise Ty
    Wise Ty 15 days ago

    Blake’s a really fun person kawhi laugh

  • david sanders
    david sanders 15 days ago +1

    He didn't know about his OWN TRADE, how he gonna know about anyone else's?? #DisrespectulAF lmao

  • Yuri Petrov
    Yuri Petrov 15 days ago

    you cant be pretty and also do comedy, doesnt work that way. ask ryan rainolds, he had to put on a mask for us to take his jokes seriously. This guy's biggest strength is that he's tall. He also kinda dumb..

  • Ed Vargas
    Ed Vargas 16 days ago

    Blake is funnier than Fallon.

  • theWHOLEgiraffe
    theWHOLEgiraffe 16 days ago

    Jimmy looks dead tf how old is this dude

  • Chris Jaimon
    Chris Jaimon 16 days ago

    Blake griffin seems like such a nice and humble guy


    Post game interviews on the athlete sound stupid? Well let Gregg Popovic tell you about post game interviews and he didnt break a sweat to prove how stupid post game interviews are in general 😂

  • Lawrence Eric L. Taer
    Lawrence Eric L. Taer 17 days ago

    Been a fan since '13. God, you never lost part of you Blake.

  • N.W. Native
    N.W. Native 17 days ago

    Blake is gonna end up running for president when he's old.

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J 17 days ago

    Blake is great man. Hate that his best statistical year in the NBA has to be wasted here in Detroit.

  • AsianFailMLG
    AsianFailMLG 17 days ago

    Can someone make a montage of him smaking his thigh

  • E Gadd
    E Gadd 17 days ago

    Blake of the Year

  • HR PufnStuf
    HR PufnStuf 17 days ago

    poor blake is stuck on the pistons

  • Sweetgraffix 17
    Sweetgraffix 17 18 days ago

    Blake left jimmy hanging at the beginning

  • AceFx
    AceFx 18 days ago

    He should get into voice acting

  • Andrew Reil
    Andrew Reil 18 days ago

    Blake Griffin is actually funny, im surprised.

  • Manny C
    Manny C 18 days ago

    Who’s Kurt Thomas?

  • YouTube Solutions
    YouTube Solutions 18 days ago

    So glad he said that never thought of it like that

  • saxon barrington
    saxon barrington 18 days ago

    I mean he has a point

  • Vanta Black
    Vanta Black 18 days ago

    Blake griffin is will Ferrell and mya Rudolph’s son

  • Will Conyea
    Will Conyea 18 days ago

    Connor hagerman out

  • Will Conyea
    Will Conyea 18 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is the most unfunny person on the planet

  • BuLet`s Bulls
    BuLet`s Bulls 18 days ago

    If you ask me anything after i ride my bike for hours I'll die wasting my breath answering your question

  • Andrei Bin Sulaiman
    Andrei Bin Sulaiman 18 days ago


  • HighCookies
    HighCookies 18 days ago

    You really shoulda asked him how it felt to be suplexed by Z-Bo.

  • rustyz8
    rustyz8 19 days ago

    My favorite Jimmy sketch was a Debbie downer sketch were him, Rachel and Keenan could stop laughing

  • Double AA
    Double AA 19 days ago

    Not funny to me
    I thought the line could be good but they way you say it makes a difference

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin 19 days ago +1

    He dwarfs Jimmy and he’s sitting down 😂 6’10 is no fucking joke lmao

  • Mele Nico
    Mele Nico 19 days ago

    Blake is pretty chilled.

  • ibieiniid
    ibieiniid 19 days ago

    before game 2...
    would you consider this a "must win" game?
    Brian Regan: No we can lose tonight. We can lose tomorrow night too.

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 19 days ago

    “What’s your favorite character of mine?”
    “The one you play on your talk show”

  • Fatoumata Ceesay
    Fatoumata Ceesay 19 days ago +1

    Omfg Blake Griffin is actually handsome 💕

  • Aiden Figueroa
    Aiden Figueroa 19 days ago

    That was beautiful

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 19 days ago

    Blake hit his hand on his knee 28 time loud enough to hear it hit down

    • Noah Lopez
      Noah Lopez 19 days ago

      Tiffany Smith I don’t like that you made me notice this

  • Ethan Jay Norman
    Ethan Jay Norman 19 days ago +1

    “We played our hearts out. I just wanna give 100% every time.”

  • Justin Murray
    Justin Murray 20 days ago

    Started my trick shot channel today. Just take 3 minutes of your time fo watch the video. It’s worth your time. Sub for more videos

  • Glen Scali
    Glen Scali 20 days ago

    Why does Blake griffin look like Aaron judge mixed with Seth rogan

  • Rocket lilrocketbabii
    Rocket lilrocketbabii 20 days ago +8

    Does his attitude remind anyone else of Seth Rogen lmao Blake is funny bruh

    • machiavelli
      machiavelli 17 days ago

      Rocket lilrocketbabii the way he mumbles yeah

  • EliteMasterRex
    EliteMasterRex 20 days ago +8

    “Almost everyone, but the pistons” you can hear the saltiness in his voice😂

  • Zachary Saranovitz
    Zachary Saranovitz 20 days ago


  • lordis belingsly
    lordis belingsly 20 days ago

    you do realize the purpose of a post game interview is to make the athlete sound stupid

  • Canadian Ninja
    Canadian Ninja 20 days ago

    Reporters need to ask better questions if they want better answers

  • jdareyah
    jdareyah 20 days ago

    Athletes are dumb when it comes to finances and women

  • Big B
    Big B 20 days ago

    Blake is Clarke in 3on3 freestyle don’t @ me

  • Ignorant or Arrogant
    Ignorant or Arrogant 20 days ago +1

    Niggas in the comments: Omg Blake Griffin’s dick taste so good in my mouth 🤤

  • Grady Rickner
    Grady Rickner 21 day ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Blake rejected Jimmy in the first 3 seconds?

  • peter piper
    peter piper 21 day ago

    Blake griffin looks like seth rogen if seth rogen works out and dont smoke weed

  • Evan Young
    Evan Young 21 day ago +14

    Imagine if Blake was still on the Clippers, that would be so scary. The additions of Kawhi and PG. Everyone would hate the Clippers except their fans. They would’ve been the new Warriors lol 😂

    • Nuraby _
      Nuraby _ 13 days ago +1

      If he was still on the Clips, they wouldn't have been able to afford Kawhi and Paul George.

    • Justin Burns
      Justin Burns 17 days ago

      >”their fans”
      This shit don’t add up

    • The Cook
      The Cook 18 days ago

      Kawhi and Pg are virtually impossible to hate c'mon now

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv 21 day ago

    Blake the man

  • xJayFromVA
    xJayFromVA 21 day ago

    Blake griffin is awesome lol

  • iRecruit Fish
    iRecruit Fish 21 day ago

    That ended too early

  • cameron k
    cameron k 21 day ago


  • SonyPlayStation ForLife

    The tonight show is absolute garbage now