The Disney Renaissance Explained

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • Today J dives into the history of Disney from The Little Mermaid to Tarzan to explain what the Disney Renaissance was, why it happened, why it ended, whats up with all the giant rocks and how it's all connected!
    What is your favorite Disney Renaissance movie??
    Or GIANT rock?
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  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  Month ago +701

    What is your favorite Disney Renaissance movie?!

  • Alexandra Salusbury

    I uefjvj

  • TheRandomLife !!!!
    TheRandomLife !!!! 4 days ago +1

    Emperors new grove is the best

  • Sienisota
    Sienisota 4 days ago

    I had understood that snow white WAS NOT a first animation movie. They simply claimed so to a reporter, who did not check their claim and published it as a fact.

  • Rae R
    Rae R 4 days ago

    I love the Rescuers 🦅. THESE ARE NOT JOANNA EGGS 🥚 🦎 😂😂

  • Lag1acrus
    Lag1acrus 4 days ago

    You guys should do a theory on the original EPCOT project. It's different from the park we know today and it's certainly something you guys could do a great video on

  • Hickson Circuit
    Hickson Circuit 5 days ago

    Ok but can we talk about Gaston is t really a villain???

  • Jishnu S
    Jishnu S 6 days ago

    My fav is beauty and best

  • Citlali Cervantes
    Citlali Cervantes 7 days ago

    Princesses are the legacy of Disney.

  • grimmer 2000
    grimmer 2000 8 days ago

    Fun and fancy free is a really wierd awesome movie you should all watch.

  • Endless paladin
    Endless paladin 8 days ago +1

    1:29 NO it is not

  • Colleen Hughes
    Colleen Hughes 9 days ago

    I love you guys, and I've been quietly lurking for months, but how can you do a movie about the Disney Renaissance, specifically (and rightly) call out the songs, and NOT MAKE ONE MENTION OF HOWARD ASHMAN??? Maybe it's just because I write plays so of course I'm going to gravitate toward the playwright, but Ashman to me WAS the Disney Renaissance. He did the lyrics for Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and roughly half of Aladdin's songs before dying from AIDS complications when he was only 40. And he wrote the lyrics to my favorite Oliver and Company song, Once Upon a Time in New York City. (And Little Shop of Horrors, which isn't Disney but is still pretty awesome.) You can hear a difference in the Aladdin songs he wrote vs. Tim Rice (no offense to Rice, who did Lion King's lyrics, which, despite my Howard Ashman nerdfest, is still my favorite Disney movie). I have never liked the post-Lion King-Renaissance as much, and I attribute a lot of that to the songs losing some of the magic (though Mulan and Tarzan have some great ones). Anyway. I will return to lurking. But SIRIUSLY. Howard Ashman. Legend.

  • Clara Auersperg
    Clara Auersperg 9 days ago

    I love that they called this technique 'Attila' since Attila is the so called 'king of the huns'

  • Miss Mary
    Miss Mary 9 days ago

    "Mulan just blows one up"

  • E play_859
    E play_859 10 days ago

    The end of the dark age. Black cauldron (4;44 yeah)read the top hidden by darkness. Crazy when you think of our overlords at this point

  • Ale V.
    Ale V. 11 days ago

    Thank you J for giving a shout out at the 2 most underated Disney movies ever: Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers Downunder

  • mentalleevoid
    mentalleevoid 12 days ago

    Disney pedo's need prison time.

  • Jeff Werley
    Jeff Werley 12 days ago

    New Grovee is awesome but not the best but one of the best

  • Jeff Werley
    Jeff Werley 12 days ago +1


  • TheXKL1NEx
    TheXKL1NEx 12 days ago

    Robin Hood has plenty of songs, and is also one of my favorites

  • Walton Pelkey
    Walton Pelkey 12 days ago

    Check out my poll on 'Disney Character Showdown Group One'

  • Blaze Creator
    Blaze Creator 13 days ago

    The hunchback of notre dame earned exactly 26750$ more than Hercules

  • Boggey3000
    Boggey3000 14 days ago +1

    J: Who knew that kid name was Franklin?
    Me: Hmm, I think the translation to Swedish change it to "Joey" but I can see tha...
    Me: ...
    Me: Very well..

