The 10,958 Problem - Numberphile

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
  • Featuring Matt Parker... Part 2 (solution) here:
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Comments • 2 508

  • Hamish Rose
    Hamish Rose 11 hours ago


  • Kartikeya Sarin
    Kartikeya Sarin Day ago

    bro if no one got it by now...this is using Vedic mathematics...

  • Jace Kelly
    Jace Kelly 4 days ago

    Okay TVclip I watched it geez

  • fun fus
    fun fus 5 days ago

    1+-2+3×(4+65×7×8+9) = 10958

  • Phuoc Tran
    Phuoc Tran 7 days ago

    Can u give me a copy of that?

  • Rolf Mohme
    Rolf Mohme 8 days ago

    I confirm the result of the original author. I could not find a
    "normal" solution even though I tried potentiating and
    allowed complex intermediate results. The best approximation is:
    1+(2-3^4^(5/6/7))^-8+9 = 10958.00205791. A formula that works but
    does not conform to the rules is: 0.1*(-2+3+4+5^6)*7+8+9 = 10958.

    • fun fus
      fun fus 5 days ago


  • What's on my mind
    What's on my mind 9 days ago

    Humans are so predictable, that I also chose 2 as the 4th number.

  • Adil but with a B
    Adil but with a B 11 days ago

    every number's chill until the 10.958 comes in.

  • Kebobski
    Kebobski 12 days ago

    Why problem make when you no problem have you want make??

  • Conrad Garcia
    Conrad Garcia 13 days ago

    Takeaways in life: Cheating in math and the Parker square. ;)

  • Venomous Vic
    Venomous Vic 14 days ago

    Can't you use factorial "!"?

  • Milla Saunders
    Milla Saunders 15 days ago +1

    What a useless thing to memorize.

  • Earl LaVallee
    Earl LaVallee 15 days ago +1

    This seems to work for me: ((1+((23*34)*(((5-6)+7)+8)))+9)

  • dabberdooder
    dabberdooder 16 days ago

    10,958 is just the premium model

  • Alexei Alferov
    Alexei Alferov 17 days ago


  • the TOMSTER
    the TOMSTER 18 days ago

    not that I'm not interested... but what comes out of this? this is play, right?! there is no prove, there is no higher field of Maths originating from this, its just fun and games... or am I missing something?

  • Jacob Woodson Music
    Jacob Woodson Music 18 days ago


  • Robert Chupein
    Robert Chupein 18 days ago +2


    • Robert Chupein
      Robert Chupein 14 days ago

      +Jonid Crushfire if exponents are allowed so should roots.

    • Jonid Crushfire
      Jonid Crushfire 14 days ago +1

      If the square root is allowed, this does work. I think it was the simple operators and exponents, but this does indeed work.

  • Runaway TV
    Runaway TV 19 days ago

    Why does this feel like a tai lopez add ?

  • DEVUNK88
    DEVUNK88 19 days ago

    I bet the numberphile would have 2.8million more subscribers if he didnt use permanent markers on brown paper......

  • Leo179
    Leo179 20 days ago +3

    2:00 "Oh, I've done 2 pluses there, that is a mega plus, oh my goodness, that's pretty plus"

  • Techoo Hut
    Techoo Hut 21 day ago +1

    With square roots you can do this:

    • Techoo Hut
      Techoo Hut 17 days ago

      Because 7*(8)^√3 = 3584
      If u still not get it, search for BODMAS rule

    • Techoo Hut
      Techoo Hut 17 days ago

      +Vilho 7374 + 7 * (8)^√9 = 7374 + 3584

    • Vilho
      Vilho 17 days ago

      +Techoo Hut (1234-5)=1229
      7430^√9(=3) = 410,172,407,000
      Tell me what did I do wrong

    • Techoo Hut
      Techoo Hut 18 days ago

      I think you need some more work on your mathematics

  • Colonel Burton
    Colonel Burton 22 days ago

    And I thought I was a numberphile because I thought that it's pretty divine that 777 = 3x7x37

  • ProVampFire
    ProVampFire 22 days ago

    You need to get to the point a lot faster dude

  • Patrick McManus
    Patrick McManus 23 days ago

    What about the 52 in the single digits?

    11S53 LIAW ZHONG-WEI 24 days ago

    Poor Matt, goes to the beach to memorize pages of numbers.

    11S53 LIAW ZHONG-WEI 24 days ago

    A mega-plus, aka a Parker plus

  • Weeping Dalek
    Weeping Dalek 25 days ago

    I'll ruin the 3 digit number trick by giving you 0

  • weejams
    weejams 25 days ago

    Sounds like a bunch of Common Core BS to me. 4 = 2x8-12. The simple answer is 2x2 equals 4.
    Maybe just maybe mathematics is not the key to the Universe with the exceptions of 1s an 0s in certain series of repetitiously?

