URBEX | Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles (Buran) in Baikonur

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
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    Sorry for not uploading for a while, 30% of my footage shot here was corrupt. It took a lot of time to retrieve a bit of the material.
    Our craziest and most dangerous urbex adventure ever to the abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles in Baikonur ! The Buran project was the most expensive space project in the Russian history. The project stopped in 1993 due the fall of the Soviet Union.
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Comments • 2 952

  • nasasecrets
    nasasecrets Hour ago

    It's abandoned because space is fake and no one can leave the earth... Fact

  • BoujeeKami
    BoujeeKami Day ago

    was there a battle there? whats up with the bullet holes?

  • Xntricity
    Xntricity Day ago

    This is unbelievably cool!

  • Tech News for Tech Noobs

    God, I remember when I was in either junior high or high school and I saw a newspaper article about the Russian shuttle program, and they had a picture of the shuttle mounted on the fuel tank with both boosters mounted, and I thought it looked so cool. Then I read later that the program was scrapped without a launch, and then that the shuttles were damaged in a structural facility collapse. Such a shame. So much work put into something that was never fully realized.

  • Alan Brookes
    Alan Brookes 2 days ago

    Not in English why is this in my recommendations ?

  • Howard Evans
    Howard Evans 2 days ago

    simple awesome.........the Russians were always up to date with stuff, thanks to the spy network gathering info. They had the Tupolev Concorde Supersonic planes at the same time as the British/French model..sadly the Russian one wasn't too successful. I'd like to think these shuttles would have flown like the American ones did.

  • joshua rojas
    joshua rojas 2 days ago +1

    Un poco de todo

  • motor
    motor 3 days ago

    Это то, во что Путин превратил Россию. Уебите его кто нибудь.

  • Octavio
    Octavio 3 days ago

    They should break into American bases like Area 51

  • rodeo o
    rodeo o 3 days ago

    russians forgot to steal all the secret material from United States,,,that is why it didn't fly.............lol

  • 純中司
    純中司 3 days ago

    もったいない!( ;∀;)

  • brian gardener
    brian gardener 3 days ago +1

    Looked very interesting wish They would speak English

  • 10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune

    seems like a good idea to be detained as possible spies if you ask me.

  • Billy Noone
    Billy Noone 4 days ago

    Was going to make this trip but was informed it was a tour / permission job i had seen so binned it as 16 hour flight with 3 changes to get there

  • totalpkgpainting
    totalpkgpainting 4 days ago

    Just goes to show you, Flat Earth is real and when you are living under a Dome, you have no need for "space ships". These are nothing but useless propaganda tools to keep the Sheep in line. God and Jesus is real, and we live in an Enclosed Controlled Environment under a Dome of Molten glass called the Firmament. Psalms 19:1 kjv.

  • Glitched Belg
    Glitched Belg 4 days ago

    extree zieke locatie! Uniek dit echt ziekelijke locatie

  • Noemi Bujáki
    Noemi Bujáki 4 days ago

    12:33 Hűűű 2009 táján mondták nekem az a szót, hogy Burán még Kijevben, na most tudom is mi ez. Klassz így elhagyatva.
    Mondjuk jobban járnának, ha belépővel beengednének embereket, hiszen jól láthatóan kiváncsiak rá. Klassz a videó, most már tudom akkor ott miről is volt szó az angolórán.

  • Georgios Rogalidis
    Georgios Rogalidis 5 days ago

    ich kann´s nicht fassen...

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J 5 days ago

    an hanger?

  • Юр Ка
    Юр Ка 5 days ago

    Sometimes I think people have lost their dreams and gone the wrong way. "This is the end..."

  • EDOGG H201600
    EDOGG H201600 6 days ago

    What kind of drone are you using in this video?

  • Mate Matic
    Mate Matic 6 days ago +1

    Beeindruckende Reportage.

  • Johan Fagerström
    Johan Fagerström 8 days ago

    Do they speak dutch or something?

  • サクラ
    サクラ 8 days ago +1

    Feels Sad Man :( RİP SPACE SHUTTLES

  • JAG
    JAG 9 days ago

    You are fortunate they cannot afford video cameras or guard dogs. Dogs would have flushed out your hiding spots in no time at all. Considering what is there I'm sure the security guys are to prevent parts and pieces from being stolen by scrap merchants. All the technology is dated and not worth stealing. Guided tours would be wiser than pretending the stuff is valuable.

  • Luke G
    Luke G 10 days ago +2

    One of the best exploring videos I have ever came across, thank you

    • Exploring the Unbeaten Path
      Exploring the Unbeaten Path  10 days ago

      @Luke G Enjoy and thanks for watching !

    • Luke G
      Luke G 10 days ago +1

      @Exploring the Unbeaten Path looking at that right now got lots of good content to catch up on :)

    • Exploring the Unbeaten Path
      Exploring the Unbeaten Path  10 days ago +2

      Thanks, I am sure you will like the "most dangerous adventures" playlist too !