  • Devin Callahan
    Devin Callahan 15 days ago

    This is actually a really cool video. And though I adore all of the movies from Disney's Dark Age (my personal favorite era) something happened in this video that I didn't expect. At 3:15, J says "I have a hard time believing you have heard of any of these." And he shows 5 obscure titles on screen, including Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, Melody Time, Fun and Fancy Free, and Ichaod and Mister Toad.
    My grandmother was born in 1930 and my grandfather in 1923, and sadly they both passed away this summer. I used to watch these movies at their house. And the other day, when we were over there, I saw all 5 of them together on VHS. I actually have the whole collection now. Seeing them in this video here, being recognized and appreciated despite their obscurity means a lot to me, especially given what they truly mean.
    Animation at that time, by Walt Disney and Max Fleisher (another cartoonist I had a ton of movies from as a kid), was trying to bring joy to the world in a time that it really needed it. During the great depression. And to me, that's what finding these movies meant.
    I'm sorry for the long comment and if you made it to the end, thank you for reading! I hope your day's going great! Thank you SCB!!!

  • Kobe Van Dael
    Kobe Van Dael 15 days ago

    2:24 why you gotta do this man... i was doing so good

  • Neckpunch
    Neckpunch 16 days ago +1

    The Rescuers Down Under is so underrated. I'd watch it for that scene with Joanna and the eggs alone.

  • David Conway
    David Conway 16 days ago

    how about the age era call pre war era ,

    • David Conway
      David Conway 16 days ago


  • Namjoon is my baby
    Namjoon is my baby 17 days ago

    The rescuers goes hard , both movies . If you didn’t watch it as a kid , I can’t fw you .

  • Tony
    Tony 17 days ago

    Imagine if disney bought DreamWorks instead of pixar? How much more different this world would be. Imagine if how to train your dragon was a disney property? 😱

  • Tony
    Tony 17 days ago

    Rescuers down unders was awesome

  • Inkyminkyzizwoz
    Inkyminkyzizwoz 18 days ago

    Do one on the Disney Revival Era

  • Mónica Morales
    Mónica Morales 18 days ago

    @3:15 -
    J- "I have a hard time believing you've seen any of these"
    Me - Looks up from the video to see my kids watching Fun and Fancy Free 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sylvia Kane
    Sylvia Kane 19 days ago

    I wonder how many times this guy called for Ben when he wasn’t there, and how he was technically talking to Ben the whole time, yearning for his presence...

    I this you guys can tell me

  • Brent Wilson
    Brent Wilson 19 days ago

    Love it! What about Pocahontas? You didn’t mention it much. Also, would you consider Princess and the Frog to be renaissance style?

  • Brad Spead
    Brad Spead 20 days ago

    The Three Caballeros is a classic. Also heard of Ichabod and Mr. Toad but never saw it

  • Langelihle Ndiweni
    Langelihle Ndiweni 20 days ago

    Just to say. Now that Beyoncé is Nala, people will be search for that Disney Queen, not even princess.

  • Langelihle Ndiweni
    Langelihle Ndiweni 20 days ago

    Maleficent Hans and scar.

  • Misst of The mountain

    I watched ichobod!

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 22 days ago

    The dark age movies, or not dark age at all! Those are great movies! Maybe not as CLASSIC as some others, but dang, those are great movies! - I mean seriously, let’s take the Fox and the Hound for example - who here still cries during the Fox and the Hound? 43 years old, and I still do! Heck, even just THINKING of their echoing voices at the end chokes me up in a way that’s nostalgia! Sure, they didn’t earn a lot (and it’s sad that’s the MASSIVE majority of what they’re measured by), but they’re great stories!

