Blake Griffin Demonstrates Why Post-Game Interviews Make Athletes Sound Stupid

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Blake Griffin shares how he got into stand-up comedy and uses Jimmy to demonstrate exactly why interviews after games make professional athletes sound dumb.
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    Blake Griffin Demonstrates Why Post-Game Interviews Make Athletes Sound Stupid
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 449

  • Gautam Vivekanand
    Gautam Vivekanand 21 hour ago +1

    Russel Westbrook be like-“Huh?”

  • OnTheHunt4
    OnTheHunt4 9 days ago +1

    Damn Blake, new level of respect, good sir! As my close friend would say, “Boomer Sooner”

  • JP Lou Ny.
    JP Lou Ny. 10 days ago

    He just gave Jimmy a taste of his own sauce...dude's always cutting off his guests

  • GENOCIDE2099
    GENOCIDE2099 10 days ago

    my favorite stupid question was when draymond green was asked if the flood had something to do with the warriors winning the game

  • ws 2019
    ws 2019 11 days ago

    I thought it was because most of them are black☻

  • visharad rawat
    visharad rawat 13 days ago

    " We are now joined from the sideline by an All Star - David Aldridge. Up to you D.A. ".
    " Well, Thank You Ernie ".

  • sbtopjosh
    sbtopjosh 13 days ago

    Blake is pretty much preparing for a career after the NBA

  • R Frydell
    R Frydell 14 days ago

    What questions would you guys ask instead?? Specific example.

  • Matthew Mayson
    Matthew Mayson 14 days ago

    Jimmy fallon took it up the ass to have his show

  • Rich Farfugnuven
    Rich Farfugnuven 16 days ago

    The difference is Blake is ACTUALLY smart. Some other athletes....

  • Leonardo Favero
    Leonardo Favero 17 days ago

    Blake 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 year

  • Stephen
    Stephen 17 days ago

    Makes them sound stupid because athletes are stupid. Just listen to them talk about politics

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones 17 days ago +1

    Blake is cool, got handles, shares the rock, and will throw the fn sky down on yo head.

  • josh mcnz
    josh mcnz 17 days ago

    *slaps knee*

  • Nathan Sederholm
    Nathan Sederholm 18 days ago

    "What was going through your mind when you made that shot?" "What was key to winning?"....Etc.

  • Anderson Ash
    Anderson Ash 18 days ago

    Jimmy’s Exercising is Mick Jagger’s Dance Moves.

  • Rami One
    Rami One 18 days ago

    If Jimmy couldn't do good impressions, he wouldn't be famous. His personality and humor are really offputting

  • JBoogalooo
    JBoogalooo 18 days ago

    Just getting started first vlog up any tips or feedback is appreciated thanks!!!!!

  • R N
    R N 19 days ago

    Not a bad bit Blake

  • Norman J. Murk
    Norman J. Murk 21 day ago

    That was so awesome! What a guy!

  • Wade Phipps
    Wade Phipps 21 day ago +1

    I feel like this is especially true after close defeats or a game-winning shot.. they get zero chance to process it before some network pawn asks them the most uninteresting questions.

  • Dylan Graf
    Dylan Graf 21 day ago +1

    Blake Griffin held his own in a roast battle with Ross

  • R Bernard
    R Bernard 23 days ago +8

    Blake is the handsome version of Will Ferrell

  • John Storton
    John Storton 23 days ago

    Post-game interviews would be interesting if the interviewer really knows the game, and had followed the current match/game closely, and asks game-specific questions, such as (in the case of 9-Ball), "Why did you play safe instead of going for the 3-9 combo?" The vast majority of post-game interviews are boring.
    I'll say this though: Earl Strickland gives some pretty … uym … "interesting" interviews. lol

  • Lylou Aime Natation Artistique

  • Yilobemo
    Yilobemo 26 days ago

    Blake is one of my fav NBA player and i guess he will be one of my fav comedian next to Trevor Noah.