  • mrtfromtheateam
    mrtfromtheateam 10 days ago +1

    Could do with subtitles 🙁

  • Chris
    Chris 10 days ago

    It's quite interesting, but did you think why nobody is there anymore? Without thinking much about it, I immediately think of asbestos. I don't want to know what other great things are there.

  • Kyle Van Tassel
    Kyle Van Tassel 11 days ago

    How many families would this waste feed ? How many sick people could be cured ? How many lives made better ? Governmental waste is universal people and until we ALL learn that Government is the universal enemy we will continue shedding blood and have our money stolen from us only to be used in whatever foolish manner they decide... One day is space shuttles , the next it could be waging war against someone that has done nothing to the country waging the war on it.

  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller 11 days ago +1

    I bet I could sell them on eBay.

  • Missouri Spartan
    Missouri Spartan 12 days ago +1

    Love watching these videos displaying the ever-rotting monuments to the world's largest failed socialist experiment.

  • Dolivera *****
    Dolivera ***** 12 days ago

    Buran since the begining was an atemp, not for real fly just, they copy all american stuff tjhey produce, just look the buran and compare it with the shuttle.

  • Michele Bellomo
    Michele Bellomo 12 days ago

    No spaghetti alla bolognese ma fusilli alla bolognese...

  • Finian Blackett
    Finian Blackett 12 days ago

    What is the song in the beginning?

  • Blake Painter
    Blake Painter 13 days ago +1

    The Fall of the Soviet union, no more money to run these Space Shuttles and no money to preserve.

  • Pieter-Jan De Ridder
    Pieter-Jan De Ridder 14 days ago +1

    ik volg govert sweep al een tijdje en ik dacht amai. maar toen ik jullie kanaal tegen kwam en dan nog in het bijzonder deze film. wauw . En dan die muziek onder dit filmpje. echt kippenvel.

  • M A T M
    M A T M 15 days ago

    par de GAYS los de este video

  • TalkToTheBody
    TalkToTheBody 15 days ago

    Funny who the old USSR used to copy the designs of the west. If only the two sides collaborated...

  • senta keiss
    senta keiss 15 days ago

    glückwunsch , ihr hat den jackpot geknackt !! dort liegen millonen von Dollar nur so herum ..🤣🤣🤣

  • tadekfecko
    tadekfecko 16 days ago

    Wearing a t-shirt with a communist symbol just because the historical background is communist is as stupid as wearing a t-shirt with a swastika while visiting Nazi death camps.

  • Tiana Marshall
    Tiana Marshall 16 days ago

    Name of the song at the start? Great video!

    ROBERTO GOMEZ 17 days ago

    Mucha nostalgia

  • The Violent Sleepwalker
    The Violent Sleepwalker 17 days ago +1

    What is that intro theme with the pictures? Imma need that bruv

  • L A T I N O S
    L A T I N O S 17 days ago

    ооооо то что мы с гордостью просрали

  • Garnele 81
    Garnele 81 17 days ago


  • il Rava
    il Rava 17 days ago

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but "spaghetti Bolognese" don't exist! (I am from Bologna)

  • petru noris
    petru noris 18 days ago

    with these technologies the Russian people of the world lied, more than the Americans, but for over 12 years there has appeared on the Internet scientific evidence that there is no space or cosmos above the earth but water etc., etc., but the people do not accept the truth but live before in the muzzle of the lie, lies that do not want to abandon them, here was the price of the lie of the cosmos.

  • Алан Елоев
    Алан Елоев 18 days ago

    This is an abandoned and unnecessary bunker. There is no security .And if security was there then this video you would not have seen.

  • Malaspina de Lezo
    Malaspina de Lezo 19 days ago +1

    What do you do with a communist shirt? Do you revive the killings and repression?

  • lukas villar
    lukas villar 19 days ago +1

    Technically Buran was the first functional spaceship created for war, these machines were automated at a time when combat drones did not exist on the battlefield. A machine far, far ahead of its time if we think about it.
    Now they are slowly disappearing, day by day, year by year, decade by decade, and this evidence of human ability to evolve beyond our own design is fading into history.

  • Алексей Земляков

    Ничего не чувствуешь кроме боли.

  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce


  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce


  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    📰Is tan sexy si se lleva a cabo el desicnio de los dioses

  • Jawa Rkok
    Jawa Rkok 19 days ago +1

    Darude Sandstorm

  • Роман Макаров

    там сейчас таких по 4 группы в неделю ловят, так что это стало обычным делом

  • Alex Cheng
    Alex Cheng 20 days ago

    This base is not classified

  • Jeromy Kantler
    Jeromy Kantler 20 days ago +1

    I would have wear an aspesto mask

    DAN THE3D 20 days ago