Urbex | Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles (Buran) in Baikonur

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
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    Our most epic & thrilling explore in 11 years !
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    Sorry for not uploading for a while, 30% of my footage shot here was corrupt. It took a lot of time to retrieve a bit of the material.
    Our craziest and most dangerous urbex adventure ever to the abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles in Baikonur !
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  • Hemant Saikia
    Hemant Saikia 5 hours ago

    Is the opening song a Mari song?

  • her Mot
    her Mot Day ago +1


  • adamuscap
    adamuscap 2 days ago +2

    Great video. Would be better with English captions to better understand what they were saying.

  • jayc2469
    jayc2469 2 days ago +1

    Got to say this - this is one of the most daring and visually impressive Xploration vid's I have ever seen. You men are brave - and have done far more than *any* MSM News company has ever done - or will ever do, when it comes to the Buran. Soviet Russia was financially crippled after competing with the USA to develop Nukes but nobody could ever deny that Soviet Russia had the resources to do pretty much anything the USA did - and do. The USA presently uses reliable Russian Rockets to get some of its payloads into space - which speaks volumes

    • jayc2469
      jayc2469 2 days ago

      @Exploring the Unbeaten Path Sounds great!. I'll head over there and check out your wares ;) Simply fantastic stuff you do! It was definitely a well deserved }Sub!{

    • Exploring the Unbeaten Path
      Exploring the Unbeaten Path  2 days ago +1

      Thanks mate! Unfortunately we had shitty equipment that trip😕 But the adventure was insane ! Did you check out the coolest video section? We snuck into an abandoned submarine on a naval base and also sneaked inside the HQ of the United Nations to film an abandoned terminal.

  • jayc2469
    jayc2469 2 days ago

    You *need* an Image Intensifier rather than IR Camera, for keeping tabs on *anyone* that might not have your best interests at heart! Great vid fellas!

  • Bruno S
    Bruno S 3 days ago +1

    Hé Jean, je te donne mon personnal ocscar

  • ജോസപ്പേ
    ജോസപ്പേ 4 days ago +1

    I'm sure this is an engineering marvel.. My nation dont have the technology to make a Bus during that time,.

  • ജോസപ്പേ

    I think American or NASA spies hav entered soviet Russia and copied this for their growth.

  • Sunset The Sabertooth-Cat Werewolf

    Didn’t the roof colapse on this building which destroyed both of the shuttles when it collapsed ?
    I’m not sure thought but I am guessing

    RIVAL HOWARD 4 days ago

    next time so more of the inside of the ship

  • Dasty
    Dasty 6 days ago

    pleas help pleas song

  • Fellipe Papini
    Fellipe Papini 7 days ago +1

    🇧🇷 ...fenomenal

  • Atte Kähkönen
    Atte Kähkönen 8 days ago +1

    that. is. amazing.

  • Ricky Roan
    Ricky Roan 10 days ago +1

    Aleast 20 billions had waisted....

  • Ricky Roan
    Ricky Roan 10 days ago +1

    Putin going to get mad .....😡😡😡😡😡

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 11 days ago

    If you got caught, at the nearest Kazak prison they would open champagnes when they hear the news.....if you know what I mean...fresh foreign ass.....

  • *Not Lazerd* Bärchenbande

    Das Space Shuttle ist außenrum aus Keramik nämlich wenn das Space Shuttle zurückfliegen würde zur Erde dann wäre es schon verbrannt aber durch das Keramik brennt es nicht

  • Santhosh Patil
    Santhosh Patil 13 days ago +1

    Very nice place good job very adventure team.👍👌❤

  • Slinglling
    Slinglling 20 days ago +1

    whats the name of the intro song?

  • Panchosama
    Panchosama 21 day ago

    Never heard of those partially built Burans before, thought the last and only was destroyed under a collapsed hangar. This video, guys, is pure gold. You made my day.

    ALEC GRIMES 21 day ago

    They guys got balls.

  • Alex Power
    Alex Power 22 days ago +1

    I cry! Stop this world fuccking money capital stopping PROGRESS - Stopping SPACE REVOLUTION! USSR R.I.P Thanks USSR People for job and true love space!

    • Davide Castagno
      Davide Castagno 21 day ago +1

      The only good thing that ussr have done is disappear for ever

  • Светлини от миналото

    Imagine that place in a normal working day, back in soviet era ... full of people taking orders and executing the great communist plan to create better shuttle.

  • Kesha Neustroev
    Kesha Neustroev 24 days ago

    американсы совсем охренели

  • Джон Джонн
    Джон Джонн 29 days ago

    Good Bay USSR

  • Джон Джонн
    Джон Джонн 29 days ago


  • masini retro
    masini retro Month ago +1

    Respect !

  • brettwrb
    brettwrb Month ago +2

    I've heard that the roof has fallen into the shuttle now. Such a shame.