  • João Rodrigo Souza Leão

    He eas my professor at UFSC in south Brazil. He is originally from India but has been in Brazil for many many years now. Brilliant guy. Great professsor!

  • Vijendra A. G.
    Vijendra A. G. 26 days ago

    Patt Marker

  • Ceallach
    Ceallach 26 days ago

    Ok fine youtube, I'll watch your video

  • Anand Varghese
    Anand Varghese 29 days ago +1

    what a nerd jeez

  • Julian Mayer
    Julian Mayer 29 days ago

    This is fake

  • abandoned circus
    abandoned circus 29 days ago +2

    There’s a rat in my room

  • Th3Wick3dOn3
    Th3Wick3dOn3 Month ago +1

    I love how he relucantly said "learn it" he prefers to be called cheating lol.

  • bluedragon219123
    bluedragon219123 Month ago +10

    *What one digit number do you want to use?* Zero. :)

  • De Eas
    De Eas Month ago

    If only I had known this at Fallujah

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming Month ago

    Where and why do you get all that brown paper

  • Kumar Vikash
    Kumar Vikash Month ago


  • Dylan Lo
    Dylan Lo Month ago

    lol I actually saw an ad that was asking you to get to 101 with 10, 10, and 10 before this.

  • ThreeBall Willy
    ThreeBall Willy Month ago

    I'm 2:35 into the video when I paused to state that little game you're playing is like the "game" cashiers "play" when handing back change; handing back remaining currency in as few denominations as possible.

  • Sic Nic
    Sic Nic Month ago

    1370*8+(2+4+6)-(5+9) does this count?

  • Jose Barbasa
    Jose Barbasa Month ago

    That's a guy designed to play on Countdown.

  • hanyasvagytediszno
    hanyasvagytediszno Month ago

    Horrible focusing in the video

    PANZERFAUST90 Month ago +1

    Brackets and parentheses are completely different!

  • Steven P
    Steven P Month ago

    His talking style is just like Simon Le Bon

  • Angelo Wentzler
    Angelo Wentzler Month ago

    Parker plus

  • BugRushMedia
    BugRushMedia Month ago

    I feel like we can just mirror all of the ones without, which don't use powers^^

  • MS3300
    MS3300 Month ago

    I love this guy!

  • pizzaDhut
    pizzaDhut Month ago

    Wow I thought this might be interesting.....I was wrong

  • Peter Jongsma
    Peter Jongsma Month ago

    Great memory.For real?

  • Adam Haase
    Adam Haase Month ago

    I detect a slight Aussie accent there.

  • Enrique Sanchez
    Enrique Sanchez Month ago +1

    GIVE ME a WORTHWHILE PURPOSE for this Number Machination, then I'll memorize.

  • ChobinoftheFunk
    ChobinoftheFunk Month ago


  • Woad_Brah
    Woad_Brah Month ago

    i just want to dunk his head into a toilet

  • MelancoliaI
    MelancoliaI Month ago

    This guy is having way too much fun with this number.

  • Bobby Lewis
    Bobby Lewis Month ago

    Does anyone else's google go off for some reason at 1:26? What he says must sound like "hey google" so it triggers it lol

  • John Coffee
    John Coffee Month ago

    Totally pointless.

  • Oliver Hartman
    Oliver Hartman Month ago

    why is he using x instead of * ???????? (something tells me he didn't enjoy algebra)

    • ezio auditore
      ezio auditore 28 days ago

      +Oliver Hartman Yeah, that's... just not true at all.

    • Oliver Hartman
      Oliver Hartman Month ago

      x is not recommended, and can seriously ruin your process of solving any problem with a variable "x"

    • ezio auditore
      ezio auditore Month ago

      Because X is also the symbol for multiplication...?

  • Simon opdebeeck
    Simon opdebeeck Month ago


  • XXlibarat0rXX
    XXlibarat0rXX Month ago

    Who else gets recommended to this over and over again by the TVclip algorithm?

  • NobleNobbler
    NobleNobbler Month ago +12

    2+2+2 = 6 and I'm prepared to accept that as given.

  • Alek Yaw
    Alek Yaw Month ago

    Can he be my professor plz

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Micolash? Is that you?

  • cryonide2008
    cryonide2008 Month ago

    All this craziness, but the guy doesn't offer his solution. Weak, worthless video. He should stick to knitting and keep his day job at McDonalds.