  • TIAN Y
    TIAN Y 26 days ago

    Cringe level over 9000

  • Christina Journey
    Christina Journey 26 days ago +2

    I know jimmy was getting a lot of flack for his fake laughing but he took the criticism well and he does seem a lot more genuine! I’m sure there’s days he comes in and doesn’t want to be hilarious but you’re doing great jimmy! Love ya

  • Isfi29
    Isfi29 26 days ago

    Nothing represents a post game interview better than that scene in Bedazzled

  • Jedisofreddit
    Jedisofreddit Month ago +4

    That SNL thing was genuinely funny I'll give Jimmy that

  • Shaun Lemafa
    Shaun Lemafa Month ago

    Couldn't hear anything due to Blake slaping his 4ft thighs

  • caramelcarton
    caramelcarton Month ago

    i don't watch any american sports but this guy is funny as heck

  • Azucar Negra
    Azucar Negra Month ago

    Jamie Foxx already tried to tell us, "it's not Blake's fault"

  • Keenan Bartlome
    Keenan Bartlome Month ago

    He’s absolutely right. Every single postgame interview is about that dumb.

  • Jacob FitzGerald
    Jacob FitzGerald Month ago

    Fallon is so fake, he just doesn't seem like a genuine person. Also he never let's his guests answer his questions, he always asks another before they finish answering the first one.

  • Zippitty22
    Zippitty22 Month ago +1

    Blake's name backwards is Ekalb....and that shit just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  • Bambi c:
    Bambi c: Month ago

    God he’s hot

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon Month ago +5

    He’s never watched an nba game in his life

  • ChuloDavidcito
    ChuloDavidcito 2 months ago

    Definitely funny! I like this guy!

  • YouraWizurdHarry
    YouraWizurdHarry 2 months ago

    Listen to hockey interviews.

  • ThEGr8te1
    ThEGr8te1 2 months ago

    It’s crazy Kurt Thomas is my cousin

  • CodyDTD
    CodyDTD 2 months ago

    Jimmy got no upper lip though.

  • Arnas Kazlauskas
    Arnas Kazlauskas 2 months ago

    Knee slapper

  • jyhina
    jyhina 2 months ago

    We talkin' bout practice

  • SnoOpDoGGfan100
    SnoOpDoGGfan100 2 months ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does Jimmy look a little sick in this video or something? Before he did the jumping jacks and all.

  • Certified Fresh
    Certified Fresh 2 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is such a douche

  • Eclipse538
    Eclipse538 2 months ago +3

    Blake has the same charisma as Tom Holland. those 2 would be great in a film together.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago

    I could have swore this was Nick Bosa from the 49ers! They look like twins! Look him up if you don’t know what he looks like, it’s insane!

  • Pwnage4TheWin
    Pwnage4TheWin 2 months ago +2

    Jimmy Fallon is gaining some weight. The jawline has disappeared

  • Houston Mkenzi
    Houston Mkenzi 2 months ago +1

    Who remembers when BG was beasting in Oklahoma

  • Abigail Monken
    Abigail Monken 2 months ago +1

    This man is my forever crush

  • Reedy
    Reedy 2 months ago

    so lebron, when kyrie was dribbling it down past half court late in the third how did you feel about your chances to win the game? you guys were down by 7 after that deep three hit by curry what was the mindset you were having? were you thinking about calling for a pass or were you going to hit a big 3 right in draymonds face to come closer to the warriors score?

  • A. Lee
    A. Lee 2 months ago

    You’re probably here for 3:01.

  • Subscribe to Acetic
    Subscribe to Acetic 2 months ago +1

    This is how many times Blake slapped his hands on his legs

  • senorgato70
    senorgato70 2 months ago

    He’s so hot

  • Giovanni Carbajal
    Giovanni Carbajal 3 months ago

    How can people enjoy watching Jimmy’s show?!?!? It’s so cringe

  • Multigaskopf
    Multigaskopf 3 months ago

    shirt he is wearing ?

  • Jaydem
    Jaydem 3 months ago

    He's totally right though

  • voVer
    voVer 3 months ago

    ахаха дот ком

  • TheGlitterBlog
    TheGlitterBlog 3 months ago

    literally the sexiest man ever