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 22 days ago

    The wartime Disney movies are awesome, go and watch them!

  • propogandalf
    propogandalf 22 days ago

    Nobody talks about the Rescuers Down Under cause most of us haven't seen it

    • mena94x3
      mena94x3 22 days ago

      Well then, GO SEE IT! 😜

  • Bianca Willer
    Bianca Willer 24 days ago

    The lost empire of Atlantis is my favorite Disney movie. Seen it like 20 times just this year

  • Flamoonigirl Olivia
    Flamoonigirl Olivia 24 days ago

    I think also missed in the ‘types of songs’ is the re-discovery song when the ‘hero’ becomes or sees who or where they were searching for 😃🌟🎶

  • Flamoonigirl Olivia
    Flamoonigirl Olivia 24 days ago

    🌞 So appreciate your passion and fun with your videos; we have so much enjoyment owed to you! Best non-Disney animated movie though: ROAD TO ELDORADO!

  • LyricalMyrical
    LyricalMyrical 25 days ago

    I learnt a while ago that when they were making the switch from traditional animation to computer generated, they told the disney studio in Florida to do whatever they wanted for a bit, which is how we got incredible, crazy movies like Big Hero 6 and Brave. Once the main studio was ready to start animating again, they closed the florida studio and laid off all the animators. Most of whom then got hired by Dreamworks, so make of that what you will.

  • Marteene Dodman
    Marteene Dodman 25 days ago

    16:06 the Grow up song. I swear nearly every Disney movie has one

  • Johnny Whatever
    Johnny Whatever 25 days ago

    That was great content :) I did learn something

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy 25 days ago

    I've just been on a school camp and we had a karaoke night, I found under the sea from The Little Mermaid. Some people overlook this song and whilst I may not be the most gigantic Little Mermaid fan I really like this song. The demands to play this Disney song could probably burst ear drums. I do find it kind of ironic however that songs like how far ill go and let it go sort of got snubbed over Innocence.

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy 25 days ago

    I was just re watching the OG Lion king and the size of the Pride Lands really is F**king massive!!

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb 25 days ago

    16:37 Yeah, hence why in recent years I've found myself purchasing the odd Disney soundtrack on CD, including Moana, the live-action Aladdin, and Mary Poppins Returns. The music is where it's truly at with Disney movies, both animated and live-action.

  • Kiera Ellsworth
    Kiera Ellsworth 25 days ago


  • Hanan Alfarran
    Hanan Alfarran 26 days ago

    Hey i just wanted to say that fond some books about the Disney vilins backstory and also kinda puts the storyline of Disney all together i hope it will help with reference

  • Cole Pappadakis
    Cole Pappadakis 26 days ago

    When technology you need doesn’t yet exist so you invent it.

  • abigail cravens
    abigail cravens 26 days ago

    Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney Princess ever since I was a kid!! When I saw the length of this video I avoidednit for a while but then decided to watch it & it was soooooo much fun I love these randomvideos like this one & Ben talking about the sauce from McDonald's always super fun

  • Leah Simpson
    Leah Simpson 27 days ago

    Why can’t they teach us this in history?

  • AustynSN
    AustynSN 27 days ago +1

    Franklin... No, Cody? Did you just Jon Oliver us?

  • AustynSN
    AustynSN 27 days ago

    Looking at the 10 videos in the that you consider part of the renaissance, I realize that half of them are have either been remade or are being remade into live action films. (Though I barely count Lion King for that.)

  • Hannah rose walz
    Hannah rose walz 27 days ago +5

    What about the scope song? Like Steady As the Beating Drum, The Bells Of Notre Dame, And The Circle of Life

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst 28 days ago

    3:13 Are you serious? You're not a real Donald Duck fan if you haven't seen The Three Caballeros. And Ichabod and Mr Toad? Everyone has seen that one, too.