  • craig fergunson
    craig fergunson Month ago

    "Natural numbers from 0 to 11111 - except one: 10958 - are written in terms of 1 to 9 in two different ways. The first one in increasing order of 1 to 9, and the second one in decreasing order. This is done by using the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and potentiation.

  • Jenny Saunders
    Jenny Saunders Month ago +1


    • Wrutschgeluck
      Wrutschgeluck Month ago

      not bad, now turn it in the right order... :-P

  • Xedron
    Xedron Month ago +2


  • Jenny Saunders
    Jenny Saunders Month ago

    11*(11-1)^(1+1+1)-[((1+1+1+1)*11)-1-1]=10958, quite complicated and possibly too many steps to solving it, right.

  • bodysnatchers 4 ever

    im a dumbass idk why im even attempting to solve this but im gonna give it a go anyway wooo

  • 3li
    3li Month ago

    what a waste of trees

  • betterert
    betterert Month ago +3

    write out 814 using zeroes
    haha bet u cant

    • Bruce Shankle
      Bruce Shankle Month ago

      Doopliss Yeah that would totally work.

    • betterert
      betterert Month ago

      +Doopliss oh

    • Doopliss
      Doopliss Month ago

      +betterert I don't know anything about that, all I know is it's generally accepted to be 1.

    • betterert
      betterert Month ago +1

      +Doopliss what if 0^0 = 0??
      numberphile made a video about it called "problems with zero"

    • Doopliss
      Doopliss Month ago +1

      (0^0)+(0^0)+(0^0)+(0^0)+(0^0)... 814 times.

  • EEON
    EEON Month ago

    aah the parker square

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel Month ago

    Sooo what does it mean? Can you explain the significance?



  • Neon Shadow
    Neon Shadow Month ago +1

    L E A R N I N G

  • Dinmeraz78 B
    Dinmeraz78 B Month ago

    U look like Jack Nicholson is the shining movie.

  • Dan Meyer
    Dan Meyer Month ago

    1089*10.06245 = 10,958

  • RightClic God
    RightClic God Month ago +1

    The amount of autism in these people is tremendous.

  • P9nic
    P9nic Month ago +1


  • Robert Demeter
    Robert Demeter Month ago +1

    should I be impressed? It is cool, but I am not impressed :D I couldn't have made it up though

  • Alejandro Menendez
    Alejandro Menendez Month ago

    Man what am i going to do now? i was just fine without knowing this. Godammit!

  • Ethan Williamson
    Ethan Williamson Month ago

    Why are there 2 million view but 0 comments.

  • Solo Falcon1138
    Solo Falcon1138 Month ago

    7415 is not a multiple of 9

  • Jordan Bailie
    Jordan Bailie Month ago

    Son you baldin somethin fierce

  • 2000s Kid
    2000s Kid Month ago +1

    The thumbnail looks a lot like Hugh Mungus to me

  • Kevin Mason
    Kevin Mason Month ago

    What a wonderful use of time it is to find out which numbers make other numbers.

  • Jack Van Orden
    Jack Van Orden Month ago

    Matt, ingenious mathematics, very impressive! I have a random question for you- Were you at a resort in Huatulco, Mexico last year? If not, you have a doppelganger.

  • Gōdon Gurando
    Gōdon Gurando Month ago

    I hate Maths.

  • GoPro Dog
    GoPro Dog Month ago

    Alright, I get it. Math is really boooring stuff.

  • Damien WEBER
    Damien WEBER Month ago

    I got 99 problems

  • Dystopic
    Dystopic Month ago

    I choose 111 and the single digit is 6. Possible?

    • tucotuti
      tucotuti Month ago

      +Dystopic 🙄

    • Dystopic
      Dystopic Month ago

      +tucotuti OMG YOU DID IT. What if my numbers are 113 and 6?

    • tucotuti
      tucotuti Month ago

      Dystopic that would be 666/6

  • Stephen James Music
    Stephen James Music Month ago +3

    "I don't know how comprehensive he has been in assembling this list"
    Pretty comprehensive I would say looking at it.

  • AndreL
    AndreL Month ago

    We have chalkboards and tablets, sir...
    That is knowledge that would be more useful.

  • jables3377
    jables3377 Month ago

    I want to see him do it with 0!

  • René Richlicki
    René Richlicki Month ago


  • Michael Newman
    Michael Newman Month ago +1

    You actually spent a month memorizing all of those? Wow mathematicians must be really serious about their math magic tricks.

  • minitanksandchairs
    minitanksandchairs Month ago

    That's Numberwang!

  • Blake Segafredo
    Blake Segafredo Month ago

    Numbers are crazy!! I love this.