YouTube has deleted 9 of my videos... Please Watch.

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • Please Watch.
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Comments • 1 996

  • shojivic
    shojivic Month ago

    Just found you, MM... Keep up the great vids, and keep pranking those bad parking jobs!

  • Rolando Pavin
    Rolando Pavin 10 months ago

    TVclip didn't deleted noting, is just magic!

  • TapSnapOrNap 203
    TapSnapOrNap 203 10 months ago

    Do some magic and make the videos reappear on youtube..

  • Willay Strata
    Willay Strata 10 months ago

    TVclip r such nazis

  • Boot Hat
    Boot Hat 11 months ago

    This is a comment.

  • Wafi
    Wafi 11 months ago


  • Joe
    Joe 11 months ago

    I been saying for the longest time now that it is time to find a new platform. Let TVclip fail since they want to treat their creators like shit. That is how we can hurt them the most, stop using their platform, let their stocks drop and we can sit back and laugh about how TVclip did this to themselves.

  • Stephen Erickson
    Stephen Erickson 11 months ago

    I love your videos, LOL! Please keep downloading your videos. Thx Murray!

  • The Podfather
    The Podfather Year ago

    I'm so curious as to what you could've promoted that TVclip would've deemed enough to take the vids down. I mean TVclip has girls flashing their boobs and people getting shot and killed so they really shouldn't be on your back. I'm new to the channel btw so I don't know what was promoted.

  • Moon Gatorade
    Moon Gatorade Year ago +1

    Sorry about that keep it up tho

  • jose amador
    jose amador Year ago

    Wow... we love your videos...let's 👍 all your videos to let them know we love it...good luck buddy.

  • Vannesa Vargas
    Vannesa Vargas Year ago +1

    Murray is a hard worker that’s why you should go subscribe to him!

  • PJ Leong
    PJ Leong Year ago

    Aww sorry about that. Keep uploading them! They’re great!

  • Abraham Dominguez

    Keep maki g vids they are. Cool

  • Alan MacPherson
    Alan MacPherson Year ago

    I wonder what sit it was they don't like

  • AzBoy0681
    AzBoy0681 Year ago

    Your still our favorite

  • Paul Gammer
    Paul Gammer Year ago

    your aswome guy man like the botton

  • Zazu Cafe
    Zazu Cafe Year ago

    Damn them. Your videos provide so much joy! Keep em' coming!!! Much love.

  • Ben Hayat
    Ben Hayat Year ago

    Did TVclip deleted 9M views BEFORE or AFTER they paid you? Isn't something close to $9,000 loss?
    My friend gets 1 cent for every 10 views, so I used that for my estimate calculations.

  • Jak Mehard
    Jak Mehard Year ago

    Thats fuffed up .

  • Syprene
    Syprene Year ago

    What did he advertise that wasnt allowed? As far as I'm aware, youtube doesn't mind what you endorse unless its illegal.

  • KingLoman Bombz
    KingLoman Bombz Year ago +1

    Julien magic vs magic murray

  • get BeAnEd
    get BeAnEd Year ago +1

    Don't you mean making vids disappear

  • Risky .Sniper33
    Risky .Sniper33 Year ago

    Awww man that sucks it is terrible that is happening I loved your videos were amazing well goodluck

  • mtb_d4n
    mtb_d4n Year ago

    I got you bro!

  • Jason Roark
    Jason Roark Year ago

    Dont let those bastards hold you back bro! Your videos are awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Snow FrmTheA
    Snow FrmTheA Year ago


  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Year ago

    Why are there 502 dislikes? it should be 0

  • Random Random
    Random Random Year ago


  • Lori LC
    Lori LC Year ago

    stealing a cops badge now that should not be on youtube

  • Fu69 1if3 69
    Fu69 1if3 69 Year ago

    Thanks for reposting them =)

  • mikevsmike
    mikevsmike Year ago

    damn i thought the title was "deleting my youtube channel" NOT CLICKBAIT

  • Sapphire Streaks
    Sapphire Streaks Year ago

    good luck with it

  • Moses Arechiga
    Moses Arechiga Year ago

    Magic Murray Wednesdays love your videos that sucks TVclip did that to you love your old videos can't wait for your new ones

  • Rudalyn Pascua
    Rudalyn Pascua Year ago

    No god please no!

  • Random Clips
    Random Clips Year ago

    Clickbaiting lies

  • FryingFlyingBeeStudio

    I will watch your vids again and hit a like to help support.. Sorry to hear TVclip did this.. Consider making your own website thru Wordpress or other means to re-direct people to your content might help you also? Take a rest after all the editing

  • xser mser
    xser mser Year ago


  • nastyToffifee 38
    nastyToffifee 38 Year ago

    Click bait

  • Clash royale Γιώργος and Κότσιος

    Shit glasses chang em

  • Fluffy Torpedo
    Fluffy Torpedo Year ago

    TVclip sucks... its retarded

  • yan pascal
    yan pascal Year ago +1

    really? its a clickbait

  • Dipu Acharya
    Dipu Acharya Year ago

    why does this guy looks like hes drunkkk

  • Blood Warrior72
    Blood Warrior72 Year ago


  • Jeremy Wendelin
    Jeremy Wendelin Year ago

    We need a free speech new type of TVclip alternative NOW

  • CRITICAL_ StrayxdYT

    don't leave

  • BUDUCk channel
    BUDUCk channel Year ago

    im ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!

  • rockstar 5934
    rockstar 5934 Year ago

    I am not subscribed,never was,notifications are not on,why did I receive this?

    YADEZ Year ago

    TVclip is hurting Americans freedom of speech

  • Cravez
    Cravez Year ago

    bad clickbate, good vid

  • Gloxinia's Pride
    Gloxinia's Pride Year ago

    I thought it said youtube channel oh my glad it wasn't or there would've been a riot

  • Apple Anime
    Apple Anime Year ago

    I got clickbaited

  • K official
    K official Year ago

    Yes !

  • Louie Centeno
    Louie Centeno Year ago

    Hell yeah, don’t stop Murray!!! Keep em coming

  • Infinite Wisdom
    Infinite Wisdom Year ago

    Please don’t leave!!!😥

  • E Lewis
    E Lewis Year ago

    They got bent outta shape over a website you were promoting? Horse shit, TVclip is on a fuckin roll. Way to power through it.

  • Logical Teens
    Logical Teens Year ago

    Dammit I'm mad. I dont want your videos gone.

  • Brigvadir General


  • Philly Repo
    Philly Repo Year ago

    What's youtubes problem with edubirdie? TVclip did the same shit to other creators that edubirdie sponsored.

  • Carlos Peralta
    Carlos Peralta Year ago the reason I not used Google anymore, deep web...