The 10,958 Problem - Numberphile

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
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  • David Schmitz
    David Schmitz Day ago +1

    Actually, I can do it as well (although not with the minimal number of digits). Let's say we have to use the digit *a* to write the number *n* . Then we just add *a/a* n times.
    Write 174 using 7s
    You can drastically lower the number of digits needed by adding as many times the digit as possible, or even the digit squared etc.
    Write 364 using 5

  • Bahlul Haider
    Bahlul Haider 5 days ago

    This trick didn’t work for me

  • Matt Barker
    Matt Barker 18 days ago

    Hi. Your name is Matt Parker. Mine is Matt Barker. That is all.

  • УмНыЕ ПчЕлЫ - ПрАвИлЬнЫй МеД

    (1234*5)+(6*798) = 10958
    два часа ночи а я тупа пример решаю, твою мать голову мене на 3 часа заклумил со своим 10958

  • Kamna Singh
    Kamna Singh 24 days ago


  • Clovet Music
    Clovet Music 26 days ago

    Nothing's perfect

  • My Imaginary World
    My Imaginary World 28 days ago +1

    Ok ok! Calm down, TVclip! I will check out the Numberphile channel! Are you happy now?

  • invisibly visible
    invisibly visible Month ago

    I can confirm taneja is indian not Brazilian

  • M M islam
    M M islam Month ago

    Why would someone solve in this way for so many numbers?It would be different if it was a theory rather than manual solutions.

  • aricre games
    aricre games Month ago

    I am from brazil and i have no idea how to say taneja

    • darcipeeps
      darcipeeps Month ago

      aricre games Maybe ta-NAY-ha

  • Splitting Productions

    Coming to this video I was view 2,222,021.
    I thought there was gonna be something really neat there but...near miss.

  • TheICTLiker4
    TheICTLiker4 Month ago

    I asked my dad for a three-digit number. He answered 323. Then, I asked him for a one-digit number. He said 4. Now, I realized that it's possible to describe it by using just one number:
    Number: 323
    Equation: 323 = (4^(√4)+√4)^(√4)-4/4

  • Vivek Dash
    Vivek Dash Month ago

    Taneja is from India

  • Gifleo
    Gifleo Month ago +1

    I really thought I had a cool new math trick to impress family and friends at boring parties. Turns out this wizard just remembered the combinations.

  • Hemendra Ravi
    Hemendra Ravi Month ago

    Didn’t know maths is like this lol u can do this in some parts but the use of school I kinda useless basically the teachers tell u a story (a bunch of em) if u listen them or u read them u just hav to write what they said in the story lol

  • 61gisele
    61gisele Month ago

    10,958 is also the number of days in 30 years, if you include the leap years . . .

  • Sir Spaghetti
    Sir Spaghetti Month ago

    what about 0?

    KASHIF7 KATO Month ago

    I have trust issues

  • Bug Bomb
    Bug Bomb Month ago

    Numbers...? Numbers....! Numbers were invented by the prehistoric Mexicans to take jobs from Romans

  • My Imaginary World
    My Imaginary World Month ago +1

    Ok ok! Calm down, TVclip recommendations! I will check out the Numberphile channel! Are you happy now?

  • TheIRONDragon
    TheIRONDragon Month ago

    Whos here after the 301 view problem video

  • Fishum
    Fishum Month ago

    Imagine being the creator of this and when a video is made of it they focus on the one problem.

  • Pratham Patel
    Pratham Patel Month ago +27

    Teacher : You can’t bring any cheat notes in the exams
    Student : but you can memorise the cheat notes
    *”modern problems require modern solutions”*

  • Cool Dude JB 1
    Cool Dude JB 1 Month ago

    I’m gonna cheat on my test by looking at how to solve the problems the day before

  • SlapHappyJelly
    SlapHappyJelly Month ago +1

    10,958 = 1+2((3°4 x 5°6)7°8)÷9

    At least i tried...

  • Mikedoespapercraft YT

    √-1 (2^3) Σ π
    and it was delicious

    I (√-1 is an imaginary number, which is i in math)
    2^3: 8 (ate)
    Σ: sum of all values in set. (Sum-> some)
    π: pi (3.1415...) (pie)

  • Split
    Split Month ago

    On the recomendations it says 301 views

    JOOSTMMO Month ago

    Russian translate has more views than original xD

  • iwatchvideos
    iwatchvideos Month ago

    Your spelling should be the first problem you solve. "Poblem".

  • Power In Knowledge
    Power In Knowledge Month ago

    The difference between what he calls cheating and learning is that you come to the conclusion out of your own work and thinking, making connections, etc. Instead of just memorizing these sheets and then recalling the information when needed

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77 Month ago

    The Parker Solution to this could be propped up with a simple Floor Functionally

  • Sonia Liu
    Sonia Liu Month ago

    Math is truly a beautiful thing

  • ChickenNuggetDinosaur ChickenNuggetDinosaur

    there is no way he actually memorized all those..

  • Volto
    Volto 2 months ago

    "You can cheat by memorizing your cheat notes." So... Studying?

