These Slippery Cubes are Almost Impossible to Hold

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Remember the Skid Shot? We just upped the game with the Sheet Storm!
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Comments • 9 639

  • Vat19
    Vat19  3 months ago +3409

    If you've ever wanted to see what the inside of a bubble looks like, we recommend 2:16.

    BOB DA FISH 8 minutes ago

    I thought water was not wet

  • veronica Ahumada
    veronica Ahumada Hour ago

    this is click-bate

  • Kinsley Scholl
    Kinsley Scholl 4 hours ago

  • Sadzy_ Gaming
    Sadzy_ Gaming 4 hours ago

    This video is pretty much 98% ad and the 2% is actually the cube.

  • hippo earth
    hippo earth 6 hours ago

    Can we eat the ice cubes vat19

  • Google Engine
    Google Engine 9 hours ago

    S O F T B O D Y

  • Phiona Carello
    Phiona Carello 10 hours ago

    This for bathroom thoughts 9:09

  • Syd The Silly Kid
    Syd The Silly Kid 11 hours ago

    Cubes at 10:34 ❤️💛⚡

  • Kzvinoo
    Kzvinoo 13 hours ago

    *See the thing is, **-Water Isn’t wet-*

  • Kieran Cunliffe
    Kieran Cunliffe 19 hours ago

    F minus!

  • The z channels The z channels

    Water is not wet

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur Day ago

    -Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic

  • Azura
    Azura Day ago +1

    Is water wet cause the bet is the wet I sweat wet the king is bet

  • Whiteøut¡¡
    Whiteøut¡¡ Day ago

    *Nothing is wetter than water; but nice try.*

  • Marty Priore
    Marty Priore Day ago

    shut up libtard vaccinate your children with ketamine

  • Cyber
    Cyber Day ago

    Shit storm,is actually a good idea

  • PavelGamer TVYT
    PavelGamer TVYT Day ago

    I love how the thumbnail says wetter then water when water isnt wet

  • Scam_baiting1.09

    Ok... So I see some things wrong with the thumbnail. 1. WATER IS NOT WET SEARCH IT UP 2. Mr Amazon logo just chilling tryna hide his cover like we cannot see it. 3. And if this GELATIN is "WETTER THAN WATER" than why is it all together ... *Plays Illuminati confirmed music*

  • Southern Steam Productions


  • Adam Crum
    Adam Crum Day ago

    When you throw a rubber ball at your friend and water goes in the other direction and you call it a water balloon

  • Mr WolfLord
    Mr WolfLord Day ago

    Water isn't WET!

  • Jennifer Padron
    Jennifer Padron 2 days ago +1

    Bud light boy there’s something better called corona 🥴🤣

  • Meshal Meshary
    Meshal Meshary 2 days ago +1

    Wait a minute is water wet?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jack Galaxy
    Jack Galaxy 2 days ago

    Dumbasses “mE: SkIps 2 miNuTe aDd fOr a 12 miNutE viDeO fUlL oF aDs”

  • Rossiter
    Rossiter 2 days ago

    Thumbnail: "Wetter than water!"
    But is water wet?

  • Kamil Jurkowski
    Kamil Jurkowski 2 days ago

    Water isn’t wet

  • GamerXalf
    GamerXalf 2 days ago

    But water aint wet

  • random rabbit
    random rabbit 2 days ago

    Come on. Impossible says "I'm possible"

  • secret ytho
    secret ytho 2 days ago

    Because water isn't wet *pace palms*

  • TheDevil’sRoses
    TheDevil’sRoses 2 days ago

    Me; ^reads title^
    Also me: *wait*-

    JULIAN BASSETT 2 days ago

    water isn't wet

  • Who is tHiS
    Who is tHiS 2 days ago

    About the snowballs, they say the dont melt so what happens to them? What if an animal eats the remains of them?

  • Hayden Schmidt
    Hayden Schmidt 2 days ago +1

    Damm I want that cooler

  • Jessica Claybrook
    Jessica Claybrook 2 days ago

    Is so snow cold

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 2 days ago


  • Poker 0018
    Poker 0018 2 days ago

    10:36 you welcome

  • The CanadianMoose
    The CanadianMoose 2 days ago

    5:54 naruto runner spotted

  • WiseApple 2089
    WiseApple 2089 2 days ago

    Water isn’t wet...

  • Hazzle Dazzle
    Hazzle Dazzle 2 days ago

    why does the thumb nail say wetter than water when water isn't wet

  • kinglash ortiz
    kinglash ortiz 2 days ago

    When ads are actually good

  • Give me a nick name Plz

    Them:Wetter than water!!!
    Me:yeah because water isn’t wet

  • • Kat •
    • Kat • 2 days ago

    Lets ignore the fact im drowning my stomach and they are talking about H2O

  • james jordan
    james jordan 2 days ago

    Water is not wet

  • SwirlyCat555
    SwirlyCat555 2 days ago +1

    This is how many times they said

    • SwirlyCat555
      SwirlyCat555 Day ago

      @ADAMATIONS 2.O Nope. Not my like. I can screenshot it and put it in a video proving if you want. Besides, shut up and stop being rude.

      ADAMATIONS 2.O Day ago

      Ha only once. It was probably your like.

  • Flosmash
    Flosmash 3 days ago

    That first one is probably better than ukarms airsoft

  • Cool Savage
    Cool Savage 3 days ago

    But water is not wet

  • Cheeto Cheto
    Cheeto Cheto 3 days ago

    Eat it.

  • Tóth Iván
    Tóth Iván 3 days ago

    " Wetter than water" Like... Hmmm... like liquid helium?

  • Krispy Kareem
    Krispy Kareem 3 days ago

    So basically the older brother of orbeez

  • jawad 3_s_s_aF
    jawad 3_s_s_aF 3 days ago

    Why the fck am I watching adds...

  • EMCT82 Bëast
    EMCT82 Bëast 3 days ago +11

    “Wetter than water”
    Ah yes, the snow is snowier than before.

  • Ayla MoonWolf
    Ayla MoonWolf 3 days ago +1

    “Kids love bubbles”

    Me: well I’m a kid and I love Hornet more than I love bubbles so that isn’t true, or at least for me it isn’t
    (Sorry is anything was spelt wrong, I don’t have very good grammar)

    Also if anybody is wondering Hornet is a character from an amazing beautiful game called Hollow Knight
    Hornet is an adorable precious baby and I would die for her
    I love Hornet so much I can’t even put it into words❤️❤️

    She looks like she’s wearing a fricking napkin it’s so cute❤️❤️❤️

    Heck I’m just rambling about how much I adore Hornet sorry XD

    Also GreenPath looks tasty and that’s a fact.

  • Jacob Krewson
    Jacob Krewson 3 days ago

    Threw that water bomb right on her ass I see you. A+

  • MexiPL
    MexiPL 3 days ago

    I Just watched 12 mins of ads,God fucking help me

  • swerzy
    swerzy 3 days ago

    now the real question.

    is water wet?

  • X SkyChaser X
    X SkyChaser X 3 days ago

    I'm still wondering if this is actually legit or satire.

  • Tuna Sandwich
    Tuna Sandwich 3 days ago +5

    "wetter than water"
    Is water even wet in the first place?

  • Eddie Fernandez
    Eddie Fernandez 3 days ago +1

    7:39 I was expecting some ass ramming

  • Su Tart
    Su Tart 4 days ago +1

    Title: "These Slippery Cubes are wetter then water!"
    Thumbnail: *FiNGeR hOldS sLiPpErY wAtEr CuBeS"