  • 李洪志他爹
    李洪志他爹 Month ago

    世界上其他国家都没有的航天飞机,苏联人遗弃了它。为什么不放在博物馆?所以的投入,科技积累,就这么把他当成垃圾 ,抛尸荒野。

  • ТТТ Давид
    ТТТ Давид Month ago

    Radiation noise on 9.19?

  • lloyd9710
    lloyd9710 Month ago

    Russians clearly don’t have any pride in what they do build something and just let it rot typical Russian attitude

  • William Rossi
    William Rossi Month ago

    Which Bursn shuttles are these? I had read the only one built was destroyed when the hanger collapsed in the early 2000s.

  • Diamond351
    Diamond351 Month ago

    Security: *watch*
    Also security: ur on my watch >:)

  • Uplifting Biscuit
    Uplifting Biscuit Month ago

    It’s unbelievable that theses shuttles are there, sat there in a state of decay! How long for? I’m guessing a very long time... It’s like something out of a brilliant new space movie, of a time past the drone shots are amazing 👍🏼

  • Manvel Antonyan
    Manvel Antonyan Month ago

    but thats a "Burya" is a "Buran" "Brother". a "Buran" 1.02 and it want fly to space too how flown his "Brother" "Buran"

  • sunhee lee
    sunhee lee Month ago

    우리 항우연 석박사들 저기나 다녀와라 ㅎ

  • Sander Tel
    Sander Tel Month ago

    As Wilbur Wright used to say: She will never fly !

  • raglanheuser
    raglanheuser Month ago

    What's the opening song

  • duckedup
    duckedup Month ago +1

    This was pretty amazing and daring/exciting, just wish there were subtitles for all the non English speaking parts. Left a lot of head scratching :/

  • Adam Gramling
    Adam Gramling Month ago

    What is the opening song?

  • De Coole groep YouTube

    Cool bro dit zie ik via Dylan Haegens 😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😇😈

  • P illo
    P illo Month ago

    Storm area 51
    This guys: bitch please, we already storm baikonur and see this buran

  • ming lin
    ming lin Month ago


  • Okky Cox
    Okky Cox Month ago +1

    Ada yg pakai baju PKI

  • Janette Molina
    Janette Molina Month ago

    Una hermosa pagina de la historia espacial,deberian rescatarlos ,son parte de la historia y EUA entera estaria de acuerdo con ello,se gasta dinero en tonterias armamentistas y no se invierte en la historia de la Humanidad,sin tintes politicos...

    • Rafa Towers
      Rafa Towers 23 days ago

      El techo cayó sobre esas naves por falta de mantenimiento, ya no existen

  • Kees Bosch
    Kees Bosch Month ago


  • the gamer 10
    the gamer 10 Month ago +1

    door dylan kijk ik deze video😊😊

  • Orange Army
    Orange Army Month ago

    Your girlfriend is working by the shell right?

  • nemesis heatseeker
    nemesis heatseeker Month ago

    I am not an expert, but they are supposed to use a layer of gold in the hull of the space shuttle to resist the heat of going out and entering the atmosphere, I think that's why in the minute 7:57 you see someone tried to break the external layer

  • Eric Nootebos
    Eric Nootebos Month ago

    Wow, great stuff! Tnx for sharing.

  • The man with the plan
    The man with the plan 2 months ago

    This is definitely not scary as hell

  • Ali Kanju
    Ali Kanju 2 months ago


  • White Pearl
    White Pearl 2 months ago

    Russia returns project Burans! I heard that the new project will start under the name of Buran 2.0 and the concern Energia and Kalashnikov will participate in its creation.

    Kolashnikov bought 60% of the shares of NPO Lightning (Molniya). Theoretically, they now own such projects as the Buran and the space glider, which is called the Sapiral.

  • Top Speed PL
    Top Speed PL 2 months ago

    What a fucking red shirt???

  • Lawrence Fife
    Lawrence Fife 2 months ago


  • Vitezslav Horak
    Vitezslav Horak 2 months ago +1

    The sad end, the shuttle should be in the museum, it shouldn't rot in a decaying hangar.

  • coopachew
    coopachew 2 months ago

    Space is fake that is why the soviets never had a shuttle program and never will. It’s all a scam to get our money and to put “space” between you and god

    • matejjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
      matejjjjjjjjjjjjjjj 2 months ago


    • matejjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
      matejjjjjjjjjjjjjjj 2 months ago

      The only thing fake is in this world are the "holy scripts" written by people believing in speaking snaks, bushes and human sacrifices. Daughter of Jafte, you know know that, right?
      So get back to bronze age with your barbaric ideology.

  • Lyrical Gateway
    Lyrical Gateway 2 months ago


  • rocketmunkey1
    rocketmunkey1 2 months ago

    so its made of polystyrene with an ultra thin layer of tiles on top Hmmmmmm so if one of those thin tiles cracks How many degrees is reentry again ?