  • Unsal Gokdag
    Unsal Gokdag 2 months ago

    Well, although the idea is kinda funny But the solutions can be rather easily calculated via dynamic programming and recursion. And it can be proven that they are optimal(least number of digits) for first problem.

  • Conor Michael Collins
    Conor Michael Collins 2 months ago +1

    ((9!)/8x7)/6/5)+4)+321 = 10909 I'm So Close!

  • eduardo soto rojas
    eduardo soto rojas 2 months ago

    Wtf in 0:24 i just said in my mind the number 841, almost the same what a coincidence

  • panther105
    panther105 2 months ago

    I like this guy. I wish he had been my math teacher in any level of high school or university....

  • BoostedToD5
    BoostedToD5 2 months ago

    100 and 9

  • Ethan Burnell
    Ethan Burnell 2 months ago

    This is why you don't major in pure math.

  • da beautiful potato
    da beautiful potato 2 months ago +7

    -pick a 3 digit number
    - 8 1 4
    - 814..... *I N T E R E S T I N G*

  • Idkag 4
    Idkag 4 2 months ago +1

    "So I can actually do 998 as 11 minus 1, give us 10 to the power of 1 plus 1 plus 1 is just, uh, oh, I've done two pluses there, that is a mega-plus, oh my goodness, that's pretty plus."

  • Rolf Mohme
    Rolf Mohme 2 months ago

    Considering the rules of Taneja, 10958 is probably the smallest positive integer with no formula for ascending digits. What are, according to the rules of Taneja, the next numbers without formula? My answer for ascending digits is: 13964, 14540, 14611, 14612, 14648. For descending digits: 14324, 17797, 17806, 18493, 18995.

  • Theo Cuber Guimarães
    Theo Cuber Guimarães 2 months ago

    algum brasileiro?

  • Astonthepunk Punkish immortals

    It’s 3am... what am I doing

  • Nathan Heaver
    Nathan Heaver 2 months ago +1

    how often does someone have 10,958 problems?

  • klazzera
    klazzera 2 months ago

    did you actually memorize all the 3 digit ones ಠ_ಠ

  • Citizen Gamer
    Citizen Gamer 2 months ago

    This guy is the real John Oldman from "The Man From Earth"

  • noncanadian
    noncanadian 2 months ago

    praise be to the tism

  • Guido Gaggl
    Guido Gaggl 2 months ago

    2:04 oh my goodness that's pretty plus

  • pedrolopa2
    pedrolopa2 2 months ago

    This is so useless and cool at the same time

  • Dylan Murphy
    Dylan Murphy 2 months ago

    divide by 2
    5474 × 2 = 10958

  • kirtan shah
    kirtan shah 2 months ago +1

    “That is a mega plus, oh my goodness that is pretty plus”

  • Hamish Rose
    Hamish Rose 2 months ago


  • Kartikeya Sarin
    Kartikeya Sarin 2 months ago

    bro if no one got it by now...this is using Vedic mathematics...

  • Jace Kelly
    Jace Kelly 3 months ago

    Okay TVclip I watched it geez

  • fun fus
    fun fus 3 months ago

    1+-2+3×(4+65×7×8+9) = 10958

  • Phuoc Tran
    Phuoc Tran 3 months ago

    Can u give me a copy of that?

  • Rolf Mohme
    Rolf Mohme 3 months ago

    I confirm the result of the original author. I could not find a
    "normal" solution even though I tried potentiating and
    allowed complex intermediate results. The best approximation is:
    1+(2-3^4^(5/6/7))^-8+9 = 10958.00205791. A formula that works but
    does not conform to the rules is: 0.1*(-2+3+4+5^6)*7+8+9 = 10958.

    • fun fus
      fun fus 3 months ago


  • What's on my mind
    What's on my mind 3 months ago

    Humans are so predictable, that I also chose 2 as the 4th number.

  • Adil but with a B
    Adil but with a B 3 months ago

    every number's chill until the 10.958 comes in.

  • Kebobski
    Kebobski 3 months ago

    Why problem make when you no problem have you want make??

  • Conrad Garcia
    Conrad Garcia 3 months ago

    Takeaways in life: Cheating in math and the Parker square. ;)

  • Venomous Vic
    Venomous Vic 3 months ago

    Can't you use factorial "!"?

  • Milla Saunders
    Milla Saunders 3 months ago +1

    What a useless thing to memorize.

  • Earl LaVallee
    Earl LaVallee 3 months ago +1

    This seems to work for me: ((1+((23*34)*(((5-6)+7)+8)))+9)

  • dabberdooder
    dabberdooder 3 months ago

    10,958 is just the premium model

  • Alexei Alferov
    Alexei Alferov 3 months ago


  • the TOMSTER
    the TOMSTER 3 months ago

    not that I'm not interested... but what comes out of this? this is play, right?! there is no prove, there is no higher field of Maths originating from this, its just fun and games... or am I missing something?

  • Jacob Woodson Music
    Jacob Woodson Music 3 months ago